Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"That's it! Back to Winnipeg!"

Present: Ness, Eric, Darcy, Jen and Becca. En route: Tracey, Gene, Joey, Vanessa, Megan, Nick, Lauren.

Live from Fox and Fiddle. Our cousin Kyle is working and we get hugs at the door. Shout out to Rick for hooking us up with VIP treatment and free nachos. We heartily endorse the place so far, and will hereby consider this the beginning of a long and mutually prosperous sponsorship.

Speaking of sponsorships, I always enjoy seeing DKNY on the rangers ice.

It's Jets vs Rangers and the end of their long road trip.

The first order of nachos have arrived. "These are delicious. Phenomenal."

Eric arrives!

Good start to the jets, they're playing great so far. Miettenen isnt playing tonight. "Poor Mittens, kneed in the groin only 17 seconds into his first game back."

And now the wings are here not even 12 minutes into the 1st period.

"Great penalty killing, boys" - Jen.

Nick and Lauren arrive!

The chicken wings are so big it feels like eating dinosaurs. There was a flavour mix up between Nesse's teriyaki and Eric's Peppercorn bourbon. Both are happy to have their flavours back.

Joey, Megan and Vanessa arrive and they smell like patchouli!

Start of the 2nd period.

Discussion of Art and Soul last Saturday. We lost Tracey and Gene by the end of the night. Text messages were delayed and Mercury was in retrograde. "Did you travel to Narnia?" - Joey.

Someone announces: "This is all stoner food". Fries arrive.

"I can't believe nobody's scored yet" - Nesse. Yeah but they're playing pretty lazily this period so far.

"Dingly dangly" - J Funk.

Shot of Cuba Gooding Jr in the crowd. Wondering where all the other famous celebrities are, like Constantine from Winnipeg. "If Cuba's the most famous person in the house tonight, New York, then that's kind of sad."

But wait!

Olli with the first goal. That's some Finnish Patience right there. "Is that like the English Patient? Next blockbuster 'The Finnish Patience' starring Olli Jokinen and Rebecca'"- Ness.

And one minute later Kane with an assist from Clitty with a miraculous 2nd goal, bouncing off the goal posts inside the net and then back out.

The Rangers fans behind the bench are holding real glasses which makes us wonder if Winnipeg fans could make this happen.

The Rangers hit back and Pavs is making some beautiful saves. Pavs was at Eric's restaurant a couple weeks ago. He ordered filet and had "very pretty eyes". "Probably so pretty you'd let him drive you home drunk." - Jen. Oooooooooooh snap.

2:0 Jets. That was a great 2 minutes of hockey.

We at nervoustime would like to say how much we love Zach Redmond and how grateful we are that he's ok. Get well soon, Zach! Keep your chin up, kid.

Callahan scores for NY. 2:1 Jets.

How great is it to have Buff back?! #buffunchained is pretty much the best hash tag of 2013 so far.

Bogey is beautiful. Those eyebrows.

It is really hard to live blog on a smart phone.

Olli scores again! Nice pass from Peluso! (Thanks for holding Zach Redmond's thigh together, Anthony. New found respect and admiration for ya).

End of the 2nd. 3:1 Jets.

The columns in this place are fantastic. Marble columns and floor. "It feels way too classy to be called a 'bar' or 'sports lounge'". More like an 'experience'. "I can imagine myself watching this game in Manhattan" - Ness.

There should be more fanfare at the beginning if each period. Like a cannon or fireworks. We missed 17 seconds.

Talking about trades. I (Rebecca) am not sold on Postma. Yet.

It feels really fancy watching the game here. "I nominate the Fox and Fiddle as the nervoustime bar"- Jen funk. "I second that emotion".- Nesse.

Weddings are stressful. That is all.

The guy outside smoking called Darcy the "guy with the hair". No arguing with that.

Darren Dreger looks uncomfortable when he's not standing behind the desk.

Let's start this 3rd period. "It's started!!!" Fanfare. (Jen)

Jets power play. Tortellini looks pissed but it was clearly a tripping penalty.

If Olli gets a hat trick everyone is doing a shot.

Pretty lame penalty kill. "Somebody hit somebody!" It's getting rowdy.

NYs Pyatt scored. 15 seconds later and it's Kane with the 4th Jets goal!

If Kane gets a hat trick we're not doing shots.

And then Stralman scores. It's 4:3 jets. 8 min left.

