Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy 5 year anniversary nervoustime!

Tomorrow nervoustime turns five years old. It started when GSP and I were watching a hockey game and someone said 'it's nervoustime'. Graham turned to me and said 'we should do a hockey blog called nervoustime".

It started off with us (me?) not knowing much about hockey. Well, if you look at earlier entries you may wonder who Scott "Oakes" was, and obviously how old he was. But we've discovered that along with other things ('who's JVR?' 'are the Sedin's Canadian citizens?' 'does anyone like Shea Weber?').

Thanks to everyone who was with us and grew with us along the way.

In the 'where are they now?' aspect I will say that even though Mark and I broke up four years ago we still regularly send text messages to each other saying simply "JAGR!" or "Olllllllllllli." Graham is writing his last exam on Wednesday. Becca, Ness and I are all joining a playoff fantasy league with our own team each!!!

On the topic of the playoffs I'd like to send a special shout out to my sister Karla for the heart wrenching upcoming struggle of watching her two faves the Blackhawks and the Blues. Always positive, the preseries quote was "it will be a win for me." We together make a limb.

My playoff hopes are San Jose (I have a shirt), Chicago (I have a shirt and a baby outfit for the next time a friend of mine becomes pregnant - bought a pack of three), Flyers (I have a shirt, long enough to be a dress on the most casual friday), Detroit (Alfie, deserves it), Colorado (I really like the young kids), Anaheim (Teemu deserves everything.), Montreal (well, PK Subban won us over and pretty much helped us almost win our fantasy league) and Pittsburgh (who doesn't miss Malkin's parents?). I will do an update in the second round but the first round is really the best. It's anyone's game and that's another great hockey / love analogy.

Always take the chance and expect the best. Here's to another five great years,

xok for nervoustime

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