Tuesday, October 27, 2009

introducing: teppo smith-peloquin

oct 27: flyers and caps

present: rebecca (currently reading "asking") sherri (quitting smoking tomorrow), kendra (drinking wild rasberry juice)
regrets: graham (buying a new cat), mark (breathing problems)

first minute of play so far emery has not let any goals in..........yay emery.

ooh there is a schultz on the capitals.

hockey pool discussion "should sherri trade teemu" - "teemu selanne is not my teppo numinin" sherri to rebecca

discussion of possible names for graham's cat : numinin spelt incorrectly (as seeen), tempo, how old are you scott oake, malkin, (sherri: "is his girlfriend going to go for any of these names?), we recall he's a canadian's fan "why can't you name our cat roy?" rebecca, sherri "what about patrick" rebecca "but that could be any patrick it could be patrick swayze." sheri "but she's like the wind....it's perfect. that's why it's the perfect name especially if she runs fast." rebecca notes if this one is named teppo she would name her cat teppo the thrid as she has already had one by that name.

6:24 flowers delivered by rebecca's mother.

future discussion: sherri's power animal

sherri notes ovetchkin is great this year

emery is making saves.....

"long jump in.........."

discussion of special popcorn......

discussion of buying a hockey magazine "it had all the hot picks and stats, i should have got it"

offside against the flyers

note that teppo was mentioned even before started blogging

kelly hrudy still hasn't updated his twitter

period is over zero is the score...........

philedelphia goal

sherri: "i like that they're showing more parents this season"

nice quote from the tv : one nothing flyers on the road, ray emery likes to keep it there

food (squash soup and bread) was awesome! just a little better than emery's away record, interestingly a lot lower than his home....discussion ensues, is he single etc? conclusion is that we all love ray emery.

discussion of grand theft auto. rebecca "i will never be part of that video game underworld."

out of the powerplay - another flyers goal

"it's a thing of beauty when it works that easy and that well."

ugh ovechkin. "no shut out for emery"

rebecca thinks he's cute and here is a quote about him: Whenever he saw a hockey game on TV, he "dropped all his toys" and ran to the TV, protesting strongly if his parents tried to change the channel

backstrom scores tied game

1:41 left in the period

70's hair spotted

7:43 first mention of the heat in here, first mention of how graham woud have mentioned the jets wives carinval by this time

7:44 mark by text..."this game is looking alot better", consences of the group is that he's going for the caps

discussion on graham cat name..."it's patrick, he just bought life insurance" by far the best cat name ever!

sherri doesn't know how she feels about the in between period guys on tsn. kendra misses scott oake...as the group does too.

becca's doing intermission dishes

7:54 1st picture of graham's cat!! patrick is a keeper!

graham text "what about teemu?" as a name

3_2 washington

penatly shot, we were all busy one was making popcorn

vanessa on her second beer, 8:21

vanessa arrived just at the start of the second and brought mini eggs and corn syrup

where does scott oake live?


come on philedelphia pick it up, seven mins to go!!!

vanessa " every time i hear teaminin i think of teppo numinin"

four and a half to go

"it's setting in" rebecca, "washington might take this thing."

good chances by the flyers they are tryyyyyyyyyyying

"they should have been playing like this all game" rebecca

"i think we're going to be seeing these two teams in the playoffs"

vanessa "i'm always silently rooting for colorado"

six skaters on for the flyers

empty net

seals the deal

final thoughts:

kendra: still loves ray emery

rebecca: refer to profesy these teams will go far

sherri: ovetchkin is freaking on fire

vanessa: boooooo

goodnight from nervoustime, xo

Saturday, October 10, 2009

nervoustime regular season debut: october 10, penguins vs. leafs, oilers vs canadians

first game watched together as the nervoustime collective this regular season, we watched a preseason game at mark's and ate some fantastic deluca's food there and bought a nervoustime ice cream cake but we were too full to eat it. had been blogging and then lost one period of comments as the computer started and stopped.

