Friday, December 27, 2013

Jets/Wild: 'Everyone's in a giving mood'

It's hockey night on Arlington with Kendra, Ness and Reb. We're watching the pre-game and waiting for Spicy Noodle soup.

Newsflash: Our MDMA Fantasy Hockey League just scored its first point of the week. Thanks Sekera, it was looking pretty bleak at 14:0. Watch out Bangerz, we're coming up from behind.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOT BALL! (Do you read our blog?) #DotBallNeedsToReadOurBlog We celebrated at Union Sound Hall last night, it was a Daft Punk tribute and we had a really good time even though it cost $20 to get in. Some of us are more tired than others, but that hasn't stopped us from continuing the celebration. The box of wine is out.

Kendra would like to suggest Josh Harding for the Olympic team. I'm (Reb) still boycotting the Olympics due to political reasons, but I second this motion.

It's been a weird day. It's a balmy -2 outside and the wind is 14km/hr.

We may be second last in the Western Conference, but the Jets have the highest games played so far this season. Way to go for just showing up, boys!

I truly thought that "OMW" stood for "Oh, my word!" Because I am really a 76-year old woman. Also, I will never use LOL, ever.

Bogo has the flu.

Discussion around who has to take off their hats during the national anthem. Do women have to take off their hats too? When I last went to the legion on mcdermot, the bartender told me I could leave my hat on and that the rule only applied to men.

Stacy Nattrass was in Winnipeg Youth Chorus. Vanessa has told a few people who know Stacy to pass along the message to try singing in a lower key so more fans can sing along. The people's key of G, Stacy!

Frolik is looking up in the stands from the bench. Is he looking for Vanessa and I? Wondering why we're not there? Frolik Navidad! We'll see you soon on New Years eve. "So good looking".

I wonder if there's a false expectation that all the Minnesota players are "really wild" and "love winter"- Kendra. "How wild are the Wild? That is the question".

"I didn't know they reveal the game plan", Kendra. "Isn't the game plan just to shoot and score?", Ness.

GAME ON. Aaaand 2 minutes in and Danny Heatley scores 1:0 Wild. Aquarius: "The best way to proceed is with faith and intuition."

Wright gets 2 min for boarding and this sucks for the Jets. Not a great impression so far.

Frolik and Kane come up the ice. Shorthanded goal! What?! Frolik totally 'loosened the lid' for Evander. It's 1:1 and that feels better. Vanessa is upset that Frolik didn't get more accolades from the announcer. But that's why I love Frolik: he's understated and doesn't mind sharing (also a hockey/relationship analogy).

A little scrambly now but Thorburn fights for the puck and Olli scores! 2:1 Jets.

Fontaine just scored though. Claude's face says it all. It says: "I can't even". 2:2.

Where is our soup?

Koivu just scored (bad for Jets, good for Fantasy Hockey). Pavelec just had a meltdown and destroyed his stick. Nobody was helping him out on his team. "What's his sign? Must be fire". Nope, he's actually an Aquarius. Please come back, Pavs. Don't leave angry!

Montoya now in net and the SOUP ARRIVES!

wheeler scored and we are eating and there has seriously been enough action in this period for a whole game! becca comments on olli's hair "look how long it is".

byfuglien scores and there have now ya been seven goals in this period! 4-3 jets.

Prediction: double digit scores for both teams this game.

Would anyone out there be willing to rent us a bus and drive us around so we can all watch the Winter Classic together in Ste Annes? Yesterday we went looking for people to make out with on New Years. Maybe we should have been looking for a chauffeur instead. 

30 seconds into the 2nd period and nobody has scored yet!

Jokinen gets a penalty, it's a questionable one, of course. "It's time for another short-handed goal", K.

I put on liquid eyeliner last night and it only took me 10 minutes. That's like a 33% time saving from the last time I put it on. We're considering naming 2014 the year of the liquid eyeliner.

Koivu scores again. It's, once again, a tie game.

fantasy hockey update, 14-4. pav back on the bench which is a good sign. ya as for the liquid eyeliner, i kendra have never worn it. i seem to do a lot of crying, no real reason but i have problems with eye makeup for that reason. (Editor's note: they make waterproof liquid eyeliner).

i think this whole 'rivalry' jets wild is not a real rivalry, they all love each other. jen funk said too in minnesota all the fans were so nice.

fortune cookies, rebecca: 'be prepared for the truth.' kendra 'be tactful what goes around comes around' ness is still painting her nails.

happy birthday patrick sharp!!! amazing story about how he scored at 12:27.

we are going to have a winter classic 24/7 marathon on monday night! also ya still thinking of what to do for the wc, for those wondering the flights from winnipeg to detroit are about 800 right now but they are long flights, like multiple stops and the driving distance from detroit to ann arbor is about 45 mins.

four mins left in the second, still 4-4 tied.

pale pink may have been nail colour of the year.

someone tweeted about olli's hair - so great.

we aren't sure about tangradi, becca comments 'good thing his girlfriend is such a lucrative shoe designer'

'this is the only week of the year where minnesota's jersey's are in season. they look like christmas sweaters' - becca

vanessa fortune 'you have an active mind and a keen imagination.

third period coming up. oh ya and it's snowing!!

where is mark stuart? also stoner isn't playing. 'stoners everywhere didn't even notice his absence'

oh ya we started a new christmas tradition 'selfies to strangers' where we sent a pic of becca and i wearing holiday goggles to a person who had texted her simply 'haans'.

Anyway, fifteen minutes left. Thorburn is playing like a rock tonight.

Sometimes we look back on our previous blog posts and re-live history. Apparently I've always loved Timmonen and used to floss more frequently.

I'm declaring another 100-Day Flossing Challenge 2014. Starts Jan. 1.

Text from Jen Funk: "What's up with Buff's crotch laces tonight?" Between Buff's sloppy crotch laces, Olli's bloody eye, and Pavelec's temper tantrum the Jets are having a rough go at it tonight. 

Wheels pokes in a goal, no whistle! 5:4 Jets. Too tired to get up and high five this goal. 9 minutes left in the 3rd. Frolik with a penalty for merely gliding gently into Backstrom (goaltender interference). "Cutest guy in the penalty box".

We can hear Jen Funk screaming Go Jets Go in the arena. Nino Niederreiter is the funnest name to say. Try it: "Nee-no-Nee-der-ry-der". It's like a Seussian character.

1:50 left in regulation and it looks like Minnesota might pull Backstrom.

EMPTY NET GOAL! "Did Montoya score?" Apparently Montoya has a 4-0 record this season against the Wild. So why didn't they play him right off the hop?

The Jets have won this game. Good to get back on track. Kendra loves the Tim Horton's commercial and we all want to find a guy like that one day.

Love, Nervoustime xo

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday with Gerry

The NT Crew & Gerry, Ste Anne, MB Dec. 14, 2013
Welcome to another Nervoustime roadtrip to Ste Anne  Manitoba.

A big hello from Nick, Lauren, Tracey, Kendra, Rebecca and Jen. We're sorry Vanessa is having way too much fun in the city and Darcy is running errands and the nervoustime dog is nervous at home. Hey Smoko!

Gerry, Ste Anne's best bartender has brought us all drinks, and free toques and hats. What?! Our official bar. And it's happy hour every day from 3-7. We're sitting by the fire place.


We have to talk about Albert.

Kendra's Nervoustime resolutions for others:
-Rebecca needs to watch hockey at least for the olympics
-Jenfunkneeds twitter

It's Dallas @ Winnipeg. Many of us around the table are a bit hungover from last night's festivities which included bourbon and 1am tobogganing. We're drinking standard.

Jen would like to say that she prefers the new Dallas green (jerseys).

Jen just accused me (Reb) of stealing Tracey's hat which couldn't be further from the truth. We traded.

We've all entered to win the local contest for Jets tickets. There's also a contest called Bartender's Delight where you can win all sorts of booze? Why everyone doesn't live in Ste Anne is beyond me.

Seguin just scored - snap.

"Jennifer Hanson... you were here for the Jazz Festival this year, I think.  Why didn't you just stay.  We could have made a modern Global commercial (aka the CKND Goals for Kids commercial from around 1991). Come to think of it, we should have Goals for Kids back too.  The Jets' jerseys miss that big rectangle proudly supporting our less fortunate children.  Any how: RED DRESS, HANSON, GO JETS GO you just scored."

Nick is a bit nostalgic. Things change.
And Halischuk scores!!!!!

We're thinking about JenFest since it's only 6 months away. Wonder if any of the Jets would like to come. Their all invited.

Stupid Dallas scores. Nick's going for a disappointment cigarette. Isn't that the horrors of addiction.

Wow they just dumped Scheifele into the bench.

Check this out. Funny small town shit.

Gerry has the same last name as one of us. Guess who.

Lauren likes Little. Rebecca, "A Little goes a long way"

Discussion on warm winter boots. Sorels or Mukluks? Recommendations please! My toes are constantly freezing this year, and I have invested in wool socks. We're making ourselves at home here - boots off warming by the fireplace.

Let's curl! Ste. Anne bonspiel coming up in January. Forming a nervoustime curling team for sure. Might be a battle over who is lead since we are not that good. Kendra curled in high school and won a trophy so she is obviously the skip.

We encourage you to read this. Just a partial list of reasons to love hockey players:

Hockey/love analogy: never be afraid to show your softer side to your teammate.

2nd period fanfare! Now some of us are drinking caesars. With pickle juice!

Are there any Oilers fans who read our blog? How do you feel about Horkoff playing for Dallas? "Its weird" - J Funk. "It's weird that they traded him to another western team".

