Saturday, November 30, 2013

Blind-Sided: Hockey Late Night on Arlington

Late night updates courtesy of Nervoustime Kendra & Becca. We're watching Game Centre Anaheim @ San Jose. Just got back from a party. We drew each other without looking at the paper. Why did I put on liquid eye-liner if the guy I have a crush on didn't show up?

Kendra has a Sharks shirt at home and wishes she was wearing it right now. We're slightly buzzed and not agreeing to any trades tonight.

We're currently up by 7 points in Fantasy Hockey but if anyone can come up from behind with 7 points it's Tomas Hurtl. Thank you to the following for awarding us so many fantasy hockey points this week: Marleau, Subban, Koivu (obvs), Mason Raymond. Kendra's Dad said Raymond would get us 20 points this year - he's already achieved this. Two thing Kendra's Dad is always wrong about: NHL stats; and relying on the Bible to form his opinions on sexual orientation.

Shout out to Steve, who is our fantasy opponent next week. No, we will not trade you Josh Harding. We will not be trading Josh Harding to anyone actually. So back off, HowsMyAssTaste.

If you were dating someone who promised to take you to a Jets game, but you've stopped talking (with the exception of trade requests), should he still take you? And, perhaps more importantly, should you even consider doing fantasy hockey trades with said individual?

It's 3:2 San Jose. 7:10 left in the 3rd. Happy to have witnessed Alex Grant's 1st NHL goal ever. He's been playing for 6 years. Now they're saying it was his first NHL "shot". Just like Hainsey! Horoscope pending: Capricorn. "If you came to a choice or a decision wisely and you felt good about it, there's no reason to start questioning it now".

"Take the shot" - our hockey/relationship analogy of the night. "Just like Wayne Gretzky - 'You miss 100% of the shots you don't take'". Ben LOVEJOY (what a name) ties it up and it's 3:3.

kendra now on, logal couture on the ice, when i was in san jose he was who i thought was the cutest shark. imagine if hertl scored six more? well....we are so happy we won at fantasy hockey, last year i only won once, with becca and ness we will after tonight have four wins.
three mins left in the game. i think thornton is also cute and he looks like he's been tanning and it's a tie game!!!!!

rebecca just sent me a tweet evem though i am sitting beside her and we are eating cookies! shout out to nathaniel and julien the twin babies i am hanging out tomorrow who are my fave twins since the sedins. also shoutout to donovan, guy we met at a party who was like 'oh i know a hippy, like the best hippy....he lives on ruby and....and..." becca responds that's her father!

i am actually wearing a sweater from american eagle, i love it. almost one min left......

overtime is like hockey's way of telling you to have another cookie. time out anaheim. so ya this game looks like it is totally going into overtime becca 'who's got niemi?' i don't remember.....

and overtime!!!!!

It took 15 minutes to apply this eye liner.  We're into the 2nd bottle of red.

Penalties in overtime is unnacceptable. Perry in the box. I call him "Joe-nas" (as in, not 'Yo-nas') - Kendra. 'When has this broadcaster ever gone outside to play hockey'?

Congratulations to the Riders on their recent Grey Cup win. This reminds us that we have a lot to catch up on: Rob Ford; NHL class action suit re: concussions; NHL selling out to Rogers (here's what Don has to say about it: "I didn't fall off a turnip truck").

Shoot out:
Couture: no.
Bonino (out guy!): Saved by Niemi.
Pavelslki (1 for 4): Scores! "A la Patrick Kane". Review of the goal.
Perry: And Niemi is not letting it in.
Boyle: No. "That's alright, Dan", Kendra.
Palmieri missed. The Sharks won. We won. Happy Saturday.

ooooh sharks win! just heading to light the menorah


Friday, November 15, 2013

friday night jets vs flyers: nervoustime unplugged

Not sure what's better: Jets winning; or seeing our Auntie fist bump the Jets Suits guy.
hey from arlington! special hello to the car who waved at us. discussion of taco bell as a gateway drug to weed. rebecca 'i don't want to go on record about drug use but i've never been to taco bell'

score is 2-1 flyers. i saw the media at city hall today and wondered if they were giving a key to the city to claude giroux, however, they are lighting the christmas tree. what's up rob ford???

