Saturday, December 22, 2012

world juniors, early mornng

good morning! it's 1-0 sweeden. karla 'it was bound to happen'. apparently all of the sweeden players have the same name, or maybe that's there sponsor? is kyocero a sweedish company? it's gotta be a company. we found out kyocero produces cameras mobile phones etc. so the team names are on the lower part of their jersey 'is the sponsor more important than the player?"

filip forsberg is a leo and has no relation to peter forsberg. discussion of american horror story, vanessa loved it. general consensus is that glee is worth avoiding.

first period is over. scones are out, thank you.

second period, second pot of coffee. power play canada. very little is going on. victor rask, is not related to tukka rask but he is a babe. mr. winkworth just brought out goodie bags for us to take home. this party is really great. i commented that the jenner on canada team is not related to brody jenner unfortunately, to which rebecca added 'fortunately. the time in ufa is currently 9;02 and douge hamilton just got a penalty, we've concluded the problems for canada are their penaltes and their goalie.

it's also going to start getting lighter outside and we are all still alive. woah, major game changer. ms winkworth has a kyocera phone but there is a legit team sweeden injury. we are also going to have mimosas. apparently there is an average 96,000 bubbles in the average bottles of champagne. we've been researching how champagne gets their bubbles and it's now four on four. here comes a canadian four on three. 'it looks like if you blow on someone they get a penlty.' rebecca also wants more fighting.

canada goal! jonathan drouin is an aries! today's horoscope: the planet of good fortune is on his side. he is also reminded to tell people he loves them, hopefully he does.

discussion of the stereotype of the tea drinker, are they more relaxed than coffee drinkers. also reminded why this is such a soft tournament is they are protecting the players for the nhl. boone jenner is a gemini and his hscope says very little that's applicable to his hit.

"fish flies are my least favourite thing in the world" - karla

"i used to eat fish flies for a nickel a piece' - mr. winkworth

discussion of landlines and whey they can be neccesary\; power's out, cell is dead. other things you could spend our money on instead of a landline\; snuggies, a generator to use in case the power does go out. .people that call you on your landline: your parents.

i think this game will go into overtime. we think it's five minutes. shoot out? the us beat sweeden in overtime?

rebecca found a good website: where you can find basic rules for overtime in various leagues. in the group stage teams play 5 mins of four on four then three on three shootout then playoff it's a ten min overtime three man shootout then gold medal game it's 20 mins. boone jenner is out of the game.

discussion of nfl rules: very complicated to all of us, each team gets it at least once in overtime unless it's a touchdown.

the discussion comes back to the film rebecca wants to make about refs.

what if there was a whole team that was one family obviously now we are talking about our love for the staal family.

dougie hamilton is giving 27 a bad name, back in the penalty box.

overtime: we are inpressed with jordan bennington's playing now. discussion of christmas films, the hobbit, les miz, life of pi. the movie never leads up to the book except the first shining, according to mr. winkworth.

shootout\; discussion of leonardo dicaprio, our favorite film of his romeo and juliet (karla: 'i still own the soundtrack')

mrs winkworth calling 'silver linings playbook' 'game play'

what happens when you turn 20 during the tournament? they have a cut off date according to vanessa.

11 we didn't know who you were but we like you  huberdeau.

goal sweeden.

nuge does it too.

druoin the secret star. weak,,,,,,,

canada still wins. congrats!!

have a great day everyone.  happy holidays. we will do our best to live blog some four am games for you.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

nervoustime actually: death in the family

my grandmother died today and people were screaming and crying and the babies among us were the happiest but other people brought soup, which is nice, cause it is still wolseley. tips for surviving funeral planning are as follows (i.e. what i think ryan kesler would suggest):

a) everyone is allowed to be sad in their own way.

b) light a menorah, your oma loved jewish culture

c) make an amend - oma's last thing she wanted to do was contact an ex from 60 years previous

d) family more relational than biological. meaning we need that ex's new partner at the funeral as much as we need my father who was not there.

e) even if your father was never there, find a way to love him. this is a difficult one. people all have struggles and all you can really track are your own.

f) when people say "they died with their family" you may not believe it but when it happens it can be great.

g) love your family. love them with all you have. tell them you love them. tell them again.

h) love yourself. love yourself like your oma loved you. like everyone in your family loves you.

i) it is all going to be okay and pretty soon it won't be nervoustime anymore.

