Tuesday, December 23, 2014

christmastime nervoustime

happy holidays from east st. paul!

it's 2-0 jets vs blackhawks and we have a huge crowd assembled at eric and mike's parents., jen, darcy and smoko came from ste. anne, Michael came from Australia en route to Paris, Trace made the trek from Tuxedo and the Wink Sisters, \Kenny g and \Jamie are also here.

and the jets scored again = peluso 'the scrapper line' 'look at all those red shirts sitting down' 'when the fourth line scores a goal the team is fired up.

goalie change already. daughter in the crowd holds up apology sign to her parents for missing Christmas in favour of going to this game.

Well look at that. We all had a dose of chicken wings and nachos with layer dip and it's 3-0 some of us have seen all the action and some of us haven't.

There is also a shrimp ring with someone's name on it. I see it being demolished in 10 minutes. But then again I'm not a fan of shrimp.

Who are these guys, carrying the puck out of the zone and inviting the other team to ice the puck. And it's the end of the period. Man I missed the jets while I was in Australia. But I did meet a Detroit RedWings fan in Australia named Michael Jackson.

Jamie Here. Well it must be that the jets realize how much we love them (and especially the Peluso, Thornburn and slater AKA the PST line ), or it could be the amazing spread of food that we have or maybe the awesome garage..... but anyway, the jets are look'n real hungry and.....and regardless, Jens description of her and her mans trip to Australia sounds great and I think the jets have a shot at the cup... for sure.

M Wa.     Jets 4-0 Black Hawkes   Mattieu with his second.     Have you seen the fourth line??   Kane to Hossa back of the net...  Not their Kane. Our Kane.    4-1.     F U brian munz.   Hutch is looking solid after the goal against.    Kendra thinks that   P.Kane is dreamy.

Beer spillage and overuse of paper towel to mop it up.  If we didn't overuse paper towel, what would college kids do in the summer if not plant trees? Great end to the second period.  Hutchinson with 2 HUGE SAVES!! Go hutchers!  Froliky with a miss. Post outside.

The dogs are finally friends... sort of.  Smokey's growl is somewhat more friendly sounding and Louis is slightly less jumpy.  It's the start of the 3rd and so full of delicious grub but would still donate my left kidney for a spicy rum on eggnoggy ice.  Frolik Navidad! biran munz doesn't deserve capitals as per M Wa.

Alrighty, Michael here. Fourth day in Canada and experienced my first hockey game 3 days ago. Experienced my fist snow yesterday and my first day in Winnipeg today. Jets are winning so it's clearly a good day. I've also learned that goalie sharing is a good thing. Never stop learning.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hockey night in Ste Anne: family version, Jets @ Ottawa

Nervoustime family dinner with the Funks and Winkworths (and Eric) at the Ste Anne homestead.
Reuben and Lois will be heading south on Monday and have discovered that they will be following a cold front all the way down to Texas. I (their daughter) does not feel very sorry for them. But I do hope they get to the warmth soon.

We're about to enjoy some beef stirfry and later tonight there'll be Maple Pumpkin Pie!! We grew that pumpkin!!
Hey pumpkin. We're about to eat you.
Late start to blogging. We are over half way through and hoping the Jets will keep pushing and score a goal soon.

Enjoying the game with some ice cold lemonade for NoDrinksvember. Did NOT have a SoberTober by any means. All St Anne and no beer make Eric...pretty good...I like it here.

First we were shocked that Toby shot the puck, a few more minutes and Toby shoots again and scores.

Apparently Anderson has been having a pretty good last few games.

Reb typing now. Dinner was delicious!

"Like the best love/hate relationship,without the love. a match made in heaven, without the heaven ."

Okay let's talk about Kane. Scoring goals, winning fights, still an asshole. I'm not going to throw away my bootleg jersey quite yet. "I like that he's scoring goals but I don't like him as a person." Interrupted for Smoko cuddles.

Smoko likes to go for daily walks. She prefers neighbourhoods with trees so it's not so blustery. Jen is talking about buying a Winnie the Pooh song on iTunes.


Those ice wine tongs looks suspicious. Frolik's been so close to scoring the last few games. Has he even scored this year yet? Yes, yes he has. One goal. Three assists. But really, Frolik is better than that.

I'm hypnotizing Smoko like farmers and their chickens. Argument over whether Dumb and Dumber is a "classic".

Reuben is sleeping. Maybe I'm hypnotizing everybody. Jen put her jersey on hoping to shift the energy in the room and on the ice. Somebody's gotta score.

Jets power play but Anderson is having none of it.

"I'm still drinking this beer and it's delicious" - J Funk. It's only a Radler by the way. Nearly beer. That was a shit power play.


The internet has decided to get a little bit sketchy now.  Nobody likes the word "buffering" Maybe we should start using it somehow in reference to Byfuglien. Some people call him Buffy.

J Funk: I shouldn't say anything in order not to jinx it but the internet is once again working and so is Pavelec. #lacesout.

I'd like to see a little more production from Scheifele. Let's see him score the next one.

Please don't put advertising on the jersey's. We don't mind reebok since they actually make the jersey's. But if they put their brands on the jersey's will they be cheaper. As though they are subsidized.

Just over 4 minutes left and this is serious nervoustime. Penalty killed. Go Jets Go!!! Just spotted the Jets suits hiding behind the bench!! at 2:10 remaining.

Bring back Stompin' Tom in the third period! None of us have heard it in a while and it's kinda Canada's third national anthem.

There it is!!!! Stompin' Tom taking us into overtime.

Overtime. Jets need to score now.

The buffering stream is making this room incredibly dramatic. We all just held our breath for 17 seconds. Pavs with all the saves.

Nobody is scoring. and so we're going to a shootout.

Zabanejad up first: NO.
Wheels: no.
Karlsson: NOPE-ITY NOPE.
Little: no luck.
Turris: NO.
KANE: nada

Next round.
Pecalec: no
Ladd: no
Legwand: nope
Scheifele: no
A player I don't know: no
Perreault:WIN! SCORES THE WINNING GOAL! "Nice and easy"

2:1 Jets you guys!
Love, Nervoustime

Sunday, October 19, 2014

jets vs flames

Hello from paradise. Kendra, Karla, Megan and Jamie present.

Tracey discussing the bomber game. Karla "the cfl is so weird"

Jamie comments that the jets need to start scoring.

Description of "too hungover to cross portage" and tracey announces she has never bailed on an event but fell asleep at an Alanis morrisete at age 17.

We all love the Scotia bank commercials

Goal? Doesn't look like it. Jamie on Pelosi "soft hands"

Schiefle scores and the bread sticks are out.

Long discussion of Sidney Crosby and we remembered to Toews getting all those penalties and when Seabrook going over to him.

Karla: surely winnipeg can beat the flames they are also terrible.

Karla describes her experiences going to jets games "a bunch of drunk guys explaining things to other drunk guys"

Megan mentions their friend alex who didn't believe the penalty box was a real thing.

Jamie discusses the movie young blood and we playes guess the eighties heartthrob and I correctly identified rob Lowe.  Jamie thinks hockey dramas are better than games "at least until the playoffs".

Karla doesn't like the jets chants: "I prefer righteous cheering to spiteful booing"

Discussion of thomson highway and our food is here.

Discussion of commercials. "Usually Canadian tire, sometimes diamonds"

Calgary scored but we are all going home soon.

Xoxox nervoustime

Monday, September 22, 2014

It's Hockey Night in Ste. Anne Canada

Jen Funk: We've been counting down the days and the puck is dropped. We missed watching hockey and just experiencing the joys of seeing our boys play hockey.

Vanessa has just been smelling fantastic lately. I think it's that she comes over shortly after work freshly having showered the concrete dust off of her everyday. Yay electrician friends! Enjoying my new found love of the Winnipeg Minnesota rivalry. I went to a game in Minnesota last year and had a wonderful time with the Minnesota fans. They are so friendly.

Aside: Rebecca thinks they're start is a little slow paced. Looking for answers from Reuben. Nothing coming but I remind her that it's the first game of the preseason. Rebecca is also upset with the sloppy dress code. Pavs is still without laces and Byfuglien's crotch laces are also dangling.

Back to it: I will once again be going to the November game against Minnesota and I hope it is just as much fun, but this time we have a win.

Rebecca: This summer was really all about 'sticking to your guns'. There were few changes made to the team and we still have Stacey Nattress as our anthem singer. SO EXPECTATIONS ARE HIGH, PEOPLE.

Currently gathered at Simplify: Jen, Nesse, Darcy, Reuben, Lois, Noah, Lauren and me (and all the animals).

The light just went out in the greenhouse shelf. "Well, I guess the plants are done for the day". Jets power play. Cats are walking over the laptop. Noah is mixing creamcheese for our dinner extravaganza and we are all excited.

Thorborn and Bickel get into the first scrap of the year. My heart fluttered a bit when I see Thorbs for the first time this season. Bickel wins the fight. MATHIEU PERREAULT HELLO. He played in Helsinki and I can't help but wonder if he speaks Finnish. He also played in Anaheim last year and now I wonder if he might be friends with Teemu. I would bet $50 that he eats Panda licorice.