Jen and Darcy are maybe contemplating getting a llama for free through kijiji. Must be picked up this weekend.

The bar is filling up for Happy Hour!  "I am enjoying this hockey game so much I wish it was 6 periods long"- J Funk exclamation.

Thorburn is back in the penalty box. Chris Thorburn 4 Life. Apparently he had a "talking to" before the game about getting too many penalties. Like being sent to the principal's office.

penalty coming up to the stars. there was that one open net chance that trace and i both think we could maybe have got. jfunk 'i don't know about your hockey skills but it's so fast'

so the ceaser's are pretty great. ya so the free llama, another reason to visit ste anne. or even stay for the rest of your life. how long do llama's live? conversation turns to the sriracha shortage, jen believes it is because subway is buying all the product.

four on four 'i love this! wide open spaces" - jen. 'it's the only hockey that darcy likes'

the crowd is getting innnnnn to it. shoutout to all our friends at the game. things we have with us, lotion, advil. what a survival crew and we are thinking about nachos. it's just doritos with cheese sauce but the cheese sauce is broken. weird. so far the only downside to the day. another five on three failure from the jets, two down. still a bit of a power play.

oh and hey to vanessa at the winnipeg youth chorus reunion. we did some great aladdin soundtrack singalongs this morning, and when we moved to the little mermaid jon didn't even know the movie!

discussion of the albert.

i'd like to see a john albert goal and would consider going to the albert again if they renamed it the royal john albert.

trade kane!

discussion earlier about how what a dream it would be if patrick kane was ever a jet and then rebecca could proudly wear her bootlegged kane jersey she got from her cousin. "It was free!" - Rebecca. "The antithesis of Evander's flamboyant & rich lifestyle".

You should know that you can get really good Chinese food at the Ste Anne Hotel.

wheeler scores!!! interesting chicken wing plan 'we will have lots of different chicken wings tonight' says jerry however they are unavailable for preview today. trace predicted the goal.

ugh jamie benn. the guy we are playing against in fantasy hockey has him. however, i will say in the spirit of christmas i did send him (who is a stranger to me really) a photo of ryan kessler (who he has on his team) wearing a christmas sweater.

jen funk - do you think i could learn to play the accordian from youtube?

wheeler again...............that seems like a fun play i want to do a shot, tracey 'what would wheeler drink?'

man just remembered eating pho # 1 a couple weeks ago. so so so so good.

trying to decide which coast of costa rica to visit, trace recommends the west. quepos & manual antonio park. i had heard of a town called santa theressa that i wanted to go to. if anyone has been to costa rica and has a fave please let us know!

ugh jamie benn again. 4-3 stars....jen wanted a 6-3 game. 'i meant the other way'

darcy arrived! just in time for spring rolls.

free llama link:

oh no! they pulled pavelec on his free bobble head day. are fans going to toss theirs on the ice?  maybe for wheeler's hat trick.

damn. 6-3. Montoya not having much better luck.

floss sticks vs. mint floss regular?  always get free floss & toothbrushes when we go to the dentist and regular lectures that we should all 'floss more' we are actually flossing now; after the free popcorn and chinese ribs. nervoustime promotes good dental hygiene.

afternoon setback. the truck wasn't working today. unable to get lumber supplies to construct our toboggan run ramp. we have plans. seriously. sketched out on a piece of paper.

kendra killed our wave. it did go twice around the table. trying to keep the game momentum going.

This new movie Grudge Match looks so bad and it will probably be the Winkworth dad's choice to go see on Christmas day as a family. "It's Rocky vs Raging Bull" - Nick.

"Score a goal!" - J Funk yells. 7 minutes left in the 3rd.

I'm (Reb) trying to teach everyone about only typing 1 space after a period, which is met by some resistance from Blackberry users.

Darcy is so skinny the fat analyzer gave him a error reading.

Tracey and Rebecca have a hat-sharing agreement.

The average size of a snow disc is 26". Discussion around tobogganing continues.

Olli Jokinen scores with 1:30 left in the 3rd! 6:4 Dallas. EMPTY NET! Nervoustime.

The real hero of the night is the guy who is quickly repairing the broken fibreglass panel. First star nomination for that guy!

Votes for Dallas original Green: 4
Votes for Dallas new Green: 4

(There's no such thing as a neutral vote. No apathy!)

Jets lose 6:4 final.

Everyone's invited to Jen Funk's for tobogganing! But you'll have to text us for her address.

xo Nervoustime

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Blind-Sided: Hockey Late Night on Arlington

Late night updates courtesy of Nervoustime Kendra & Becca. We're watching Game Centre Anaheim @ San Jose. Just got back from a party. We drew each other without looking at the paper. Why did I put on liquid eye-liner if the guy I have a crush on didn't show up?

Kendra has a Sharks shirt at home and wishes she was wearing it right now. We're slightly buzzed and not agreeing to any trades tonight.

We're currently up by 7 points in Fantasy Hockey but if anyone can come up from behind with 7 points it's Tomas Hurtl. Thank you to the following for awarding us so many fantasy hockey points this week: Marleau, Subban, Koivu (obvs), Mason Raymond. Kendra's Dad said Raymond would get us 20 points this year - he's already achieved this. Two thing Kendra's Dad is always wrong about: NHL stats; and relying on the Bible to form his opinions on sexual orientation.

Shout out to Steve, who is our fantasy opponent next week. No, we will not trade you Josh Harding. We will not be trading Josh Harding to anyone actually. So back off, HowsMyAssTaste.

If you were dating someone who promised to take you to a Jets game, but you've stopped talking (with the exception of trade requests), should he still take you? And, perhaps more importantly, should you even consider doing fantasy hockey trades with said individual?

It's 3:2 San Jose. 7:10 left in the 3rd. Happy to have witnessed Alex Grant's 1st NHL goal ever. He's been playing for 6 years. Now they're saying it was his first NHL "shot". Just like Hainsey! Horoscope pending: Capricorn. "If you came to a choice or a decision wisely and you felt good about it, there's no reason to start questioning it now".

"Take the shot" - our hockey/relationship analogy of the night. "Just like Wayne Gretzky - 'You miss 100% of the shots you don't take'". Ben LOVEJOY (what a name) ties it up and it's 3:3.

kendra now on, logal couture on the ice, when i was in san jose he was who i thought was the cutest shark. imagine if hertl scored six more? well....we are so happy we won at fantasy hockey, last year i only won once, with becca and ness we will after tonight have four wins.
three mins left in the game. i think thornton is also cute and he looks like he's been tanning and it's a tie game!!!!!

rebecca just sent me a tweet evem though i am sitting beside her and we are eating cookies! shout out to nathaniel and julien the twin babies i am hanging out tomorrow who are my fave twins since the sedins. also shoutout to donovan, guy we met at a party who was like 'oh i know a hippy, like the best hippy....he lives on ruby and....and..." becca responds that's her father!

i am actually wearing a sweater from american eagle, i love it. almost one min left......

overtime is like hockey's way of telling you to have another cookie. time out anaheim. so ya this game looks like it is totally going into overtime becca 'who's got niemi?' i don't remember.....

and overtime!!!!!

It took 15 minutes to apply this eye liner.  We're into the 2nd bottle of red.

Penalties in overtime is unnacceptable. Perry in the box. I call him "Joe-nas" (as in, not 'Yo-nas') - Kendra. 'When has this broadcaster ever gone outside to play hockey'?

Congratulations to the Riders on their recent Grey Cup win. This reminds us that we have a lot to catch up on: Rob Ford; NHL class action suit re: concussions; NHL selling out to Rogers (here's what Don has to say about it: "I didn't fall off a turnip truck").

Shoot out:
Couture: no.
Bonino (out guy!): Saved by Niemi.
Pavelslki (1 for 4): Scores! "A la Patrick Kane". Review of the goal.
Perry: And Niemi is not letting it in.
Boyle: No. "That's alright, Dan", Kendra.
Palmieri missed. The Sharks won. We won. Happy Saturday.

ooooh sharks win! just heading to light the menorah


Friday, November 15, 2013

friday night jets vs flyers: nervoustime unplugged

Not sure what's better: Jets winning; or seeing our Auntie fist bump the Jets Suits guy.
hey from arlington! special hello to the car who waved at us. discussion of taco bell as a gateway drug to weed. rebecca 'i don't want to go on record about drug use but i've never been to taco bell'

score is 2-1 flyers. i saw the media at city hall today and wondered if they were giving a key to the city to claude giroux, however, they are lighting the christmas tree. what's up rob ford???

thanks to my cousin kev for getting tickets to the hawks/jets game on thurs - two sets of nervoustime sisters will be in attendance, can't wait!

but let's get to the present, crowd seems to be torn over who to cheer for, everytime becca hears 'timonnen' she thinks half of teemu half of numminen.

apparently you can't bring peanuts to the mts centre and they just saw their cousins. the guy in the suits.

nice little and ladd friendship. i sort of want wheeler on our fantasy hockey team which is gearing up for it's third win of the year!!!

first period over.

our food is here! spicy noodle :)

We just want to say how horrified we all were watching that Chicago fan pour beer on Pardy's head. Who does that?! I pay $9.25 for my beer and I would never spill it on anyone's head. I'm a classy lady dontcha know. Rumor is they'll be handing out helmets to fans before the next Chicago/Jets game.

Sometimes Movember is just too much. It's still at the 'awkward' stage.

Shout out to the RivertonRifle!

