Wednesday, April 9, 2014

april 9th! redwings/penguins

Happy birthday to all the Aries out there!
hey from arlington! two of the three of us are older than last blog. ness celebrated her bday yesterday and mine is today. also happy birthday to nervoustime enemy / friend colin shparples aka greatful weener.

we are watching detroit pittsburgh and it's 1-0 in the second. if detroit wins tonight they make the playoffs.

becca made me this incredible card which you can see below.....also thanks to my nephew isaish for the ring and bracelet.

it's windy tonight and congrats to trevor linden for the new canucks job. i used to be a big canucks fan and appreciate that coming full circle i guess you'd say.

as for coming full circle my plan for age 37 is to be more helpful and go to yugoslavia.  i am travelling to belgrade and have three weeks with no plans before i have to fly from croatia so i am just going to try and figure things out as i go - hopefully there will be several adventures along the way and at least one or two places to watch a playoff game.

speaking of playoffs, it looks like columbus may make it who i find boring. it looks like there are about three games left and new jersey is out.

my nephew today predicted pavelec wouldn't be back next year, which he personally thinks is terrible.

we joined a playoff fantasy league - or really i signed the girls up in exchange for them signing me up for because i continually get emails from them and have no ability to get myself to a farm, i have a hard time dating people that don't live in wolseley.

pittsburgh scored, currently 1-1. neal. no score in the montreal chicago game, end of the second.

kindl scored and fluery calling goaltender interferance and vanessa doesn't like orpik at all - does anyone? 'the most dominant shift from the redwings' it's a goal. kindl would be a cute first name for a child - attention bangers. our friend scott is having a new baby due the same day as the hainsey much exciting stuff coming.

and pittsburgh socred, speaking of.

neal again - 'who has that guy???????" my phone beeped and you guessed it, another email from farmers only.

so we got locked out. had to call caretaking hero, jay who arrived to let us in and was surprised becca had her buzz connected to her landline 'nobody uses keys anymore' but then he left happy 'great touque' comment directed at vanessa.

announcers are talking about jeremy morin and i've noticed him a lot too - very great to see. it's hard not to play well as a hawk maybe.

watching hawks habs now, power play for chicago coming up for minutes left they trail by one, pretty sweet airsave by crawford earlier. apparently patrick kane has been skating.

it looks like montreal is going to win. 'a familiar site tomas vanek providing a staring role' - remember when we hoped he would be a jet. nervoustime for the blackhawks!!!! oooh apparently patrick sharp was almost in my birthday card and when i look back jordan staal is a better choice.

AND CHICAGO SCORES! 'that might have been the most productive time out of all time'

montreal is coming back like they don't want over time. becca 'i don't think i have seen one montreal game this year - so they are pretty good now eh?' they are. i have prob watched more montreal games this year than any year since 92. who is 67 on montreal, that isn't a common number, but frolik has it.....

becca is looking up and overtime is coming up! apparently chicago hasn't score an overtime goal this season and drunkpatrickkane is my fave twitter account after members of my family, rebecca/vanessa and adam wazny.

patrick sharp!!!! and we are rewinding. HAWKSWIN!

it was a heart breaking goal. ok i'll have a cupcake, pittsburgh up by one.

the cupcake was delicious. that was actually my fourth dessert of the day, also had an ice cream after dinner, and cake with my oma at lunch time.

rebeca is telling me how to disable my farmers only acocunt which is prob a good idea. two mins left in the game but pittsburgh is in the lead.

nervoustime detroit. DETROIT SCORES!!!! that was coming you could tell, this is actually my dream hockey birthday.

i'm pretty sure as long as detroit gets into over time they make the playoffs? they haven't missed since 1990 and they are in!!!! and it's now overtime coming.

and rivalry night is really alive bc becca was cheering for the pens. some solid chances in the overtime period. discussion of how they call nyquist the russian rocket now. and wondering who they will pick as the next finnish flash, becca comments it would have to be 'the new finnish flash' or 'finnish flash junior' in the case of one of teemu's sons. i'm pretty sure those guys only golf or play baseball or is that gretzky's sons?

in the first round detroit will play pittsburgh or 'the other nhl team in black and gold' - bruins. well i will be here for the first round and i can't wait.

my sc choices are chicago, anaheim, detroit, st. louis.

here comes the shootout. nervoustime. becca sends her caretaker a thank you text 'we are blogging that you are our hero'

all super tired here tho, aging is exhausting, lol. i actually LOVE saying lol now, i started in a slight sarcastic way but i have now embraced it in my daily vernacular. jokinin and crosby are in the 40s for shootouts. those above 50, oshie, toews, karla schulz. haha. love you karla and miss too megan :)

slippery alfredson stopped by the artistic save. 'a snow angel masterpiece'

here comes sid. NO

that was slow. called 'patrick kaneish'

datsyuk. stopped. 'a highly skilled guy'


jen text 'i have never heard alfredson described as slippery before. this shootout is hilarious'

and jossi scores. 'a jokinen from another mother'

tatar........stopped. pensguins win. redwings still make the playoffs. we will all live to see another year. everyone is leaving with smiles on their faces.

love you guys, xo nervoustime.

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