quick overview of things discussed in the blog that was unfortunately deleted: mr. belding, malkin as ugliest guy in the nhl (says mark), teppo numinin, graham engaged to be engaged, sherri drunk, gogol bordello, folk fest line up 2010, flaming lips, pat quinn, helmetless players and hair gel, how much people hate the leafs, how graham has an emotional investment in the canadians, neil young and bob dylan, how we were supposed to be at this game, matching ties, wilco or calexico, chilli with ketchup, how we're watching the next game.

present: mark (meditating), sherri: having another drink, mark: as well, kendra: more club soda, graham: thought we were at sherri's, rebecca: in a pens shirt, vanessa: phoned at 8:17, on the way, agreeable to sit on the floor.

vanessa arives : 8:24, mark comments on her sexiness. "you can't be sexy all day." vanessa in new earings. possible competition to graham's ring for "bling of the night". vanessa also brought gingerale, sourpatch kids and cheezies.

happy thanksgiving.

graham is on his third beer. "you guys, we will be at hifi tonight"

sherri "it is a little early for the snow."

8:41- club soda spill of the year!! 5 person clean up! blackberry currently in a bowl of rice.

8:57- sidney crosby talks about that greatest game this season...yep, he;s talking about this game!

final score: pittsburgh-5, toronto-2

8:58-ritualistic gatorade shaking by random hockey player

9:00- yes it took me 20 minutes to type this....rebecca: "but you spelled ritualistic right. so it's alright".

9:01 - sherri almost lights the place on fire.

game 2: montreal at edmonton.

scott oake is looking especially creepy tonight.

final score predictions: mark 5-4 oilers, vanessa 6-4 oilers, kendra 4-3 oilers, sherri 4-2 oilers, rebecca 5-3 oilers, graham smith-peloquin 3-1 montreal.

khabibulin injury discussion. groin injury? std?

oilers powerplay........"not alright" graham

nice montreal shot

"who's helmet's on the floor" sherri / mark "who wore a helmet tonight."

discussion of barchet's grocery, stale candy?

mark is talking about the devils "they were so well rounded." gsp "lots of depth, yeah."

no shots on goal on that power play.

very close one for the oilers "i thought it was there." mark

rebecca's eyesight is improoving.

"are you wearing contacts under your glasses?"

mark on the new scotia bank savings account "i kind of like this commercial."

graham leads discussion about cd they made when the jets were about to leave.

graham is only ever buying coaches like this in the future "i feel like i'm in bed right now"

"that's some new jersey devils hockey." "they do play the trap now." "there is a lot of hockey talk going on."

sherri: drink four

graham: also on his fourth

sherri: "keeping up with graham, yes!"

lets' talk about khabibuelen caving under pressure (led by sherri)

graham: he's won a stanley cup

mark: he willl never cave again. i think the oilers goalies get too much critisism. they need to play as a whole team.

graham: so we're all going to see mr. belding later

mark: i'm going and setting him up with my friend sherri sugar

on hi fi: sherri says "i feel creepy." graham on die machine "that seems like a bar that would be in wayne's world."

still no score 5:25 left in the first, interesting considering our predictions of a high scoring game.

"you don't yell at rebecca when she's making you a drink."

mark on sherri's drink: "that's one for the ages."

9:43- first period over. kendra and mark want to go to on a double date with hilary duff and mike comrie.

9:49- first kelly hrudey sighting...thoughts of him naked cause for a moment of silence especially with the tie..." room agrees they like kelly hrudey.

10:01- score 1 nothing edmonton

10:02- roar of disappointment from the crowd...sherri is the worst blogger

mark: i forgot to wish jr and ziggy a happy birthday,

sherri: i wish them all a happy birthday


2-0 edmonton

mark: everytime a goalie makes a good save i think of the jets. GREAT SAVE ESSENSA.

graham mentions the jets wives carnival for the first time, 10:12


notice a super cute tanned oiler


goal post! 10:19

montreal goal, we also have whipping cream (organic) the canadians are on fire

"that's right mark, you can't donate the puck in this league"

my favorite part about winter is when apartments get super hot: kendra

sherri opens the window

mark on his 5th beer

graham: only brought 4

scott oake interviewing scott gomez

mark is in pie mode

the pie was awesome.

sherri: price is pretty good for a goalie

vanessa: it would be a sad day to be traded to the canadians

mark: the only thing worse would be traded to toronto

13:19 to go.........

haven't figured out the super tanned oiler

montreal goal (?)

mark: i told you edmonton can choke

graham: they're going upstairs

didn't go.....into the corner/out of the corner?

