Friday, June 13, 2014

stanley cup final, game five

hey from ruby 1-0 kings, rangers on the power play, justin williams with the goal. vanessa painting her nails, wedding tomorrow. we are all cheering for new york, megan' 'l.a.'s the worst'.

greg notes rumours that we may get richards. nothing much on the power play. we are turning on a light. the rangers are trying 'why are they so afraid to backhand'

saw a commercial for tammy, i wonder where the guy is from.....he is the midwife from mindy project. oh yeah, we have had this discussion about who 67 is for the rangers, right...also i can't seem to find the question mark key on this laptop, apologies to any puncuation enthusiasts who happen to read this blog.

rangers pushing through and helping lundqvist out but not scoring, three mins left in the period.

greg says he was out of his crease and there shouldn't have been a penalty and one of my fave rangers, benoit pouliout in the box.

la power play. i still thought gaborik was a ranger. muzzin always sounds like a nickname. drew doughty on the way to the box which is my favorite place to see him. greg 'coaches don't like that. you have a power play and get a penalty'.

'if you told me 20 years ago the stanley cup was going to los angeles i wouldn't have believed it. they don't play hockey in california'

ramgers power play now, only 1-18 in the series and it looks like the period is done.

movie commercial comes on, shoutout to the globe cinema. it's been so great to see movies over the years. vanessa is not getting nail polish on the rug. 

we missed coaches corner. greg 'it wasn't that good.' we also ordered pizza. megan switched to water. so responsible.

i always forget how refreshing salsa is.

apparently megan and karla's new place is where the girl who's wedding becca and ness are going to tomorrow used to live, full circle.

'every time they say kevin kline i think of a fish called wanda'

confidence, the word of the day for lundqvist. 'i think lundqvist is a very confident guy'.

maybe staal and mike richards grew up together.

still think thunder bay should join manitoba and apparently jonathan toews is back in town. oh 67 is pouliot.

im not a fan of late hits. 'that was a defensive breakdown'

greg had a mcdonalds milkshake today 'i don't know how that came about'.

they actually have a poster of drew doughty at my mcdonalds on henderson i have gotten coffee there a couple times this week. it's cheap cheap coffee and quite good. 'if you pounded on the glass like that in winnipeg you would be out'

ten mins left in this period and still 1-0 who is going to score next, megan, ness and i all think st. louis, greg agrees. but then says for the kings if someone scores is doughty. vanesssa doesn't believe you can pick two, greg starts talking about don cherry, vanessa 'your first choice was st. louis, if it was a game show, your first choice would be your final answer.'. megan 'that's good life advice' \hockey love analogy\; your first choice.

there was a chance. pizza is here!

first time i have heard someone mention rick nash this game.


la power play to end the second. none of us believed it was a penalty. 'look at what they didn't call.' the pizza was great and the rangers scored again! shorthanded!!! now greg can go to sleep happy. boyle

i kind of think all the rangers look the same, 'its amazing what a beard will do for you' 'i got to watch the 24/7 on them so i feel much closer to the rangers'

second over 2-1 rangers.

greg asked who is going to win this game, megan 'definitely new york. la can't win, they are too horrible'. ness points out that alain vignault deserves to win a stanley cup and i am again apologizing for the spelling. 

greg is staying up for the game but 'not for the overtime' - hopefully there is no overtime.

'these guys are getting as whiny as soccer players. did you see that guy from mexico. he acted like he was dying but when you see the replay that wasn't the case.'

there is such a thing as ethics. but if you bite down hard you can draw blood and it's three extra minutes. i think that happens. people do anything to win\\

desparation. like right now. you are at home and you have a chance to win 'that's why la is the worst. they dont deserve to win'

we are all excited for seven am sleep ins tomorrow. that kings rush was crazy

penalty coming. oh no gaborick scored and the game is tied. ness 'don't celebrate too much'. i hate him. from the minnesota northstars when he played for them against vancouver i have hated him ever since. so much that i won't even wikipedia search the correct spelling of his last name although i know he is slovakian and a guy i met in bratislava really loves him and i don't condone that.

but seriously? greg wants to be in the penalty box with the players. megan tells the story of how their friend alex non hockey fan didn't even know the penalty box was real and was surprised to see it for the first time.

greg - where is robert de niro.

it should have been anaheim so we could be wondering where snoop dogg is, edit\; snoop lion.

where are the la kings fans who watched any games during the regular season. 'also true'

haglien has great hair tho. 'skating in desparation'

i am just glad i am not an la kings fan.

'i bet that couple in the crowd didn't watch hockey four years ago'

megan 'me and karla didn't either....'

megan and karla got into hockey together in 2011, megan 'i was unemployed. it was something karla really wanted to do.' i , karla's sister have been watching hockey with her since the early 90s. she was born in 85. i remember watching late night hockey night in canada when we lived in new brunswick, it was the best way to be allowed to stay up late.

we all want to go to sleep. please no overtime. when regular time is over we turn it off and wait until tomorrow, asks greg, 'lets have a pact'

four minutes left. discussion of a chemical in bread and yoga mats. 'it lasts forever' this is a perfect time for a st louis goal tho. right.

three mins left. next game is monday. fathers day is off. happy fathers day to nervoustime dads greg winkworth and jp smith peloquin! we love you two!!!!! and clancy mcdonald, kings fan yet loved by us all. 'clancy has many redeeming qualities his taste in hockey teams is not one of them' and that was almost a goal.....vanessa 'i really want the rangers to score instead of the kings'.

the thing with overtime is it could be a minute or three hours. we will leave this up to you fans to figure it out. love, nervoustme.....xoxo

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