Wednesday, June 11, 2014

kendra's hope for the rangers....

hey, it's kenny go blogging solo and i watched the first two periods with anna, megan and killa cam drinking moscato (three cheers to megan and thanks to deluca's for being open until eight). we all agreed to cheer for the rangers which was different from game two where megan's dad surprisingly cheered for the kings. there are kings fans in any family, i guess. i personally feel the kings deserve very little other than a trip to the beach, i even bought a bright blue blazer today as a shoutout to the san jose sharks (love you guys).

but good quotes from the night,

anna, on dustin brown:
what an asshole face

cam, on the coaches corner theme song:
'is this america's funniest home videos'

nancy, returning from home depot:

'is the game still on?'

really, i don't believe a stanley cup should be won without the whole nervoustime crew together and that lundqvist is a better goalie.

i watched game one and had a roomate at the time who came home after overtime and his hello entrace was 'fuck the kings!" which made me realize he was a great room-mate"

i guess i feel martin st. louis deserves both a stanley cup and for generations to follow to name their children after him.

i haven't really watched any hockey at all these playoffs as i have been away but i am cheering against the kings as they beat chicago and who wouldn't want a 3-0 deficit comeback in a final. and i think the rangers can do it.


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