Anywho let's move on. Pavs is looking pretty good. New mask? Yes.
The secret to his success? "At least there are maple leafs"
Wondering if the MTS Centre actually sold out tonight? The announcers are talking about the playoffs. The Jets have a horrible early-season history. These early games are the key to our success. Speaking of success, Jen Funk has started an etsy page! And we want everyone to check it out: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/SimplifyFarm?ref=shopsection_shophome_leftnav

The pronunciation of "Ehlers" is a controversial subject in the living room right now. Jen compliments me on my typing skills (flattered).

"I'm so happy to be wearing my jersey for the first time this season!" - Funk 66. I bet everyone on the ice has that exact same thought. These guys are living the dream. Ladd almost gets a goal before the end of the first period!

Adam Lowry being interviewed and uses the word 'hindrance' so I'm rewinding this shit to the beginning. What a well-spoken, articulate hockey player. He's got the game in his blood.

Dinner is served and it looks delicious: steak, salad and mushrooms. And there's creamcheese filled strawberries for dessert. Thank you Lauren and Noah! Time to eat.

We've turned up the volume for the second period. Bryzgalov replaces Backstrom and Hutchison replaces Pavs - goalie shake-up. Enjoyed the crowd booing Bryzagalov. Jets fans are the elephants of the NHL. They never forget. Then the TV explodes with sound and we know somebody scored - it's Byfuglien with the first goal of the season. Didn't he get the first goal last season too? Frolik we've missed you so much. But he's got a penalty right now for hooking. Jets are always at their prime one man down (the underdog mentality).

Pavs: "It's hard to stay focused after the summer".

Jen Funk: Just an aside about dinner. I've helped my son and his girlfriend, move 3 times and tonight, out of the blue, they called me up to say they were thankful for our help and they were coming over to make us dinner. Everyday I wonder if I did an okay job as a mom and these are the moments that say, "Not that bad, Jen"

Nervoustime Dinner Party (courtesy of Noah and Lauren)
Time for the third to start. I've just stoked the fire so it should be nice and cosy for those who are here and don't want to watch the game. Thank goodness we don't have newly designed reebok jerseys like the CFL. Rebecca is not a fan.

Small discussion on Montoya going to the Panthers. Wondering about how the friendship might blossom with Luongo.

Score!!! Little. Very sweet rebound. 2:0 Jets.

Rebecca: Let's remember this feeling and recreate it.

Who is #40 for the Wild? Because his name should be FAKER McFAKERSON. And now we've got a penalty: Morrissey. It's not your fault, Morrissey. Maybe the refs are new during the pre-season too.

Noah: the dog whisperer.

We're talking about visors and new equipment. Reuben says there never used to be nearly as many injuries back then. And "Gordie Howe used his elbows all the time. But not to the head".

"Bump on Blum"

Neno Neiderreiter is the best name that nobody can ever spell. All of a sudden there's a spelling bee going on in the living room and almost everybody can spell Rumpelstiltskin (which can also be spelled Rumplestiltskin). Origin: German. Used in a sentence: "If you can't guess the name Rumpelstiltskin, you lose your first born child."

Our goalie was pulled (WTF). And even though the empty net goal was called off, Frolik is back in the penalty box. If I was a fan at the game right now, I'd be super pissed. Hutchison is back in and Bryzgalov is now on the bench. Minnesota scores but it's over and Jets win their first game that doesn't count!

Good night. Love, Nervoustime

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

13 thoughts from the summer, for teemu

hi from arlington. we are eating griled cheese and ready to give you our recap of the summer and highlights of things to come:

1) salt - rebecca just recently made a bread our friend pam (@pamzig) had posted on instagram. i have also planned to make the bread. becca said to lessen the salt, i wanted to cut out the salt entirely but ness said 'if there are only four ingredients, use the salt, people always want to cut out salt so if you do stop eating cheetos

2) grilled cheese night - we are eating multiple variations of this delicious treat tonight.

3) taking photos of food - we still approve this lifestyle choice in fact, becca is taking photos of our sandwiches right now.

4) mayoral elections: becca: 'we could all say who we are potentially voting for if we are comfortable with that. vanesssa "not informed" kendra "jwl" becca 'right now, i'm in between judy washa liotard and roubert oulette" yes, i agree,

5) who was that guy who wanted to fucking shake up city hall?

6) can we just say how atrouciously tacky it was how gord steeves kaiboshed judy's campaign office? did you see it?

7) who is doing gord steeves' public image campaign is becoming as mysterious as who is buzz or bomber or who is goldie's sister

8) hockey, 'i like having my own offseason' says rebecca 'i am unimpressed we didn't make any bold moves. it hasn't been on my mind....'

9) and...'i wish kane was gone'

10) (kendra notes) it's important for people that i date to be on the same page as this kane thing.


12) discussion of trip to anaheim for teemu's retirement. early jan, we have an inn on an all inclusive.

13) suddenly vanessa is talking about bad religon whows in spain, wishing they would come here

we love you xoxoxo see you in the fall

love kennyg,

Friday, June 13, 2014

stanley cup final, game five

hey from ruby 1-0 kings, rangers on the power play, justin williams with the goal. vanessa painting her nails, wedding tomorrow. we are all cheering for new york, megan' 'l.a.'s the worst'.

greg notes rumours that we may get richards. nothing much on the power play. we are turning on a light. the rangers are trying 'why are they so afraid to backhand'

saw a commercial for tammy, i wonder where the guy is from.....he is the midwife from mindy project. oh yeah, we have had this discussion about who 67 is for the rangers, right...also i can't seem to find the question mark key on this laptop, apologies to any puncuation enthusiasts who happen to read this blog.

rangers pushing through and helping lundqvist out but not scoring, three mins left in the period.

greg says he was out of his crease and there shouldn't have been a penalty and one of my fave rangers, benoit pouliout in the box.

la power play. i still thought gaborik was a ranger. muzzin always sounds like a nickname. drew doughty on the way to the box which is my favorite place to see him. greg 'coaches don't like that. you have a power play and get a penalty'.

'if you told me 20 years ago the stanley cup was going to los angeles i wouldn't have believed it. they don't play hockey in california'

ramgers power play now, only 1-18 in the series and it looks like the period is done.

movie commercial comes on, shoutout to the globe cinema. it's been so great to see movies over the years. vanessa is not getting nail polish on the rug. 

we missed coaches corner. greg 'it wasn't that good.' we also ordered pizza. megan switched to water. so responsible.

i always forget how refreshing salsa is.

apparently megan and karla's new place is where the girl who's wedding becca and ness are going to tomorrow used to live, full circle.

'every time they say kevin kline i think of a fish called wanda'

confidence, the word of the day for lundqvist. 'i think lundqvist is a very confident guy'.

maybe staal and mike richards grew up together.

still think thunder bay should join manitoba and apparently jonathan toews is back in town. oh 67 is pouliot.

im not a fan of late hits. 'that was a defensive breakdown'

greg had a mcdonalds milkshake today 'i don't know how that came about'.

they actually have a poster of drew doughty at my mcdonalds on henderson i have gotten coffee there a couple times this week. it's cheap cheap coffee and quite good. 'if you pounded on the glass like that in winnipeg you would be out'

ten mins left in this period and still 1-0 who is going to score next, megan, ness and i all think st. louis, greg agrees. but then says for the kings if someone scores is doughty. vanesssa doesn't believe you can pick two, greg starts talking about don cherry, vanessa 'your first choice was st. louis, if it was a game show, your first choice would be your final answer.'. megan 'that's good life advice' \hockey love analogy\; your first choice.

there was a chance. pizza is here!

first time i have heard someone mention rick nash this game.


la power play to end the second. none of us believed it was a penalty. 'look at what they didn't call.' the pizza was great and the rangers scored again! shorthanded!!! now greg can go to sleep happy. boyle

i kind of think all the rangers look the same, 'its amazing what a beard will do for you' 'i got to watch the 24/7 on them so i feel much closer to the rangers'

second over 2-1 rangers.

greg asked who is going to win this game, megan 'definitely new york. la can't win, they are too horrible'. ness points out that alain vignault deserves to win a stanley cup and i am again apologizing for the spelling. 

greg is staying up for the game but 'not for the overtime' - hopefully there is no overtime.

'these guys are getting as whiny as soccer players. did you see that guy from mexico. he acted like he was dying but when you see the replay that wasn't the case.'

there is such a thing as ethics. but if you bite down hard you can draw blood and it's three extra minutes. i think that happens. people do anything to win\\

desparation. like right now. you are at home and you have a chance to win 'that's why la is the worst. they dont deserve to win'

we are all excited for seven am sleep ins tomorrow. that kings rush was crazy

penalty coming. oh no gaborick scored and the game is tied. ness 'don't celebrate too much'. i hate him. from the minnesota northstars when he played for them against vancouver i have hated him ever since. so much that i won't even wikipedia search the correct spelling of his last name although i know he is slovakian and a guy i met in bratislava really loves him and i don't condone that.

but seriously? greg wants to be in the penalty box with the players. megan tells the story of how their friend alex non hockey fan didn't even know the penalty box was real and was surprised to see it for the first time.

greg - where is robert de niro.

it should have been anaheim so we could be wondering where snoop dogg is, edit\; snoop lion.

where are the la kings fans who watched any games during the regular season. 'also true'

haglien has great hair tho. 'skating in desparation'

i am just glad i am not an la kings fan.

