Friday, June 26, 2009

relaxtime:the dating blog

the hockey playoffs are over. some of us are in crosby shirts, others of us are in love. ultimately, now that crosby has won his first stanley cup the consensus at hockey night on arlington is that relaaxtime should be where it is at. 

so to start, before we get into our mysteries of life and of life, are the secrets to nervoustime dating:

1) honesty: this sounds like an easy one but when you aren't used to it it's pressence is a dream. you can say you like malkins parents to someone who hates them. hey, maybe one day you will be like malkin's parents.

2) billy joel: the song "tell her about it" is the only thing a mediocre dater needs to hear. seriously, tell her about it (how you feel) don't tell her about the following: you ex girlfriend from six years ago, how drunk you got at halloween 2005, how badly you miss farrah fawcett (just kidding, tell her that one.)

3) get sick: when boys get sick they become needy in a way boys don't like to admit. it's good. if you're nice she will probably realize how nice you are and like you enough to stick around to stick around to hear you start quoting billy joel. if you aren't she will probably break up with you and you will find another girlfriend who will. 

this is just a preliminary list. please contact us with your questions. here at nervoustime we are hoping to make everyone's non play off season as non-nervous as possible. we want to be loving you loving yourself while mostly just loving ourselves. 

catcha soon, sher, becca, vanessa, kendra 

Friday, June 12, 2009


present: sherri (gin), nesse (keith), rebecca (lychee cocktail pt.2), angie (in transit)

pregame sentiments: 

sherri:  all i can think is nervoustime, nervoustime, nervoustime, go penguins!  your earrings are cool in the computer light.  don't say that in the blog.

vanessa: i just got a front row seat to the don cherry gun show!  (referring to pregame clip of don cherry holding an octopus in the michigan river wearing a tank top).

rebecca: i love it when talbot & fleury have their 'moment' before the game.  i wonder what they're talking about...

7:12 - mario lemieux looks nervous up in the corporate box.  sherri thinks the penguins need to shut down datsyuk.  this is not cool with vanessa.

7:13 - cbc commentator: toss out all the statistics, forget all about the previous games, it's all down to one game now, one game, one game that we've all played in our driveways and in our minds, it's the only game that matters now.

7:14 - the traditional swinging of the octopus.

7:14 - GAME ON!

7:15 - zetterberg has a chance.  vanessa is once again warned about loudness.

7:17 - rebecca: fleury has to be a rock this game.  solid as a rock.  is humming ' solid as a rock' in her head.

7:20 - cbc commentator: crosby's being smothered by zetterberg.  sherri: it's zetterberg's flowing hair that's smothering crosby...his beautiful flowing hair...

7:22 - hugo is floating on his back.  rebecca: yep, he's got a swim bladder infection.  vanessa: that's super freaky.  sherri: he's just hanging out sunning his belly.  he's fine!

7:23 - pure disbelief over game seven. 

7:24 - sherri exclaims to rebecca:  i heard that cricket games can last for hours!!!  no, DAYS!!  oh yeah, didn't you tell me that?  

7:25 - disappointment that muhammad ali is wearing a detroit jersey.

7:27 - the return of datsyuk has had quite the impact.

7:32  -sidney crosby's favorite player is steve yzerman.  yet another interesting fact but still no age fact for scott oake.

7:33 - just found out that the pens have changed hotels every time they've lost.  this is their third hotel in detroit this playoff series.

7:34 - stuart 8:34 slashing PITTS POWER PLAY!!!

7:35 - angie arrives!!  and may be exhibiting signs of stigmata.

7:48 - the penguins are laying it on.  


7:50 - sherri claims she is half(editor's note)-drunk.  rebecca: you are not.  vanessa: we'll tell you when you're drunk.  sherri:  i am declaring that i will be passed out by 11.

7:51 - COACH'S CORNER - don cherry's jacket is a magnificent magenta silk floral.  sherri thinks it's the best thing she's seen.  don cherry is completely infatuated with sidney crosby.  he holds crosby's stick-taping in the highest regard.  don says pittsburgh's jumping right now.  rebecca likes that don calls satan (shay-dan) SATAN.  stanley cup winning goal montage.  it all comes down to this. 9 months of WAR for one game!  are you ready?  we're going in!  WE'RE GOING IN!

