Wednesday, April 11, 2018

playoffs game one ! jets v. wild

hi and welcome to the first meeting of nervoustime playoffs.

We have so much Bronco love right now. Jen was at the memorial broncos game and has been discussing the somber feelings at the last game of the year.

Darcy feels like Rebecca would be proud that were actually blogging right now.

excited for chinese food spicy noodle house

eric stahl was once on the cover of ea sport nhl and there simulation has picked the jets to win the cup this year also let it be known there are no shootouts in playoff hockey

Go Mark! Assistant Captain #55
He's got a nice watch! Nice billboard, Very Attractive

Talk about us making it to the Stanley Cup
"We're not counting our eggs before they hatch though"

"They're like a Jet, their flying!"  witty commentary...
Food is here! Thank you Spicy Noodle House

Is this the same |Niederittter that i remember from cheering for \pittsburg. against New Jersey

so the food was great and we are now into the second period. i kendra want to give my best wishes to the sedins. eric thought they were the ones with the sod farm, but that is the staals

no score. there may be a perrault injury, we are unsure

one of the staals is on minnesota. i've personally wondered about the possibility of going to a game somewhere else but have to renew my passport so may do that instead.

great save for hellybuck 'we have a goalie' - jen funk

noah is still wearing a pavelec jersey 'someone bought it for him'

jen started laces out which i did too years ago and my laces are who knows where.

discussion of the parise trade, gene reminds us it was parise and suter. when the spelling is wrong i will take the credit, kendra.

excellent sour cream cookies.  thanks jen for making dessert!

Conner is going to score the first goal of the game, Tracey predicts. Jen is predicting Armia.  we will take any Jet goal.

Perrault may have injured his shoulder ~ tbd

'We gotta a goalie!!!!'

shots on goal are 20 to 14 for the Jets.  the Wild seem to have a goalie too...

Winnipeg goes on the  power play. We all feel it's gonna happen here!

And then it happened! JETs score!!!! Scheiffle (Dale Hawerchuk 2.0) for the goal!

45 secs left in 2nd period.  Whiteout is bringing the noise. Waiting 37 minutes, but we got there

SPICY NOODLE HOUSE for the win.  Peanut soup was certainly a crowd pleaser.

Grab onto Trouba

There goes the 2nd period siren.  Just in time goal.  Not a late goal. Just in time.  Peanut Butter pretzel chocolate bar is popular, but many of us feel too sweet.  Dark chocolate is the way to go.

hellybuck is now the number one willing golie as an american beaating Tom Barrso who I belive won the cup 2 years in a row for Ittsburg back in the 90s This feels like a good sign.

Golden Nights and kings play tonight as well

15:45 left in the 3rd

2:1 jets :(

Room is quiet...


Patrick Laine the predator he is!

Tied Game, an almost goal.

matt cullen is turning 42 this year. He has three sons and is a Scorpio. today's horoscope - problems with long term relationships,unable to take a relationship seriously, but only you can decide if this relationship is a true match

10:30 left in the third

A shot to the slot comes up empty.

Pittsburgh is crushing the flyers, 7-0.

Why are some people not wearing white? How hard is that? You can afford $800 tickets, but not a $4 t-shirt from Old Navy. Sad!

Shout out to the Winky-Hills tonight, who sadly could not attend  Bad backs. The struggle is real.

Morrow gets the go ahead goal!!!!  7:13 to go! To Morrow, it seemed pretty simple.

Crowd is alive and chanting Go Jets Go! Taunting the Wild goalie.

Koybu is a  fantasy player for Kendra. he's quite a good player. But not that good.

Wheres my jersey? i thought this ticket came with a jersey?

Need a Wheeler goal.

2:30 mark  Net blown off its anchors. hoping there will be a call here.  referees are discussing.......
everyone is very concerned. Noah was either named after the biblical noah, or the guy from ER or a Flyers player. Noah and his brood actually repopulated the Earth.


discussion on icing.

time out

oh, GOD! Tension. Excitement. shots on empty net going just wide.

Jen Funk is for sure going to a play off game. Absahfuckin'lootly. Technifuckingcality

kcing icing icing icing


See you next game!! Love to all.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

jets and devils - live from the west end

hey - this is our first blog of the season. we are at eric and trevors and present are them, myself Kendra, Vanessa, jen funk [now on Instagram], trace and gene, noah. Rebecca, matt and new nervoustime member baby Charlie are on the way. The snack spread we have looks delicious many of us are doing new eating themes and so it all looks like healthy also.

