Tuesday, December 23, 2014

christmastime nervoustime

happy holidays from east st. paul!

it's 2-0 jets vs blackhawks and we have a huge crowd assembled at eric and mike's parents., jen, darcy and smoko came from ste. anne, Michael came from Australia en route to Paris, Trace made the trek from Tuxedo and the Wink Sisters, \Kenny g and \Jamie are also here.

and the jets scored again = peluso 'the scrapper line' 'look at all those red shirts sitting down' 'when the fourth line scores a goal the team is fired up.

goalie change already. daughter in the crowd holds up apology sign to her parents for missing Christmas in favour of going to this game.

Well look at that. We all had a dose of chicken wings and nachos with layer dip and it's 3-0 some of us have seen all the action and some of us haven't.

There is also a shrimp ring with someone's name on it. I see it being demolished in 10 minutes. But then again I'm not a fan of shrimp.

Who are these guys, carrying the puck out of the zone and inviting the other team to ice the puck. And it's the end of the period. Man I missed the jets while I was in Australia. But I did meet a Detroit RedWings fan in Australia named Michael Jackson.

Jamie Here. Well it must be that the jets realize how much we love them (and especially the Peluso, Thornburn and slater AKA the PST line ), or it could be the amazing spread of food that we have or maybe the awesome garage..... but anyway, the jets are look'n real hungry and.....and regardless, Jens description of her and her mans trip to Australia sounds great and I think the jets have a shot at the cup... for sure.

M Wa.     Jets 4-0 Black Hawkes   Mattieu with his second.     Have you seen the fourth line??   Kane to Hossa back of the net...  Not their Kane. Our Kane.    4-1.     F U brian munz.   Hutch is looking solid after the goal against.    Kendra thinks that   P.Kane is dreamy.

Beer spillage and overuse of paper towel to mop it up.  If we didn't overuse paper towel, what would college kids do in the summer if not plant trees? Great end to the second period.  Hutchinson with 2 HUGE SAVES!! Go hutchers!  Froliky with a miss. Post outside.

The dogs are finally friends... sort of.  Smokey's growl is somewhat more friendly sounding and Louis is slightly less jumpy.  It's the start of the 3rd and so full of delicious grub but would still donate my left kidney for a spicy rum on eggnoggy ice.  Frolik Navidad! biran munz doesn't deserve capitals as per M Wa.

Alrighty, Michael here. Fourth day in Canada and experienced my first hockey game 3 days ago. Experienced my fist snow yesterday and my first day in Winnipeg today. Jets are winning so it's clearly a good day. I've also learned that goalie sharing is a good thing. Never stop learning.


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  1. Just saw the score on TSN, (Dec. 24). And just read the blog, all is well with the world today.