7:59 - hugo's still floating.  sherri: it's a parlour trick.  

8:02 - dinner is served: homemade chicken fingers; yam fries & couscous greek salad courtesy of ms. tower.

8:07 - TALBOT SCORES!  HE FOUND THE FIVE HOLE!  rebecca warned for loudness. 

8:09 - both detroit (holmstrom) and pittsburgh (staal) get a penalty.   FOUR ON FOUR!

8:10 - everyone agrees dinner is delicious.

8:12 - keith tkachuk's is still sherri's favourite player.

8:13 - rebecca: well we can't talk about keith tkachuk without talking about teppo numminen.

8:14- rebecca goes to get her teppo card.

8:16- detroit power penalty, gill, ? (sherri acknowledges that she might not be the best person to be doing the typing right now...!)

8:17- crosby went off ice hurting, looks like a knee injury!  rebecca and sherri are nervous.


8:23 - TALBOT SCORES!  AGAIN!  awesome high five between the penguins fans.  penguins fans warned about loudness.  rebecca thinks her teppo card is a good luck charm.  

8:25 - sherri: i can't believe it's 2:0.  i just can't believe it.  i need another drink.

8:26 - vanessa feels empathy for hossa.  

8:28 - angie looks confused.

8:29 - rebecca and the camera guy lose track of the puck.

8:31 - shout out to carolyn! 

8:35 - angie administered honey for stigmata-like symptoms.

8:36 - crosby's still not back from that knee injury.  
8:38 - we drop in on scott oake's twitter: 
"Just invued Mike Babcock. Asked him to start all answers with: Scott, what a brilliant question! Wouldn't do it but I bet he was thinkin it!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

june 6, 2009 - game 5 pittsburgh at detroit

present: becca, sherri (lychee cocktails)
in transit: nesse
regrets: kenny g & graham

pregame sentiments-
becca: the new hockey night in canada song sucks arse.  i bet if you play it backwards there'd be a message from satan.

sherri: just thinking about pittsburgh (rebecca has a hunch sherri's still thinking about being cross-checked by malkin).

6:35 - scott oake interviewing mike babcock.  rebecca's distracted by mr. oake's hairplugs.

6:36 - uneasy cbc interviewer elliott friedman talking to marc-andré fleury.  rebecca thinks he's undressing marc-andré with his eyes.  sherri: he's that guy who never gets referred to by his real name...last game the other commentators called him 'scott'.

6:41 - EXTREME CLOSE UP OF SCOTT OAKE!  he's definitely had a little nippy-tucky.  sherri: he's showing his softer side in these interviews.  i wish kendra was here to see this.

6:42 - inside hockey brought to you by viagara.  5 min. discussion about viagara.  sherri: i can't believe we're talking about boners.

6:47 - secret #1.  vanessa calls.  she is en route.

6:47 - scott oake chats with zetterberg.  *swoon*  sherri: look at his hair, how it flows in the wind, when he's skating away...wait, we're not supposed to be thinking about the enemy like this...  rebecca: it's very shakespearean, the whole star-crossed lovers thing though...

7:02 - vanessa arrives.  vanessa: ozzy! ozzy! ozzy!  rebecca: that is NOT the password.  discussion about the return of datsyuk.  rebecca: here we go...

7:05 - appreciation around the room for elton's 'saturday night's alright'.  

7:07 - sherri switches to a plastic cup.  everyone wins in this situation (1- ability to pour doubles and triples, 2- better stability, 3- no broken glass)

7:08 - sherri confirms: yeah, it's a double.  also, i'm having a shot every goal.  who's gonna do shots with me?  it's alizé's super easy!

7:12 - don cherry's first appearance.  his jacket is incredibly understated this evening.

7:13 - le petit pow-wow between fleury & talbot.

7:14 - sherri: i do have to say that cbc's coverage tonight has been pretty pro-red wing.  

7:20 - puck drops.  this game is on!

7:22 - can't malkin die already?!  sherri: malkin is my LOVER!  

7:28- PITTSBURGH POWERPLAY!!!  7:19 cromwell tripping

7:31- vanessa talks trash; though power play over and no goal.  detroit played well.

