Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Let the Playoffs Begin

It's playoff nervoustime. Rebecca, Nesse and Kendra on Arlington. Still recovering from our family Passover seder last night: we had an accordion and ukulele and percussion accompaniment and there was smiting (even though I really believe you should kill people with kindness) and drinking and it was wonderful.

Passover 2014, everyone's drunk.
First up is Montreal @ Tampa Bay. "Treat people as if you want them to treat you", or something like that, says Bob Cole at the beginning of the 2nd. Hockey/Passover analogy? Tied game at 1 point each. It's a messy game, lots of hard embraces against the glass.

We are all participating in Fantasy Hockey League now as individual teams (no longer a collective!) I have the weirdest team ever as a result of our draft night coinciding with Passover, the drunkest holiday of the year.

Vanessa knows somebody going to Greenland and we can't help but celebrate their huge spike in population. Stamkos (unassisted) and whoa I actually have him on my Fantasy team and the night has taken a surprising upswing. Skirmishes abound. Then Gionta ties it back up.

NEWSFLASH: Vanessa got a smartphone. She's on it ALL THE TIME now and understands why Kendra and I are always on ours.
rebecca is making a salad. 2-2 montreal tampa, end of the second. Pittsburgh / Columbus 3-3 in the third. Nervoustime everywhere!

Eating cool ranch dorritos.
The Pittsburgh crowd is a sea of yellow "freebie" t-shirts. "Didn't Pittsburgh used to do whiteouts?" A quick internet search tells us that Pittsburgh is trying to set a new trend called a "Gold-Out". "That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of" - Kendra. Agreed. Don't mess with a good thing (hockey/love analogy).

I made my famous tahini dressing which makes anything taste good and calms upset stomachs.

Speaking of upset stomachs, I'm devastated that Teppo Numminen was let go from Buffalo. Huge mistake. Teppo is one of the best mentors any team could ask for. But this means TEPPO CAN NOW COME COACH FOR WINNIPEG. And with Teemu retiring at the end of this year, know where this is going.

Paul Maurice has signed on for 4 more years (which I already knew because I got an alert on Sunday that he had enrolled his kids at a high school in Winnipeg). So now's your chance to claim one of hockey's greatest guys ever as our new Assistant Defense Coach. WELCOME BACK TEPPO.

Jen Funk saw a Sandhill crane today and that is one huge point for springtime.
"Fuck this weather"
Back to the Tampa/Montreal game.

Huge accolades for the salad. You're welcome, ladies.

Eller scores, 3-2 Montreal.

And the Tampa player from Montreal scores against his homeland's team! Killorn ties the game back up. "Juicy turnover" and it's getting outrageous.

Back from a quick trip outside visiting with Lisa who lives down the street and both she and Hank have quit smoking for multiple weeks! We're all inspired.

Vanek scored for Montreal and we wonder if it was in honour of Teppo Numminen (because he used to play for Buffalo).

Kendra and Vanessa are both cheering for Montreal, it looks like that anyway. The real reason Kendra loves Montreal is because of PK Subban and his Subby cam:

5:30 minutes left in the 3rd and Stamkos scores again. Whoa whoa whoa tie game.

"Turnover factory".

This game is going to overtime.

Announcement: Kendra has paid off her student loan!

We're trying to remember the rules for OT playoff hockey (it's a tradition, this memory loss). There's no shoot out. Sudden death til you drop.

Kendra and Vanessa just ran into Evan outside and he showed them his Maritime Radio License. It's legit.

So K lets us know Tampa Bay player Ryan Malone was caught with cocaine and is out until further notice (charges pending?) We all hope Ryan gets his shit together and adopts a healthier lifestyle.

We're back to the Pittsburgh game. It's 3:3 tie game. But breakaway for the Pens and Sutter scores! 11:30 left in the 3rd period and Pittsburgh's got the lead at 4:3. Text from J Funk "Smoko keeps thinking the banging at the Pittsburgh game is someone at the door". Oooh, Smoko. Nervoustime's official mascot. Pittsburgh WINS!

Kendra leaves, it's all too much excitement and she has to sleep.

Ok folks this Montreal/Tampa OT is OUTTA THIS WORLD.

Steven Stamkos is solid, ladies and gentlemen. #OTMagic

"There are so many apps", Vanessa is enamoured. Everybody is looking forward to the long weekend!

It feels like it's getting warmer out this evening. -4 degrees, NE wind 19 km/hr. Remember when it wasn't winter?

J Funk wants to talk about the moon. Ok. Did anyone stay up late to see the lunar eclipse on Monday night? I fell asleep, missing multiple phone calls, texts and alarms. But that's okay because lots of people stayed up and took video including local filmmaker Mike Maryniuk:

Max Pacioretti sends the puck PINGING off the post and we're making loud sounds in the living room right now. Gutteral animal sounds.

But oh no, Weise scores and beats Anders Lindback making the final score 5-4 Montreal.

We're having some matzah brittle (super easy to make and fucking addictive! )

Goodnight, love Nervoustime. xo

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