Saturday, April 19, 2014

easter eve.

happy easter from nervoustime. we are watching colorado and only now remembered to blog. earlier caught the end of the pittsburgh game and columbus won, that series is now 1-1. this game is 2-1 one goal from mackinnon, one from landeskog. those two are my faves! becca is rooting for pomminville in this game, surprisingly most of all to her. gatorade commercial comes on and auguste comments 'isn't that bad for you?"

discussion of tomorrow's easter plans, there is a flyers game at 11, we are thinking of watching redwings / boston at two. rebecca feels compassion for eastern european catholic players 'isn't easter more religious than easter.' while typing this i missed her gatorade / love analogy, which is 'just because something is unhealthy for you doesn't mean it doesn't feel good at the time.' true story.

we're planning to go to hamam. auguste is going to the fort garry brunch in the morning!

mackinnon! 'putting on a show for the ages'. so mackinnon has three points in this game and landeskog scored again. happy to have these two on my fantasy hockey team.

we'd like to give a shoutout to the nelson leafs of nelson bc.

bryz looks sad.

rebecca 'you play your star goalie right away just like they did with luongo - it gives them confidence'.

the snacks tonight are delicious. that matza brittle i missed last game when i went to sleep (awesome sleep, btw) and a sort of breaded marshmellow. becca doesn't get the fade out music on tsn tonight 'WHO WAS THAT, WHAT WAS THAT?'

malone in a fight and becca wonders if the other guy razzed him about his bro's recent mishaps to which auguste responds 'you guys know so much how do you keep it straight.'

one min left in the second. rebecca asked if hainsey has had his twins, so far i think not, i do a twitter search for the word 'hainsey' on a daily basis and because of that i know that @hainsey_17 's parents are going on a date tonight!

did patrick roy get a haircut? his hair looks fantastic tho. ness has varlomov. as to patrick roy, becca 'i bet he doesn't smoke any weed. he would be the least chilled out stoner if he did'

2nd period over. i am heading to bed but becca may continue. happy easter, love nervoustime

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