We're extremely cautious about Fantasy League trades despite the Full Moon.

we have unplugged the computer - 'nervoustime unplugged' - second period, still 2-1. the food was so so good. and the leftovers!!!!

second period over.

apparently derek meech has circulatory issues - we love you derek, i still have to get my lake jersey, number seven! thank you to jen funk for the idea.

third period!!!! love to jokinen. mention how much he is loved by both winkworth sisters.

byfuglien has the most ice time of any jet.

i wanted to comment on my earlier one goal every three minutes as the most realistic / possible surge - the jets did it last friday while opening the game against nashville which i was at and it was amazing!

amazing work by the ladd little line now, and mason has a beautiful helmet.

alfredson a scratch for the wings tonight. becca 'if they win two they might sit him out, like selanne'

we are leading 20-17 in fantasy hockey.

discussion of carey prices' garth brooks goalie mask. the crowd is into this one!!!

bogosian's out with a lower body injury and thorburn is off to the penalty box, unrelated

haha becca 'it's five on one and frolik still has the puck' he is such a great player!

we want to hang out with him and pav.

becca thinks ladd is hurt

we have some parting words for tim burke: rebecca, 'it was never meant to be. and i say let's sell the bombers and lets get the jets to start a rugby or cricket team of some kind. and they can play at the investors group field. but they'd have to let you go in and out, because cricket games can go for days!'

six mins left!

now it's a power play!

BIG BUFF scored! I don't even care if Ziggy has him! TIE GAME! Jubi-fuckin-lation. Assist for Olli who is now 2 points from tying his previous season's points. Kane also got an assist. This is great news for Ziggy.

Vanessa might be sleeping.

Over 30 shots on goal for the Jets tonight.

Last Nashville game there was a chant "We want Six" (as in 6 goals), but got misinterpreted for "we want sex". Either chant is fine by me.

"The Jets always play faster when they play the Flyers" - Kendra.

Not only does he have the longest eyelashes on the team, Scheifele is also playing super duper tonight. The pace of this game has been incredible. Maybe it's the full moon?

We hope Tracy and Gene are looking at the moon in Thailand tonight.

48 seconds left. It looks like OVERTIME! AGAIN!

OT: lots of action. No goals, however.

In 5 years, Kendra predicts we could build a whole Fantasy Hockey League with the players named Braden and Mason.

We are going to another shootout and here's hoping the Jets can keep this streak alive!

"Laces out, ladies. Laces out." - Text we just received from Jen Funk.

Shootout predictions: Ladd, Olli and Byfuglien. Coburn, Hartnell, Schenn.

First up: Setoguchi: Snaps it IN! 3 for 3 in the Shootout for Devin.
Next up: Lacavalier stopped by Pavs.
Second Jet: Ladd: Waited too long and Andrew's streak ends tonight.
Next: Giroux: IT'S A TRICKLER. It's a goal for Philly.
Jet: Jokinen: Misses.
Next up: Read: Miss.
Jets: Wheelers: Backhand denied.
Schenn: Fires high and knicks the post.
Little: SCORES! 2 for 4 in the shootout. Beautiful shot. "A little goes a long way"


The best part of the game is that we just caught our Auntie fist bump on TV.

xoxo Nervoustime

Saturday, November 2, 2013

chicago vs winnipeg - win win

hello hockey fans. we are watching chicago winnipeg, one nothing for the jets, frolik navidad with the assist. beautiful day in winnipeg i even arrived with wet hair. other announcement the tall grass apple cider has arrived. this is becca ness and kendra. sadly missed are megan and karla - love you two. gsp is at the bomber game and will be texting updates.

so many penalties

discussion of halloween and how we are all to tired to go to a party at midnight. chicago goal and oduya was on the ice. noel rocking the poppy.

thank you to colin sharples for sending us the most creative trade request of the year on in our fantasy hockey league.

  • Conversation started Thursday
  • Colin Sharples
    Colin Sharples
    Dear team nervoustime members, I will begin by wishing you all a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I come to you today representing team Grateful Weener. League Champion season 2012-2013. Team GW would like it to be know that there is great interest in acquiring a young lad by the name of Nathan. Nathan MacKinnon.
    MacKinnon likely has a great future in the NHL as do the large majority of first over all draft picks. The owner of GW knows he is likely a prized possession to team nervoustime and he is willing to compensate you quite handsomely in a trade that would involve multiple players.
    The current offer on the table is last years Calder trophy winner for rookie of the year: Sir Jonathan Huberdeau, and offensively gifted defense man from the Edmonton Oilers Justin Shultz. Both players are only in there second season in the NHL and their value will continue to grow in the years to come.
    I would encourage you to examine the top 300 dynasty rankings from the reliable source The Hockey News.
    McKinnon is ranked 38th over all and Huberdeau is ranked 39th.
    Both are extremely talented young players. Shultz is a young stud and would pair up in a deadly fashion with your other shiny new toy PK Subban.
    Whatever you decide the owner of Grateful Weener sends his utmost respect and best wishes for the rest of the season. That is all. Pip pip Cherio!

    back to the game. currently one one. who are we cheering for in this game, becca 'i am cheering for everyone, that road stretch was pitiful.' becca not feeling bogosian or clitsome this season. 'clitty's drying up'

    'bet they wouldn't let us in with that sign' - becca and ness are going monday to detroit!!!!

    mark stuart 27 blocked shots this season 'we all know 27 is a lucky number'

    ps - we didn't take that trade. nathan mckinnon is a keeper for nervoustime. we did get a response from our pk trade so we have him now and i kendra now have a habs flag on my front door. thanks ziggy!!!!!

    rebecca is making homemade chips!!! crawford may be injured. the jet fans are being assholes. now they are ok. oh they are cheering khabibulen. whatever, i say go hawks.

    end of the first period.

    went to prairie sky and suddenly it is four one hawks.  i bough the book mudbound, vanessa bought dawn of the dead emery boards and rebecca got a ring. vanessa got a ring as well.

    dwight is here! first nervoustime boyfriend in attendance since 2009.

    he doesn't like hockey 'i don't even know who is playing.' vanessa begins explaining the teams. how there are three guys from manitoba on the hawks.

    thanks to prarie sky as well for the halloween candy.

    montoya in now.

    none of us have seen the life of pi

    everyone in the audience is wearing a scarf.

    discussion of the avalanche goalie and bean dip. dwight doesn't know about blogs or didn't even know vanessa was involved in such a thing.

    it is such a lovely day!!!

    can the jets come back? becca says yes!

    does anyone know the bombers score? ness 'do we care enough to check' no. yes, the home jerseys were white n jets 1.0 ness 'i hate our new jerseys so much. they are so ugly and i can't believe they cost so much money.

    the hawks are going to meet obama and bolland isn't going just cause he says he is a leaf now we don't know if frolik is going?

    discussion of bridesmaids.

    8 minutes left in the 3rd. 5-1 hawks. overtime feels like a distant dream.  KG feels that 3 minutes is a comfortable amount of time for each goal. 4 goals in the last 5 minutes we deem improbable. Becca is going to imagine it anyways.

    homeland anyone? "Brody forever" - KG
    We cannot mistake the ability of the Chicago Blackhawks for the ability of the Jets" - Ness

    Final Thoughts:
    "sometimes a girl's got to buy herself a ring" - Ness Nervoustime
    "miss you, Karla and Megan" - KG
    "Bring back Teppo. And Chris Thorburn 4 Life" - Becca


Saturday, October 26, 2013

first nervoustime with karla!

hey from tracey's place. gene just arrived, becca on her way and we are watching jets stars. score, one nothing. interesting is dallas shouts out 'stars' during the american anthem. none of us have actively watched dallas games before and don't know if that was a pre true north thing or not, karla is checking with her friend who is a stars fan.

gene and trace are heading to thailand and cambodia. discussion of packing. gene just got a camera. we are doing terrible at fantasy hockey this week - congrats to the riverton rifles. currently down 25-14. just adding trace and gene to blackberry messanger, just like it's 2009, maybe with that the penguins will win the cup?

karla really thought we were watching a blackhawks game tonight. we have it on game centre and will watch the 3rd.

dallas power play. tracey is making a bread salad and karla hates tyler seguin. turns out he tried to sleep with one of her friends who 'was at a party with the bruins and was hot enough to be there. he said he liked black girls. she said no'

one nothing minnesota and the chicago first period is over. we can all smell the garlic.

breaking - patrick kane hit on one of karla's friends cousins 'there wasn't a racial element so good job patrick kane'

isn't everyone glad karla is here??????? 'i know a lot of americans. i also know people who like baseball. which is terrible but i will let it go' - ps - karla does writing online and has forever.

karla 'i know your wedding was terrible in many ways' i was like, 'what?' she was like 'remeember when that guy from germany made you really uncomfortable?' oh ya, our fake cousin fred. pd - i loved my wedding, karla was just mad i stole her 13th birthday party 'i got so drunk at that wedding, i got really sick'

vanessa is at a social.

it's 1-0 winnipeg. it's also 2-0 minnesota. and our food is ready!

dallas scored. our food is great. discussion of clitsome. thank you so much to deluca's for making such great food. looks as though nervoustime overtime may be coming up.

shout out to the people we met last weekend in st. annes.

discussion of our trip to st. annes, karla 'that is the most manitoba experience i can envision except you didn't fish at any point'

small town bars will drive you home. karla announces brunkheld would pick you up. she then gets into drive through dacuquis. only in texas? tracey wants to go to austrailia and drink in the passanger seat.

still a tie game in texas.

