Saturday, November 18, 2017

jets and devils - live from the west end

hey - this is our first blog of the season. we are at eric and trevors and present are them, myself Kendra, Vanessa, jen funk [now on Instagram], trace and gene, noah. Rebecca, matt and new nervoustime member baby Charlie are on the way. The snack spread we have looks delicious many of us are doing new eating themes and so it all looks like healthy also.

Some things discussed so far are there is an Austrialian player in the league now. His name is Nathan Walker and he's playing for the Capitals. and my fave player lovejoy [who I like for the name alone] is on the devils. There are ricotta cookies which I am going to try one.

Jen Funk has a cold so she is not allowed to hold the baby today. Great Spread for the potluck. So much food.

End of first period. No score. Second period.  Jen: 'dancing in the corner... dancing in the corner....2 minutes for hugging....'  All coats down.  Enstrom down. All Bratts fault.  Trevor and eric now need to add 'new coat hooks' to their to do list.  Jets scored!  Kyle Conner.

Best quote so far: 'don't decide on whether or not to send dink pics based on what your mom says'.  And that was not the reason noah exceeded his data plan in 5 days.  Goal 2 Ehlers.  Apparently the Devil's shot that hit the cross bar went in the net.  2-1.

Trouba added a 3rd.  He has one heck of a wrist shot.  And minutes later, another jets goal.  4-1.  It's a new team in town.

now it's 5-1  discussion of star wars. many of us have also heard good things about the tv show fargo. Kendra loves the new taylor swift album

what a team though, these jets are - we went through the four losses, Toronto, Columbus, Edmonton and vegas. what a dream that we can remember them. noah had mentioned his luck of being at the game before claude noel was fired and then another game where the leafs fired their coach the next day.

vanessa voted this the best nervoustime spread we have ever had - oh yeah so those fruit trays with dip, we wondered if anyone has ever seen the dip go, most of us just eat the fruit.

I would like to do a quick plug for the Bruce oake treatment center and how there is a petition to have it go in st james that I think is a good idea.

also hello to my neighbor joe who is at the game.

jen is reading all books on her shelves before borrowing a book from anyone, I have thought of that as well.

jen ' I think if the rapture happened noah and I would be left'

nj goal 5-2, from the crease

darcy not hear but his 'what is the crease for' comment is raised and one of the dogs started growling.

the only person in the room who doesn't have Instagram is gene. you can see our pic of Charlie on Rebecca's account.

Rebecca 'I called it. Twitter is dead'

none of us really use twitter. but Rebecca gets emails when I like something on twitter. I go on twitter once a week and like everything Dave Cain tweeted and apparently Rebecca is notified by email.

Charlie the nervoustime baby has pooed every day for three days, 'that's blog worthy'.

we would like the ricotta cookie recipe, eric.

2 minutes left in the 3rd. Do the Devils know they will be in the Santa Clause parade later? Hockey superstition: If you touch the Stanley Cup, you will never win it.  Jen has taken a photo of herself with the cup-keeper; this pic is not on twitter.

Jets win.  Go Jets go!  Discussion of Snow vs. the hip.  There's more than one Snow song??

We really all loved the snow song 'everybody wants to be like you' and i listened to on the way home

Love nervoustime

Sunday, June 11, 2017

playoff update

Hello, this is Kendra just doing a quick blog post to say I was going to watch game six today but I decided to go for a walk outside. I just spoke with my neighbour who thinks Pittsburgh will win tonight with the right bounce or a little luck, I think Nashville will win tonight and don't mind if either wins, for Nashville we love PK Subban and of course for Pittsburgh there is Crosby and nervoustime faves Malkin and who doesn't want to see Ron Hainsey win a Stanley cup.

But really I haven't watched a single playoff game (I spent some playoff time in Myanmar, here is one photo below) and this post is just a reminder to go outside and to let everyone know the nervoustime crew will be back next year hopefully with more to say.

Beauty on, xo