Monday, November 26, 2012

dreams come true on the east coast.

i've always heard those sayings like, your dreams may not come true how you want but they will always surprise you and be even better. like hey, be patient. like how the world looks out for you. i went to philadelphia this weekend hoping to catch a game between the jets and flyers. i also had loose plans to watch the devils and senators. wanted to see alfredson one last time, who doesn't?

while i could say my dreams started coming true in harlem, back track first of all i was in harlem, which was also a surprise thanks to my friend and fellow jet fan constintine. i was at his place after an epic day of walking and pizza eating when we checked twitter and noticed there was a charity game happening in atlantic city the next day raising funds for hurricaine sandy victims. immediately i tried to buy a ticket on my phone but it didn't work. the next day i ran back to philly by train (after breakfast at the seinfeld restaurant) and found a venue where the ticket seller told me to take the chance and get one there. he said i would save money cause the tickets were 50 on the site and i could get one for 30.

hold up, because i am a big 'plan' person. like it's not necc my thing to take a train to atlantic city without a plan. however, something made me realize it could work. on the train, i met a family of flyers fans and they sold me a 20 dollar ticket. as a jet fan i haven't bought a hockey ticket for under 80 dollars since 94. this was a dream.

the atmosphere was amazing on the shore including many chants, 'fire betman' 'we miss hockey' 'go rangers' 'crosby sucks' = this is all before the game even started. players included lunqvist, broduer, alfredson (!), hartnell (beard of the night) and pk subban. at first it was kind of sloppy and the only person who was holding up was king henrik but then maybe he realized his coach wasn't tortorello it was vinny from jersey shore so he let in a few goals. james neal scored a lot who i have never paid attention to. carcilo was also there. i left early just to get a train back.

the next day (yesterday) i started noticing a neat energy in my hotel and realized it was the carolina panthers. talked to a few of the team and can report they drink a lot of water. half stopped watching the grey cup actually i was so inspired. this morning was the peak of my nfl starcrazy when i was in the elevator and a person got on who i later realized was rookie qb cam newton. he was so nice and i would put him as one of the nicest people i have met in an elevator ever even before i knew who he was.

so the thing is even though there is a lockout there is magic everywhere and you just have to find it, ride the right elevators, take the right trains. maybe it's not nervoustime at all, but a magical time just starting to come alive.

love, kendra (home now)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Movember, yo!

Who misses hockey? We do. Anyways, nervoustime always likes to partake in the good causes so GSP is participating in Movember on behalf of nervoustime. His page and press release (written by Kendra) is below.

"Movember 2012: GSP Returns. Graham Smith Peloquin is facing a battle against prostate cancer in Movember, 2012. Fueled by A & W and coolers now available at the Sherbrook Inn we might not even recognize Pony Boy by the end of the month. This isn't a West Broadway Secret so please pass on the information to your friends and donate."

Thursday, August 30, 2012

twenty-seven thoughts from summer.

this is kendra and rebecca reporting on our season preview. twenty-seven thoughts from the summer, in honour of our teppo numminen.

1) the stantley cup - oh, yeah apologies for the lack of posts leading up to who won the stanley cup final. it was the la kings, i (kendra) lost a bet on that series and have yet to deliver. i have to clean the dishes at my next family gathering. i don't even think any of us watched the game. anyways, over the summer our thoughts have been:

2) staals - amazing move by jordan and super sweet that he wanted to be reunited with his bro. as one of nervoustime's key characteristics to cultivate is compassion we have to take a moment to think of marc (and even that other guy) but this is a good family move. as jet fans however makes things more difficult. rebecca wants everyone to know she knows you know she loves brothers on the same team and she loves the staals 'just one step to seeing all four staals playing on the same team one day and snoop dogg of course as the owner of that team'

3) zach bogosian's wrist injury - rebecca indicates that he will be missed on the ice. i wonder if he's spent to much time on instagram and why didn't he have the surgery earlier. maybe he knows something we don't know, i.e. lockout.

4) ron hainsey's comments on the contract negotiations - as people know ron hainsey is my favorite jet. i was thrilled he was a fan of the negotiation atmosphere as i am also a lawyer. further evidence that ron hainsey should continue to be my favorite jet in the coming year. rebecca read an article where hainsey maintained his weight. it's not worth it to him to take more than one week of vacation. in that regard ron hainsey and i are nothing alike.

6) ponikarovsky joins the jets- this is a dream for me as immediately following the glass trade i wanted ponikarovsky to continue the taxation line theme and go to pst. i also have the same birthday as him. rebecca is stoked for 'pony boy. if they are picking up ponikarovsky, maybe they're dropping kane"

7) evander kane. - 'he was pondering a 6 year-30 million dollar deal at the end of july' . he also has the same birthday as my newly born nephew otto-angelo (high five, o-boy!). do we really need him? rebecca says 'i'm kinda biased cause i don't like him. half the year he played great and half the year he played underwhelmingly. i'm sure he doesn't want a long term. he probably wants a one year, 30 million contract'.

8) patrick kane - you are great. that's all.

9) byfuglien's case - first off i'm pretty sure i spelt that name right ? he got two days of community service. rebecca says 'do it and suck it up'

10) the demise of osborne village - papa georges goes. movie village gone. shoppers. rebecca is worried of the further demise of what used to be one of her favorite spots in winnipeg. i agree. 'the legion should move into the papa george's place' thank god for the legion!