'i bet that couple in the crowd didn't watch hockey four years ago'

megan 'me and karla didn't either....'

megan and karla got into hockey together in 2011, megan 'i was unemployed. it was something karla really wanted to do.' i , karla's sister have been watching hockey with her since the early 90s. she was born in 85. i remember watching late night hockey night in canada when we lived in new brunswick, it was the best way to be allowed to stay up late.

we all want to go to sleep. please no overtime. when regular time is over we turn it off and wait until tomorrow, asks greg, 'lets have a pact'

four minutes left. discussion of a chemical in bread and yoga mats. 'it lasts forever' this is a perfect time for a st louis goal tho. right.

three mins left. next game is monday. fathers day is off. happy fathers day to nervoustime dads greg winkworth and jp smith peloquin! we love you two!!!!! and clancy mcdonald, kings fan yet loved by us all. 'clancy has many redeeming qualities his taste in hockey teams is not one of them' and that was almost a goal.....vanessa 'i really want the rangers to score instead of the kings'.

the thing with overtime is it could be a minute or three hours. we will leave this up to you fans to figure it out. love, nervoustme.....xoxo

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

kendra's hope for the rangers....

hey, it's kenny go blogging solo and i watched the first two periods with anna, megan and killa cam drinking moscato (three cheers to megan and thanks to deluca's for being open until eight). we all agreed to cheer for the rangers which was different from game two where megan's dad surprisingly cheered for the kings. there are kings fans in any family, i guess. i personally feel the kings deserve very little other than a trip to the beach, i even bought a bright blue blazer today as a shoutout to the san jose sharks (love you guys).

but good quotes from the night,

anna, on dustin brown:
what an asshole face

cam, on the coaches corner theme song:
'is this america's funniest home videos'

nancy, returning from home depot:

'is the game still on?'

really, i don't believe a stanley cup should be won without the whole nervoustime crew together and that lundqvist is a better goalie.

i watched game one and had a roomate at the time who came home after overtime and his hello entrace was 'fuck the kings!" which made me realize he was a great room-mate"

i guess i feel martin st. louis deserves both a stanley cup and for generations to follow to name their children after him.

i haven't really watched any hockey at all these playoffs as i have been away but i am cheering against the kings as they beat chicago and who wouldn't want a 3-0 deficit comeback in a final. and i think the rangers can do it.


Friday, May 30, 2014

Game 6 - Chicago @ LA live from Ste Anne's MB: Campfire Edition

Rebecca reporting live from JenFest 2014. Watching the game with Reuben and Vanessa outside.

Doughty just scored 2 minutes ago to tie up the game 2-2. And less than 2 minutes later Martinez scores to bring it up to 3-2 LA.

Reuben declares the game over, upset, and walks away.

I am cheering for LA. My hair is down.

The rest of the crew are sitting fireside which would be the smarter option because the skeeters are horrible tonight. And they are LOVING this computer screen right now.

We ate some great meat and salads. Jen Funk is already tipsy. We've sent selfies to non-strangers. It's all okay.

10pm. The sunset was incredible tonight. Sandhill cranes whooping in the background. Shots of bourbon. Everyone is happy.

My digs for the weekend: Vanogan.
Eric and Lois walk by. Eric just cut his hair for the first time in 10 years (he looks fantastic). Lois just had to let Sue's baby go. Grandma's love babies: fact.

Smoko ate a whole chicken breast "that must have fallen off the table", according to J Funk.

"This portapotty is just like the one at work except now I have to share with other people", Vanessa. But Oduya just assists the goal to Duncan Keith and we have a tie game once again.

"They ate it up and spit it out", Bob Cole. Long live Bob Cole. 7 minutes left in the 3rd. Big thanks to Reuben for BBQing all our chicken. What a mensch.

"It's dammmmmmmmmp out", Eric. "My beer's all sweaty".

I've made some poor emotional decisions lately. All in the name of love. "Soulmate of the moment". 

Shout out to Kendra and Allan in Barcelona. Hoping for a blog view from Spain tonight.

Branden Saad on fire again tonight. Patrick Kane "aka Teen Wolf" scores 4-3 with 3 minutes left to go. "I wonder if Kendra is watching this", Vanessa. Where is Reuben?!

The wind is light, 3km/hr (southeast if I had to guess). There's a crescent moon rising.

Sorry to all the Montreal fans out there but c'mon Marty St Louis is worth cheering for.

Oh Jen Funk is here! "Where are my ladies at?!" Lois and Reuben come to check out all the commotion. Smoko, too. "I don't know how she got that chicken".

Empty net! Chicago wins! We are going to GAME SEVEN! "What a match of Titans". "Well, I guess I'm rooting for the Rangers", Nesse. Good game, great hockey. "Very good sports", Eric.

"Try and finish it off", Duncan Keith. Hockey/love analogy. Easier said than done.

Now live-blogging from the campfire.

Carl, Stan, Kevin (he's new), Kyle (has the hot tub), Smoko, Lois (Baby-snatcher), Jen, Vanessa. "I'd like to retract my last statement", someone says from across the fire.

"You guys are so sexy talking about cars right now", J Funk. "We're not talking about cars, we're talking about helicopters".

"I bought a helicopter this winter that's as big as this firepit. I screwed around with it in the living room and it ripped up everything. Now it's broken and I can't make it work any good no more", Kyle.

We're promoting our blog shamelessly right now.

Darcy and Reuben are mysteriously absent. "It's DARK", J Funk. "They're making me nervous now. What are they doing". NERVOUSTIME!

We were just treated to half price fire works.  It was incredible. "Pretty good side of the highway bus fireworks". "Compared to Steinbach?" "I thought they were at least as good as gas station fireworks".

"My life is like a Hollywood tv special."

Nervoustime Darcy. He won't pass the lighter.

Happy Jen Fest everybody. Love, Nervoustime.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Montreal @ Boston on a Saturday night: "As it should be"

Pregame shot of Lucic practicing his 'angry faces'.

"Does this face make me look mean? Tell me the truth."
Rene is singing the anthem."My favourite", Vanessa.

Scrappy right from the puck drop. This series is sitting at 2-2.

Something about the most famous burrito in the history of burritos (Fraser reference?)

Brad Marchand flings a stray Canadien's helmet down the ice. Which is a classic Marchand move. "Montreal wishes they could fling Marchand's helmet down the ice...but with Marchand's head in it" - announcer. WHAT. THE. FUCK? What kind of thing is that to say?!

Vanessa declares that whoever wins this game will win the series. 

Carl Soderberg gets Boston on the score board. 1:0.

Shout out to Kendra in Serbia (from where we've coincidentally had 2 blog views this week)!

Rask has been run over. Net's off, fans booing, whistles blowing, MAYHEM. Powerplay Montreal.

Just got back from Ste Anne's where we helped J Funk plant 4 kinds of beets, 2 kinds of peas and some parsnips. Vegetables are like snowflakes. I am apparently not too shabby at hoeing. I have a sunburn. #GingerProblems

"Too hot to handle" puck-handling/love analogy.

Boston arena is playing The Darkness "I Believe in a thing called love" which just makes me love Boston even more. 2 min left in the 1st.

Montreal players are sharing their sticks now. Y'know I've really come to appreciate the camaraderie between the Canadien players. These guys really like each other and you can tell on and off the ice.

But there is very little love between these two teams tonight. Plekanec wants to fight Miller. That results in a penalty. End of the 1st.

It's a circus outside on Arlington this evening. Everyone is outside soaking up the sunshine. You'd think we'd all been cooped up for 8 months waiting for spring to arrive...oh wait. That's exactly what has happened. EVERYBODY IS SO HAPPY because of this weather. Snare Drum Steve is welllll into his 12th beverage of the night, Adrian is washing his bike, Jay is having a man-huddle with his buddies in the outdoor living room, people are BBQing all over the place, guy with guitars, reggae music is being played in 50% of the vehicles driving by. Anyway, it just goes to show that Winnipeg is at its best when we can wear shorts.

Start of a new period and the start of a new season.

Reilly Smith with the 2nd goal of the night! 2:0 Boston.

There are more penalties being handed out this game than the first 4 games of the series combined.

Plakenec just can't keep his hands to himself and he's back in the box. Puts his feet up, he's getting comfortable. And IGINLA scores! 3:0 Boston.

Announcers talking about how the Smith mom would text both Reilly (Boston) and Braden (Detroit) good luck messages before their games. Just like our mom doesn't pick sides when Vanessa and I are rooting for different teams.

The Little Ball of Hate gets a penalty (questionable). And the game has shifted. Montreal is back. Plakenec scores. 3:1 Boston.

End of the 2nd and I'm leaving the premises to buy a paper. One of my favourite parts of the week is when I ritualistically complete the weekend crosswords (starting with the easy, moving onto New York Times, finishing with soduko, ALWAYS in pen).

