Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Hockey Day!


After watching the emotional CBC ‘Hockey Day in Canada’ program (I love watching little kids meeting their hockey heroes), the games are on! This is a solo blog, but the nervoustime crew are together in spirit. Happy belated Birthday to our very own Sherri Berry!

First up: Montreal at Ottawa.

This should be a good game. BTW, we need to give a shout out to Martie Brodeur, Teppo Numminen and Keith Tkachuk. We love you all equally and in different ways (but Teppo is the best).

Ok, back to the game. Lots of back and forth. I feel like I’m watching tennis.

Fun fact: Jason Spezza has scored at least one goal in each of his last five games, tied for the longest active streak in the league.

18:15 The refs haven’t made a call all period. The pace is great.

Ottawa scores! 22:28 in the first period. Kovalev! Great pass from Puba. “He makes no mistake putting this into the back of the net”. I love announcer Bobby Cole. Kovalev’s 14th of the season!

23:40 Kovalev gets 2 minutes for ‘receiving’. The refs say it’s for ‘roughing’. Bullshit call. O’Byrne takes off to the dressing room to pout. 2 minutes for you!

Ottawa is 5-0 on the 4-4. I actually know what this means. Do you?

Karlsson is awesome.

Period 1 over. 1:0 Ottawa.

Mental note: we need to watch the 1987 Canada Cup with Gretzky, Messier & Lemieux. I’ve never seen the game in its entirety. Shame on me.

Period 2 begins.

Nearing the 5:00 minute mark and nothing much to report.

Oh, except douche wad Stephen Harper is at the game with his kid (poor kid). I guess he's got some time on his hands now that he's prorogued parliament.

Best moment so far: Announcer Guy Carbonneau posts a photo of himself as a 16 year old hockey dude circa 1972.

9:26 What about Fisher, eh?!

Montreal gets a penalty.

Ottawa scores on a power play goal! Spezza with the tip in 13:35! His 9th of the season. 2:0 Ottawa.

Anybody else know that Scott Oake’s kid is an illusionist? Darcy Oake is playing the Gas Station Theatre in Winnipeg soon – it’s like my worlds are colliding into an alternate universe of ILLUSION!

Canadiens are trying to recover, and there’s a penalty against Ottawa. Carkner 2:00.

15:30 Montreal scores! 2:1 now. Pouilot gets the toe of his stick on it. Great pass from Plakenek.

We've got ourselves a pretty damn good hockey game.

Period 2 over. Bring on the CBC hockey nostalgia clips.

Period 3 begins. Both teams are at full speed. Looks like a penalty coming up...yep, 2:00 Hamrlik for holding.

I get verklempt watching Sid Crosby's Timbits commercial. 'Hockey is in our driveways, it's in our dreams.'

16:02 Power play Ottawa! Excitement. Kovalev is a machine! Some awesome scoring chances, but Halak is proving his stuff today. Big saves.

11:55 It's really picked up. The announcers are really getting into it.

Montreal on the power play.

Montreal ties the game with 2:45 left in the 3rd! Gionta 2:45. We have a tie game, folks.


Spezza has been tripped! Shoulda been a penalty shot. They say if you don't get a chance to shoot the puck, then you should get a penalty shot. "We've seen penalty shots called for a lot less this year." 2:00 penalty to Montreal. 4 on 3 for Ottawa.

2:30 minutes left in OT. 2:2.

1 minute left in the penalty, 2 minutes left in OT.

PENALTY CALLED! Spezza sent to the bench for kicking the stick! Spezza is not happy.

Wowza. 3 on 3.

Fisher coming in...SCORES! 9 straight wins for Ottawa! Power goal!

3 stars: Halak, Elliott, Fisher.

Great game, great finish - those are my final thoughts on this one, folks! Holla to the nervoustime crew!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Double-header January 23, 2010

location: sherri's pad

present: sherri, becca, kendra, graham smith-peloquin

tardy: nesse (waiting for joe pug to start)

game #1: toronto at florida.

concensus is this game sucks and we're really just waiting for game #2 to start. why the hell does florida have a hockey team? in the words of don cherry: "if this game keeps going this way, we're gonna have to give the #1 star to the zamboni driver."

group discusses tv antennae - who else bought overpriced tv antennae in the 80s?

(cbc is coming in clearly at sherri's, btw)

sherri saw mr. benson in de luca's today. one side of the room talks about how mr. benson looked exactly like the gym teacher in beavis & butthead. high school gossip circa 1992.

awesome dip gets five awesome's out of five. discussion of the weather in january, flury's injury, graham's condition on new years day, waiting for game 2 to start.

GAME #1 IS OVER! Florida won 2-0 if anybody cares.

End of game from Montreal - 6-0 win against New York Rangers. Kendra receives call from ex-boyfriend who is at that game and wants to rub it in. little does he know, we are content waiting for Chicago at Vancouver to begin.

Game #2 - Chicago at Vancouver

8:56 the discussion about scott oake begins. sherri: "he used to live in linden woods, i lived on a farm nearby."

