Thursday, April 30, 2009

april 30: round two!!!

vancouver v. chicago, round 2, game 1

at sher's, kendra arrived after 2nd period (moving!!!), drinking out of a travel mug (nervous time secret #2), sherri: drinking ginger ale, becca, at l. cohen (corresponding by text)

GOAL VAN, 9:16 "a twin kiling daniel to heinrich" - no texts, my cell is charging in the kitchen

first period summary: vancouver scored a goal

scott oake, in the house, however, becca's fave anthem singer was also there "did this crazy thing at the end where his voice cracked. it wasn't his best" sherri.

rebecca calls from l.cohen "i'm cheering for vancouver in this series...i made that decision before vancouver scored the second goal. the concert is REALLY good!" (kendra comment: the fact that rebecca called is so far my favorite part of the night)

food: homemade chicken fingers and yam fries, excellent.


"penalty problems again"

a four minute power play for vancouver COMING UP

rebecca text: i'm proud of vancouver, i bet lenoard cohen would want vancouver to win. i'd like to take this moment to give a shout out to teppo numinin", 9:39

the period is over. "that was a quick period" sherri

"you were on the phone for part of that period but vancouver is playing good, luongo is kicking ass and maybe taking a few numbers." sherri

"i got a flyer from madison square safeway today and totaly thought of ivan." kendra

first appearence of don cherry on the nervoustime blog 9:51 (he's wearing a purple plaid suit for those who are wondering)

first scott oak's age prediction...sherri has deduced that scott is at least 50 years old.

kendra discusses sherri, rebecca and herself being hired by cbc. sherri notes "perhaps first we need to get a few more fans to our blog."

"i think it will help with your positivity" (sherri, on a topic secret for now)

third period:

chicago goal "out of the penalty box, into the action"

sherri: opening a window, 10:06

"this is the danger of momentum"

"chicago has definitely picked it up", sherri

a petal just dropped: 10:10

khabbulin is playing good, kendra observation. "he is a great goalie, we all knew that" sherri.

picture looks good "the best it's been in awhile, still hard to see that puck" sherr (no cable tonight)

sherri texting

"i just realized the vancouver goals are usually when i'm on the phone. someone should phone me" kendra

kendra relization: there will be no hockey at my yoga retreat. sherri "i will text you but you will get them at the end. there will be 100 in your inbox."

vancouver penalty 10:19

chicago score 10:20

all begin to text 10:20

sherri wonders aloud " why is george s. now called "my boyfriend"? 10:22

kendra responds " i don't have a boyfriend" 10:23

sherri "me neither!" 1st high five of the night 10:24-10:27

6 minutes left in the game, kendra confident that vancouver will hold their lead. enough of this kane (while typing, chicago scores) tie

NERVOUS TIME with 5:29 to go

(both of us texting)


seriously, this is why the playoffs are awesome....

sherri notes rebecca hasn't texted back, "concert must be good. we need a vancouver power play"

kendra remembers that horrible lead the canucks blew to the stars a few years ago and remembers why she shudders whenever hearing the name "gaborik"

also: missing markus nasland

"this is exciting at least" kendra

"this is much better than the rest of the games we watched last week" sherri

rebecc text: sheeit


one minute left

and the arlington crowd goes wild! and possilbly one fan at the mts center

there was another goal, an empty netter.

salo wins first star of the game: sherri and kendra agree with that completly. vancouver didn't have the same spunk in the third period but were able to pull it off.

"hoping to have a final word from rebecca, it's probably an encore or something...."

ok, good job canucks, note they've played 5 now and lost 0. total favorite team of the nervous time.

we're celebrating the vancouver victory. you should be too. xoxo, sherri and kendra

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

april 28: working out

s and r went swimming, i went to yoga. great class for me, we learned about seeing goodness in ourselves and then it being easier to see goodness in all things.

mark called to tell me that the devils gave up two goals in the last minute and thirty seconds.

Monday, April 27, 2009

april 27you will only ever have one first love.

nervous time secret from the preston headquarters:

i don't even own a television.

also: my mac doesn't have the plug in's for cbc. 