Back to the game, it's even more beautiful outside, my sunburn is intensifying as the temperature cools, Price looks ready for business.

Chara and his long stick. Swinging that sucker around.

GOAL! "It's that Fraser kid again!" 4:1 Boston. The crowd is going wild "We want the cup". Well doesn't everybody, really?

2 minutes left and Subban scores, ricochet off the post and hey, you never know right? (I know). 4:2 Boston. Montreal pulls Price with 1:30 left to go. Thornton squirts his water bottle from the bench at PK as he skates by, that's some nasty high-school-level shit, Thornton! "All the antics of the game".

It's sealed. Boston leads 3-2 in the series.

Love, Nervoustime

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

nervoustime actually - game sevens.

hi and happy national best friend day from arlington. becca and kg here from arlington. ness is at a well deserved time away at the lake with eric and we most def miss them both. currently watching the last five minutes of new york philly and moving on to the wild avs game. philly down by one. we are all cheering for them. if you remember ness picked giroux as her first pick in our fantasy league. currently drinking an earth themed wine that i found in the top 20 under 20 section at deluca's. it has a bit of a bite but is delicious. becca doesn't actually have a feeling either way on this game and apparently talbot is in net.

'jay thinks it's going to be a colorado boston stanley cup' - shoutout to jay and just so you know we are smoking inside because it's raining.

we'd like to give our support to the LA clippers. 'sterling is a racist and deserves to be publicly humiliated.' also pk subban. anyways.

there was a hockey musical on cbc sunday night, 'i was in the kitchen and thought i heard a song about hockey. i came in and there were two teams dancing on their skates. i taped it.'

two minutes left. time out. lundqvist is playing. we are wondering if he was put in after the one goal? now one min left and philly is taking their timeout. forty secs.

icing against the rangers and 12 seconds left. icing again. 2.7 seconds left. well, what could the hawks do with that kind of time?

the face off is at center ice tho. 'first hybrid icing of the playoffs' and we aren't sure what hybrid icing means, refs don't agree? rangers win.

next game, please.

COLORADO SCORED but here comes a wild penalty. also: we are bringing out snacks. so far so good, like the penalty was killed. i feel i need to give a shoutout to this guy jamie i had a crush on in grade nine who was a huge nordiques fan. the truth is i don't even remember his last name, but thanks j - i hope you are well and watching this game, although it's new brunswick time so hopefully also you don't have to work as early as becca and i do in the morning.

and this is your early warning that we may not finish blogging this game.

isn't it nice tho to wake up to a score you like. and if it is a score you don't like, at least you have a full day ahead of you, ready for many great opportunities.

next week i am travelling to europe. any readers in the balkan area please get in touch. i will be wanting to watch hockey at anytime. stoked also to visit king's landing. i am considering tho not going to either kosovo or albania. any suggestions are welcomed.

i'm surprised that people like minnesota. rebecca is surprised i bought seven dollar crackers. and koivu scored! we have him on our reg team but none of us picked him in the playoffs.

lol they call that guy 'el nino'. i would try to spell his name but you know who i mean right?

our snacks are delicious. pinapple, pickles, cheese, crackers and spanikopita coming up!

Jamie McGinn scores and Colorado is up 2:1 i remembered the guys last name who i had a crush on, it was brown. jamie brown, hope you are enjoying this lead.

so mackinnon and landeskog have been absent from the scoring sheet, i think and there is one min left in the first.

becca announces there has been goaltender interferrance in every game she has seen in these playoffs and encourages me to go to costco to buy crackers. pam texts that she is going to europe in september and we have switched to the sharks kings game. becca is going for la. she has quick as a goalie on her fantasy team 'that is notwithstanding'. i am going for the sharks. i was actually in this arena for a sharks game. 'a third of the fans are wearing black, a third are wearing teal and a third are wearing white.'

the tsn mid game coverage is overstating everything we feel. they just called if the kings beat the sharks 'the greatest collapse in the history of the nhl.' we disagree. other possible greatest collapeses: the jets leaving, the first lockout, the second lockout, teppo numminen being fired as assistant coach of the buffalo sabres. understand? this series, doubtful.

for the second time tonight i have reminded becca to check the oven.

my fave san jose shark is tommy wingels.

they are saying parise wrong and i will stay awake for this power play only i think. for minnesota.
dany heatly scored which earlier i was talking about him as the example of an ex you never want to see again 'i think those are the kind of guys that end up on the minnesota wild.' tie game!

i am going to sleep. thanks to rebecca for being the best best friend ever and blogging for the rest of the night, i love you!!!!!!


Awww! The feeling is mutual, Kendra. I love you, too! Wishing I was going with you to Serbia to that magical bridge but we'll have to wait until our EPIC TRIP TO CENTRAL AMERICA THIS FALL to travel together (cc Vanessa Winkworth).

The truth is, the reason I love hockey so much is because I get to watch it with all my favourite people. And the snacks.

But as per usual, I'm left blogging the late-night shift while everyone else has gone to bed. There are snacks left, so might as well.

Watching the LA game and Matt Irwin scores making it 1:0 Sharks.

Back to the Wild/Avs. The TV announcer is finally pronouncing Parise's name correctly. End of the 2nd. Still tied 2-2. Apparently LA has tied it up now! Switching channels.

Just for the record: the $5 crackers were better than the $7 dollar crackers (but the $7 crackers have sentimental value).

San Jose power play. Jonathan Quick is simply unbelievable. Holy shit. Dude definitely does some hardcore yoga. Doing splits left, right and center. Some kind of "questionnable goal" but there's no way that was a goal. Trust me guys.

So many game sevens. I'm tingly all over. Nervoustime! Skirmish on the ice.


San Jose with another power play. It's a test of Quick now. HOLY JESUS this is fucking frenetic. Should I wake up Kendra?

It's about 400 degrees in my apartment right now.

Kopitar scores! It's 2:1 LA. End of the 2nd.

Neil Young is in the crowd (not wearing teal). Keep on rockin in America, Neil.

I'm going to visit a foster kitten on Saturday, so chances are high that I will have a new pet this weekend. Already thinking about places to stash kitty litter. Even though it's been 8 or 9 years since my cat died, I still think of Precious every time I open up a can of tuna.

And back to the Avs game and score is now 4-3 Colorado. 6 min left in the 3rd. "Bedlam here is Colorado".

3 min left in the 3rd. Minnesota scores! Spurgeon. Tie game 4-4. Anything seems possible.

"What a remarkable night!" and the announcer is slowly morphing in Ron Burgundy. 1 min left before OT. Nobody likes you, Minnesota.

I've been distracted by a shared link to an old episode of Peewee's Playhouse. No wonder my generation is so confused. Look at the stuff we grew up on. Can you say acid trip?

Back to the LA/SJ game and now it's 3-1 LA. I'll find out who scored. Toffoli scored. Mike Richards gets sent to the box. (Yet another) SJ power play.

So much for getting a good night's sleep tonight. I am otherwise ready for bed (washed, brushed, pjs).

I judge a team by their font.

Back to the OT Col/Min game. JustasIchangedthechannel PING! El Nino! Holy Fuckity Fuck. Minnesota takes the win. FANS ARE CRYING. The Wild are advancing. Colorado fans everywhere are crushed. This is a big upset. Definitely not a "collapse of the NHL". Players are shaking hands and smiling. It's okay everybody! Another game down. Sleep is nigh.

Back to San Jose. And whoa big surprise (not) it's another SJ power play. Doughty stopping so many pucks reminiscent of Mark Stuart (MartStuart4Life).

This is probably the coolest invention I've seen in a very long time. You can DOODLE IN THE AIR (and my birthday is coming up just sayin): http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2014/04/lix-the-worlds-smallest-3d-printing-pen-lets-you-draw-in-the-air/

LA scores again and this game is sealed. I'm going to bed. Love you all, Reb xo

Saturday, April 19, 2014

easter eve.

happy easter from nervoustime. we are watching colorado and only now remembered to blog. earlier caught the end of the pittsburgh game and columbus won, that series is now 1-1. this game is 2-1 one goal from mackinnon, one from landeskog. those two are my faves! becca is rooting for pomminville in this game, surprisingly most of all to her. gatorade commercial comes on and auguste comments 'isn't that bad for you?"

discussion of tomorrow's easter plans, there is a flyers game at 11, we are thinking of watching redwings / boston at two. rebecca feels compassion for eastern european catholic players 'isn't easter more religious than easter.' while typing this i missed her gatorade / love analogy, which is 'just because something is unhealthy for you doesn't mean it doesn't feel good at the time.' true story.

we're planning to go to hamam. auguste is going to the fort garry brunch in the morning!

mackinnon! 'putting on a show for the ages'. so mackinnon has three points in this game and landeskog scored again. happy to have these two on my fantasy hockey team.

we'd like to give a shoutout to the nelson leafs of nelson bc.

bryz looks sad.

rebecca 'you play your star goalie right away just like they did with luongo - it gives them confidence'.

the snacks tonight are delicious. that matza brittle i missed last game when i went to sleep (awesome sleep, btw) and a sort of breaded marshmellow. becca doesn't get the fade out music on tsn tonight 'WHO WAS THAT, WHAT WAS THAT?'

malone in a fight and becca wonders if the other guy razzed him about his bro's recent mishaps to which auguste responds 'you guys know so much how do you keep it straight.'

one min left in the second. rebecca asked if hainsey has had his twins, so far i think not, i do a twitter search for the word 'hainsey' on a daily basis and because of that i know that @hainsey_17 's parents are going on a date tonight!

did patrick roy get a haircut? his hair looks fantastic tho. ness has varlomov. as to patrick roy, becca 'i bet he doesn't smoke any weed. he would be the least chilled out stoner if he did'

2nd period over. i am heading to bed but becca may continue. happy easter, love nervoustime

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Let the Playoffs Begin

It's playoff nervoustime. Rebecca, Nesse and Kendra on Arlington. Still recovering from our family Passover seder last night: we had an accordion and ukulele and percussion accompaniment and there was smiting (even though I really believe you should kill people with kindness) and drinking and it was wonderful.