thanks to my cousin kev for getting tickets to the hawks/jets game on thurs - two sets of nervoustime sisters will be in attendance, can't wait!

but let's get to the present, crowd seems to be torn over who to cheer for, everytime becca hears 'timonnen' she thinks half of teemu half of numminen.

apparently you can't bring peanuts to the mts centre and they just saw their cousins. the guy in the suits.

nice little and ladd friendship. i sort of want wheeler on our fantasy hockey team which is gearing up for it's third win of the year!!!

first period over.

our food is here! spicy noodle :)

We just want to say how horrified we all were watching that Chicago fan pour beer on Pardy's head. Who does that?! I pay $9.25 for my beer and I would never spill it on anyone's head. I'm a classy lady dontcha know. Rumor is they'll be handing out helmets to fans before the next Chicago/Jets game.

Sometimes Movember is just too much. It's still at the 'awkward' stage.

Shout out to the RivertonRifle!

We're extremely cautious about Fantasy League trades despite the Full Moon.

we have unplugged the computer - 'nervoustime unplugged' - second period, still 2-1. the food was so so good. and the leftovers!!!!

second period over.

apparently derek meech has circulatory issues - we love you derek, i still have to get my lake jersey, number seven! thank you to jen funk for the idea.

third period!!!! love to jokinen. mention how much he is loved by both winkworth sisters.

byfuglien has the most ice time of any jet.

i wanted to comment on my earlier one goal every three minutes as the most realistic / possible surge - the jets did it last friday while opening the game against nashville which i was at and it was amazing!

amazing work by the ladd little line now, and mason has a beautiful helmet.

alfredson a scratch for the wings tonight. becca 'if they win two they might sit him out, like selanne'

we are leading 20-17 in fantasy hockey.

discussion of carey prices' garth brooks goalie mask. the crowd is into this one!!!

bogosian's out with a lower body injury and thorburn is off to the penalty box, unrelated

haha becca 'it's five on one and frolik still has the puck' he is such a great player!

we want to hang out with him and pav.

becca thinks ladd is hurt

we have some parting words for tim burke: rebecca, 'it was never meant to be. and i say let's sell the bombers and lets get the jets to start a rugby or cricket team of some kind. and they can play at the investors group field. but they'd have to let you go in and out, because cricket games can go for days!'

six mins left!

now it's a power play!

BIG BUFF scored! I don't even care if Ziggy has him! TIE GAME! Jubi-fuckin-lation. Assist for Olli who is now 2 points from tying his previous season's points. Kane also got an assist. This is great news for Ziggy.

Vanessa might be sleeping.

Over 30 shots on goal for the Jets tonight.

Last Nashville game there was a chant "We want Six" (as in 6 goals), but got misinterpreted for "we want sex". Either chant is fine by me.

"The Jets always play faster when they play the Flyers" - Kendra.

Not only does he have the longest eyelashes on the team, Scheifele is also playing super duper tonight. The pace of this game has been incredible. Maybe it's the full moon?

We hope Tracy and Gene are looking at the moon in Thailand tonight.

48 seconds left. It looks like OVERTIME! AGAIN!

OT: lots of action. No goals, however.

In 5 years, Kendra predicts we could build a whole Fantasy Hockey League with the players named Braden and Mason.

We are going to another shootout and here's hoping the Jets can keep this streak alive!

"Laces out, ladies. Laces out." - Text we just received from Jen Funk.

Shootout predictions: Ladd, Olli and Byfuglien. Coburn, Hartnell, Schenn.

First up: Setoguchi: Snaps it IN! 3 for 3 in the Shootout for Devin.
Next up: Lacavalier stopped by Pavs.
Second Jet: Ladd: Waited too long and Andrew's streak ends tonight.
Next: Giroux: IT'S A TRICKLER. It's a goal for Philly.
Jet: Jokinen: Misses.
Next up: Read: Miss.
Jets: Wheelers: Backhand denied.
Schenn: Fires high and knicks the post.
Little: SCORES! 2 for 4 in the shootout. Beautiful shot. "A little goes a long way"


The best part of the game is that we just caught our Auntie fist bump on TV.

xoxo Nervoustime

Saturday, November 2, 2013

chicago vs winnipeg - win win

hello hockey fans. we are watching chicago winnipeg, one nothing for the jets, frolik navidad with the assist. beautiful day in winnipeg i even arrived with wet hair. other announcement the tall grass apple cider has arrived. this is becca ness and kendra. sadly missed are megan and karla - love you two. gsp is at the bomber game and will be texting updates.

so many penalties

discussion of halloween and how we are all to tired to go to a party at midnight. chicago goal and oduya was on the ice. noel rocking the poppy.

thank you to colin sharples for sending us the most creative trade request of the year on in our fantasy hockey league.