Some things discussed so far are there is an Austrialian player in the league now. His name is Nathan Walker and he's playing for the Capitals. and my fave player lovejoy [who I like for the name alone] is on the devils. There are ricotta cookies which I am going to try one.

Jen Funk has a cold so she is not allowed to hold the baby today. Great Spread for the potluck. So much food.

End of first period. No score. Second period.  Jen: 'dancing in the corner... dancing in the corner....2 minutes for hugging....'  All coats down.  Enstrom down. All Bratts fault.  Trevor and eric now need to add 'new coat hooks' to their to do list.  Jets scored!  Kyle Conner.

Best quote so far: 'don't decide on whether or not to send dink pics based on what your mom says'.  And that was not the reason noah exceeded his data plan in 5 days.  Goal 2 Ehlers.  Apparently the Devil's shot that hit the cross bar went in the net.  2-1.

Trouba added a 3rd.  He has one heck of a wrist shot.  And minutes later, another jets goal.  4-1.  It's a new team in town.

now it's 5-1  discussion of star wars. many of us have also heard good things about the tv show fargo. Kendra loves the new taylor swift album

what a team though, these jets are - we went through the four losses, Toronto, Columbus, Edmonton and vegas. what a dream that we can remember them. noah had mentioned his luck of being at the game before claude noel was fired and then another game where the leafs fired their coach the next day.

vanessa voted this the best nervoustime spread we have ever had - oh yeah so those fruit trays with dip, we wondered if anyone has ever seen the dip go, most of us just eat the fruit.

I would like to do a quick plug for the Bruce oake treatment center and how there is a petition to have it go in st james that I think is a good idea.

also hello to my neighbor joe who is at the game.

jen is reading all books on her shelves before borrowing a book from anyone, I have thought of that as well.

jen ' I think if the rapture happened noah and I would be left'

nj goal 5-2, from the crease

darcy not hear but his 'what is the crease for' comment is raised and one of the dogs started growling.

the only person in the room who doesn't have Instagram is gene. you can see our pic of Charlie on Rebecca's account.

Rebecca 'I called it. Twitter is dead'

none of us really use twitter. but Rebecca gets emails when I like something on twitter. I go on twitter once a week and like everything Dave Cain tweeted and apparently Rebecca is notified by email.

Charlie the nervoustime baby has pooed every day for three days, 'that's blog worthy'.

we would like the ricotta cookie recipe, eric.

2 minutes left in the 3rd. Do the Devils know they will be in the Santa Clause parade later? Hockey superstition: If you touch the Stanley Cup, you will never win it.  Jen has taken a photo of herself with the cup-keeper; this pic is not on twitter.

Jets win.  Go Jets go!  Discussion of Snow vs. the hip.  There's more than one Snow song??

We really all loved the snow song 'everybody wants to be like you' and i listened to on the way home

Love nervoustime

Sunday, June 11, 2017

playoff update

Hello, this is Kendra just doing a quick blog post to say I was going to watch game six today but I decided to go for a walk outside. I just spoke with my neighbour who thinks Pittsburgh will win tonight with the right bounce or a little luck, I think Nashville will win tonight and don't mind if either wins, for Nashville we love PK Subban and of course for Pittsburgh there is Crosby and nervoustime faves Malkin and who doesn't want to see Ron Hainsey win a Stanley cup.

But really I haven't watched a single playoff game (I spent some playoff time in Myanmar, here is one photo below) and this post is just a reminder to go outside and to let everyone know the nervoustime crew will be back next year hopefully with more to say.

Beauty on, xo

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Jets vs. Bruins, live from Ste. Anne

Hi from Ste. Anne Manitoba. Jen and Darcy are back from down under and hosting the crew at their rural homestead. Rebecca, Matt, Eric, Trevor, Jen, Darcy, Tracey, Gene and myself, Kendra are all in attendance.

'there is a band playing tonight at the Ste Anne hotel'.....

we have the game paused because it took awhile to come together. We did acknowledge this is our first blog since the election of Donald Trump.

Rebecca on her Evander Kane jersey 'I don't remember if I threw it in the garbage because I didn't want anyone to have it or if I gave it to the goodwill. I knew when I was moving I didn't want that energy in my house.'