Passover 2014, everyone's drunk.
First up is Montreal @ Tampa Bay. "Treat people as if you want them to treat you", or something like that, says Bob Cole at the beginning of the 2nd. Hockey/Passover analogy? Tied game at 1 point each. It's a messy game, lots of hard embraces against the glass.

We are all participating in Fantasy Hockey League now as individual teams (no longer a collective!) I have the weirdest team ever as a result of our draft night coinciding with Passover, the drunkest holiday of the year.

Vanessa knows somebody going to Greenland and we can't help but celebrate their huge spike in population. Stamkos (unassisted) and whoa I actually have him on my Fantasy team and the night has taken a surprising upswing. Skirmishes abound. Then Gionta ties it back up.

NEWSFLASH: Vanessa got a smartphone. She's on it ALL THE TIME now and understands why Kendra and I are always on ours.
rebecca is making a salad. 2-2 montreal tampa, end of the second. Pittsburgh / Columbus 3-3 in the third. Nervoustime everywhere!

Eating cool ranch dorritos.
The Pittsburgh crowd is a sea of yellow "freebie" t-shirts. "Didn't Pittsburgh used to do whiteouts?" A quick internet search tells us that Pittsburgh is trying to set a new trend called a "Gold-Out". "That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of" - Kendra. Agreed. Don't mess with a good thing (hockey/love analogy).

I made my famous tahini dressing which makes anything taste good and calms upset stomachs.

Speaking of upset stomachs, I'm devastated that Teppo Numminen was let go from Buffalo. Huge mistake. Teppo is one of the best mentors any team could ask for. But this means TEPPO CAN NOW COME COACH FOR WINNIPEG. And with Teemu retiring at the end of this year, well...you know where this is going.

Paul Maurice has signed on for 4 more years (which I already knew because I got an alert on Sunday that he had enrolled his kids at a high school in Winnipeg). So now's your chance to claim one of hockey's greatest guys ever as our new Assistant Defense Coach. WELCOME BACK TEPPO.

Jen Funk saw a Sandhill crane today and that is one huge point for springtime.
"Fuck this weather"
Back to the Tampa/Montreal game.

Huge accolades for the salad. You're welcome, ladies.

Eller scores, 3-2 Montreal.

And the Tampa player from Montreal scores against his homeland's team! Killorn ties the game back up. "Juicy turnover" and it's getting outrageous.

Back from a quick trip outside visiting with Lisa who lives down the street and both she and Hank have quit smoking for multiple weeks! We're all inspired.

Vanek scored for Montreal and we wonder if it was in honour of Teppo Numminen (because he used to play for Buffalo).

Kendra and Vanessa are both cheering for Montreal, it looks like that anyway. The real reason Kendra loves Montreal is because of PK Subban and his Subby cam: http://97rockonline.com/see-what-pk-subban-saw-when-celebrating-hockey-gold-medal-subby-cam/

5:30 minutes left in the 3rd and Stamkos scores again. Whoa whoa whoa tie game.

"Turnover factory".

This game is going to overtime.

Announcement: Kendra has paid off her student loan!

We're trying to remember the rules for OT playoff hockey (it's a tradition, this memory loss). There's no shoot out. Sudden death til you drop.

Kendra and Vanessa just ran into Evan outside and he showed them his Maritime Radio License. It's legit.

So K lets us know Tampa Bay player Ryan Malone was caught with cocaine and is out until further notice (charges pending?) We all hope Ryan gets his shit together and adopts a healthier lifestyle.

We're back to the Pittsburgh game. It's 3:3 tie game. But breakaway for the Pens and Sutter scores! 11:30 left in the 3rd period and Pittsburgh's got the lead at 4:3. Text from J Funk "Smoko keeps thinking the banging at the Pittsburgh game is someone at the door". Oooh, Smoko. Nervoustime's official mascot. Pittsburgh WINS!

Kendra leaves, it's all too much excitement and she has to sleep.

Ok folks this Montreal/Tampa OT is OUTTA THIS WORLD.

Steven Stamkos is solid, ladies and gentlemen. #OTMagic

"There are so many apps", Vanessa is enamoured. Everybody is looking forward to the long weekend!

It feels like it's getting warmer out this evening. -4 degrees, NE wind 19 km/hr. Remember when it wasn't winter?

J Funk wants to talk about the moon. Ok. Did anyone stay up late to see the lunar eclipse on Monday night? I fell asleep, missing multiple phone calls, texts and alarms. But that's okay because lots of people stayed up and took video including local filmmaker Mike Maryniuk: http://vimeo.com/92019679

Max Pacioretti sends the puck PINGING off the post and we're making loud sounds in the living room right now. Gutteral animal sounds.

But oh no, Weise scores and beats Anders Lindback making the final score 5-4 Montreal.

We're having some matzah brittle (super easy to make and fucking addictive! http://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-chocolate-caramel-matzo-brittle-recipes-from-the-kitchn-47589 )

Goodnight, love Nervoustime. xo

Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy 5 year anniversary nervoustime!

Tomorrow nervoustime turns five years old. It started when GSP and I were watching a hockey game and someone said 'it's nervoustime'. Graham turned to me and said 'we should do a hockey blog called nervoustime".

It started off with us (me?) not knowing much about hockey. Well, if you look at earlier entries you may wonder who Scott "Oakes" was, and obviously how old he was. But we've discovered that along with other things ('who's JVR?' 'are the Sedin's Canadian citizens?' 'does anyone like Shea Weber?').

Thanks to everyone who was with us and grew with us along the way.

In the 'where are they now?' aspect I will say that even though Mark and I broke up four years ago we still regularly send text messages to each other saying simply "JAGR!" or "Olllllllllllli." Graham is writing his last exam on Wednesday. Becca, Ness and I are all joining a playoff fantasy league with our own team each!!!

On the topic of the playoffs I'd like to send a special shout out to my sister Karla for the heart wrenching upcoming struggle of watching her two faves the Blackhawks and the Blues. Always positive, the preseries quote was "it will be a win for me." We together make a limb.

My playoff hopes are San Jose (I have a shirt), Chicago (I have a shirt and a baby outfit for the next time a friend of mine becomes pregnant - bought a pack of three), Flyers (I have a shirt, long enough to be a dress on the most casual friday), Detroit (Alfie, deserves it), Colorado (I really like the young kids), Anaheim (Teemu deserves everything.), Montreal (well, PK Subban won us over and pretty much helped us almost win our fantasy league) and Pittsburgh (who doesn't miss Malkin's parents?). I will do an update in the second round but the first round is really the best. It's anyone's game and that's another great hockey / love analogy.

Always take the chance and expect the best. Here's to another five great years,

xok for nervoustime

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

april 9th! redwings/penguins

Happy birthday to all the Aries out there!
hey from arlington! two of the three of us are older than last blog. ness celebrated her bday yesterday and mine is today. also happy birthday to nervoustime enemy / friend colin shparples aka greatful weener.

we are watching detroit pittsburgh and it's 1-0 in the second. if detroit wins tonight they make the playoffs.

becca made me this incredible card which you can see below.....also thanks to my nephew isaish for the ring and bracelet.

it's windy tonight and congrats to trevor linden for the new canucks job. i used to be a big canucks fan and appreciate that coming full circle i guess you'd say.

as for coming full circle my plan for age 37 is to be more helpful and go to yugoslavia.  i am travelling to belgrade and have three weeks with no plans before i have to fly from croatia so i am just going to try and figure things out as i go - hopefully there will be several adventures along the way and at least one or two places to watch a playoff game.

speaking of playoffs, it looks like columbus may make it who i find boring. it looks like there are about three games left and new jersey is out.

my nephew today predicted pavelec wouldn't be back next year, which he personally thinks is terrible.

we joined a playoff fantasy league - or really i signed the girls up in exchange for them signing me up for farmersonly.com because i continually get emails from them and have no ability to get myself to a farm, i have a hard time dating people that don't live in wolseley.

pittsburgh scored, currently 1-1. neal. no score in the montreal chicago game, end of the second.

kindl scored and fluery calling goaltender interferance and vanessa doesn't like orpik at all - does anyone? 'the most dominant shift from the redwings' it's a goal. kindl would be a cute first name for a child - attention bangers. our friend scott is having a new baby due the same day as the hainsey twins.....so much exciting stuff coming.

and pittsburgh socred, speaking of.

neal again - 'who has that guy???????" my phone beeped and you guessed it, another email from farmers only.

so we got locked out. had to call caretaking hero, jay who arrived to let us in and was surprised becca had her buzz connected to her landline 'nobody uses keys anymore' but then he left happy 'great touque' comment directed at vanessa.

announcers are talking about jeremy morin and i've noticed him a lot too - very great to see. it's hard not to play well as a hawk maybe.

watching hawks habs now, power play for chicago coming up for minutes left they trail by one, pretty sweet airsave by crawford earlier. apparently patrick kane has been skating.

it looks like montreal is going to win. 'a familiar site tomas vanek providing a staring role' - remember when we hoped he would be a jet. nervoustime for the blackhawks!!!! oooh apparently patrick sharp was almost in my birthday card and when i look back jordan staal is a better choice.