  • Conversation started Thursday
  • Colin Sharples
    Colin Sharples
    Dear team nervoustime members, I will begin by wishing you all a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I come to you today representing team Grateful Weener. League Champion season 2012-2013. Team GW would like it to be know that there is great interest in acquiring a young lad by the name of Nathan. Nathan MacKinnon.
    MacKinnon likely has a great future in the NHL as do the large majority of first over all draft picks. The owner of GW knows he is likely a prized possession to team nervoustime and he is willing to compensate you quite handsomely in a trade that would involve multiple players.
    The current offer on the table is last years Calder trophy winner for rookie of the year: Sir Jonathan Huberdeau, and offensively gifted defense man from the Edmonton Oilers Justin Shultz. Both players are only in there second season in the NHL and their value will continue to grow in the years to come.
    I would encourage you to examine the top 300 dynasty rankings from the reliable source The Hockey News.
    McKinnon is ranked 38th over all and Huberdeau is ranked 39th.
    Both are extremely talented young players. Shultz is a young stud and would pair up in a deadly fashion with your other shiny new toy PK Subban.
    Whatever you decide the owner of Grateful Weener sends his utmost respect and best wishes for the rest of the season. That is all. Pip pip Cherio!

    back to the game. currently one one. who are we cheering for in this game, becca 'i am cheering for everyone, that road stretch was pitiful.' becca not feeling bogosian or clitsome this season. 'clitty's drying up'

    'bet they wouldn't let us in with that sign' - becca and ness are going monday to detroit!!!!

    mark stuart 27 blocked shots this season 'we all know 27 is a lucky number'

    ps - we didn't take that trade. nathan mckinnon is a keeper for nervoustime. we did get a response from our pk trade so we have him now and i kendra now have a habs flag on my front door. thanks ziggy!!!!!

    rebecca is making homemade chips!!! crawford may be injured. the jet fans are being assholes. now they are ok. oh they are cheering khabibulen. whatever, i say go hawks.

    end of the first period.

    went to prairie sky and suddenly it is four one hawks.  i bough the book mudbound, vanessa bought dawn of the dead emery boards and rebecca got a ring. vanessa got a ring as well.

    dwight is here! first nervoustime boyfriend in attendance since 2009.

    he doesn't like hockey 'i don't even know who is playing.' vanessa begins explaining the teams. how there are three guys from manitoba on the hawks.

    thanks to prarie sky as well for the halloween candy.

    montoya in now.

    none of us have seen the life of pi

    everyone in the audience is wearing a scarf.

    discussion of the avalanche goalie and bean dip. dwight doesn't know about blogs or didn't even know vanessa was involved in such a thing.

    it is such a lovely day!!!

    can the jets come back? becca says yes!

    does anyone know the bombers score? ness 'do we care enough to check' no. yes, the home jerseys were white n jets 1.0 ness 'i hate our new jerseys so much. they are so ugly and i can't believe they cost so much money.

    the hawks are going to meet obama and bolland isn't going just cause he says he is a leaf now we don't know if frolik is going?

    discussion of bridesmaids.

    8 minutes left in the 3rd. 5-1 hawks. overtime feels like a distant dream.  KG feels that 3 minutes is a comfortable amount of time for each goal. 4 goals in the last 5 minutes we deem improbable. Becca is going to imagine it anyways.

    homeland anyone? "Brody forever" - KG
    We cannot mistake the ability of the Chicago Blackhawks for the ability of the Jets" - Ness

    Final Thoughts:
    "sometimes a girl's got to buy herself a ring" - Ness Nervoustime
    "miss you, Karla and Megan" - KG
    "Bring back Teppo. And Chris Thorburn 4 Life" - Becca