2-1 for the chicago game. rebecca knows four people at this game 'they are my mother's contemporaries. i bet they are wearing jerseys. we should go to dallas. they have great music. how far is austin?' karla reminds us she is in thompson and no one is farther away then her.

rebecca notes kane is playing, gene notes he has the goal, and we discuss his earlier rumour as 'banged up'\\

we miss you thorburn!

we have two edits to the anthem:

all thy sons command to 'all of our command'

'god keep our land' to 'we'll keep our land' - rebecca comment 'it helps build accountability'

rebecca 'i tweeted the prime minister today and he didn't respond'

karla 'everything he has already done is enough'

"We're switching to the Blackhawks game as soon as this is over" - Kendra. 2 min left in the 3rd period. God help us if we're headed into another overtime.

Discussion of team dynamics. Who likes who? We know Pavelec and Frolik are best friends. Maybe Frolik will convince Pavs to date an older woman?

"Frolik Navidad". Kendra thought that was an original idea by her sister, but it turned out to be a pre-existing youtube video. Add that one to the playlist. Along with the Stephen Harper on Stephen Harper interview.

Too many men on the ice. How many times do I have to blog about this?

Shout out to Catie Ellis and Jeff Scott on their wedding day! What a beautiful wedding, mazel tov you guys!

We miss Ron Hainsey right about now. Does the penalty get held over in regular season overtime? After some discussion, we decide no but we are wrong and actually it does. "Well all the more reason not to get a stupid penalty at the end of the third", Tracey.

Shooter predictions: Kane (Kendra), Frolik (Karla), Olli (Rebecca).

"The Dallas Stars green is the same colour as the Riders green", Trace. Little Otto was wearing Riders socks today at the wedding. Hello to Julie and Graeme if you read our blog!

Quick chat about differentiating between 'Graeme' and Graham' in spelling and pronunciation.

It's overtime NERVOUSTIME. It was tough to watch Pavs being interviewed after the last game. He was so disappointed in his team mates (I think he dislikes Clitsome) and you could tell their was some animosity in the locker room. He's also really cute when he's angry.

Kendra and Karla are picking Dallas shooters now. Because we are headed for a SHOOT OUT. SHIT.

Latest trade option: Malkin (us) for Subban and Marchand (The Sheep). We have proposed the trade and nobody's responded. We think his real name is Rob. Please answer our email The Sheep.

Riverton Rifles who are you? Are you the guy I had a crush on in the mid-00's who worked at the Toad?

When I use the hashtag MDMA it really stands for Manitoba Dynasty Something Association. We don't actually do MDMA. Just in case any cops are reading this.

1st Dallas shot: Benn. Fail.
1st Winnipeg: Jokinen!!!!! Good effort but no cigar.
2nd: Chiasson. Nope.
2nd: Ladd GOAL!!!
3rd: Who was that? Who cares? He missed!


Sunday, October 20, 2013

fantasy hockey tips, for everyone.

for the last three seasons i, kendra, have been in a fantasy hockey keeper league and have done terribly. last year, one win. the year before, i have no idea. i never paid attention or played an accurate line up, aka the player everyone can't stand. hold up, they couldn't stand me. this year, i got becca and ness on my team and we've been paying attention and making friends with the guys in our league and this week we won our first game!! the win inspires me to highlight my top fantasy hockey tips, or what's worked for us.

1) you need a huge guy - we have malkin. everyone wants him so we sometimes get trades. we won't let him go.

2) it's all about the lines - we picked up bickell cause he had been playing with kane and toews. still a good point generator.

3) pull your goalie - on this week we won we didn't play our main goalie lundqvist but instead played josh harding, who got us some points. goalies are the most magical of all hockey players as you will never know what happens with them. we are so proud of josh harding.

4) talk to your family. for some reason i picked up josh harding on a whim but my cousin kevin had him too who is a fantasy sports expert according to me and i listen to everything he says. so ya, you need to check in with people. when i was going to pick mason raymond i texted my dad who told me he would get '20-30 points' - turns out how he's doing now my dad is wrong about that. other things my dad is wrong about: it would break my heart to even get into it, moving on.

5) injuries: we have volkoun on our team who is on ir = the thing with that is he isn't on our salary cap but we can still put him in whenever he comes back. any player coming off of an injury, in my view and experience watching, always does well.

6) waiver wire: how it works in our league is you can pick up anyone from waiver wire but it's in order of people who've picked last. we got so buzzed and excited the other day we picked up mark stuart. but cancelled = you save your picks for when you need them

7) ron hainsey = congrats on your two goals. you are amazing. but you are still too expensive to draft....

8) salary cap - our league has a salary cap and that is really true to life. we can be like 'olliiiii what's up?" and then another will respond 'too expensive' almost akin to when we are considering staying out a bit longer. budget is helpful and there are always points, and life experiences, to gain if you can stay under budget. i am figuring anyone under 3 mill is a steal and those are the guys that want to get the points for a higher salary in the future, so get them on your team.

9) don't let anyone else bother you = for the last two years i didn't know anyone in my league. i've slowly been meeting them and they are all really nice. you will learn a healthy competition but to root for each other

10) know your competition - if you have a guy who will make a ridiculous trade because of emotion, do it. maybe they have the same birthday as eric tangradi. find that out, and my all means do it, they are thinking the same of you.

11) always keep a jet = we took frolik, he's our fave, but yes, it's always important to have a guy on the team you are cheering for.

will post more tips as they come = first win tonight, hopefully not the last. thanks to becca and ness for their help in this win and zig for being a great guy to beat and for getting us involved in the first place.

xo love kendra

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Anaheim @ Winnipeg: Welcome Back Teemu!

Happy Sunday, Nervoustime here. Present: Kendra, Vanessa, and me (Reb). Mr. Wink just arrived with Sorrento's pizza that he kept warm in his own personal pizza delivery warmers. Insists on checking the football scores. VIP Graham Smith-Peloquin is on his way!


"How long do we have to watch football before we can change the channel to hockey?"

"I think we should cheer for the Broncos because we cheer for the Avalanche", Kendra.

Thoughts on Bombers: "Thumbs down, Bombers". What a sorry excuse for a CFL team. What to do?

Things we miss about the old stadium: beer snake, being able to smoke and watch the game at the same time (shout out Robbie Rousseau), the space to roam and move so you didn't hate everyone around you, and being able to go to Olive Garden after the game. "I'm still full from going eating there (14 months ago)", Kendra.

Tim Campbell on Teemu: "A gentle soul, soft-spoken man".

WIVES CARNIVAL MENTION! With all these Jets getting married and engaged over the summer, there better be a Wives Carnival Revival this season.


Has anyone been to Shark Club? I've heard it's sponsored by Bud Light and you want to have a shower when you get home.

Clitty is back in the line-up! "I thought they were going to trade him", Greg.

Thank you CTV - all the headlines was saying this was Teemu's last appearance in Winnipeg. Thank to you Cam (who runs the CTV twitter) who corrected that it's Teemu's last REGULAR SEASON appearance, NOT including the Playoffs.

Awkward faces from Shane Hnidy.

Can we all just pause and appreciate how beautiful Teemu is.

vanessa died her hair green, like the ends, we think it's a protest against the bombers. riders forever!

graham misses smith-pelly. who doesn't? we missed you gsp!!!

gsp talking about smoking sections at the new and old stadiums, agrees. vanessa 'destroying that stadium was the worst idea ever.'

where did you meet bryan little? did we tell you that - we have a little card signed 'to nervoustime' so so nice. we love you bryan!!!

also, shoutout to our new friends bangers and tbirds - we are hoping to hang out with you soon and thank you steve for letting us pick up volkuon for our fantasy team....'always trust a tbird'

five mins in no score.

i am with sidney crosby on loving great big sea.  (kendra) i attribute it back to my years growing up in atlantic canada. also thank you to the rankin family ('we rise again')

nervoustime friend jil who only got into hockey at the end of last season texts 'teemu is hot' - how amazing to only discover this now! thank you teemu for your years of making us all happy.

i had such a great time at the game on friday - the jets are doing so well! discussion of the net off etc. it was still a super fun game. we love the new guys! frolik is in our lineup this week.

jets power play. jets goal! what a power play!!! greg on wheeler 'he never quits. that's one guy i like. he is always moving'

gsp updates us on the local teams (the No Regretskys, best team name ever) and the ducks scored.

greg comments on the decrease in young children signing up to play hockey. it's too expensive.

standing o for teemu, discussion of the finnish documentary, gsp 'are they going to be playing it a the globe'

jill text: 'i'm really enjoying this game i can't believe it'

i hope i'm in good shape at 43.

power play for the ducks.......

greg discovers getzlaff connection. becca 'they aren't twins'

mark stuart for life!!!

becca 'ryan looks more mediterannean. olive undertones'

becca spells out medataranian for me, i can't handle it.

gw comments we haven't seen byfuglien on the ice as much as we did last year, rebecca requests we turn down the sound for commercials.

Taking bets if Greg will be able to stay awake for the 3rd period.

Scheifele is an "old-looking 18" according to Mr Wink. "I tell everybody I'm 68 and they say I look amazing".

Pavs is playing great tonight - his first game playing against Anaheim. How tall is Pavalec? 6'3". Ken Dryden is 6'4" and Kendra has read the book he wrote when he was a lawyer.

LADD SCORES! "I was wondering where the 1st line was". 

Pavalec has been leaving his net a lot more these days. Nervoustime.

Claude Noel had a great press conference today. Laughing, smiling, loving Teemu, talking about how much he wants to win.