8:57 "are you on the single-for-a-year-challenge?" "NO!?!" "i do NOT need another challenge...unless it's a chocolate challenge...or a macaroni and cheese challenge"

8:59 Vanessa arrives! entry dilemma. manual door system enacted. "And I've brought a delicious treat with 3 kinds of butter: real butter; peanut butter; and butterscotch". Round of applause.

9:04 the room rises and we remove our hats to sing the national anthem with mark donnelly. Vanessa "i could totally hear you guys outside in the hall."

9:10 chicago power play. well, nothing came of that.

9:14 baumgartner, from manitoba, has come back up to the big league! welcome back, broseph!

9:16 nostalgic trip down memory lane over the way Polo Park shopping mall used to be. graham "i remember when you used to be able to smoke in the food court."

9:19 just pulled over by andrew ladd

vancouver score!!!! samuelsson

"duncan keith, where did he come from?"

sherri bouncing on a workout ball

graham watching the clock

pizza second wave is ready, 9:25

another vancouver goal "holy trilogy" - sedin triplets (burrows wishes he was a sedin)

two nothing vancouver!!!!!

watched the boston bruins commercials (thank you kh)

another goal!!! steve bernier

quote "you know the blackhawks are going to come out and play better in the second"

fight - ladd and kessler, they look like fluery and ras......

both leaving

kendra mentions ray emery for the first time, 9:45

note we have a picture of igor ulanov on display.

"sequence, boas and more"

discussion of signs "etc"

thoughts of spring and the BDI. though it is hard to believe that it is the middle of january and there were puddles on the road.

discussion on louis riel day and family day.

nervoustime's first hockey twin...jerome iginla...who knew so many hockey players think that the blackberry is the greatest canadian invention...nervoustime choice was 5 pin bowling. second twin brendan morrow...tries to go back on that one...

10:21 jessie is teaching tom to drive on 18 to life on monday and there is a rumor going around the room that some of the kids from the jersey shore are at hifi tonight.

10:30 st bonifice is so far away! des meuron is even further!

10:32 second period over. score stands at 2-0.

10:43 kendra's departing words "i love nervoustime!"

10:45 we declare our love for wayne coyne.

10:49 vancouver's got this in the bag. kendra: "that's what i'm worried about"

10:52 vanessa "i love it: the world's largest sporting event, brought to you by McDonalds. Yeah. cause after i get my gold medal, i really want a Big Mac."

10:53 kendra "Jets Wives Carnival". And scene.

10:55 vanessa's departing words "loooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"

10:56 Waiting on a bus.

10:57 the announcers are loving that fight between Kessler and Ladd. we've seen at least 6 replays and obsessive commentary. looked like a clean fight to me.

11:00 Chicago scores - Toews at 16:30

11:01 Vancouver scores - H. Sedin scores! 15:51

11:03 Icing penalty for Vancouver's Raymond. It's getting dirty during those icing rushes.

11:04 discussion about musician's cruise ships: john mayer; barenaked ladies and michael franti.

final score 5 to 1 vancouver! luongo stop 43 shots tonight and is cbc's #1 star and nervoustime's too!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year

late into the winter classic, boston and philedelphia, playing outside. 1-0 phil with 4:00 minutes left in the second. doing the quiz "do you remember 2009" written by mr. mike, kendra and sherri's grade 8 teacher.

present: sherri, kendra, nesse, rebecca. drinking coffee and/or kahlua.

report on the game: saw the first scrap in winter classic history (the Don disapproves, but admits Carcillo #13 brings 'the meat') between Carcillo and Thornton). drop kick murphy performed opening song (not flogging molly as earlier thought). weather conditions have been worsening and the wind has picked up. Philly is up 1:0. Second intermission and the whole gang is now here!

Kristen & Graham arrive (wearing no hats! it's -45!) Discussions ensue on last night's festivities. Happy New Years to all our nervoustime fans!

talks on Team Canada Olympics. we'll be waiting with baited breath for American team announcement.

graham realizes he only has one period to start talking about the jets wives carnival.

reminise about the scott tournament of hearts.

power play philedelphia.

rebecca wants a dog.

carsillo back in the pentalty box "the dick of all dicks" - don cherry

discussion of the folk fest lineup

anymous comment about iron and wine "yeah i would like to listen to them when i am home and depressed but not outside."

discussion of photographic memory

elliot friedman has been tackled by security - we need to check his twitter

boston goal! nervoustime

theme for 2010: sexy intelligent

subtheme: sincere laughs

graham shows all his insincere laugh "ahhh" kristin mentions others

in overtime now, five minutes

discussion of the shoe doctor

boston scores

they won

"someone's always sad but at least they get to celebrate there, they get to use those pyrotechnics." vanessa

final thoughts

sherri: i hope it wasn't too cold out there for them

vanessa: timmy tom

rebecca: i'm happy it was the heart of the home team

kristin: i don't know my thoughts for this

graham: i guess i ran out of time to talk about the jets wives carnival

rebecca: post final thought that i'd like to give a shout out to teppo and i received a trading card from santa and it made my holiday brighter

happy new year!!! xo sherri, rebecca, graham, kristin, kendra and vanessa