11) bombers - rebecca says yeah. what about joey elliot. there could still be a second half push. according to the stats they have a thirty percent chance of being better. beyond coaches and players the managment team needs to change, they need some women on that management team and they need people who understand football and the fans - they are out of touch.

12) where did this butchko come from anyways?

13) minnesota wild - i think zach parise is a babe.

14) the new 94.3 radio - new within a year but we've never talked about it. we heard go your own way today - always great. i believe in the radio sending you messages, do you?

15) edmonton oilers - the kid eberle got a big deal. becca loves him. she wants everyone to know she has been on the oilers bandwagon for a long time and she thinks the team will gel eventually. these kids are going to grow up together.

16) tim thomas - we LOVED tt here at nervoustime. we are done timmy tom. ' i can't like him anymore' - rebecca

17) malkin threatens to go to the khl - rebecca - 'malkin?'

18) penguins - rebecca 'we should talk about them and how they are going to be fucking awesome this year and i can start wearing my crosby shirt with pride again.'

19) st. louis blues - i love st. louis and want to go there again next year. hope this years playoffs are better. the blues might be boring to watch sometimes but they have a blimp at their games.

20) reverse phone searches and how they don't really work - rebecca 'have you actually paid for those things?' me ' they used to work when people had land lines only'

21) pussy riot - nervoustime alsolutely supports pussy riot and when we take over while the men watch from cbc we would love to have you as guests.

22) the wolseley farmer's market. i never made it, did you? rebecca did. she said it was lovely.

23) will there be a lockout - we both think yes. for a while not all year? rebecca only hopes for half the season. i pick all exhibition and two weeks regular season.

24) watch something else - i decided to cheer for a texas team 'the allen americans' during the lockout if it happens. this can get exciting. rebecca's cheering for slovan bratislava. of course i love those guys too.

25) breaking bad - becca says it is 'so creepy and twisted'. i am only on season three but i love jesse.

26) subway - never go there. we went last week after the bomber game. going to subway is never a good idea. a commercial is on for it now. don't let that influence you.

27) teppo - we still think you're the greatest if anyone wants to give us their tickets for a buffalo game next year we will take them. the welcome back teppo campaign remains strong.

xo kendra and rebecca

Saturday, June 2, 2012

stanley cup final, game two.

hi from arlington. present, rebecca, kendra, vanessa. woah, cpr line. carter penner richards. that was a great retrospective of dustin penner. did any lines have names before gst? answer: yes, there are tons! even on the devils, esp - elias sykora, parise.

devils power play. we discussed earlier what our line would / could be called and had the idea that if i met a guy with a last name 'f' we could be called wwf - kendra. also got an invite to barbq anytime at neighbour steve's place, who was playing bohemien rhapsody. he also told us his bbq cleaning secret which is to turn it up full strength for five mins at the end 'it kills all bacteria' he said.

our sushi isn't here yet. 'don't paint your nails before sushi' - vanessa. salvador is from brandon, don't forget it. so it's 2-1 manitobans. maybe we said this last time?

doughty goal, in becca's draft. 'sutter does look  like sam the eagle' - ness. (From the while men watch) ours are zetterberg/jared leto, lecaviller looks like steven malkmus from pavement, lindquist looks like......"not a celebrity, a sleezy exboyfriend.'

another devils pp. the devils are playing well, the only issue appears to be the drew doughty's skate speed (30 km/hr). Brodeur made us a bit nervous for a second there.

A little devils roster review revealed the following: six aries devils. the aries horoscope from the globe and mail today says 'if you want something enough, you will find a way to get it this weekend. Looking back though you may decide it wasn’t such a big deal after all. Still, life’s all about learning from experience.' also noted that hedberg turns 40 next year at playoffs, may 3. so we can expect the same celebration the commentators did this year for marty.

interestingly there are no aries members on the la kings. rebecca 'they're probably more level headed.'

continued discussion of famous nhl hockey lines. confirmation that "the GST line" is listed on wikipedia. our next favourite: "the Hull and Oates line" for Bobby Hull and Adam Oates. Only afterward did we realize that Adam Oates is the assistant coach for the devils. Obviously Adam is now our favourite NHL coach (with the exception of Teppo Numminen: the most handsome man from Finland).

the sushi is so good, hamilton sushi. we got two surprise gifts of crazy rolls. so great, so crazy.  still 1-0 la. the devils already have as many shots as they did last game.

the kia optima commercial, according to vanessa 'sounds like a jerk. like the car is made for a jerk.' oooh that's a highstick, mitchell.