AND CHICAGO SCORES! 'that might have been the most productive time out of all time'

montreal is coming back like they don't want over time. becca 'i don't think i have seen one montreal game this year - so they are pretty good now eh?' they are. i have prob watched more montreal games this year than any year since 92. who is 67 on montreal, that isn't a common number, but frolik has it.....

becca is looking up and overtime is coming up! apparently chicago hasn't score an overtime goal this season and drunkpatrickkane is my fave twitter account after members of my family, rebecca/vanessa and adam wazny.

patrick sharp!!!! and we are rewinding. HAWKSWIN!

it was a heart breaking goal. ok i'll have a cupcake, pittsburgh up by one.

the cupcake was delicious. that was actually my fourth dessert of the day, also had an ice cream after dinner, and cake with my oma at lunch time.

rebeca is telling me how to disable my farmers only acocunt which is prob a good idea. two mins left in the game but pittsburgh is in the lead.

nervoustime detroit. DETROIT SCORES!!!! that was coming you could tell, this is actually my dream hockey birthday.

i'm pretty sure as long as detroit gets into over time they make the playoffs? they haven't missed since 1990 and they are in!!!! and it's now overtime coming.

and rivalry night is really alive bc becca was cheering for the pens. some solid chances in the overtime period. discussion of how they call nyquist the russian rocket now. and wondering who they will pick as the next finnish flash, becca comments it would have to be 'the new finnish flash' or 'finnish flash junior' in the case of one of teemu's sons. i'm pretty sure those guys only golf or play baseball or is that gretzky's sons?

in the first round detroit will play pittsburgh or 'the other nhl team in black and gold' - bruins. well i will be here for the first round and i can't wait.

my sc choices are chicago, anaheim, detroit, st. louis.

here comes the shootout. nervoustime. becca sends her caretaker a thank you text 'we are blogging that you are our hero'

all super tired here tho, aging is exhausting, lol. i actually LOVE saying lol now, i started in a slight sarcastic way but i have now embraced it in my daily vernacular. jokinin and crosby are in the 40s for shootouts. those above 50, oshie, toews, karla schulz. haha. love you karla and miss you.you too megan :)

slippery alfredson stopped by the artistic save. 'a snow angel masterpiece'

here comes sid. NO

that was slow. called 'patrick kaneish'

datsyuk. stopped. 'a highly skilled guy'


jen text 'i have never heard alfredson described as slippery before. this shootout is hilarious'

and jossi scores. 'a jokinen from another mother'

tatar........stopped. pensguins win. redwings still make the playoffs. we will all live to see another year. everyone is leaving with smiles on their faces.

love you guys, xo nervoustime.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

playoff run: redwings v. bruins

hi from arlington. currently watching bruins wings, no score and we are hungry! vanessa arrives wishing she ordered more. still no score. some things occurred including we were locked outside when the food came, vanessa spilled a glass of wine, we took a selfie and evan walked by en route to barchetts to buy ice cream. leads me to the idea of the dating site wolselelyonly.com - just how people in wols are my fave to know.

vanessa 'i have so much concrete in my nose'. detroit penalty. we are going for lucic tonight and boston scored. ness and i are going for detroit, rebecca is going for boston and is rocking her pj stock crew tshirt. no goal. becca 'i think i like that ref. the little guy'. as i was explaining to vanessa how i want to attend taco bell for my bday boston scored an actual goal that one counts.

discussion of our playoff odds at fantasy 'if the right people lose and we keep winning we have a chance.' 'sounds like a jets scenerio' 'nervoustime for nervoustime'

alfredson isn't playing tonight, unidentified illness. long sigh to my sister and sorry to hear JT is out until the playoffs. going to get some soup.

rebecca was thinking we should pic colours and fonts for each narrative voice but i hope everyone knows the lower case is k.

and detroit has scored. tomas tatar scored, dekeyser assist.

discussion of teemu's last game. look for a post of teemu's goodbye letter to the jets in finnish and poorly translated english below. http://illegalcurve.com/2011/12/21/winnipeg-jets-afternoon-news-79/

while eating we talked about greenland, population 56K i didn't know there were so many people there as we have to date not received any blog views from the country. hello to hockey fans in greenland tho.

the spicy noodle was the same (i.e. delicious) however slight change in the mooshi. 'a little more like a tortilla'

here comes becca on the blog......#CapsBack We're into the 2nd period and talking about birthdays and labiaplasty. It's been all over CBC today. Nervoustime would like to say that we're all satisfied with our labia. "Absolutely". And we hope you are, too.

"Isn't there a movie called 'Greenlander'?" "No, that's Zoolander".

"Ooooohhhhh my goodness" - Nesse. The game is frantic. 3 minutes to go in the 2nd.

'Rivalry Night' is simply a marketing ploy and is rarely indicative of an actual rivalry between teams. "Like when Buffalo and Carolina played - with Hainsey against Teppo" - Kendra.

FarmersOnly. Could this possibly be true?

Ok, we've now set up an account and are checking out farmers in North Dakota. Kendra offered up her email address. We check out a few profiles and hey, who knows what could happen? "Preferred Body Type: Tell ya later". http://www.farmersonly.com/user/2015698?source=whoson&source_page=2

Two zambonis on the ice. "Oooh fancy".

We've decided to all wear red to Rae & Jerry's on Friday night for Aries birthday bash. "Or pink, and clash" - Nesse. However, I love red and pink together. Who's coming? Us, Carolyn, Zig, Sally, Tyler, Mark, cousin Kevin, Evan, Alli, Anna, Cameron, Robbie Rousseau, Angie, Kara, Uzma (obvs), Tracey, Sonia, Jocelyn, GSP (VIP), Grant, Allan, Randi, Jen Funk, Omar, Libby, Lee. That's way over the reservation for 20. Headsup Bangerz is a "maybe"! Please join us, or we can all meet up at Taco Bell on the walk home.

Red Room, Red Room.
We're just into the 3rd. And Soderberg scores, Bergeron assist. 2:1 Boston. "I still like Dougie Hamilton" - Kendra.

"Move the puck, move yourself".

"Patrice Bergeron would make a good spokesperson for Advil"??? "I can't believe Advil sponsors NHL hockey replays".

Kendra's received a couple emails from cowboys!

"Wish I was the panda" - K.

WHOA Detroit nearly scored. Boston has many more shots on goal.

We're eating candy and Jurco scores, tying up the game 2:2. "Out of the dog house, into the Penthouse." Now Nyquist has scored, exploding across the ice like a cannon. Unreal goal. "Amazing story". 3:2 Detroit.

Thanks to the Wahl bros for hosting a wonderful weekend in Lake of the Woods. We drove home through a blizzard and the highway was closed right after we left. Eric Wahl will always be my hero for getting us home safe and sound.

Kendra announces biased announcers are the worst. 3:50 to go in the 3rd.

It's a beautiful evening in Winnipeg tonight. Wind is light, 9 km/hr (NE). There's a crescent moon, too.

just two or so mins left. feels good to be heading home with leftovers, thanks again spicy noodle. so obvs we hope detroit wins the wild card. i don't know why people keep displaying non real matchups 'what if the playoffs started tomorrow'. if columbus makes the playoffs really i will be sad,
have we talked recently about the hartford whalers? on hainsey's bday i discovered his grandparents had season tickets and i just really remembered how much i loved those guys.

one and a half minutes left. goalie cam and tukka rask is on his way to the bench. so cute. icing with 37 secs to go. 'you can't try to be soft. you can't hope it out of the zone. if you ice it you ice it.'

boston time out. redwings win! 'they needed to win this one and they did.'

xo love ya becca, ness and kenny g for nervoustime.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Happy Saturday! It's Hockey Night on Arlington. Carolina @ Winnipeg (helllooo Hainsey and Staal bros!)

This is Rebecca and I'm cooking up a storm for my favourite Nervoustime ladies. Shout out to J Funk and Darcy and Smoko in the country (where nobody has to DD). I was hoping to watch this game with everyone all together, but trying to organize my friends is like herding cats sometimes (I love you all).