Tracey and Jen are both wearing their nervoustime jerseys. Eric wearing the funk 66 jets jersey (borrowed)

Trevor - 'are you working?" unaware of our blog or potentially what a blog is

'if you would have googled eric wahl before you started dating you would have found our blog trevor' - rebecca

no score. highlight so far the description of puck handling 'feathered it ever so ginergly'

discussion of pronunciation of laine and ehlers names 'its lane to me' - j. funk

delicious food all around tho including red potato hashbrowns and sobeys chicken wings, 'they are very meaty'

'is anyone else excited for save on foods' - 'they have people making perogies in store'

it's a powerplay for winnipeg.

matt actually built the save on foods.

moving on to a spirited discussion of movies / tracey has gone to two movies in the last two weeks, arrival and dr. strange - recommends 'dr. strange if you had to choose but go see both'

rebecca on petan wearing 19 ' it's too soon to take slater's number'

Slater Jim we miss you xo

Discussion of whether or not a goalie can receive a penalty. Verdict? Yes.  Something about a Trapezoid rule.  Seems bogus because the goalie doesn't actually serve it.

Smoko has strong feelings about someone. Turned out to be prophetic, as Smoko was right on the money.

That one player is unreasonably tall for a hockey player. 6'9".  And what kind on name is that anyway? Serbian?

Food was EPIC. Shoutouts to the Pakora from Charisma, which Eric feels would be a good name for a gay bar, but isn't sure why.

The sartorial Don Cherry wore a white suit emblazoned with black moustaches.  Very editorial. Must be a Movember thing.  Don Cherry says you can't beat guys from WPG for toughness.  Scar prevention tip of the night, "Rub some cocoa butter on that and it'll come right out."

Tracey tells us about Pilot Mound's senior citizen fundraising calendar and the oldest model is in his 90s. "We need to get that to Don Cherry to plug on his show". Doug Collins, 68, posed in his corn field for the calendar. Collins, who is retired, sits on the town's municipal council and sells his sweet corn at roadside stands.
Doug Collins, Pilot Mound resident 


Finding Dory is "very nice".

Question: is it impolite to "lean" while at a hockey game? Someone asked Grant to lean back at the Tuesday game. "Unbelievable."

2nd period. back to matters at hand. According to Matt the 1st period was "flaz├ędah". Marchand: everybody hates him. "Little ball of hate."

Boston scores. Beleskey with the first goal of the game. 1:0 Bruins. Silver lining of it all is that the organ player is incredible.

4 minutes into the period and the announcer is wayyy negative: "what a conundrum".

Talking about Hellebuyck and the names we call him: Clutterbuck, Huckleberry, Knuckleberry, Clutternuts.

Spelling bee time. This period has been a bit lack lustre. Jets power play but nothing.

Marchand scores and Boston leads 2:0. I'm blaming Ste Anne's internet for losing a bunch of blog content that will forever be lost into the ether. RIP blog content. It's getting scrappy.

There's been another Boston goal- Bergeron scores. Will Clutternuts get the nod?

27 - 7 shots on goal. Discussion of lowest shots on goal in a game. We consult the internet:
  • "I really have no idea but I once saw a game where one team only had 7 shots on goal. That was quite freakish but it wasn't in the NHL it was in the SEL"
  • "Toronto was held to 6 shots on goal once in the playoffs vs. New Jersey.
    That's the lowest I can think of, and I believe is the record for a playoff game."

Consensus on Reddit is that 6 shots is the record.

Sorry Jets, this has become a pretty boring hockey game as Rebecca has mentioned regarding the shot, Jen blogging now.

Discussion on whether we should go to the spelling bee sometime at the Good Will. 

Now this guy has just strolled in and scored a goal. 4-0 We would like them to pull the goalie but it looks like. Time to get Clutternuts back in there.

The announcers have actually stopped calling the play at5:12 left in the third. But we now have shots in the double digits. It could be that the Jets are trying to lull Rask asleep in order to score a goal. "there called microsleeps" Eric. 

Holy cow! It worked. I highly doubt the sleep of Rask with come again for the last 2 minutes though.
Legible autographs or good penmanship is a great quality.

Monday, May 30, 2016

stanley cup final game one!

"i have been so preoccupied with my own relationship this past year that i haven't been able to focus on my first love, hockey" - rebecca / "NO KIDDING ME TOO" - kendra

so begins, hopefully, the start of a better era here at nervoustime. hello from arlington. we have some pizza here, our delivery guy had a positive attitude, rebecca has a new amazon fire stick and it's 2-0 pittsburgh.

This definitely brings back memories of the first year of nervoustime when pittsburgh won the cup.

we don't even know who scored because we spent the first period focusing on our relationships, 'we had to catch up.'

but here we are. rebecca is engrossed in dairy queen cake options and we are pretty sure don cherry is cheering for the penguins. here he goes chirping about canadians. what does don cherry think about hockey teams that don't have winter, i wonder.

ron tells it like it is 'san jose has 11 canadians, pittsburgh has 9'

san jose scores

have you seen malkins parents, anyone ?