We're drinking wine and beer out on the stoop during intermission. Steve reminds us that he will bbq anything for us anytime. and it's ok with Margery, just so we know. they had salmon tonight.

reference to dwight king as the 'king of kings'. i, kendra, always thought that was jesus.

hmmm. we need a devils goal obviously. rock of ages, sounds like it will be a terrible movie. sad that the wes anderson movie isn't coming to winnipeg this week. 'i will take david hasselhoff over tom cruise any day"

parise is such a babe. we also found out that dustin penner was divorced in february 2012. discussion of the tim thomas year off. vanessa is very disappointed and thinks it is out of character. glen healey's perspective is bang-on. you're looking a little crazy, timmy tom!

there was a nj goal but we were outside. vanessa announces if she was wealthy she would make a nervoustime wine box - a 7 litre. 'for the serious hockey blogger.' ryan carter got the goal.he isn't an aries, he's a leo, born august 3. his horoscope from the globe today: "You may have a load of tasks to get through, but you just can’t seem to get organized. Maybe you should take the hint and forget about work. Everyone needs a rest once in a while, even a livewire Leo." well he obviously didn't read this horoscope, thank goodness.

did someone say it will go to ot everytime? and what happened to water beds.

quick is a good saver, seven mins left. eating watermelon. quick is an aquarius, globe and mail says: "The planets warn you need to slow down between now and the start of next week. Why? Because if you keep up your current pace much longer you will be too tired later to take advantage of some great opportunities. Take a break!" maybe that means new jersey will win the next couple games?

'Everything matters.'

that was a great jersey shift by kovalchuk etc. so if parise is playing with him and zajac it isn't esp tonight. i wonder if oates got upset if hull was matched with someone else. hall and oates the band probably did.

penalty new jersey. just as we were discussing the ridiculousness of calling a penalty this late in the game, here comes a call against the kings. ok now it is elias and parise so esp must be around somewhat. i kind of vote nj as hardest last names to spell for a long time.

final minute of regular will be a 1 min pp for the goes........nice play kowalchuck.

oooooh. overtime! our picks ponikarovsky - all of us, rebecca now says doughty.

haha cute brodeur comment from cbc 'it's not his first rodeo'

doughty: "like a Picasso".

jeff carter's 1st overtime career goal! "aw, that's always great when they get their first winning OT goal." it's a kings series so far. "i haven't lost hope"- kendra.

wondering what bruce springsteen song they're playing in newark right now. "it must be fitting".

"if i picture billy joel in my mind, he's wearing a devils jersey" - rebecca.

"i think the devils made a good decision to sleep at home tonight" - k.

we've decided we'll all wear our martin brodeur bracelets and our pj stock shirts on monday.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

stanley cup final, game 1

hi guys! we're here for the second period of game one, three mins left, eating hummus. score is 1:0 la. present, vanessa, becca and kendra. becca thinks la will win in six, i think nj in six, becca's heart lies in nj, vanessa has a preference for the east coast. two mb's on nj, one in la. in any event we will get the cup here in wpg. new york didn't have any manitobans but it had a staal. my dad was talking about sod the other day and i thought of them.

discussion of cbc's 'while the men watch' - it should have been us. ness 'as long as it goes into overtime, new jersey has it'. ooooh. discussion of rental income and moving in together. nj score, speaking of cutlery drawers. it went of an la player, 'that's why he looks so sad'. tie game.

'do they have an online farmers almanac that's like updated?"
discussion of weather experts. comparison of farmers almanec and fight club. ooh 'brodeur looks like a rooster?" becca describing her time listening to while the men watch. so weird. wouldn't you rather hear us talk about weather trends?

'is this a chocolate, or is this an olive'

becca: 'we love talking about hockey players, their personal lives, their astrological charts, whether they pay their bills, but we still know our shit and can still love and talk about the game, just like the guys."

discussion of deer tick the band, and how we haven't heard them because we don't like ticks. rebecca: 'aren't deer ticks the ones who carry lyme disease, the nastiest of the ticks?" lyme disease is aparently incurable. love the discussion of marty being 40. the three look great today, all in shades of grey but great coordination: ron, pj and kelly. ron pays such good attention to others.

pj's eyes look red. 'there's a visine for that!' - ness. just so you know we all have 'pj stock crew' tshirts, ordered directly from boston. 'we need a close up of kelly hrudy's line to see if they shared that joint. pj must have picked out the tie after he smoked it' vanessa.

goodbye lindstrom......hello watermelon. 'it's awful that he gave his announcement so quickly so late. it's like getting married and then breaking up with a text message. just so you know, you are never going to see me again even though you love me and i've been around for 20 years' vanessa on lindstrom's retirement.

OT predictions: ness - zubrus, rebecca - kovalchuk, kendra - zajak.

remember hanzal and yandle? hahahahaha.

least favourite adjective: rebecca - 'pedestrian'
word you'd like to turn into a non-complimentary adjective: kendra - 'road' as in "ugh, that necklace is SO road."