The reason there's so many shots on goal against the Jets is because Hainsey is gone.

Shout out to Oduya who got a goal on his birthday!

If Selanne gets a goal will the fans cheer? "Yes". "That's so stupid".

Yorkton's motto is "It's Good Enough". It's decided that Nervousime needs to take a trip to Yorkton.

Teemu being interviewed. Class act, total babe. Wonder where Teppo is right now.

"Someone left their boots in the hallway and that's dangerous", Greg. "I'm a dangerous girl", Nesse. "I think that was me", GSP. Everyone is in trouble.

Camera goes to Claude and Wheeler talking about the previous play, making plans for improvements and getting along so well. That open communication is key to a good relationship. #LoveAndHockey

GSP talking about flies at work, "playing cat and mouse games". It's the last batch of flies for the season, they're always weird and half-dead and disoriented. WINTER IS COMING.

Discussion about our rads in our places and how hot it is inside. No pants party all the time!

Did anyone see the Patrick Roy/ Bruce Boudreau scuffle? "He's always been an asshole", Greg/Dad. "Apparently his kid is the same way. It's like he thinks he's in the minors. Ah well, I guess he's gotta learn on his own time."

Teemu with an almost-goal. Mark Stuart called with tripping. Mark Stuart 4 Life.

Looking forward to this week's New York Rangers and LA Kings game: dueling goalies in our Fantasy League!

so tired. becca just passed me k the computer and we are ya, exhausted. greg posed an earlier twitter poll, 'will i make it to the 3rd period' and i feel like i may not too.....

becca says frolik has been called 'baby jagr' for agess.

greg ' you have to light a fire under joikinen'

becca 'why aren't the staff wearing hairnets in the moxies commercial?'

who has been the oldest? gordie howe. chris chelios?

jagr...baptized in 2001. very interesting

you have to wear a visor!!!!!!

mice update - no recent sightings. thanks to steve for offering his cat. gsp, 'are you getting a cat because of the flies'

ahhhh anaheim goal 'the jets could not escape the period'

end of second, 2-2 greg starts howling 'i am still awake!!!!'

does moxies own stellas?

gsp 'as of this summer?'

we have no idea. please don't quote us on that thing.

blake wheeler looks so much like andrew clark. greg to gsp, 'you look a little like andrew ladd acually'

laughter ensues.

Dad changes the channel to football again, the crowd boos. "I'm going to get my Bomber hat out of the washing machine".

Kendra looks up and everyone is wearing hats all of a sudden. Well not everyone, just Dad and me (Rebecca). Greg gets up to get hats for everyone. Vanessa gets "Bad to the bone". Kendra gets the Leafs, GSP the Habs.

GSP wants us to come see one of his games at the Highlander this year. "Most def", Kendra. Taking a break from the blog to take a photo. Always a photographer, never a bride.

3rd period! 2:2 tie game and it's Nervoustime! Will the Jets remain undefeated? Will Vanessa and Greg be able to stay awake? This and much much more will reveal itself in the coming minutes.

"Next goal: the Ducks", Greg. "GO TO BED!", everyone else.

Anaheim is dominating, though, as much as I don't want to admit it. Some not-so-swift moves by the Jets.

Buff IS BUFF! Looking so good! He's recovering the puck and looks so in control! LOVE YOUR BODY, BUFF. NO MATTER WHAT.

Jim Slater frequents GSP's coffee shop but he can never build up the nerve to say hi, even though he's his favourite Jet. Jim, if you're reading this, consider making the first move, Bro.

Every time we see this Moxie's commercial, it gets darker and more twisted. Let's put an end to the incessant Moxie's commercials on TSN Jets. "They're a sponsor, that's why." Greg thinks something fishier is going on.

"Why would you replace Scheifele with Slater on that line?", GSP.

"Can we pause it so we can all look at how good looking Frolik is?", Kendra. "I think he looks like a weasel", Greg.

Bogosian trips and loses the puck and Perry easily snaps one in the goal. 3:2 Jets and that is all Bogo's fault. "I blame the trainer who didn't sharpen his skates", GSP.

"It's a game of mistakes." - A hockey/love analogy.

Jets fans are now booing. "Where's the love?" 17 seconds left in the game. TO Winnipeg.

Hate to break it to everyone, but we lost. 3:2 Ducks.

Love, Nervoustime.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

welcome back hockey!

Vanessa and I are at home watching leafs habs. danny briere's first game as a canadien! guy we have in the pool is carl gunerson. our opponent has lars eller, kessel jvr and cody franson.

congrats to lars eller for the first penalty of the season.

vanessa loves jvr, 'mostly how the announcers say his name when they are excited'

and there it was, he scores! first goal of the season.

lars eller scored and our fantasy team is now down 2-0.

vanessas boss hates evander kane and has habs shoelaces, he is originally from montreal.

they are advertising the drake show at the arena. i have never listened to drake and actually just heard frank ocean this week.

baba just phoned during coaches corner, she is watching the game!

second period now it's 2-1 montreal, 5-0 for us in our hockey pool, excellent dinner made by vanessa.

ref injury. wish rebecca was here. where did parros come from 'i feel like i've seen him in a 24/7 documentary' parros' musache has it's own wikipedia section and apparently he has a you can play video - nervousime approved.

vanessa says she doesn't like the guy we are playing against because 'he clearly likes the maple leafs. who does that? a lot of awesome people hate the maple leafs'

2-2 now, still 5-0 in our league.

chicago up one nothing., go hawks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we don't like tyler bozak but i think kadri is such a babe. he's off to the penalty box.

shorthanded goal bozak! woah.


2-1 chicago. ovechkin also scored.

vanessa thinks hockey games should always be over by ten.

i was about to worry about my day tomorrow but i realized it will start with a manicure at quarter to nine.

aw man the parros fall. fran says 'give the guy some privacy'.

vanessa doesn't believe the no penalty rule is a rule and he is not wearing a visor.

mason raymond goal! we have him on our team but he is benched this week.

fran reminds us of the importance of watching the jet game 'we want to see how they look, who is playing with who'

seabrook scores for chicago and they take the lead.

we just discovered that all three of us are going on the 11th to the dallas game!!! woooooooaaaaaah. friday night!

greg arrives home commenting on the wind. becca and ness will be celebrating new years with teppo numinen, greg 'holy shit! toronto is winning!'

ha eller scored (fantasy league competitor has him) rebecca 'fuck i thought he had all leafs' - rebecca is against him. fantasy hockey update, 6-0

one minute left. briere looks great greg said 'why can't we get daniel briere' and toronto wins. vanessa 'they are such violent teams' greg 'you should have seen hockey 30 years ago'

jets game coming up ! we want to watch a hockey game in a hot tub. jets first game here since 96.

touching anthem. true north cheer, nice. becca 'it feels good to sing the anthem sitting down' what are the rules about hats on.

special dinner tomorrow.

oilers goal from the fourth line. from waivers to a goal.

ha becca and ness' first intro to our player, petry, in the penalty box and tie game chic wash.

mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  tie game for the jets. so far a perfect power play and here comes the second.  fran looking to join a fantasy league.

andrew ladd apparently a very chill guy.

washington scores. grabovski - we had him last year on the team, three points tonight!

discussion of jay leno. thieves, and cars. argument ensues.

greg 'all i wanted is for you to have some general knowledge of the car world'

mice announcement. there is a mouse. it's apparently really cute. fran says 'we had no mice the year we didn't have the compost.'

chicago ties it up. saad is available in our league.

vanesssa wants a cat.

greg is going to bed and the rest of us are too......

good night love nervousime, go jets go 1-1

LATENIGHT UPDATE (this is Rebecca, the one who doesn't need to wake up at 6am tomorrow morning): Just got home and turned the game on really loud so I could hear it from the shower.

Coach's corner update: Don loves Mark Scheifele but he mispronounces it "Shiffelly". Verdict's out whether Ron will correct him or not. Nope, not today.

It's 4:2 Oilers. BUT FROLIK JUST SCORED and things are turning around late in the 2nd period. That's big news for our fantasy hockey draft. Trouba with an assist. Lots of good things happening from our new guys.

Thorburn and Gazdik just got into a little scuffle that reminded me of Goon (as in, I bet they're going to have some drinks together after the game). As much as I loved that movie and appreciate the entertainment value of aggressive man-hugging, I've been really sensitive to all the fighting going on tonight. Is anyone else with me? I think it was the Parros incident that did me in. I know, he just tripped. Jesus I hope he's ok. "His moustache has it's own Facebook page", Vanessa mentioned earlier. End of 2nd period.

What is going on with Elliott Friedman's hair tonight?

There's a contest on right now to write 'Canada's Next Great Hockey Song'. And Sidney Crosby likes Great Big Sea AND techno?! I can't forgive both of those choices. Maybe one.

Mark Messier is a class act. Being interviewed by Scott Oake, comparisons to Taylor Hall yada yada...Mark clearly does yoga judging by his posture. I've had one foot on the Oiler train the past few years. This might be the year for their breakthrough.

3rd period and we've got another delay of game penalty to deal with. Pavs is scrambling tonight. Why didn't Claude play him during the pre-season games?

I'm reminded of Ziggy's words of wisdom to "not get hooked on one guy. Things change quickly around here". Applicable to hockey and relationships. I'll take all the advice I can get.

Is there a 'Fantasy Relationship League'?

Trouba scores! Practically from the blue line. Tie game!

I'm going to try and eat a balanced lunch tomorrow. And drink 3 glasses of water.

Stuart gets called for slashing and the timing ain't great. 7 min left in the 3rd. Nervoustime!