AND: scott o still hasn't responded to the telepathic messages i've been sending him.

until then, i think calgary is losing but teemu may have a chance. 

so, in the spirit of lost love and limited technology:

Sunday, April 26, 2009

april 26

live blog 2 from rebecca's. 

first of all, just changed the comments to allow annonymous  posting. please post a comment. 

drinking: rebecca: water, sherri: pres choice ginger ale, kendra: tonic

game 6: carolina and new jersey. we haven't watched any of this series yet. (tsn)

"don't bother making a prediction tonight. it's fruitless"

rebecca: deciding who to go for

sherri: turning the fan down

kendra: seriously awaiting your comments

all of a sudden we remember that bad goal from our previous entry. rebecca and kendra totally going for new jersey.

rebecca "carolina shouldn't have a hockey team. winnipeg should have a hockey team before carolina." 6:33

rebecca starts drinking, 6:34

sherri: "it's going to be a very physical game" 6:44

new jersey penalty: 6:47

"call him marty bro. there were no anthems either, did anyone else notice that?" sherri

commentators indicate how warm it is in the building. this apartment as well. 

disappointment: carolina goal, 6:54

"harsh words exchanged by the devils bench"

review of the food: leak soup and fresh bread: "excellent" kendra "really good" sherri "needs more chicken" rebecca

love that they keep showing the angry shot of m. brodeur, kendra

"carolina has totally dominated" sherri

"channeling 1975 with that one"

love that they are now playing "i saw her standing there", kendra

new jersey power play, 7:05

"once i get my glasses, it's going to be like HDTV" rebecca

one shot on goal in the whole power play

"i think new jersey seems to be scrambling, but i haven't seen the rest of the series." sherri

fish update: all still alive 

fish food update: they will be fed peas ("that could be a separate post", rebecca)

sherri: cleaning out her wallet, 7:08

kendra: considers cleaning out her purse, 7:09

another penalty coming up for carolina

"did you hear about the coach, which coach was it one of the coaches threw a water bottle at a fan. he was suspended and they say it's going to sweep." rebecca

"we should google that" sherri

done: it was the rangers. 

rebecca mentions teppo numinin for the first time, 7:18 "i wonder if teppo twitters. who knows finnish?"

kendra not impressed that kelly hrudy has not updated his twitter account since april 20th. 

kendra "i'm tired. i'm having another donut"

newest favorite compliment: "has a bit of an aroma about him?"

kendra twitters "scottoake how old are you?" / rebecca takes a picture

2ND period:

another penalty, 7:33

"did we figure out which coach....?" sherri

"new york" r/k (in unison)

"he is like a ballet dancer" (r on brodeur)

"he played for another team that i cheered for" sherri

"it was calgary" kendra

wikipedia informs that he has actually played his entire career with the new jersey devils. 

kid with beard, spotted in the crowd: 7:36, sherri chokes on a donut

"came out of there with a biscuit" what? "i like it better when you say puck" sherri

rebecca claps

kendra "i haven't got a text message in 33 minutes" 

eric staal: goal carolina

"i figured out why the kid was wearing the beard. like a hockey beard maybe" sherri

"i bet that bearded kid plays a mean banjo" rebecca

"they should call a time out" sherri

new jersey scores the 3rd goal: eric staal.  agaaaaaiiiiin...

sherri wants New Jersey to call a timeout.

Ward squeezes.

kendra: i think the devils are as tired as i am

"everything that staal touches tonight is turning to gold."

kendra researches eric staal and notes he spent a night in jail on the night of his bachelor party, july 21, 2007. 

rebecca: shout out to ivan at madison square safeway

sherri: he's never been to europe

kendra: this game is very depressing for me

rebecca (on the tsn commentator): let's see if this guy has a twitter

sherri: do we care what this guy is up to?

rebecca: he might know how old scott oake is

kendra (kept saying 'oakes', sherri didn't correct to be polite): kelly hrudy is going to think i'm an idiot

one minute left in the second period, 8:05

eric stall rush, zubris softly to the front, 14 seconds in the period, latch on, skate through centre, content to drive it in

kendra, loves when announcers refer to how much time left "in regulation" when the score is 3-0 as it creates hope for all

rbc centre. discussion of what RBC stands for. obviously royal bank and not radio bible camp

decision: none of us are really invested in the series. 