'this is the stuff that women want to hear while watching the hockey game'.

kopitar wins it on a breakaway. kings take game 1. 'like all the series so far, the kings win game 1'. premonition? we shall see.

shout out to tracey in nicaragua!

final thoughts: kendra - "the kings are SO road." ness - "they probably loss because i took off my devils-colour-themed nail polish." reb - "i'm going to look up the astrological charts of both teams."

happy last day of may (tomorrow)! love, nervoustime.

Friday, April 20, 2012

420~ first playoff blog of the season

surprise get together tonight. present: rebecca (ordering sushi), vanessa (wings jersey, obviously), eric (four weeks as a non-smoker), kendra (day 5 of the yoga public 30 day challenge). on the way: gene and trace. no response: gsp.

watching detroit / nash. do or die for the wings. the nashville jerseys already hard on the eyes. also three cheers to becca's new mac book, no need to plug it in.

quick comment also about the new deluca's wine store, so stylish, felt like i was in a different city. rebecca is now laughing.

nashville scores, rebecca offers smoothies to everyone and describes her near death experience at zumba toning, dancing for an hour holding two three pound weight.

switch to the flyers game. trace brought a box of wine, 20 air miles. eric and trace introduce themselves to each other, again.

discussion of morning games. oh no - pittsburgh scores, becca is happy. i am not. staal....ooooh. high five to sod farm. discussion of the wellwood brothers, the little gionta and the next subban. no brothers however can top the staals.

ah, the austrailian crawl.

another penguins goal, rebecca started singing. she loves pittsburgh. i still say flyers for sure - kendra.

still 3-2 we are discussing the weber hit/fire on albert. both have caused a slight outrage.

tracey comments that she calls the predators the bumblebees. super cute. gene has arrived, wearing a jet shirt (ladd).

tanner glass an unrestricted free agent and happy birthday chris mason. who will be the new 't' of the gst. tracey likes him cause of his masters degree. i say embrace the guys with masters degrees which brings me to my other thought of the day which is that playoff time is the most romantic time of the year. ryan and i wanted to blog about that last night. the reason is emotions just go up and down from day to day and things are so unpredictable, such as rebecca now reestablishing her love for the penquins even though she had been cheering for the flyers before the last game. "well, SOMEBODY needs to defend Pittsburgh. they've been nailed to the cross this season."

pj stock allegedly has a depends commercial and battle of the blades has been canceled. 'i am never going to buy harpers book on hockey. i am going to take it out of the library and burn it. get as many out of circulation as possible. let's keep reading ron mclean's book and when we do the burn we can throw a bra in for good measure' - hahaha. this quote was a few of us.

none of us think nashville to win, oh, expect rebecca. see emotions! running wild and detroit just scored. and tracey's fave hockey player growing up was stevie, grade three, 'first hockey crush. yzerman" (probably spelt wrong, kendra, i know his face).

the sushi guy is on the lawn!!! haha. much like 'he's in the sink' of last week......exciting times. ooooh it game in a box. looks like a lot. wasabi too. big night for sushi. the place is called hamilton sushi, named after hamilton street (by the airport). delivery guy doesn't know the total of the order. he says 60, we want to pay 90. karma windfall here, he only took 60. major windfall and shoutout to hamilton sushi. canned drinks, they are a surprise.

while you guys are eating sushi i am going to focus on the flyers in the meditation chair, 15 mins left.

well the sushi is great. flyers pp. let's do this guys. trace 'are they trying to do the white noise with the towels or what?' i'm offended.'

the deep fried tofu is so good but this game is stressing me out. becca is standing. detroit still behind by one also. this is a real nervoustime night. but the sushi did win. everyone is full. again: cheers to hamilton sushi. so cheap! and so good (by the airport).

trace: 'is jagr related to jagr' rest of us 'it's the same one' -next: 'is yzerman still playing?'

ok. so penguins won. this is crazy. something spilled. a four 20 sink issue. 'check everything twice.' is the aries motto. there are four of us here, we need to be careful. the only cheer left of the night is for detroit. let's see. 10 mins left.

'the sushi is done' - eric.

we did well. it's also great to have a wine buzz at 9 pm.

quick discussion of the mlcc merging with lotteries. we didn't know.

lidstrom only three games away from most play off games of any player. vanessa wants to beat up shea weber: 'i bet he'd hit me back.'

i will note that rebecca is happy with both outcomes and everyone deserves a chance in the spotlight, 'that is probably a carrrie underwood lyric and i don't even care'. she is happy pittsburgh won, the rest of us are a little down, still smiling though cause we still have lots of wine.

final thoughts:

becca: 'i'm happy with the outcome of the night. i've always loved the underdog.'

eric: "i don't know."

vanessa: "i'm sad. tennessee is for shitty country music, not hockey teams."

trace: "go stevie yzerman and jagr."

gene: "love playoff hockey"

kendra: "i'm sad too but stoked to watch hockey tomorrow with my dad."