Jets defense is fantastic. Big Buff is fuckin' fast tonight. Looking trim and quick and loose. Close calls and flying pucks everywhere. Penalty over.

FROLIK SCORES, Tangradi assist! Hockey can be so poetic. Nearly brought a tear to my eye.

5:4 Jets. 4 min left in the 3rd. Just hold on to this, guys! It's 11:46 and I should be going to bed.

Jets have too many men on the ice. Fuuuuuck. "You've got to communicate with each other" - Kelly Hrudey. There's another hockey/relationship truth nugget.

Can we do this? Pavs makes such a huge save against Arcobello (such a great name, eh?)

25 seconds left. Faceoff in our zone. Timeout. Dubnyk's been pulled. 6 on 5.

Jets win! Good night, xo Rebecca

Friday, September 20, 2013

first nervoustime of the season!

happy september from all of us at nervoustime. currently at the nt headquarters wink parents with trace, kenny g, ness and becca. dinner was pizza from slices, ceaser salad (homemade by mr. w), cheese and crakers, popcorn to come.

watching the bomber game. unbelievable game by hall. apparently he is being covered by new guys 'the misfits' according to mr. wink. inspired us to listen to the jem rivals' the misfits' as well as barbie and the rockers.

hockey pool update also - we got michael frolick!! woah, welcome to him. also shoutout to cody hodgeson the car racer and also cody hodgson the sabre and welcome to our team.

best beard in the cfl? wow. that eskimo 'he should be playing guitar in a blue grass band' 'has the lost at sea scandenaian vibe' - becca.

tracey made a hashbrown casorole today!!!

my mom had a different name for that.

went to a couple jets games already and am pretty excited for the upcoming year, also best of luck to ron hainsey in carolina.

oh ya so brian little signed a card 'to nervoustime' and VANESSA GOT A JOB, she has to start at seven, she will be moving the coffee maker to her room.

another beard.

speaking of beards greg just arrived down with a photo of him in his youth. amazing. flags!

vanessa's paying union dues which i have informed her can be deducted from her total income if she's ever required to pay child support.

greg just informed us of the tempature they use to kill bedbugs which is the same as at yoga,

fran's landline rings she answers the phone 'go bombers go' it may be a telephone survey.

Why don't I know about the cupid shuffle? The TSN sports guys are now dancing and we all think this is great. LaPolice in the background: priceless. Tracy had to close her eyes. 

Nervoustime has successfully posted a youtube video!  the first upload on Kendra's account!  

27-13 for the Bombers heading in to the 4th quarter. is this the real life? 

ok fourth quarter! kenny back on the blogging.

disscussion of the new nhl rule can't take your own helmet off players took each other's off in carolina and buffalo, has hainsey scored yet?

cfl is the fourth quarter, what isn't\?

nhl predictions -

trace; 'we are watching football right now. it is too early for the nhl'

becca:  (ref trainning camp) go jets

greg; 'the nhl season came to soon,,the nhl season. we need another player's strike'

fran; 'the jets are going to be in the playoffs, no doubt'

vanessa\; ''i'm just a girl - no doubt'

kendra - i love that song by gwen stefani 'cool' where she is singing about still being able to be friends with her ex even though she is with someone else -  i am once again though predicting a big year for the hurricaines.

bombers still? crowd believes edmonton is going to score right away. fran, the eternal optimist believes bombers. i would love to see a bombers riders grey cup, might be the last chance.

if they win this game can the bombers still finish in first place?\

a three point distance and can you imagine how everyone at the game is feeling about getting home? i live only a few blocks away.

oh man super intense description of the new porsche dealership being provided by mama wink, very very interesting! 'i was watching it for half an hour......'.......'wasn't invited'......'acrobats'.......'everyone had a clipboard'........'valet parking'

bomber field goal miss and it's still a three point game.


greg - no question they are going to win

fran - no question they are going to lose

two mins.


bombers have the ball.

discussion of the change of name act.

almmmmost one min left. 'at least this an exciting last two minutes' - fran

ya i kinda wish i was at this game. and they did stop him? it tipped off a bomber? the ground? it hit two bombers.

'sucks to be a shitty defence' - ness

what a catch!

tim burke is sad. 'he looks like a hush puppy' - greg

miss, 'he wasted twelve seconds'

second down. another miss. field goal unit and overtime is coming, nervoustime!

game is tied 'for the first time this year'
 woah greg hopes edmonton wins and sooooooo do i!

here is our video, we love you all!!!\ go jets go!!! xoxo kenny, ness, becca, tracey, greg and fran.

Friday, July 5, 2013

alfredson's departure: a fan's reaction

hi, this is kendra only reporting on my emotional reaction to the free agent frenzy. the thing is when i lived in new brunswick as a young teen the ottawa senators were a new team and we got to stay up late for hockey night in canada on saturdays, that was really late cause we were two hours ahead of manitoba. there was some confusion with my dad, as is often the case with fathers, sometimes we cheered for montreal, sometimes the leafs, but always the senators.

break it down, the schulz family motto was to always cheer for the underdog. forward to 2012 my sister and i are both hockey fans, our brother couldn't care less. however, even he has a soft spot for the sens.

and then, daniel alfredson.

i lived in ottawa for nine months from october 2006-july 2007. in that time the team made it to the stanley cup final. the city was alive in a way you only realize if your team is on a legit playoff run (never experienced in winnipeg to date) and i loved it. you became instant friends with everyone and there was a celebration each night. the bars were so hard to get into but it didn't matter cause you could just watch from the street.

and alfredson was the key to it all. the captain and he did well for years.

forward to the current time, i even have him in my hockey pool to this day for loyalty. you would think in hockey loyalty should mean something.

for those of us like myself who believe in hockey more than we believe in marriage this is a sad day. somewhere people need to keep their commitments for the long haul. i currently am turning my mind to ilya kovalchuk as a potential hero. the truth is, there will be bad years in anything you choose in your life. but waiting it out and staying with your original crew will offer the most benefit, in my experience.

the grass always will seem greener if you look at the wrong time. but i would like to end with first a quote from the bhagavad gita 'it's better to do your  own duty badly than to perfectly do another's" and second the wise words of taylor swift 'stay stay stay'.

i think alfredson should have stayed and the whole country should mourn the loss and sudden departure. hopefully ron hainsey reads this blog post and doesn't make the same mistake. personal note, i had an offer to move this past month for work but chose not to take it. winnipeg for ever!

love kendra

Sunday, June 30, 2013

entry draft 2013

good afternoon!!! we are eight minutes away from the first pic and luckily this didn't start at nine like we thought it did. present are kendra, rebecca and vanessa. jill is in osborne village, gsp is writing an essay.

rebecca says brian pulock is her fave, wonderful story about this guy. his brother died and he has persevered and developed a special relationship with his coach, who also had a brother who died on the same day. full story apparently appeared in today's free press. his shot has been compared to al mcinnis.

breaking down astrological signs of the top four picks,

seth jones, october 3rd, libra 'you may soon receive an offer that will involve a big investment on your part libra. this could be an investment of your money, but it could also be an investment of your time, your love, your tolerance and so on. but have you investigated it fully? have you weighed the pros and the cons? is there more to gain than to lose? you need to consider all the possibilities both good and bad. there could be some hidden challenges so be sure you know what you are getting into before you make a commitment."

nathan mackinnon, september 1, virgo. 'even when you want something quite passionately you can be very passive about aquiing it. it isn't that you don't have goals you are actually very goal oriented. you are ambitious too. but sometimes virgo when you face oppisition it makes you feel like running the other way. you do not like confrontation. you would rather set another goal than to face what you feel will surely be awkward or difficult. but there is something you want now that is worth fighting for. stand up to the opposition and take what is yours.'

jonathan drouin, march 28, aries (SAME BIRTHDAY AS KEITH TKACHUK AND MY DAD, THEO SCHULZ) 'grow old along with me! the best is yet to be...' that line is part of a poem written by the english poet robert browning during the victorian age. it is very hopeful. but in reality we don't know what the future will hold. that's why the balance of this poem asks the reader to 'trust god'. but whatever your beliefs, having faith that everything will be good or even better than it has been is never a bad idea. as you look forward to change in your life aries heed these words.

aleksander barkov, september 2, virgo also (see above)

i wonder if barkov and mackinnon will celebrate their birthdays together one day.

colorado first pick......joe sakic is still a babe. what are they chanting. nathan mckinnon number one!!!! they haven't made the playoffs in three years. they were chanting 'crosbys better' and vanessa loves the avs. i don't think the three of us have ever watched an avs game. 'i always think of the avs and st james punks and propagandhi. they've also legalized marijuana, there are lots of reasons to love colorado.' he is only 17! sakic refers to him as 'a difference maker'

florida with number two - missed the playoffs for 11 times. shouldn't have a team. they took barkov! woah. first european. 'this pic will be questioned for a few years. seth jones doesn't look happy but why not - he doesn't have to play for the florida panthers. interesting that the virgo's go first.

so this really makes things interesting.

tampa bay. steve y, another huge babe. took jonathan drouin, that was their plan. 'a human highlight wheel'. in halifax he played with number 27. how do they know he wants number 13?

aw poor seth jones. stuck in nashville? i wonder if they have a jersey ready for him and what happens to the barkov predators jersey, is someone wearing that in a foriegn country with the bruins stanley cup hat. seth jones to nashville it is. he looks very unhappy. he wanted to go to florida. he is very cute. the number 13 is for the draft we figured out, their number is still unknown. chip on your shoulder to the other teams? 'oh for sure!'. so seth vs the avalanche, panthers and lightning.

