Sunday, October 19, 2014

jets vs flames

Hello from paradise. Kendra, Karla, Megan and Jamie present.

Tracey discussing the bomber game. Karla "the cfl is so weird"

Jamie comments that the jets need to start scoring.

Description of "too hungover to cross portage" and tracey announces she has never bailed on an event but fell asleep at an Alanis morrisete at age 17.

We all love the Scotia bank commercials

Goal? Doesn't look like it. Jamie on Pelosi "soft hands"

Schiefle scores and the bread sticks are out.

Long discussion of Sidney Crosby and we remembered to Toews getting all those penalties and when Seabrook going over to him.

Karla: surely winnipeg can beat the flames they are also terrible.

Karla describes her experiences going to jets games "a bunch of drunk guys explaining things to other drunk guys"

Megan mentions their friend alex who didn't believe the penalty box was a real thing.

Jamie discusses the movie young blood and we playes guess the eighties heartthrob and I correctly identified rob Lowe.  Jamie thinks hockey dramas are better than games "at least until the playoffs".

Karla doesn't like the jets chants: "I prefer righteous cheering to spiteful booing"

Discussion of thomson highway and our food is here.

Discussion of commercials. "Usually Canadian tire, sometimes diamonds"

Calgary scored but we are all going home soon.

Xoxox nervoustime

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