More nachos are being passed around. Nobody wants them anymore, everyone is so stuffed. Order more beer though.

Slater gets called for holding. "Bullshit". The bar is getting louder and we're not the only ones yelling anymore.

We hereby nominate Hainsey as back up goalie.

Throwback gossip about Bertuzzi.

Empty net NY. Nervoustime!

Game over, final score 4:3 Jets. Amazing game! Love from Nervoustime. xo

Friday, February 15, 2013

Don Cherry, Ron Maclean, and Scott Oake are in Winnipeg tonight!

Jets Vs Pens. Bogey is back.

KennyG is here, with a puffer, and cannot forget to take her Roughriders blanket this time! Lasagna is in the oven, cesar salad dressing in the mixer.

Tonight is about new beginnings and celebrations, and being real. I(Ness) predict a Jets win, and a Jokinen goal with high spirits.

We are Manitobans, and we Love friday nights in Winnipeg! Don Cherry stole the Consierge's Jacket from the Fairmont.

Becca caught a glimpse of the jersey and thinks Tangradi might be 27! more good luck?

Kendra would date Jared Penner.

'Scott Oake is almost as awkward as that Evander Kane valentines commercial.'

Byfuglien shaved, both nervoustime parents have noticed this fact. Mom also wants to say that "Sid the Kid looks really good with long hair"

"How's it hangin' Montoya?" - Fran
Thorburn's a babe (Ness)

We miss Ponikarovsky. "I never got to make the Pony-boy sign" - Becca

We are a fun, smart, hockey lovin' town! GO JETS!

It's official, Tangradi is number 27! Big shoes Tangradi, big shoes to fill! Don't let me down (Rebecca)
Enstrom goes to the dressing room, and here's a scrap!  Thorburn vs. Engellend, who keeps his helmet on of course because he's fighting for the Penguins.

Goal for the Pens. Adams, also a 27.  Shout out to Kendras brother and sister-in-law who provided us with amazing homemade Cheese! They are incredible.

Where's Tracey? talkin bout Tracys, Stacis, Jodis, and Caseys.

"are you supposed to eat the rind on your brother's cheese?' - rebecca. answer, you can eat everything.

discussion of why this trade even happened, no body understands why. beau bennet inspirational story given by scott oake was great, 'we don't hear those kinds of story's on tsn'

Community announcement: rebecca is selling ticket to diana's wedding social.

oh and toby enstom is injured which is terrible.

if you google 'best provelone ever' i hope you get linked to our blog because that's what we are

we do miss zig who was supposed to come tonight but his work was too busy, shoutout zig!

back to olli jokinen goal prediction, becca has been predicting it for two games. "big things are going to happen for olli".

'could you imagine if you just woke up and a winnipeg jet was on top of you?'

let's talk about evander kane. ooooooh. 'i am so sickened by the whole thing' 'bad pr move' 'he took it to a false place and it is really hurtful and heartbreaking and completlly takes away from the ymcmb.....' 'i just hope olli can be a good influence on kane'\\

oooh it was leading by the reporter. why would the reporter set it up\\/?  what about patrick kane.

tracey's here, she saw goal.

no shots on goal this power play 'not unusal for the jets'

tracey also brought beer also. this is probably the most beer i've ever seen us have at a nervoustime event and as the sick person in the group this is very interesting.

discussion of a trip to philly next weekend, doesn't seem like it will work. very expensive flights. don cherry's suit jacket is amazing.

happy belated DC 79!!!!\\

mark stuart 'if they all played as hard as this guy'

oh man ron mclean's eyeebrows. \\

woah, beardless byfluglien

apparently crosby spent one summer committed to faceoffs and now wins them 55 per cent of the time. we are now going to all committ to something. rebecca wants to talk about kyle wellwood, really inspiring article for bell let's talk. she has a newfound appreciation for him.

james wright is now fighting.

oh jared penner again! i really think he is so cute!!! \\

discussion of the death of portage place. most notably the imax theatre and places to watch old die hard films.

the globe is tracey's theatre of choice and the jets are passing much better now.

we love you tanner glass.

lasagna is out.

it's nice to have a 27 back on the jets, that's for sure.

everyone is always talking about how much byfuglien weights. gw 'they are just doing that because he is black'

discussion of pat martin and whether we are prepared for a zombie appocolypse. somehow related to the jets lackluster penalty kill, which they thankfully have done okay at this time.