here come the hurricaines with the fifth pick. too bad there are no staal bros in the draft. they picked  elias lindholm, he is so so so cute. what great hair. 'his dad look like bruce willis!!'

flames pick monahan, seems like a good fit, nice kid. oilers pick nurse - first defence in ages. he is good looking too. his dad richard nurse was a cfl player! aw he is so happy to be an oiler. the oilers are obvs the team to watch in the future. looking forward to it. sign of teppo nummenin 'he is probably by a lake somewhere' 'getting ready to celebrate his birthday....happy pre bday to teppo and teemu. rasmus, what a fantastic name, reminds me of my cat erasmus. best name so far for sure. his bday is october 27th. not july 3rd. tsn mentions teppo as his potential 'good mentor', rebecca claps her hands. 'that was worth watching this draft, i don't have to watch it anymore'.

a trade happened between players we've never heard about.

the devils are the up next........wait what, new jersey gets schnider. big move. vanessa 'vancouver doesn't know what the fuck they are doing' -the buyout $ wasn't there for luongo. i don't want to see max domi on the canucks....let's see. pick coming up. Selected Bo Horvat, 'a can't miss pick' we think he kind of has a bit of a canucks vibe already in his step.

very interesting. dallas is up. mike modano, i actually hate the stars org. they selected an intriguing russian valeri. vanessa 'i wish someone would just squash gary bettman' 'the different green ties look so gross' 

flyers sam morin. / greg just returned 'good for cory, he's come a long way' - on the trade.

next pick, seattle. 'if phoenix takes tie domi's son i am going to lose it.' 'he's just like his dad' 's when he finished hockey he will promote telephone providers?' - greg.....

ok here is the PC pick coming up......they got max domi oh well. he is a diabetic.

jets pick next. josh morrisey who was ranked 28th? he is a defensman. interestingly his birthday is also march 28th, same day as keith tkachuk, my dad and drouin. we wonder if they are loading up on defenceman so they are getting rid of byfuglien?

gsp text 'i hope josh morrisey's mom is moving here. i didn't notice a dad in the picture.'

next columbus.

ok we've missed a couple as we were outside but buffalo just picked another defenceman.

senators up next. seth jones has also tweeted that he is happy. so did darnell. senators pic lazar but another trade is coming up lazar hockey 'it's fun'

san jose got mirco mueller it must have been who they really wanted. mirco is also a great name.

kerby rychel looks kinda like gsp. his father was also in the nhl.

now wings pick. they took anthony mantha. the only 50 goal scorer in the draft! and his sister or gilfriend he is with is wearing red and while. becca 'i wonder if she knew ahead of time'

leafs up. frederick gauthier, rebecca 'he looks awkward'. well maybe he is angry going to the leafs because he is from quebec.

calgary picks a #27.....

washington andre borokovsky, interesting. 'when ever the caps are in doubt they take sweedes''

canucks pick a guy named hunter. becca thinks they need an overall like goodbye sedins. 'there powers only work when they are together.' 'they don't play well with others' 'daniel played amazing when henrick was out.' 'i used to love the sedins'

we did a big tangent trying to research how the canucks got the second and third pick in that year and can't figure it out. montreal picked mike mcaon. 61 picks to go for montreal. most penalty minutes in the draft. 'oh ya you know' he says on bringing an edge to montreal very interesting. also he is an american.

vanessa 'this reminds me of the hunger games.'

no goalies yet.

on the ducks 'that logo looks like it would be better used for an airline'

luongo is still in shock he doesn't want to do any interviews apparently. we still all thought he would get along really well with tortorella.

dano is wearing leather pants and is from bratislava!

apparently free agent frenzy is on friday. still a chance for ron hainsey. rebecca and i like the mckinnon juice best, vanessa likes the jones juice. calgary picked klimchuk.

two more picks in the first round.  stars select jason jickenson, no photo.

ya we all hope chicago chooses a goalie. they hose ryan hartman 'looks a little bit like justin trudeau, and he walks properly' - greg.

first round over, have a wonderful day everyone. welcome to winnipeg morrisey. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

game six!

hi from the third period, inspired by fran 'why aren' you blogging?" at ruby, ness in a bruins shirt, kenny g and becca in brand new blackhawks shirts, jil (new fan) and the wink parents
game is tied 1-1
we also kind of want boston to win so we can watch game seven on beccas bday with karla and megan. jil just got some more wine.
boston miss goal and we are all sort of sad.
talking about ridiculous names.

not so funny.

bickells parents are the new malkins parents.

this will go to overtime, we think.

what jokes do we know, the game is starting wih fran doing a yiddish knock knock hnic related joke. comment if you know it.

jil wants to learn yiddish.

winkworth family opens windows and jill asks who in the room is jewish.

ten minutes left!


discussion of leslie hughes and greg is putting out fruit salad. amazing dinner btw.

very nice media angle tonight with j winz as our guest.

any thoughts on justin trudeau: 'no pierre' 'no tommy douglas' 'don't trust him' 'babe'

'i'd love kid rock for prime minister'

fran, 'i don't mind justin'

discussion of bob rae. eight and a half left.

jill announcement that she is going into politics and BOSTON SCORES!!! LUCIC. MILAN WE ARE IN TO THAT, VANESSA HAS A BUMPER STICKER.


the fruit salad is out, and cookies, :)

jill now brings the convo to mark stobbe, less than seven mins left. greg 'boston is going to win!'

greg doing donald duck impressions and jill being enouraged to eat all the baking we do have a replica stanley cup in chocolate 'we aren't going to need that til wednesday' and we have champagne chilling. WE CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU MEGAN AND KARLA.

chic on the power play,. chris kelly, warm it up. four minutes. jill anounces she doesn't like light 'nothing in this house offends me'

i have crazy hiccups and jill is hilarious. 'all chara has to do is touch people and they fall over'

fran not scared of clowns.

despite never owning the video game duckhunt vanessa has embraced violence and become a bruins fan.

time left: three thirty eight

vanessa shouts out 'so exciting' game seven already announced to start at 6:30. M AND K ARRIVE AT FOUR.

it's also good if they win it at home? who doesn't love a game seven, i stil have hiccups.

greg says whats up to cam neely.

why haven't they shown keith tkachuk in the crowd?

two mins left.




ness 'this game cannot go into overtime'

jil 'we need a lot of fruit salad'

chic scores again!!!!!!

jil 'is this third period'

don't say good luck bruins they can do it.



Saturday, June 22, 2013

Game 5 - Hockey in the Country

Ok guys.

It's game 5, Boston @ Chicago. We (Tracey, Nesse and me - Reb) are in St Anne visiting the Funk homestead (Reuben, Jen, Lois, Darcy, Smoko). 


We're a little late but the game seems exciting, fast-paced. Just like a 5th game should be.

Jen Funk just made burgers by herself for the first time. Jubilation! We brought buns from Delucas. And chips. There are so many chips.

The burgers are amazing. Mushrooms and carrots and onions. Oh my!

Kaner with the first goal of the game! 1:0 Chicago with 2 minutes left in the game.

The neighbour's dog is taunting Smoko across the street. "He's the new kid on the block".

The name of the Funk property might be "Simplify".

The name of the Funk truck is definitely "Edna". Discussion of women's names and whether they imply how good they can bake.

End of first period.

"I don't like Chara" - Jen. "I just think he's a bit 'slashy'".

"How can you not be slashy with an extra 4 inches of stick". - Darcy.

Second period fashion change. Jen is now wearing overalls.

How old is Don Cherry? 79. Born in 1934.

Tortellini is interviewing his pants off in Vancouver. "It's musical chairs with coaches" - Reuben.

Kane's mullet, once again, raises concerns. Talking about rat tails, skullet, or the Kerry Krishna. Most of the people who have skullets prefer black clothing.

Jen might be rocking a rat tail.

Who has tried honey whiskey before? We are drinking beer and cider. It's about 24 degrees outside and the birds are singing and fuck the weather man and his rainy forecast.

Second period fanfare!!!

Double penalty (Handzus and Horton) and it's 4 on 4 hockey.

Strippers are never free. They always take a little piece of your soul.

Will Kane get the hat trick tonight. hmmmmm. Vanessa emphatically says no. There's been a bit of a battle between the sisters tonight. I'm hopin in ends in either a foot race or some leg wrestling.

Vanessa is disappointed she doesn't have a change of clothing. Maybe she'll wear her pants as a shirt and her shirt as pants. We are now being regaled with stories of her shopping escapades when she was a raver for 2 months in grade 9.

Kane and Sharp seem to be speeded around the ice and Crawford appears to have his groove back.

OH and I don't need a twitter account #JenFunkneedstwitteraintgonnahappen

Speaking of wearing your pants inappropriately there's a little Kriss Kross.

Vanessa would like everyone to play like Marchand. But he's always pushing really hard and then he spins around and notices that the rest of his team are not there. And invariably falls down.

Wondering if one can use invariably whilst blogging about hockey.

Oh dear. We've started humming Inspector Gadget but inserting the name Tuukka Rask in sections.

Can we tell Jagr that he should stop dying his mutton chops. And that Vanessa painted a nail for him.

"Any team can win a Game 7" Vanessa.  "write that down!" Funk66.

If this series goes to seven games it will land on Becca's birthday. "we need a restaurant with TVs" "we better just order in."

Jen informs us of the ginger cure for hangovers and/or stomach flu...remember that one. "miracle root"- Reb.