'they are really active on facebook......

great pizza combo - jalepeno and sausage, what a dream!

rebecca loves big joe and little joe so we both agree this series is a win win.

the arenas look so big compared to ours. 'it's so hard to get out at the end of the night' - i can comment that in new york there is lots of room in the madison square garden and tons of washrooms.

second period and rebecca is doing a collage.

consensus on the penguins uniforms are 'too much like boston' and 'even a little nashville.'

great description of 'a human pinata'

oh right, eric fehr is playing!

marleau scores! we had him on our fantasy hockey team!

final thoughts! hope we get to a full game sometime in the playoffs. 'the newscasters should have playoff beards'

xoxo nervoustime

Monday, April 25, 2016

playoff post! blues v. blackhawks

hello from arlington!

'i don't think we have blogged all year so we have a lot to catch up on' - rebecca

this is kendra and rebecca watching the blackhawks / blues game seven, we just ordered burittos from skip the dishes and are waiting for our courier to be matched.

what a year of highs and lows, terrible year it turned out for the jets and andrew ladd, former captain and new dad has a chance for a stanley cup. i am certainly cheering for him and if the blackhawks are eliminated tonight may not watch another playoff game.

we have lots of chips and sauces on the way.

i can't watch the blues without remembering the time i was in st. louis watching them play anaheim and the most animated the crowd got was when there was a blimp dropping down mcdonalds coupons and the crowd was chanting 'we want big macs'

i guess the blues don't have a lot of luck with playoffs, here is a great destroyer song 'your blues'

Our courier has been matched - Anikkunle - we are their 1157th delivery - totally the Jagr of Skip the Dishes, what a vetran.

It is too bad about Jagr, I would have liked him to win another Stanley Cup however I still believe hockey shouldn't be played in any area that doesn't have winter.

I'm not sure if we ever mentioned Rebecca's cat Smoky but she is totally lovely and here for the game.

first actual game related comment 'great voice' on the anthem singer.

they did a shot of the arch which is actually fantastic.

2-0 blues. yuck. our food is here and we will likely go to bed early.

have a great playoffs everyone!


Monday, October 12, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from Nervoustime

Jets vs. Islanders, great electric guitar anthem woke us all up. first nervoustime event for rebecca's new cat smokey - who is not physically in the room but hopefully she will check out the game at some point.

Jets currently undefeated and I'm wondering what their longest season start streak was.....

Matt's friend Kyle arrived wearing a jets jersey (33 Buff).

rebecca has created a spreadsheet reflecting astrological signs of the current top fantasy players....this is available to all nervoustime fans if you comment - we can get this to you. we are also thinking of getting an email address. She has discovered Roman Josi (Nashville) who is actually quite the babe...and a gemini.
Roman Josi, Swiss and loving it!
Eric has arrived with news that the liquor store is open. The cat also came into the living room! Discussion of the new 3-3 overtime. discussion of mark stuart 'all about the community"

it's 1-0 for the islanders. apparently the jets have been doing well in the second periods this season so let's see what happens.......i wonder how michael frolik is doing...

power play coming up. thank goodness the ref is wearing number 27 as the goal looks like it has been waived off / what is the yellow ribbon about? predictions of who will score for the jets, schifle,  petan...

another goal for the islanders...three points for john tavares. quick review of jim slater's adventures in switzerland, we miss you jim! schiefele scored, kyle called it.  "he could be the next teemu" - rebecca on ehlers.

Clutterbuck and Byfuglien just had the collision of the weekend. Buff's fine but Clutterbuck is in the dressing room.

Regardless of what happens today, it was a great omen to win the first two games and you can sense the camaraderie on the ice this year between the Jets.

"Clutterbuck sounds like a kids name" - Matt. "Well, at one time it was" - Eric <deadpan>

The Islanders have a great organ player story (and look at that organ!) We should really petition to get a real organ player in Winnipeg.

Ladd with the tip for the goal! Or it might be Buff.  3:2 Islanders. Clutterbuck having issues with his skates.

"That's the second time Clutterbuck has killed the energy after we scored. He's messing with us." - Eric. I really appreciate that kind of hockey insight. Don't you?

3 minutes left and it's Nervoustime. Tavares with a penalty shot. PAVS WITH THE SAVE.

New moon in Libra: Opportunities abound so let’s summon patience and kindness for all.

1:30 left empty net. "Not terrific ice". Empty net goal and the Islanders take this one. The Jets burned too much fuel during the start of the season. Tomorrow's game will be the test. Get some rest, boys.