Monday, September 22, 2014

It's Hockey Night in Ste. Anne Canada

Jen Funk: We've been counting down the days and the puck is dropped. We missed watching hockey and just experiencing the joys of seeing our boys play hockey.

Vanessa has just been smelling fantastic lately. I think it's that she comes over shortly after work freshly having showered the concrete dust off of her everyday. Yay electrician friends! Enjoying my new found love of the Winnipeg Minnesota rivalry. I went to a game in Minnesota last year and had a wonderful time with the Minnesota fans. They are so friendly.

Aside: Rebecca thinks they're start is a little slow paced. Looking for answers from Reuben. Nothing coming but I remind her that it's the first game of the preseason. Rebecca is also upset with the sloppy dress code. Pavs is still without laces and Byfuglien's crotch laces are also dangling.

Back to it: I will once again be going to the November game against Minnesota and I hope it is just as much fun, but this time we have a win.

Rebecca: This summer was really all about 'sticking to your guns'. There were few changes made to the team and we still have Stacey Nattress as our anthem singer. SO EXPECTATIONS ARE HIGH, PEOPLE.

Currently gathered at Simplify: Jen, Nesse, Darcy, Reuben, Lois, Noah, Lauren and me (and all the animals).

The light just went out in the greenhouse shelf. "Well, I guess the plants are done for the day". Jets power play. Cats are walking over the laptop. Noah is mixing creamcheese for our dinner extravaganza and we are all excited.

Thorborn and Bickel get into the first scrap of the year. My heart fluttered a bit when I see Thorbs for the first time this season. Bickel wins the fight. MATHIEU PERREAULT HELLO. He played in Helsinki and I can't help but wonder if he speaks Finnish. He also played in Anaheim last year and now I wonder if he might be friends with Teemu. I would bet $50 that he eats Panda licorice.

Anywho let's move on. Pavs is looking pretty good. New mask? Yes.
The secret to his success? "At least there are maple leafs"
Wondering if the MTS Centre actually sold out tonight? The announcers are talking about the playoffs. The Jets have a horrible early-season history. These early games are the key to our success. Speaking of success, Jen Funk has started an etsy page! And we want everyone to check it out:

The pronunciation of "Ehlers" is a controversial subject in the living room right now. Jen compliments me on my typing skills (flattered).

"I'm so happy to be wearing my jersey for the first time this season!" - Funk 66. I bet everyone on the ice has that exact same thought. These guys are living the dream. Ladd almost gets a goal before the end of the first period!

Adam Lowry being interviewed and uses the word 'hindrance' so I'm rewinding this shit to the beginning. What a well-spoken, articulate hockey player. He's got the game in his blood.

Dinner is served and it looks delicious: steak, salad and mushrooms. And there's creamcheese filled strawberries for dessert. Thank you Lauren and Noah! Time to eat.

We've turned up the volume for the second period. Bryzgalov replaces Backstrom and Hutchison replaces Pavs - goalie shake-up. Enjoyed the crowd booing Bryzagalov. Jets fans are the elephants of the NHL. They never forget. Then the TV explodes with sound and we know somebody scored - it's Byfuglien with the first goal of the season. Didn't he get the first goal last season too? Frolik we've missed you so much. But he's got a penalty right now for hooking. Jets are always at their prime one man down (the underdog mentality).

Pavs: "It's hard to stay focused after the summer".

Jen Funk: Just an aside about dinner. I've helped my son and his girlfriend, move 3 times and tonight, out of the blue, they called me up to say they were thankful for our help and they were coming over to make us dinner. Everyday I wonder if I did an okay job as a mom and these are the moments that say, "Not that bad, Jen"

Nervoustime Dinner Party (courtesy of Noah and Lauren)
Time for the third to start. I've just stoked the fire so it should be nice and cosy for those who are here and don't want to watch the game. Thank goodness we don't have newly designed reebok jerseys like the CFL. Rebecca is not a fan.

Small discussion on Montoya going to the Panthers. Wondering about how the friendship might blossom with Luongo.

Score!!! Little. Very sweet rebound. 2:0 Jets.

Rebecca: Let's remember this feeling and recreate it.

Who is #40 for the Wild? Because his name should be FAKER McFAKERSON. And now we've got a penalty: Morrissey. It's not your fault, Morrissey. Maybe the refs are new during the pre-season too.

Noah: the dog whisperer.

We're talking about visors and new equipment. Reuben says there never used to be nearly as many injuries back then. And "Gordie Howe used his elbows all the time. But not to the head".

"Bump on Blum"

Neno Neiderreiter is the best name that nobody can ever spell. All of a sudden there's a spelling bee going on in the living room and almost everybody can spell Rumpelstiltskin (which can also be spelled Rumplestiltskin). Origin: German. Used in a sentence: "If you can't guess the name Rumpelstiltskin, you lose your first born child."

Our goalie was pulled (WTF). And even though the empty net goal was called off, Frolik is back in the penalty box. If I was a fan at the game right now, I'd be super pissed. Hutchison is back in and Bryzgalov is now on the bench. Minnesota scores but it's over and Jets win their first game that doesn't count!

Good night. Love, Nervoustime

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