sherri to r: "is this going to affect anything in your life?"

r: "just to see who they're going to play."

kendra: "i'm kind of going for detroit."

teams in order we'd like to win stanley cup (no need to mention all)

kendra: vancouver, anaheim, boston, detroit, new jersey

sherri: vancouver/calgary

rebecca: pittsburgh, vancouver, chicago, detroit

graham text: still eating, is there a second game on tonight?

sherri: i'd like to know shots on goal

kendra: this live blogging is more fun when we are happy

sherri: i gotta say a huge disappointment in this hockey game

rebecca: switches to family guy

back to hockey: 8:35

SO MANY PENALTIES, 3 minutes for cross checking

another goal

sherri "this is not good. not a good game at all."

ten minutes to go in the period

sherri discusses switching goalies

r: "they've been too spaced out. it's not that MB is playing badly. wait until we see the shots on goal. they are just bound to get one in."

kendra "i actually liked carolina once. remember that year they went to the final?"

r: how old are they?

s: probably five years for sure

r: here come the fights. fights of desparation

announcer: "just setting the table for another game seven."

sherri: I'm not even sure if i want to watch that game

(review blog, 8:46 - 8:51 and realize it has been a good night and we did like the kid with the beard and the food)

sherri: i think if it gets to the point when it's the hurricaine team versus someone else. i think i'm going to cheer for someone else.

rebecca: i have no love for carolina. 

bearded kid shot again, 8:58

45 seconds to play

30 seconds

the people in raliegh all on their feet. 

the caniacs will bring you home.

sherri: the caniacs? that is the lamest sports team fan name. 

rebecca: well. they deserved to win.

kendra: this is what we get for getting emotionally invested in another series. 

martin: we still still think you are a great goalie and you let in four goals. you know what? you were trying and were keeping that team afloat.

scott oake: we're still wondering how old you are. 


until next time: xo. kendra, sherri, rebecca

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

april 21

live blog from rebecca's (first game with cable):

first period. drinking: grolsch (rebecca), gin (sherri), growers cider (kendra)

"it's like the quarter finals. every team is playing." sherri 7:17

"it was like montreal was boston's bitch last night. live blogging can refer to the day before, can't it?" rebecca 7:19

welwood scores for vancouver: first playoff goal 7:22 (graham informed by text as he is studying)

text from graham: how much is this service costing me 7:22

rebecca mentions teppo numinnin for the first time: 7:27

"one of those penalties the coaches don't mind" 7:48

decision made to put tomato in the guacamole: :7:49

first period over: :7:49, the power play will carry over into the next period


rebecca to a telemarketer: "i am not interested right now. there is a hockey game on. yeah, it won't be a good time for another two months, until the playoffs are over" 8:02

second goal: alex burrows!

vancouver power play: 8:26

st. louis goal (tkachuk assist) 8:33

commentary: rebecca wants more fights. sher and rebecca discuss the heat in their building. discussion about their fish "he's not floating or sinking. maybe he is sleeping."

rebecca on kt: "he's like a middle aged fido dido. he's nooooo teppo numinin"

another st. louis goal: 8:40 (first ever for perron, a 20 year old)

rebecca "deep down inside, i hope it goes to a game five."

major pile up: close call, and they just about grabbed the lead 8:42

"now it's mayhem"

possible luongo injury: 8:43

"there is a hush all over british columbia" (and arlington)

the good news is roberto seems okay 8:45, goal still being reviewed

"this is intense this is exciting" rebecca

"this is like play off hockey" sherri

NO GOAL "it was hard to tell when whistle was" sherri "i could clearly hear the whistle" rebecca

"game five baby" sherri ("i just want to watch keith tkachuk a couple more games")

second period over. THANKFULLY.

we remember all being at the last jets game. also declare winnipeg jets fans the best fans ever 8:53

high five: 8:54

google where is don cherry: 8:55, it seems he's going for the bruins 8:56

rebecca: how old is scott oakes? 858

other game:

carolina scores with .02 seconds left: "that goal is not confirmed yet" 9:01

rebecca "kelly hrudey's not going to be happy with that goal"