So I decided to cook, which is what I do when I don't know what else to do. I have a new famous chicken recipe (famous IMHO) and I'm roasting potatoes. Brussel sprouts are also on the menu.

It's March 22 and it's -30 out for chrissakes.

I spent 25 minutes watching Salt N Pepa music videos after work today so I'm feeling pretty good right now. The rads are blasting and it may turn into a no-pants party tonight.

Monty's in net (Pavs still hurt). 1st period good pace. It's Byfuglien bobblehead night, thank goodness he's back in the line-up.

Ness and I went to the game on Wednesday against Colorado and it was the most exciting game we've been to this year (Jets won in OT). I love our seats so much, we're so close to the team you can smell them and/or read lips. We only go to a few games during the season and boy oh boy are we ever grateful for the few times we go. We relish every part of the experience: from getting frisked by an overzealous security guard, to savouring our $9.25 beers, to crafting inspirational signs and kibbutzing with our usher, Darren. But I do have to say that the fans in section 119 are kinda shitty fans (with the notable exception of Neil and his GF). The majority of our section doesn't stand up when the Jets score and nobody joins the "Go Jets Go" cheers. Too rich to engage? Maybe. Interestingly, the 300 sections are always the most fun places to sit and that is usually where the wave starts. That being said, I always encourage/shame our section into participating and by the end of last game even our emo neighbours got up off their butts to celebrate Wheeler's goal.

Frolik with an almost-so-close goal! Miraculous save by Cam Ward.

Oil pulling update: I kind of stopped for a few days. Then started again. Not sure the findings are indicative of anything. But I do feel like a I have more energy since I started doing it. I asked my doctor what she thought of it and she had never heard of oil pulling before but that it sounded "harmless". Thanks, Doc!

PEOPLE ARE BOOING HAINSEY!? Shame on you, Winnipeg.

If Hainsey scores a goal, we're ready.
Nervoustime would like to congratulate Jim Slater and his wife on the arrival of their first baby who they named Wyn.

Jen Funk is loving Coach's Corner, "Rollin' in it, LOL". #JenFunkNeedsTwitter #NotReally
Ron and Don are wearing matching ties.

Kendra arrives with gingerale (the real shit).

Kendra is jealous of Vanessa and my middle names (Spring and Sky, respectively) so I've decided that the Winkworth parents will have to christen Kendra with her "Hippy Middle Name". When I suggest River, Kendra's eyes pop out of her head and she really likes it "Kendra River Goertzen". She hopes the Winkworth parents read this blog post.

this is kendra now with the fantasy report for the week which is we are going to lose. currently down by 9 points, great comeback week however from daniel alfredson. not sure if the wings could make the playoffs but i would like to see alfredson win a stanley cup. my sister karla is hoping for st. louis (what's up tj oshie) and her least preferred are anaheim and colorado. we agreed neither of us would like columbus or dallas. of course there we all root for the blackhawks but karla said she wasn't sure they could make it without my fave blackhawk patrick kane.....'he's an emotional guy'.

i'm wearing my pj stock tshirt in honour of the bruins being the first to make the playoffs and becca just told me i left white wine at her place last time!

Now Nesse's here!

Jim Slater scores and puts the Jets on the map. Go Jim Dandy!

But time has passed now and both Staal bros scored making it 2:1 Carolina. And then Nash scores bringing the tally to 3:1.

If you can't tell who's blogging, and there are caps being used it's usually Rebecca. I would never date anyone who uses "LOL" in text messages. "Well here's a question then: how do you properly show inflection without using those kind of things", Vanessa. You could say it differently, that's how. Y'know, by using your words. Kendra wonders if everyone has dumbed down the english language as a result of poor spelling.

Never ever use 2 spaces after a period. Here's why: http://www.slate.com/articles/technology/technology/2011/01/space_invaders.html

Love is in the air on Arlington.  New love blooms and old love turns into detritus: http://www.brainpickings.org/index.php/2014/03/21/dead-stuff/ It's the circle of life and it moves us all.

End of the period interview:
"We started moving our feet and we were rewarded for it" - Jordan Staal. Hockey/love analogy.
Sage advice from the TBay Wonder.
Vanessa asks the question 'do the jets have a mathematical chance to get in the playoffs?' the answer is about 1.9 percent.

Little from Frolik!? frolik navidad, i appreciate the announcers keep talking about him, which we have been doing all season.


none of us understand that. he never said anything bad about winnipeg and never asked to be traded. we cheer for teemu!!!

oh ya so we still haven't had dinner. third period. winnipeg has 'lots of jump'.

playoffs 'a tough mountain to climb' - the toughest mountain i've climbed was sigyria in sri lanka. it was super hard. and then second was not a mountain but a volcano - in nicaragua where i didn't know i would be climbing a volcano so i had lunch wine and wore flip flops.

discussion turns to letting go. jet goal and a MARK STUART FOR LIFE CHANT ERUPTS IN THE LIVING ROOM.

no goal. still 3-2. vanessa filing her nails. they are six dollar nail files she bought at canadian tire 'i will never use an emery board again'.

happy upcoming birthdays to the following people: ron hainsey, keith tkachuk, tracey.

tracey and i are having a joint birthday party next saturday at rae and jerry's. hopefully after we can go to taco bell. hopefully also karla and megan will make it out.

zach bogosian left the game but there was a jokinen chance!

three mins left in the third but dinner is almost ready. brought to the montreal game for a moment and they are leading 4.3.

we are going to eat now. we will pause the game. we are actually way behind the actual time.

"Nobody check their phones!"


so the jets lost. great last minute tho. also - amazing dinner by rebecca! brussel sprouts (currently on sale at food fare), chicken, baked potato.

good night everyone. i think there is prob still a 1% chance the jets can make the playoffs.

By the way, any movie that has a spelling bee in it is a movie I want to see.


Monday, March 10, 2014

first jets game of the year together, jets v. colorado.

hey from arlington. vanessa has returned from the nightshift, becca and kendra are also here and so is the springtime. temp went up to six degrees in winnipeg and the snow is slowly melting. current discussion of strombo as the new host of hnic. 'ron was the guy who kept everything together''george is not a peer to anyone like pj stock or kelly hrudey is'

you have to at least be a referee.

'they are hockey players without a stanley cup trophy'. so yeah, we aren't happy about this. vanessa specifically notes george went down in her books as soon as he started referring to himself as 'canada's boyfriend'

who would we say is canada's boyfriend. vanessa: 'david suzuki. he is the land's boyfriend. or william shatner.' i say jt or sidney crosby.

it's actually 7:42 and we ordered food from thida's thai, devastated that spicy noodle is closed on monday. looks like the food is here. there is a pretty low chance that we will stay up for the whole game as nervoustime supports an early bedtime. but we are going to do our best to rock it for the first two periods.

speaking of rocking it we finished first place in our fantasy hockey division!!!! currently in the playoffs playing tonight against the bangers, hi scott. score was 5-4 last i checked, for scott. nervoustime real life is we have three avs on our team (mackinnon, barrie and landeskog) but we also want the jets to do well obviously.

the jets have a 9.4 chance of making the playoffs. thanks to nervoustime's fave accountant, tom, for informing me of the (i wish i could say rise and) fall of these stats on a daily basis.

also thanks to rob rouseau for letting us know this restaurant is good.

ness feels like the strombo thing is a punk as does the missing malaysia airline.

'it started with the theme song.'

'ron mclean is worth it.'

so game story. montoya is in net. paul statsny is out. i have bet on the avs, actually.

we should talk about mark stuart - 'that's the happiest deal' - becca. 'he has such a good prescence on the team.'

soup time.

seeing as this game is in colorado, i wonder how many jets smoke weed?

becca 'this is the best soup i have ever had' the soup is super good. announcers describe landeskog as mr everything which is also how becca feels about her soup 'this can do no wrong'

anthems. anthem singer is a mennonite! slight 'true north' heard. so game on. so far no score. so great to have jim slater back tho hey? rebecca is making cookies and john albert is playing! PA parenteau is hurt....second injury against the jets this season. penalty coming up. colorado on the power play.

'don't be afraid to take the hit because it might hurt less than trying to avoid it' - hockey love analogy from rebecca. 'i am going to write a whole book about hockey love analogys'

too many men on the ice is our fave penalty. jets keep the avs to one shot on that penalty 'totally dominating' second power play of the game for colorado. rebecca 'who is mark stuart's girlfriend?' ness: 'better question....who should be mark stuart's girlfriend?'

better question 'can you smoke a joint outside this game like as if it is a cigarette?' 'do they have a dispensary in the arena?''can you bring in your own food?' soooooo many chances there but bogosian is in the box for penalty #3 of the night for the jets

there has been a 4th penalty now and still no score but we heard about rich peverley and we most def send our thoughts to you and your families and all the dallas stars fans out there. hopefully everything works out okay.

that was a great play by kane. how did that not go in. frolik needs a goal.

ness comments how frolk's gf having used to date petr nedved as 'like going from bruce willis to ashton kutcher'

breaking: oh ya so there are mysterious snow shapes on arlington, like far away for a person to reach. we think it might be magic.

the q and eh on the jets fave music was great, interestingly tho becca thought mark stuart made all the jets playlists and wondered why he didn't get interviewed.

becca's cookies are DELICIOUS. vanessa 'i bet i could eat these cookies faster than you can make them. and then announces she has to go.

this game is so late. she has to wake up in seven hours, 4:30. i should personally wake up at 5:30. neither of us has folded our laundry.

the masters is beginning on my birthday and apparently it is this year on a wednesday.

