Wednesday, April 2, 2014

playoff run: redwings v. bruins

hi from arlington. currently watching bruins wings, no score and we are hungry! vanessa arrives wishing she ordered more. still no score. some things occurred including we were locked outside when the food came, vanessa spilled a glass of wine, we took a selfie and evan walked by en route to barchetts to buy ice cream. leads me to the idea of the dating site - just how people in wols are my fave to know.

vanessa 'i have so much concrete in my nose'. detroit penalty. we are going for lucic tonight and boston scored. ness and i are going for detroit, rebecca is going for boston and is rocking her pj stock crew tshirt. no goal. becca 'i think i like that ref. the little guy'. as i was explaining to vanessa how i want to attend taco bell for my bday boston scored an actual goal that one counts.

discussion of our playoff odds at fantasy 'if the right people lose and we keep winning we have a chance.' 'sounds like a jets scenerio' 'nervoustime for nervoustime'

alfredson isn't playing tonight, unidentified illness. long sigh to my sister and sorry to hear JT is out until the playoffs. going to get some soup.

rebecca was thinking we should pic colours and fonts for each narrative voice but i hope everyone knows the lower case is k.

and detroit has scored. tomas tatar scored, dekeyser assist.

discussion of teemu's last game. look for a post of teemu's goodbye letter to the jets in finnish and poorly translated english below.

while eating we talked about greenland, population 56K i didn't know there were so many people there as we have to date not received any blog views from the country. hello to hockey fans in greenland tho.

the spicy noodle was the same (i.e. delicious) however slight change in the mooshi. 'a little more like a tortilla'

here comes becca on the blog......#CapsBack We're into the 2nd period and talking about birthdays and labiaplasty. It's been all over CBC today. Nervoustime would like to say that we're all satisfied with our labia. "Absolutely". And we hope you are, too.

"Isn't there a movie called 'Greenlander'?" "No, that's Zoolander".

"Ooooohhhhh my goodness" - Nesse. The game is frantic. 3 minutes to go in the 2nd.

'Rivalry Night' is simply a marketing ploy and is rarely indicative of an actual rivalry between teams. "Like when Buffalo and Carolina played - with Hainsey against Teppo" - Kendra.

FarmersOnly. Could this possibly be true?

Ok, we've now set up an account and are checking out farmers in North Dakota. Kendra offered up her email address. We check out a few profiles and hey, who knows what could happen? "Preferred Body Type: Tell ya later".

Two zambonis on the ice. "Oooh fancy".

We've decided to all wear red to Rae & Jerry's on Friday night for Aries birthday bash. "Or pink, and clash" - Nesse. However, I love red and pink together. Who's coming? Us, Carolyn, Zig, Sally, Tyler, Mark, cousin Kevin, Evan, Alli, Anna, Cameron, Robbie Rousseau, Angie, Kara, Uzma (obvs), Tracey, Sonia, Jocelyn, GSP (VIP), Grant, Allan, Randi, Jen Funk, Omar, Libby, Lee. That's way over the reservation for 20. Headsup Bangerz is a "maybe"! Please join us, or we can all meet up at Taco Bell on the walk home.

Red Room, Red Room.
We're just into the 3rd. And Soderberg scores, Bergeron assist. 2:1 Boston. "I still like Dougie Hamilton" - Kendra.

"Move the puck, move yourself".

"Patrice Bergeron would make a good spokesperson for Advil"??? "I can't believe Advil sponsors NHL hockey replays".

Kendra's received a couple emails from cowboys!

"Wish I was the panda" - K.

WHOA Detroit nearly scored. Boston has many more shots on goal.

We're eating candy and Jurco scores, tying up the game 2:2. "Out of the dog house, into the Penthouse." Now Nyquist has scored, exploding across the ice like a cannon. Unreal goal. "Amazing story". 3:2 Detroit.

Thanks to the Wahl bros for hosting a wonderful weekend in Lake of the Woods. We drove home through a blizzard and the highway was closed right after we left. Eric Wahl will always be my hero for getting us home safe and sound.

Kendra announces biased announcers are the worst. 3:50 to go in the 3rd.

It's a beautiful evening in Winnipeg tonight. Wind is light, 9 km/hr (NE). There's a crescent moon, too.

just two or so mins left. feels good to be heading home with leftovers, thanks again spicy noodle. so obvs we hope detroit wins the wild card. i don't know why people keep displaying non real matchups 'what if the playoffs started tomorrow'. if columbus makes the playoffs really i will be sad,
have we talked recently about the hartford whalers? on hainsey's bday i discovered his grandparents had season tickets and i just really remembered how much i loved those guys.

one and a half minutes left. goalie cam and tukka rask is on his way to the bench. so cute. icing with 37 secs to go. 'you can't try to be soft. you can't hope it out of the zone. if you ice it you ice it.'

boston time out. redwings win! 'they needed to win this one and they did.'

xo love ya becca, ness and kenny g for nervoustime.

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