"marty is slashing his stick and good for him"

confirmed. 9:02

ok, back to the vancouver game

sherri: "oooh. what if this goes into overtime" 9:11

grant text: "i didn't know you were such a hockey fan" 9:07

crowd: "let's go blues" 9:13

new snacks: pinnapple and party mints 9:14

"and roberto luengo has stopped again" 9:15

(kendra apologizes for all spelling errors: 9:16)

keith tkachuk headbuts burrows 9:17

rebecca "he makes me mad, though, the way he is" (doesn't say it, but kendra predicts she is thinking "he's no teppo numinin"

watching basketball for a moment 9:21 (tsn)

kendra realizes todd bertuzzi is now playing for the calgary flames 9:22

kendra: "anyone need another growers?"

graham text: "how do i vote for my choice of player of the game?" 9:26

rebecca hearts improvisational organ approxiatmently 9:33 TO 9:36

sherri typed the last one: "didn't take typing in highschool"

note to sherri: remember our chemistry class "rob kohut takes a drink of water, 2:13" hahahaha!!!!

"right now the blues are looking for any kind of break at all"

shots are now 28-26 in favour of st. louis 9:39

"is that andy murray?"sherri, "it IS andy murray. we never see that guy on my tv. he looks like dr. phil"

"i don't like it when they pile up on the goalies. i've always been about goalies rights" rebecca, 9:42

"kelly hrudey was not the best goalie. but he's charismatic. getting back to keith tkachuk not having a career. hat is he going to do?" sherri, 9:42


"i've seen games that have gone to four or five overtimes, back in the day" sherri


"casually is the key word, jim, and appropriately so." "what a great story chris mason has been down the stretch."

"andy is mad that burrows is on. the face off will come out side the blue line. you can't relax for a second with this line. what a break for st. louis. "

for the first time in this series........

over time.

"now that's nervous time for you" sherri

discussion of who owns the anaheim mighty ducks and how we would like teemu to win a cup and overall, how good he looks in "that teal colour" 9:54

"the first thing i did when i joined facebook was join a teppo numinim fan page" rebecca

"we should be going back to the other game soon" sherri

"teemu selanne, at 38, still possessing the speed"

ok, overtime is on 10:04

keith tkchuk nothing can get passed him.." of course not" comments sherri 10:10

"action everywhere"10:10

penalty called against vancouver

"there is an unspoken rule that penalties aren't called in overtime" rebecca, 10:15

kendra "i'm about to ask if anyone wants another growers"

rebecca: hands on face

sherri: "one more minute guys"

"this little steen boy is quite good." sherri


high five: 10:17

"that was definitely scary nervous time" sherri

penalty killed "another missed opportunity on the power play" 10:18

discussion of playoff beards: it's only game four. how fast can you grow? watch perron. let's call a time out or something. you have to score a goal. keep at em. daniel sundin is back to get it burrows is in bounces off and off the boards to centre.

icing call to st. louis so vancouver can change 10:20

another penalty call: accidental and 4 mins

sherri "i hope you all know that vancouver will win this series"


sherri "this is good. it's breaking st. louis' vibe"

discussion about when goalies play the puck.

penalty over. "that was amazing."

vancouver power play...yay! 10:30


canucks win. 18.1 seconds left in over time

triumphant. this was a great night for hockey.

yay for vancouver.

to keith tkachuk, it has been a great run. great assist. all our best, xo, kendra, rebecca, sheri

Sunday, April 19, 2009

april 19th

watched the vancouver game tonight here at the arington headquarters of nervoustime. it was a bit scary at first when tied at two but thenvancouver killed penalties and then came back with a third goal won the game. cbc pulled out the great camera men with some great shots of k. tkachuk prompting some in house discussion about whether or not our beloved KT wil retire this year.

our new favorite player is ryan kessler and ryan johnson is pretty cute too.

but for now, we have a little love left for keith:

also: the canadians are losing. hopefuly they'll win at least once before graham finishes exams.

speaking of exams: sher on keith "what is he going to do besides hockey though, it's not like he finished his degree."

Wednesday, April 15, 2009