Wednesday, September 3, 2014

13 thoughts from the summer, for teemu

hi from arlington. we are eating griled cheese and ready to give you our recap of the summer and highlights of things to come:

1) salt - rebecca just recently made a bread our friend pam (@pamzig) had posted on instagram. i have also planned to make the bread. becca said to lessen the salt, i wanted to cut out the salt entirely but ness said 'if there are only four ingredients, use the salt, people always want to cut out salt so if you do stop eating cheetos

2) grilled cheese night - we are eating multiple variations of this delicious treat tonight.

3) taking photos of food - we still approve this lifestyle choice in fact, becca is taking photos of our sandwiches right now.

4) mayoral elections: becca: 'we could all say who we are potentially voting for if we are comfortable with that. vanesssa "not informed" kendra "jwl" becca 'right now, i'm in between judy washa liotard and roubert oulette" yes, i agree,

5) who was that guy who wanted to fucking shake up city hall?

6) can we just say how atrouciously tacky it was how gord steeves kaiboshed judy's campaign office? did you see it?

7) who is doing gord steeves' public image campaign is becoming as mysterious as who is buzz or bomber or who is goldie's sister

8) hockey, 'i like having my own offseason' says rebecca 'i am unimpressed we didn't make any bold moves. it hasn't been on my mind....'

9) and...'i wish kane was gone'

10) (kendra notes) it's important for people that i date to be on the same page as this kane thing.


12) discussion of trip to anaheim for teemu's retirement. early jan, we have an inn on an all inclusive.

13) suddenly vanessa is talking about bad religon whows in spain, wishing they would come here

we love you xoxoxo see you in the fall

love kennyg,

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