about to discuss if lindstrom needs to meet vanessa before he retires....xoxoxo

love you guys!

nervoustime out! (spelling errors are kendras - of course)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

kendra's goodbye post

hey guys, leaving for germany tonight for the rest of the regular season. it has been a great year and i wanted to share my top 10 moments of the hockey season:

10) divorce club nights at the cheer - very fun times began with one or two but grew to a wonderful group: the simpson brothers, graeme, matt, jer etc. so much fun getting weird and playing trivia

9) fairmont hotel with becca. best poutine and super fun waiting for teppo numinen

8) emails on the train from san jose to sf. i left my first nhl game of the year early cause i left out the wrong exit. to the person who told me it was ok and that san jose sucks anyways, that was really nice.

7) meeting johnny oduya at greenroom: this was my only hug from an nhl player but hopefully not the last. all the best in chicago, j!

6) seeing the "i'd do ya oduya sign on tv" held by a middle aged man. this was one of my favorite moments of the year. so good. this picture still makes me smile every time i see it. copyright, rebecca.

5) attending the flyers game with my nephew and having him decide not to chant "pronger" because there are good things about every person. having him, last weekend, asking me how chris pronger is doing and how he hoped okay.

4) st louis blues game march 8th where they played anaheim and i saw teemu. the blues are great and i hope they go far. they are hard working and coached like a football team.

3) welcome back teppo campaign: this was a lot of fun and really brought some positivity to the city, in my view.

2) being at my grandparents the night my opa came home from his first jet game and having him say it was too loud and that his favorite part of the night was touring the hydro building. so sweet!

(the #1 is not included because i am hoping it will be JETS MAKE THE PLAYOFFS AND GO ALL THE WAY!)

miss you all already, thanks for the great year.

love, kendra

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Welcome Home Teppo Campaign 2012

As you all know, Teppo Numminen plays an important role in the lives of the nervoustime crew. A fellow Cancerian, he has always been and will always be Rebecca's favourite hockey player of all time. He was the classiest Jet (original franchise), and now he's the classiest assistant defense coach around. Harlequin's reinterpreted song "Numminen: he's all we ever needed" sums up our views on Teppo. He really is all we ever needed.

When Teppo returned with the Sabres on Jan 19 (Wpg 4: Buffalo 1), he received no public accolades or 'shout-outs'. Where was the love? We don't know. Shame on Winnipeg! Shame on the Jets!

On March 5th when Teppo returns for the 2nd Buffalo-Winnipeg game, we need to show him our city's gratitude for his years of service. And Rebecca needs to add a fresh signature to her Numminen game-worn jersey (the signature from 1996 has faded). We'll try to figure out how to make that happen...

But in the meantime, we need your help Winnipeg in honouring our defensive superstar. Let's start a "Teppo" chant. We want to see Teppo signs in the crowd. How about airing a little video montage on the screens? Or even better airing the Harlequin song? Who's with me? Let us not forget our other Finnish hero!


ps. Kenny G and B-Town will be in section 217 thanks to the wonders of chance & opportunity.

pps: check out our friend Aynsley's blog about home renos - she's hilarious:

Friday, February 17, 2012

Boston @ Winnipeg Feb 18, 2012

boston bruins @ winnipeg jets

this one's brought to you by the winkworth sisters, kenny-g and trace are representing nervoustime @ cheer bar. gsp, where are you? since gsp fell off the facebook earth we never see him.

amazing energy. vanessa got carded and rebecca didnt so the elder sister is having a bit of a meltdown.

chara isnt as big as we thought he'd look in real life.

we're getting into a little bit of trouble for our signs. no touching the glass and no leaning apparently in the mts arena. "Doesn't that guy Constantine work @ the Mts centre? We should ask him about this no leaning rule next time @ Cheer".

i've got a feeling about wheelz tonight! - r

end of 1st period. no goals.

intermission was jam packed with line-ups.

burmistrov scores!

moments later, kelly scores and we have a tied game!

and with 2 min left, wheels scores a beautiful goal! so beautiful we're gonna tell vic toews all about it.

one of our signs says "no to c30" if anybody cares.

the woman next to me scared the shit out of me. cosmetic surgery gone wild. oy vey.

end of second period. 2:1 jets.

vanessa dropped the last skittile. "still gonna eat it. you can wipe candy clean".

another realization: $10 doubles are the way to go @ the mts centre.

krejci scores and makes it 2:2 tie.

the slovak giant earns a chorus of boos from the crowd.

bryan little scores it up by snapping into the top corner! 3:2 jets!

little again! 4:2 jets! and there's a mutha fuckin wave going through the arena! yessss!!!!!

a puck flew super close, an older mad scientist caught it right behind us but gave it to a little wee bruins fans. what evs. we'll be waiting for you after the game, kid. at least the usher didn't take away the puck. that is the stupidest new rule ever.

