Saturday, March 22, 2014


Happy Saturday! It's Hockey Night on Arlington. Carolina @ Winnipeg (helllooo Hainsey and Staal bros!)

This is Rebecca and I'm cooking up a storm for my favourite Nervoustime ladies. Shout out to J Funk and Darcy and Smoko in the country (where nobody has to DD). I was hoping to watch this game with everyone all together, but trying to organize my friends is like herding cats sometimes (I love you all).

So I decided to cook, which is what I do when I don't know what else to do. I have a new famous chicken recipe (famous IMHO) and I'm roasting potatoes. Brussel sprouts are also on the menu.

It's March 22 and it's -30 out for chrissakes.

I spent 25 minutes watching Salt N Pepa music videos after work today so I'm feeling pretty good right now. The rads are blasting and it may turn into a no-pants party tonight.

Monty's in net (Pavs still hurt). 1st period good pace. It's Byfuglien bobblehead night, thank goodness he's back in the line-up.

Ness and I went to the game on Wednesday against Colorado and it was the most exciting game we've been to this year (Jets won in OT). I love our seats so much, we're so close to the team you can smell them and/or read lips. We only go to a few games during the season and boy oh boy are we ever grateful for the few times we go. We relish every part of the experience: from getting frisked by an overzealous security guard, to savouring our $9.25 beers, to crafting inspirational signs and kibbutzing with our usher, Darren. But I do have to say that the fans in section 119 are kinda shitty fans (with the notable exception of Neil and his GF). The majority of our section doesn't stand up when the Jets score and nobody joins the "Go Jets Go" cheers. Too rich to engage? Maybe. Interestingly, the 300 sections are always the most fun places to sit and that is usually where the wave starts. That being said, I always encourage/shame our section into participating and by the end of last game even our emo neighbours got up off their butts to celebrate Wheeler's goal.

Frolik with an almost-so-close goal! Miraculous save by Cam Ward.

Oil pulling update: I kind of stopped for a few days. Then started again. Not sure the findings are indicative of anything. But I do feel like a I have more energy since I started doing it. I asked my doctor what she thought of it and she had never heard of oil pulling before but that it sounded "harmless". Thanks, Doc!

PEOPLE ARE BOOING HAINSEY!? Shame on you, Winnipeg.

If Hainsey scores a goal, we're ready.
Nervoustime would like to congratulate Jim Slater and his wife on the arrival of their first baby who they named Wyn.

Jen Funk is loving Coach's Corner, "Rollin' in it, LOL". #JenFunkNeedsTwitter #NotReally
Ron and Don are wearing matching ties.

Kendra arrives with gingerale (the real shit).

Kendra is jealous of Vanessa and my middle names (Spring and Sky, respectively) so I've decided that the Winkworth parents will have to christen Kendra with her "Hippy Middle Name". When I suggest River, Kendra's eyes pop out of her head and she really likes it "Kendra River Goertzen". She hopes the Winkworth parents read this blog post.

this is kendra now with the fantasy report for the week which is we are going to lose. currently down by 9 points, great comeback week however from daniel alfredson. not sure if the wings could make the playoffs but i would like to see alfredson win a stanley cup. my sister karla is hoping for st. louis (what's up tj oshie) and her least preferred are anaheim and colorado. we agreed neither of us would like columbus or dallas. of course there we all root for the blackhawks but karla said she wasn't sure they could make it without my fave blackhawk patrick kane.....'he's an emotional guy'.

i'm wearing my pj stock tshirt in honour of the bruins being the first to make the playoffs and becca just told me i left white wine at her place last time!

Now Nesse's here!

Jim Slater scores and puts the Jets on the map. Go Jim Dandy!

But time has passed now and both Staal bros scored making it 2:1 Carolina. And then Nash scores bringing the tally to 3:1.

If you can't tell who's blogging, and there are caps being used it's usually Rebecca. I would never date anyone who uses "LOL" in text messages. "Well here's a question then: how do you properly show inflection without using those kind of things", Vanessa. You could say it differently, that's how. Y'know, by using your words. Kendra wonders if everyone has dumbed down the english language as a result of poor spelling.

Never ever use 2 spaces after a period. Here's why:

Love is in the air on Arlington.  New love blooms and old love turns into detritus: It's the circle of life and it moves us all.

End of the period interview:
"We started moving our feet and we were rewarded for it" - Jordan Staal. Hockey/love analogy.
Sage advice from the TBay Wonder.
Vanessa asks the question 'do the jets have a mathematical chance to get in the playoffs?' the answer is about 1.9 percent.

Little from Frolik!? frolik navidad, i appreciate the announcers keep talking about him, which we have been doing all season.


none of us understand that. he never said anything bad about winnipeg and never asked to be traded. we cheer for teemu!!!

oh ya so we still haven't had dinner. third period. winnipeg has 'lots of jump'.

playoffs 'a tough mountain to climb' - the toughest mountain i've climbed was sigyria in sri lanka. it was super hard. and then second was not a mountain but a volcano - in nicaragua where i didn't know i would be climbing a volcano so i had lunch wine and wore flip flops.

discussion turns to letting go. jet goal and a MARK STUART FOR LIFE CHANT ERUPTS IN THE LIVING ROOM.

no goal. still 3-2. vanessa filing her nails. they are six dollar nail files she bought at canadian tire 'i will never use an emery board again'.

happy upcoming birthdays to the following people: ron hainsey, keith tkachuk, tracey.

tracey and i are having a joint birthday party next saturday at rae and jerry's. hopefully after we can go to taco bell. hopefully also karla and megan will make it out.

zach bogosian left the game but there was a jokinen chance!

three mins left in the third but dinner is almost ready. brought to the montreal game for a moment and they are leading 4.3.

we are going to eat now. we will pause the game. we are actually way behind the actual time.

"Nobody check their phones!"


so the jets lost. great last minute tho. also - amazing dinner by rebecca! brussel sprouts (currently on sale at food fare), chicken, baked potato.

good night everyone. i think there is prob still a 1% chance the jets can make the playoffs.

By the way, any movie that has a spelling bee in it is a movie I want to see.


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