greg 'you can never be too prepared'

i (kg) have never thought about appocolypes however if there was one  know my brother's place would be where i would go. i would even walk there if i had to, maybe find a cute boy from stienbach to take along which is on the way in any event so this story is becoming totally possible and comes back to what i think about constantly, which is falling in love.

and we are going to eat.

third period. still one nothing pens.

aw they called ron hainsey the big minute man.

what pills did bogosian just take?

power play.....

for clarification, kg's cat is not named after the penguin's goalie  although crowd consensus is she acts more like him than she does like theron, who she was named after.

nervoustime is considering sponsorship and checking out flight prices to philly for next weekend. paying extra to watch tv on a plane is ridiculous.  discussion about cruise ships with fires and getting stuck at sea without power. crappy situation after a few days. free cruise anyone??\\shout out to tugboats. we've already drafted the outline to the screenplay

penguins goal.

there is only two minutes left and we are talking about george clooney.

GOAL andrew ladd.

pens empty net and they just showed a shot of a disapointed child.

final score, 3:1 Pens.

well good night from nervoustime. let us know if you have a box available for us on april 9th for the sabres game, details to follow for welcome back teppo, part two. xo

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Welcome Home Teppo Campaign 2013

And the Welcome Home Teppo Campaign continues...
APRIL 9, 2013

We know Olli and Mittens are super excited, too.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

happy anniversary hockey night in canada

Celebrating 60 years of Hockey Night in Canada. It's flashback to the inaugural HNIC with Boston and Toronto going head to head.

Ceremonial puck drop with Chara and Phaneuf. "Look at how small Ron McLean looks standing next to Chara".

Bruins jersey-wearing child spotted sitting on his Leaf's jersey-wearing dad. See? World peace is possible.

Dougie Hamilton's first game, first line! We are wearing our PJ Stock Crew tshirts.

Discussion of how Olli Jokinen is a little like Teppo in terms of modesty and how family oriented he is. "He's a good influence" - Rebecca. Speaking of family oriented we turned to Tim Thomas and what went wrong. Did something happen or was he always an asshole and great save Rask!

Dougie Hamilton is wearing 27~ our favorite number.

Woah woah boston goal! woah chris bourque who just celebrated his bday on Tuesday. Happy Belated Chris!!!

NO GOAL toronto!

question: are the toronto refs so important like how on other games they say 'we are going to toronto' here we don't have to? like they will make a decision in 30 seconds? that was a pretty quick call anyways.

Now we're going to eat some delucas!!!!

'one ounce of heart is worth a pound of muscle'

i'm really obsesseed with the song from the scotia bank commercial and rebecca just brought me lemon and hot water!

apparently raffi torres is back tonight.

another non goal.

decisive move by the toronto refs.

any rumours about ref conspiracys? one idea they are 'taking the envelope' because of financial hardship from the half season. can the refs and players be friends? This would be one of the things Rebecca would ask in her pending documentary about hockey refs.

The Hot Stove is talking about Weiss and when he's going to be traded. "Why haven't we picked up Weiss?" "Maybe at the Tuesday's game we can expect a jersey switch!" We're wondering why the Jets haven't spent their salary cap. "What are they waiting for?" Maybe saving up for the next season. We'll see.  Now on to Luongo. "Why haven't we picked up Lu?" "He needs to go somewhere hot".

Everyone is full and lying down after all that delicious DeLucas food.

We know you're married, PJ Stock. But if anything happens and, for whatever reason, it doesn't work out, Kendra is available.

Start of the 3rd. Lebron James is attending his 1st hockey game tonight and the camera goes to him and his teammates in the box. NBA HIPSTER ALERT! Kendra discovers that Lebron James has instagram. "Of course he does".

We all think that swagger is an overused word. Rebecca 'falsely used" Vanessa "it's made being an asshole more socially acceptable'

I had no idea Frazer McLaren was playing! Good for him.

Discussion of political statements made through facebook cover photos and the dessert is out.

Final minute, now is the time toronto. rebecca thought i called them the leaves. 

The game is over. Final score Boston 1: Toronto 0. 

Final thoughts "Can't wait for me and Byfuglien to feel better" - K, "Boston won! Awesome job Dougie Hamilton" - Vanessa, "Happy Birthday Hockey Night in Canada, from Hockey Night on Arlington" - R.

Love you all,
The Nervoustime Crew