we've got 4 on 3 (jets) this is gonna get crazy. fans are goin wild.

that wave lasted for at least 6 rounds.

waiting to start the play til the smooch cam's done.

now the queen is on the jumbo screen pulling the winning 50/50 ticket! she's got 3 british guards with her and this is one of the best things i've seen at a recent jets game. welcome home, queenie!

there are a million penalties going on right now.

jets power play. 5:30 left in the game!

boston pulls tukka from the net. oops, has to go back right away!

it's an empty net for boston and it's gonna be a jets win!

final score 4:2!

what an amazing game for Little and Wheelz! you've always been 2 of our favourites, guys. Oduya and Slater, too. And Stuart. 'Don't forget Thorburn'.

we're off to paint the town red, crash some parties and get rowdy in the streets. and hopefully run into some jets so we can high five them in person.

ps. we haven't had time to draft a new blog about our horrendous Moon Club dining experience @ Rudys in Winnipeg's Hydro building. Unbelievably overpriced food, salt-happy-chef, pretentious 'deconstructed' salads, horrible management, sand-in-the-scallops, measly portion of chicken. The only redeeming factor was our sweet waiter who had to deal with us after our request to speak to the manager or chef was ignored. Thanks for nothin' Rudy's! We'll never be back.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

jets vs sabres. live from the cheer

Present, currently: tracey, kendra, vanessa, becca. live blog thanks to tracey's extra work phone. beer is cheap as borscht @ the cheer before 7pm.

Truth: Vanessa saw a mama and baby bear in wellington park last night. "Did you call the media?" - K.

Discussion about wildlife in urban areas - rabid raccoons, bloody deer and cute rabbits.

It's Winnipeg @ Buffalo. The "Numminen sets the Teppo" sign is still in Rebecca's purse. No Teppo sightings yet on the multiple TV screens surrounding us.

Discussion about boys, friends and rules of relationships.And then Prince: why can't you take a photos during his concerts? is it because he's a jehovah's witness? an artist? controlling?

jeremy and pam arrive. according to ace burpee it's easy to trust people who are into cross-country skiing and snow shoeing. according to v you shouldn't trust anyone who has hair covering an eye "they have something to hide." according to k you should trust people who are into winter (ace and kendra are kindred spirits).

end of 1st period. no score.

trivia time. "i think i know that guy" - rebecca.

stocking up on cheap beer 6:59pm.

"i think you're the only one who brought a sign" - vanessa. "also, i had a huge crush on that guy kendra knows from like 10 yrs ago."

shout out to the stellar buffalo defense (hello, teppo!)

2012: the '77 rule is out. now you can only sleep ith dragons and rabbits. omar's on his way "he'll totally win the 20 gift card during the 2nd intermission trivia."

tyler myers scores. 1:0 buffalo.

"i wonder if claude noel sings opera in the locker room?"

24 7 requests: winnipeg and detroit (v), winnipeg and columbus (k - to raise awareness), winnipeg and buffalo (r, obviously).

"turn down the suck!" pam

jets are 5 on 3. wheeler scores! game tied at 1:1.

"it's always ok to cut up a flag to make a sundress".

reminiscing about tijuana yacht club " i used to go there and visit each bar asking the bartender to make me a shot that was 'pink and on fire'".

jeremy hit a nerve. see his facebook status for details (discussion on cycles). "im just happy we all still get our periods"- pam. cheers to not being pregnant.

"i dont want to go to the bathroom in case something happens" - pam. they have tvs in the bathroom @ earls. "i went there with gsp and when i went to the bathroom i didnt want to leave." - k.

"i love hockey players spelling bees" - r.

3 min left in the 3rd . "i'm calling a shoot out" - pam.

we wonder if bogey threads his eyebrows. "thats his armenian blood."

dating guys who are prettier than you: weird.

johnny oduya scores! oh what a day! oh what a guy! what a smile! "he is so sexy i can barely contain myself. i could hump anyone named johnny right now." - r.

kenny g's big into briere. "he's a snake."

cbc cuts to the montreal-toronto game instead of replaying johnny o's goal ("which i will be doing all night when i get home"- r). goddam yu, cbc. who the fuck cares about the leafs.

regardless this game will go down in history. #iddoyaoduya. proud of ya, johnny. hope to see you around town.

love the nervoustime crew. xo

Monday, January 2, 2012

winter classic

Typical of Jagr, marching to the beat of his own drum.
Winter Classic 2012, Rangers vs. Flyers. "This is how hockey should be played".

In attendance, Rebecca (host), Eric, G Smith-Pelly, Kendra & Vanessa
"mmm mmm" Kendra, "we wrote about how good these cookies are already, right?"
Eric (marshmallow salad King) "we should have the Winter Classic here this year". Agreed!

