Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hockey night in Ste Anne: family version, Jets @ Ottawa

Nervoustime family dinner with the Funks and Winkworths (and Eric) at the Ste Anne homestead.
Reuben and Lois will be heading south on Monday and have discovered that they will be following a cold front all the way down to Texas. I (their daughter) does not feel very sorry for them. But I do hope they get to the warmth soon.

We're about to enjoy some beef stirfry and later tonight there'll be Maple Pumpkin Pie!! We grew that pumpkin!!
Hey pumpkin. We're about to eat you.
Late start to blogging. We are over half way through and hoping the Jets will keep pushing and score a goal soon.

Enjoying the game with some ice cold lemonade for NoDrinksvember. Did NOT have a SoberTober by any means. All St Anne and no beer make Eric...pretty good...I like it here.

First we were shocked that Toby shot the puck, a few more minutes and Toby shoots again and scores.

Apparently Anderson has been having a pretty good last few games.

Reb typing now. Dinner was delicious!

"Like the best love/hate relationship,without the love. a match made in heaven, without the heaven ."

Okay let's talk about Kane. Scoring goals, winning fights, still an asshole. I'm not going to throw away my bootleg jersey quite yet. "I like that he's scoring goals but I don't like him as a person." Interrupted for Smoko cuddles.

Smoko likes to go for daily walks. She prefers neighbourhoods with trees so it's not so blustery. Jen is talking about buying a Winnie the Pooh song on iTunes.


Those ice wine tongs looks suspicious. Frolik's been so close to scoring the last few games. Has he even scored this year yet? Yes, yes he has. One goal. Three assists. But really, Frolik is better than that.

I'm hypnotizing Smoko like farmers and their chickens. Argument over whether Dumb and Dumber is a "classic".

Reuben is sleeping. Maybe I'm hypnotizing everybody. Jen put her jersey on hoping to shift the energy in the room and on the ice. Somebody's gotta score.

Jets power play but Anderson is having none of it.

"I'm still drinking this beer and it's delicious" - J Funk. It's only a Radler by the way. Nearly beer. That was a shit power play.


The internet has decided to get a little bit sketchy now.  Nobody likes the word "buffering" Maybe we should start using it somehow in reference to Byfuglien. Some people call him Buffy.

J Funk: I shouldn't say anything in order not to jinx it but the internet is once again working and so is Pavelec. #lacesout.

I'd like to see a little more production from Scheifele. Let's see him score the next one.

Please don't put advertising on the jersey's. We don't mind reebok since they actually make the jersey's. But if they put their brands on the jersey's will they be cheaper. As though they are subsidized.

Just over 4 minutes left and this is serious nervoustime. Penalty killed. Go Jets Go!!! Just spotted the Jets suits hiding behind the bench!! at 2:10 remaining.

Bring back Stompin' Tom in the third period! None of us have heard it in a while and it's kinda Canada's third national anthem.

There it is!!!! Stompin' Tom taking us into overtime.

Overtime. Jets need to score now.

The buffering stream is making this room incredibly dramatic. We all just held our breath for 17 seconds. Pavs with all the saves.

Nobody is scoring. and so we're going to a shootout.

Zabanejad up first: NO.
Wheels: no.
Karlsson: NOPE-ITY NOPE.
Little: no luck.
Turris: NO.
KANE: nada

Next round.
Pecalec: no
Ladd: no
Legwand: nope
Scheifele: no
A player I don't know: no
Perreault:WIN! SCORES THE WINNING GOAL! "Nice and easy"

2:1 Jets you guys!
Love, Nervoustime

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