MACKINNON SCORES cue the whitney houston the jets need a pick me up.

new health ideas: gargling with oil, juicing banana peels. so vanessa is going......rebecca loves the music in colorado 'ccr! fuck yeah!

cute that they just said 'tyson barrie loves the jump in'. power play coming up for the jets. fantasy hockey update, bangers: 7,  nervoustime: 6. next batch of cookies are ready.

byfuglien scores. little gets a career points high with that assist.

oh i forgot manitoba's slogan was 'canada's heart beats' remember how great that song 'heartbeats' by the knife is? amazing save by montoya, who doesn't love that guy and why isn't he our starting goaltender but i am tired.

and there is another goal for byfuglien from frolik. ooooooooh. brian little just broke his earlier record with an assist as well 'a little goes a long way'tsn announcer just begins discussing evander kane's energy....well. that let's not get too magical.

one min left in the second. oh ya credit to the penalty killers in the first period. does anyone remember the women's can us hockey games in the olympics 2002 where the canadian women would play almost entire games on the penalty kill, something to look up for sure.

woah. eleven second left in the period and colorado scores.

alright. i'm going home. becca will update for the rest of the game.

So everyone's left to go to bed. Moonchild here, as per usual, reporting the last part of the game. I'm taking this opportunity, now that I'm alone, to attempt oil pulling. Has anyone else tried this crazy fad? They say it cures everything: gargling oil (sesame, coconut, olive) for 20 minutes. So far, so good. 2 minutes in. My jaw hurts a bit.

Beginning of the 3rd period. 2:2. Parenteau's out for the rest of the game. Trouba gets sent to the box right off the hop.

I went to Costco today and spent $70 on matzah, coconut oil and an orchid plant. You won't find matzah any cheaper, people (5 boxes for $10.49). And Manischevitz, no less. Why is matzah so expensive? I'm going to make my own this year (declaration).

Ok, it's only been 6 minutes, but I really want to spit this oil out. How can this be good for you?! What am I doing and maybe I should have researched this a bit further.

Whoa, distracted by scuffle on the ice. Keep swishing. Don't swallow.

Disco music is now playing in the Colorado arena and the playlist keeps getting better and better.

11 minutes left of oil pulling: 15 minutes left in the 3rd.

MacKinnon loses credit for his goal (and thus a blow to our Fantasy Hockey team). Things are getting busy on the ice. Enstrom just got save of the game. Great game for Toby-don't-call-me-Tobias. We're shorthanded again. There have been too many penalties this game.

5 minutes left of oil pulling and even though I want to stop, I'm inspired by the pace of the game and will stick with it. WWTD?

Vanessa and I watched a hilarious movie the other night called Bad Milo, all about guy and a pintsized demon that lives in his asshole and, when triggered by excessive anxiety, forces his way out to kill all the people who've pissed him off. It had a campy 80's vibe, and it was super funny and  everyone needs to see it and the chill the fuck out.

The organ player is playing Green Day. Amazing. Let's all move to Colorado.

8 minutes left in the 3rd and it's getting desperate.

I can spit out the oil now! I rinsed and brushed. My teeth feel slick and I had to blow my nose right away. Those are positive signs, right?

I love Jim Slater.

I'll keep with this oil pulling for a week and see what happens.

Is there anyone who works harder than Michael Frolik? No.

3 min left in the 3rd. It's nervoustime.

Breakaways, off the posts, all the excitement is happening. We're going to OT.

Oh shit Matt Duchene slips one in past Montoya and Avs win this one. 3:2 Colorado.

"This game had a little bit of everything". But not enough win.

Stay positive out there. Leave your oil pulling comments and suggestions at the bottom of this post!

Love you guys, xo nervoustime

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Boys Are Back in Town

Hockey is back! Well, I guess there are some who would argue it never went away.

Rebecca reporting from Arlington, awaiting Kendra and her Game Centre password (which is unusual, because I know most of Kendra's passwords). We're both eating salads, separately. It's Carolina vs Buffalo on deck. Hainsey and Teppo are in the same building tonight. Nervoustime legends.

So in the meantime I'll start blabbing on about my Olympics boycott. Yeah that's right I boycotted the whole thing. I didn't watch one event. Honestly, I just couldn't drink the kool-aid. The pomp and circumstance just couldn't overshadow the bullshit (political corruption, social injustices, yada yada). And I was busy, anyway. Here's a great article that talks about "Olympism" that resonated with me: http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/opinion/analysis/olympism-then-call-me-an-atheist-246102521.html

Even though I was boycotting, between my mother and CBC I got all the news and updates.

Kendra, in teenage ecstasy, standing with Kurt Browning (and Ken).
I heard an amazing re-quote from Sochi when Kurt Browning (of course) said "If only there were marks for magic". This is true of so many things in life. Have you taken stock of the magic in your life? We often put the emphasis and value on the tangible things. But what about all those moments that can't be measured? I think deep down we all believe in magic (which is probably why "Missed Connections" exist). Or like when I was shopping at Food Fare on Maryland and everyone started singing along to Fleetwood Mac in the meat section.


Alright, Kendra texted me her password so we're going to talk about hockey for a bit now. Buffalo is up 1:0 and there's 4 minutes to go in the 2nd period. We'll all have to imagine what happened earlier during the game. Eric Staal scores! Tie game. 1:1. 2 min left in the 2nd. Shout out to the Staal Sod Farm and the Winkworth sisters are due for another visit soon. Thunder Bay: only 8 hrs away.
Sample of Thunder Bay signage. It's all hand-made.
NervoustimeK arrives with extra wine and I've got to figure out how to get picture in picture on my computer screen so we can watch the game and continue to blog. All for you, our beloved readers. 

We've had quite a few blog views from the Ukraine (since our inception, really). Nervoustime would like to take a moment to declare our solidarity with the protesters in Ukraine. Why is Ukraine in crisis? Here's a quick primer: http://www.openculture.com/2014/02/why-is-ukraine-in-crisis.html Also, some fantastic Ukrainian music to listen to while reading:

Fantasy update: we need points. Obvs, we are first place in our league. But Colin and Zigg are only 1 point behind. Shout out to Riverton Rifle, we're playing you next week! Riverton Rifle, who are you? I guess that's all part of the "fantasy". We need Sekera and Hodgson to score tonight. The pot is $600 and if we win, we'd split it 3-ways and use it towards going to Barcelona.

Keep on Rocking in the Free World is playing in Buffalo. We wonder if Teppo requested Neil Young. How amazing would it be to get a mixed tape from Teppo? Nothing says love like a mixed tape. Audience poll: what would be your choice lead song if YOU could make a mix tape for Teppo? Answer: 

This song is now playing in the background to the live game and it's magical. "Why don't I listen to this song everyday?" - K. Already planning Teppo's birthday celebration in July. Hainsey's birthday is March 24th and Kendra is getting balloons to hand out to anyone wearing a Hainsey jersey at the Carolina game March 22.

Kendra saw Evander at Stellas the other night and ordered a big bag to go. He didn't have to wait long. Rumors are flying about Evander and his philandering ways, just sayin'. Winnipeg's a small town, dude.

In case you're wondering what's happening in the hockey game, it's still 1:1 with 12 minute left in the 3rd.

We're talking hot yoga and we're going together on Friday night. I bet all the people without hot water are totally reconsidering trying out hot yoga now. But seriously, it's really shitty that so many people don't have running water in Winnipeg right now.

Tyler Ennis scores for Buffalo and it's now 2:1. These NHL Game Centre announcers sound horribly uninterested.

Kendra hasn't stopped drinking red wine despite her pending dentist appointment. "I think I'm getting a cavity."

Snappy shot from Semin in the slot! Tie game nervoustime. Sekera with the assist and that means we're leading in Fantasyc Hockey. I asked if this "clinches the lead" for us, and Kendra politely reminds me that it's only our first point.

Kendra here: I was trying to declare this hangout 'Rivalry night' because it's kind of a Teppo vs. Hainsey scenerio who are Becca and my respectively faves. But Becca happily pointed out that we also both love the others and it's great for everyone. 
So now Errhoff scored and Buffalo takes the lead and only 45 seconds left!!!!!

Interestingly we had Erhoff on our team two years ago.

I'd like to spend a summer in Buffalo.

Woahhhh Rebecca was making a dip. Included: onion soup mix, sour cream, mayo, vinegar, lemon juice, the tahini dressing. it's delicious and the game is over!!! and dill and cajun. Here's the amazing recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/tasteful-tahini-salad-dressing/ 

No better end to a night than that. xoxoxo Rebecca and Kendra