Trending tonight, Corey Crawford Gloveside...did they just say trending?

Ruben has left us for the indoor screen. "Ruben's great!" everyone agrees. More honourable mentions.

Bruins really need to pick it up!! Everyone else is cheering for the Hawks except me (Vanessa).
So many rebounds but no goals.

GOOAAL!! Chara scores with the hard shot off the mark, Lucic assist, hoya. Here we are in the 3rd period and we've got a game...Crawford's Gloveside #trending?

Talking about the Winnipeg Jets. The fans deserve a better team, no? yes. maybe they just created false expectations at the end there? "that's so Winnipeg"

Rebecca would like Danny Briere to come here. There's great schools and childcare and family lawyers.

Munching on DeLuca's hazelnut wafers. Easily the most critical store in all of Wolseley.

Bergeron is on the way to the hospital for an 'upper body injury'. Bad news for Boston..."just keep calm and Bergeron".

Marchand might be a pest but he's also not afraid to take the beat down. "I love how everyone always beats up Marchand right at the bench when no one's watching" Funk66.

8:35 left in the 3rd.

Rebecca begins to make bird calls and other nervoustime noises...even she knows that the Bruins still have a chance.

Funk66 made sourcream cookies and let me tell you, they are delicious.

Chara and Lucic just about scored that same goal again. Topic of discussion: Chara's neck. 'the shaft'. 'look at that neck!'

The Hawks have special Go-Go Juice energy drink.  yes you do Honey boo boo child.

Empty net Boston. 40 seconds left. Nervoustime!

Empty netter for the Hawks.

"Sorry Vanessa" Darcy chimes from inside the RV.  Rebecca and Jen give their condolences.

5 out of 6 happy hockey fans, not bad.

"Look at the moon!" Happy supermoon everybody.

Love, Nervoustime xo

Monday, May 27, 2013

game six detroit chicago

rare baldwin apt liveblog, residents include myself kendra and neighbours sally and tyler who you readers may recall we ran into on the street a couple entires ago and that they are both cheering for the blackhawks because sally has then in a pool and tyler chooses based on the city he likes better.

sally and tyler are eating falafel i earlier ate a large sorrentos salad which was amazing but seriously large and i gave the rest to my brother and killa cam.

the blackhawks are also the team sally's dad is going for and we are drinking old wine and it's only okay. tyler 'i'm not sure what it tasted like before but i'll take it'

on the san jose la, tyler is going for la. i am going for san jose.

1-1 end of the first. none of  us know who scored because we just turned it on. tyler is finding out on his phone. marian hossa scored for chicago ....and p. eaves ? none of us know who he is. sally just remembered johnny oduya was a blackhawk and was like 'heyyyyyyyy'

not many detroit players familiar to the group. zetterberg. i've learned the goalie. this series is teaching me more about the redwings that i ever needed to know - i just found out the octupus on sat. maybe someone did it the first game. tyler' it seems grosss' me 'i think vegans should not cheer for the redwings.' tyler 'it's a waste of octupus you can't sell it when you've thrown it on the ice'

i actually went to burger king the other day and the yam fries were awful. tyler 'the movement of yam fries from a side dish to fast food is kind of disapointing'\

do people think yam fries are better\? i don't. tyler 'the moment people start putting kale on their burgers i will know the change has happened'

kyle quincy reminds sally of gsp. even the way he talks. WE MISS YOU GRAHAM SMITH-PELOQUIN.

sally asked if i had heard from gsp lately and i remembered the last penguins game i simply got a text saying 'malkins parents!'

second period underway. tyler also comments another reason to cheer for the blackhaws is the closest proximity to hear. he is still learning to detroit. he also thinks jarome igninla deserves to win a cup. boston, sally simply says 'no'.

woah sally 'pretty much any team that goes against boston i will cheer for'

i don't want boston to win and turn it into an american government thing.

chic power play and i'm already missing the power play of sat night.
tyler notes not seeing teams that play so differently at home and away than chic and detroit. but another detroit penalty, roughriders style, too many men on the ice. that ref is because tyler is also from sask and is a roughriders fan.
lets go blakhawks.

nothing happened.

i spoke with rich pollock from illegal curve today who told me he thinks this game is going into overtime.

although you can't see it - tyler is wearing a great shirt. striped with the greatest colours, grey, yellow, maroon, white. wide stripes as well.

tyler has seen all of the arrested developments 'it took 8.5 hours but it was worth it.' - sally has seen a few, half of it. i've seen none of it, waiting for my family.

spoiler alert\; STEVE HOLT

as we were talking about game of thrones detroit scores, anderson. 'not even an interesting name for a hockey player. as a friend it's a great last name' - shout out to randi and aynsley. now thinking of all the andersons we think are awesome. and andrews' - archie andrews.  the first guy tyler ever knew who's parents had a computer was named anderson 'he had a lot of leggo'

'i'm really not that upset about people with the last name anderson i just didn't like that goal'

detroit fans chanting crawford, not cool. that's a winnipeg thing and save it for miller.

everytime anderson's name is mentioned now we realize he is our least fave wing. sally just got a text with a breakfast club video.

it seems like all detroit since that last goal. another penalty though for the wings. here is where it will turn around.

very interesting movie upcoming 'the purge'

tyler is against crystal lite 'i don't like when a company tries to tell you to be unique by buying thier product and squirting powder into water is super lame'

no penalty actually. 'only the second, they have got to endure right now'

now penalty to chicago.  pretty good luck no goal and second period is over.

It's Sally here.  We are trying a trial run kitty visit with Kendra's cat Fluery.  According to Tyler (spoiler alert) If this goes well our little cat Freya may be looking at a new little bro or sister cat soon.... 2nd period break..  also cig break for kendra.  

Visit not so good.....  Almost broke into a cat fight (literally)

yeah didn't go so well. fluery also i don't think will be getting a new brother or sister soon.

'remember this moment next time we are at the humane society and there are cute kittens'

and blackhawks score!!!! also cute new japanese toronto blue jay.

another chicago goal and they are ahead. bickell is my fave blackhawk. i told that to uncle waldamar on sat.

i dont want this game to go into overtime.

penalty shot. goal! first highfive of the night!!! this is a little more of a low key crowd than arlignton.

discussion about how the game is all in your head. sally taught a yoga class today!

second period looked like detroit was 'going to close it out' = proof that anything can change in a moment. detroit is trying trying datsyuk of course we know.

freya seems to be doing ok.

now it's just the waiting game.

and another detroit penalty.

there is really nothing better than a game seven is there? it's like a clean slate for everyone. i would like to start living more of my life as if it is a game seven. i bet there would be a lot more risk and with that often come benefits even if they happen to be learning experiences.

the classic 'ref you suck' chant and you know this game is over. sally 'when i think of detroit i don't think classy' - she obviously didn't read our last post where we talked about the class of detroit. now another penalty, hossa. 'all the stars off the ice'

hossa is one of my faves!

and the wings score. NERVOUSTIME!!!

tyler 'this is the danger zone'

tyler calls out blackhawks number 7 ' he thought the game was over too. it's ok for me to think the game is over because i'm not playing.'

sally and tyler still discussing the geographical proximilty of detroit and chic to us and tyler comments about the racist mascot of the blackhawk as opposed to the all inclusive wing.

less than a min left litterally typing while watching......howard back in the net.

30 seconds left empty net miss icing twenty seconds left, tyler 'its the worst case scenerio.' - he blames oduya........another icing.

i would keep icing. 16 seconds left.

and it's done. game seven up next!!!!

thanks sally and tyler for having me over

final thoughts sally - i wish our kane was as nice as the one on the blackhawks / tyler 'that was awesome, i like game sevens'

peace out from preston ave!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

wings v hawks, game four.

playoffs hawks wings we lost our post from the first period all i can say is there was a lot in it about teen wolf and the resemblance of patrick kane to teen wolf.

second period, still no score. quesionable non call just occured detroit on the power play, chicago is playing well. we are a room divided, vanessa and greg for the wings, becca and i (kendra) for the blackhawks. we are actually sitting this way as well, by our alies.

bailey, the winkworth family dog, rules and there will be another penalty to chicago. toews is screaming. mr w 'he is supposed to be the captain' ness ' still a young capatain'

i love any commercial that has ashton kutcher in it. rebecca 'gross'

that was not a penalty says any of us. 'save your emotion for he ice not the penalty box' - mr wink

a lot of empty seats in detroit.

GOAL detroit.

another penalty to chicago. they hate jonathan toews

pj stock is going to be upset if JT beats his penalty minutes to goals record

please calm down

seabrook is the best.

greg notes the commentators are pro chicago

the rangers win. what a goal.

greg loves tortorella. becca 'love to hate'

eating ice cream, third period. greg wants us to know he has never opened a pdf. almost time for a chicago goal.

discussion of the redwings motto 'believe' and vladamir konstininov, really a touching story. greg 'the redwings have always been a class organization' / they still have his locker set up for him and it has a rock that says 'believe' - i have a rock like that too!



i really hope chicago scores though! vanessa 'no one needs that' i actually need that. vanessa 'you only think you need it'

woah howard is really good

discussion of the royal albert. 'there is a mole in the restaurant right now. the bikini girl thing is a trick to get bad publicity. no more shows until the cancer is out'

goaltender interferance power play chicago, thank god.

i'm glad i went to the albert before this all happened. vanessa 'it felt good o be there'

'it's like when a little thing becomes everything'

vanessa is cheering. empty net. whatever, vanessa says 'i want a patch that says i believe in russian'

it's back to chicago.