Rebecca has revealed the 2011 news quiz! Time to put our remembering caps on.
weird diplo's blackberry commercial.
'the class clown isn't very funny if he can't pass the test."

favorite new york rangers:
kendra: michael del zotto
rebecca: marc staal (shoutout to the sunshine sod farm)
graham: the coach, john tortorelo

we can come back to this.

Turns out jagr (who just missed a goal) is rebecca and ness' mom's choice for 'best looking guy in the nhl ever" kendra's is vincent lecalvelier, graham: john tortorello, the coach of the rangers, eric's hasn't formed an opinion yet, rebecca 'teppo numinen of course and then johnny oduya". the winkworth sisters both like kimmo timonen ("mainly because his name reminds me of teppo's" - rebecca)

So the flyers are skating upwind in the first period and still have more shots. weather update from philly, 4 celcius with wind at 35Km / hour, Winnipeg we are at minus 14 with 13km/h. There wind is west. Ours is north.

The game is scoreless after the 1st period.

Brunch is served: eggs, bacon, toast, marshmallow salad, cinnamon cookies, cherries and dried apricots, fruit juice (variety), gin, whisky.

Start of the 2nd, still no score. Lundquist's new goalie pads featured. Don't look as aweseom as Mason's new pads. "He seems like a great guy" - GSP. Commercial break, time for a quote from Ron MacLean's new book Cornered:
'Cari said "That's not a woman, Don. That's Elvis Stojko."'

Tanqueray makes us think of Snoop Dogg and Amy Winehouse. The mixed drinks are delicious: cranberry, gin, gingerale, fresh ice (thanks to Eric "your ice was questionable". "Your ice is fine with me" - GSP.)

1st NHL goal for Brayden Schenn! "Another famous bro!" - Kendra. "Faceoff win, thank you very much"- Vanessa. 1:0 Flyers.

And before that goal sets in, Giroux gets it up and in the net! "Nice!" "Incredible" "And he was out for so many games and now he's the scoring leader" "AND he had a concusssion!" 2:0 Flyers.

And before THAT goal sets in, Rupp gives the Rangers some life and salty salute to Jagr. Apparently Elliotte Friedman is the 'salute specialist' on CBC. 2:1 game.

there are strawberries under the cherries. kendra's top three flyers: jagr, briere, giroux. rebecca: hartnell, jagr, timmonen, graham: simmonds, talbot, and hartnell, vanessa: timmenin, simonds and jagr.

quote from cornered: "Don Cherry is the clown prince. Foils like Ron Maclean are a dime a dozen."

It feels like minus three. the wind has died down to 19 kms/hr.

SHOUTOUT IN ADVANCE to any meterology students that may be linked to our blog because of our weather.

Next quote: 'good grief, if that's the size of the bone, imagine the dog!"

Eric lindros has the best hands! 'if that's the size of his hands, imagine....."

Quote: 'ron, there are plenty of sweaters in this world"

The flyers jerseys are bright bright though. the roots, 'pretty depressing that they're called jimmy fallon's house and now...."

so many commercials. 'i always side with love and he argues for respect" - another part from Cornered.

they haven't started the third yet.

if i was a coach (k) i would form my lines based on how good of a chant could come out of their names, 'gsp' etc

'the best period is about to come".....3rd period.

Is Elliotte Friedman retiring? @ElliotteFriedman

Rupp shoots and scores a"bad goal". 2:2 tie game!

Lundqvist shuts the door. Great goalie. Great pads. Great saves. Hartnell's brilliant ginger mane is dulled by the bleeding colours of his jersey. too bad.

Brad Richards scores and the Rangers lead 3:2. lots of Ranger fans in the crowd. this is uncomfortable territory for Philly.

the new york rangers had an eruption. but ron maclean quote: 'remember, if you make them look good, you'll look good" - i think that's misplaced commas. the double comma means you can take it out and it will have the same meaning: 'remember you'll look good'

john tortorella reminds rebecca of tom cruise. leads to question 'are there any nhl players who are scientologists?" jere gillis: "I made it to the NHL but Scientology has made me more successful. It has given me an understanding of life and relationships that cleared up a lot of "advice" that I had before. And life is great!" also daniel boyle. just an observation (k) that maybe some la kings too. the scientology buildings in hollywood are huge!!! it's pretty remarkable.

discussion of phil collins and 'against all odds' imagine graham, former edward carriere model skating on the ec rink with that song playing in the background 'take a look at me now, baby."

graham applauds gb. 'i like gary bettman now"

average ticket price of the scalpers '489 dollars" #blackmarketvalue

mark messier, not a scientologist but an advocate for preventative health care.

penaty shot

another winter classic come and gone, we feel a lot better than other years, still divided on whether we prefer it to be on the 1st or 2nd

happy new year, rangers win, don't forget to watch the junior game tomorrow and jets/montreal on thurs. see you soon, xo love nervoustime