"did you see him look at the camera and wink? i got it."

pat quinn: tie of the night

no goal

"that was a beautiful save"

"he's a choke" sherri

anyways, montreal scored, for real.

sherri: what can he do, he can take a drink like the rest of us

mark: watch the goal though his own player tipped it in

sherri: in the playoff's he's a choke

rebecca: they're still going to win

mark: it's not khabibuelen it's the whole oilers they are all chokes

sherri: he does that every playoffs, he chokes

final two minutes

get it out of there.......

oilers trying to hold this lead final minute of play here we go empty net in his own corner over the top blocked right back in come on guys says graham gomez at centre these are the guys you want out there, two devils, hal gill, tipped in front, around the boards ten seconds one last chance...................

just missed the empty net (where's zetterberg?)

what a finish!

mark: that was fantastic

graham: montreal canadians are just too tired that's the only reason they lost.

sher: anyone want to do high fives with me

rebecca: i don't know if i have any final thoughts this game

graham: anyone feel like going to lo pub

vanessa: still picturing kelly hrudy and scott oake naked in those ties

comrie interview coming up but we're out......kendra as tired as the canadians

xoxo, gray, kendra, mark, ness, becca, sher

nervoustime regular season debut: october 10, penguins vs. leafs

started watching after the first period, two nothing penguins.

present: rebecca, sherri, mark, graham, kendra

early announcements: mr. belding appearing later at club hifi, sherri encourages all to quit smoking on october 28th, mark plans to meditate all night, matching ties for cherry and mclean, rebecca notices calgary's uniforms bleed on the screen.

mark on the meditation chair: fantastic! i dig it.

the teppo numinim card is on the table, graham reminds us he was the one who broke the story of the retirement. discussion on gogol bordello, eugene's blog, how minstry alledgedly played behind a sixteen foot cage.

sherri still hasn't picked a team for the year, becca is wearing a penguins shirt, kendra is going for the canucks, flyers and oilers (in that order), mark came in a new jersey hat, graham is going for montreal ("i have such a strong emotional investment in the montreal canadians, you can quote me on that.")

this is the game we were supposed to go to! so far we haven't seen sherri's parents or malkin's parents although both could be in the house.

leafs score.

discussion about fleury's book.

nice goal. that's a graham smith peloquin goal. graham "i was never a superstar. i scored goals like that. andrew paskevich was my linemate."

penalty, toronto. powerplay, crosby.

"the difference between good teams and great teams......"

none of us have crosby in our pool.

"you don't win the stanley cup with a little bit of luck."

sherri's drunk: 7:18 "i only ate celery today, and hummus. i had a muffin too."

rebecca notices graham's ring "nice bling there, on your wedding finger". "thanks. it's an engaged to be engaged ring". "oh". "like saved by the bell, y'know".

mark mentions "ugliest guy in the NHL: malkin"

discussion on power animals. mark is an owl. kendra is a crow. graham is a deer. rebecca is a dodo bird. sherri needs to sit in the meditation chair. we wonder what teppo numminen's power animal is. "bison or a yak", says rebecca.

continuation of discussion on power animals. mark: "i don't know who to listen to, the shamans or the unrainian catholics."

check in on scott oake's twitter reveals the ties are to support cancer research, he will be wearing one as well and does not have a shirt that matches.

food arrives: chili and garlic bread. secret ingredient: ketchup.

pittsburgh back on the powerplay!

discussion of ray emery: "it's only a problem when i don't like it anymore."

another crosy goal!!!

kendra believes in comebacks and ray emery. mark thinks history repeats itself "look at grant fuhr."

decision made to watch the second game: 7:43. regardless of mr. belding.

graham: why don't you just wikipedia scott oake? you're just spelling his name right.

rebecca: i do this everyday. i know about entries that have been removed and added and when. i've googled age. i have done a lot of research.

discussion of jets coming back. now quebec city getting a team. the guy is so rich it doesn't even matter. they are all wearing the same tie.

discussion of pat quinn and craig mctavish. the hair that doesn't move. "i swear the gel made him faster" mark.