7:35-zutterberg has a good chance, but blocked. 

7:36-no rebound off osgood.  shots 6-4 pittsburgh.

7:38 staal wants to meet bobby oar and is the fastest 20 metre 200lb sled sprint leader of the pittsburgh.

7:39 clearly scores.  6:15 nice shot...sherri won't high five vanessa but will do the shot.

7:43- pitts can't get outta their zone "looking like the redwings in the earlier part of the period."

7:44- sherri admits that she wasn't very good at her apps duty this week...chips and store bought salsa.

7:48- detroit powerplay!  19:39 

7:53 - coach's corner: canadian troops are the best and watch the celebrations after scoring young hockey players...

8:02- dinner is served!  amazing goodness!!  tasty enchiladas!  vegan sour cream in the house!

8:08 - sherri needs a drink
8:09-ravi arrives.  bring shrimp, dipping sauce and organic wine.

8:10-detroit scores...sherri has a shot with vanessa.

8:14-discussion of crappy construction job on arlington

8:16- lots of action for fluery. discussion of whether fluery does hot yoga.

8:18- ick explained to ravi.  the goldfish update: one still has ick, but recovering.  other one is still swimming upside down.

8:19-detriot goal kronwall 6:11 powerplay goal

8:24- detroit powerplay kinda misses who and what.

8:25-detriot scores.  raflaski

8::28 -"drapper goes deep"

8:29-4-0 detroit.  sherri is glad that she has a drink because no goals=no shots though she had that one with vanessa because "sherri never lets her friends drink alone".

8:33- great pitts start discussed.  why can't they do that again.

8:34-vanessa discusses the accuracy of this blog. sherri acknowledges that she is a little behind.

8:36-pitts penalty.  roughing, boo.

8:39-detriot scores.  shot, pass, zetterberg!

8:40- pitts pulls fleury.  3:30 left in the periond.  matthieu garon.

8:42- sherri recalls that her first boyfriend was named kenny geron.

8:43- sherri can't believe that pitts is losing 5-0.  unbelieveable!

8:45-sherri needs a shot.  is thinking she might have to take one for the team...

8:45- crosby penalty. detriot powerplay.  slashing

8:46-" detroit is making pitts pay for the sins of the first period."

8:47- another pitts penalty. talbot slashing.  2 man advantage for 1:30.  vanessa:lets see what this second string goalie is made of.

8:49- nice save by geron.

8:50-penalties over.  peroid over.

8:56-discussion on hi fives.  

8:57-vanessa: i hate little goatees on men with big faces.

8:58-discussion of "the hot stove", how it's all hockey business, quite boring.

8:59- drinks and lychees are declared "divine".

9:01-room agrees that "the hot stove" is the most boring part of cbc hockey night in canada.

9:02- discussion about how the guys in toronto should just drive down to detriot!

9:04- conversation on the goonies flagged as dead.

9:08- 3rd period starts.

9:11-detriot changes on the fly.

9:11-detriot penalty.   hossa, roughing.

9:12-pitts HAS to do something with this powerplay.

9:13 - the action log: sherri has gone to second base with the plant and third base with the laptop.

9:15 - sherri's a frustrated penguin.  

9:21 - shrimps with spicy sween sauce 

9:22 - hangovers in gimli museum 

9:24 - battle with skilled experience of loosing confidence

9:25 - pa pulling flurry

9:44- one minute left in the game.  still 5-0 detroit.  

9:45-game over.  detroit 5-0.  disaapointment for sherri and rebecca

final thoughts

vanessa: i'm just a small town girl in living in a lonely world...

rebecca: we're going to take it in the next game.

ravi: pitts and crosby are going to make a comeback.

sherri:  my final thoughts...oh pitts, i work on tuesday night and i really don't want that to be the last game...malkin, sherri loves you baby!!  is also glad kenny g didn't see this game!!  nervoustime for til tuesday!

***don cherry has changed his prediction...he now thinks that there WILL be a seventh game.***

also, sherri would like to mention she has a little crush on pj stock also thinks he may be the way to finding out scott oake's age.

9:56- FIRST mention of teppo! finally!!  there nervoustime can now officailly call it a night!!!