Friday, January 31, 2014

Year of the Underdog

Happy Chinese New Year from Arlington! Winkworth sisters here. Shout out to Tracey, Kendra and Jen who are at, respectively: the Toad, Costa Rica and the game. In honour of the year of the horse, I ate a fortune cookie today: "You will be showered with good luck before your next birthday" (which is in June, so um, yeah I sure hope so. That's a long time to go without ANY good luck).

Speaking of luck, Burrows hasn't scored a goal this whole season. Hope the New Moon in Aquarius helps him out with that: "This New Moon in Aquarius offers us a chance to work together creating a plan for a better future." This applies to everybody if you were wondering.

Enough with all this Olympics bullshit. Blah blah blah patriotism my ass. There are figure skaters dropping ceremonial pucks everywhere in the MTS Centre. This Olympics will be the most expensive ever:

I think Stacy Nattress is singing in an even higher key today. NOBODY CAN SING ALONG WITH YOU, STACY. PLEASE LOWER YOUR VOICE REGISTER. Winnipeg, we deserve a better anthem singer. Vanessa and Eric have already offered to fill in/replace with a rousing harmonized rendition of O Canada in an appropriate key (including our Nervoustime edits to the National anthem: "In all of OUR command", not our sons; and "WE'LL keep our land glorious and free", not god. We feel that these lyric changes shift the power into the hands of the people.)

We need this win. Tuesday's game loss was hard to take. Especially because Vanessa and I made inspirational signs:
Words of wisdom from the Winkworth sisters.
Lack / Pavs in their nets. 

5 min into the 1st.

WHOA whoa whoa, Bogo scores! 1:0 Jets. It's the dawning of the age of something that's for sure. When's the last time he scored? Important goal for the man with the brows.

And what, what what?! Setoguchi scores like 2 minutes later. "I bet Tortellini is shitting his pants right now. Is he allowed to travel with the team when he's suspended?" Here is the situation Rotini created last week that resulted in his 15 game suspension:

2:0 Jets. The crowd is chanting "Eddie, Eddie". I would be devastated if someone did that to me. My name's not Eddie, though. 

Tracy is on her way! Arlington is the official "after-party" destination.

Oh hahaha there's an angry, pointing cardboard Tortorella floating behind the Canucks bench. Everyone is passing him around and it's pretttty hilarious and now he's floating in front of Statler, or is it Waldorf?:
Community-building endeavour.
Great start to the game and Jets are taking advantage of the suffering Canucks. They're missing Lasagna and down one Sedin. Not to mention Alex B's depressing record.

Chris Thorburn with a penalty for getting his hands all over. Shit Burrows scores. But NO, it actually goes to Edler instead and Burrows is still goal-less for the 2013-2014 season.

2:1 end of the 1st period.

Ness has had a long week at work and has been working outside! In this freezing weather. Here's what she wears: 2 cotton socks, thermal socks, safety boots (rated to -70), toe warmers (double, one on top and bottom), thermal long underwear, sweatpants, insulated coveralls, 2 tshirts, a long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, down parka, velcro balaclava, hoodie, hardhat, hoodie, bandana, magic minis, and finally worker winter gloves. The good news is that because they're building in the middle of nowhere, they've been getting pizza for free all week because the delivery boys can't find them on their GPS and take longer than an hour.

The Jets are passing the puck like poetry tonight. 

Kessler scores early in the second. 2:2 tied.

Tracy is here! And she brought wine!

We've all had a crazy long week.

We had to rewind the game a bit because we were making quesadillas. But I accidentally changed the channel and now we are half way into the second period. And we're eating cake that I made on Wednesday but it still tastes fresh because it was from a cake mix. It's super sweet.

It's 3:2 Jets. Looking through twitter to see what we missed. And guess who scored??? FROLIK FOREVER.

Scheifele really wants to score but just can't get it past Lack. Well, it doesn't hurt to ask right? (Hockey/love analogy).

This new Woody Harrelson / Matthew McConaughey show looks really good. "Like a new Twin Peaks"- Nesse. Tracy was watching Magic Mike the other night and thinks that if Winnipeg had strippers like those guys, women might be more interested in strippers.

End of the 2nd. 3:2 Jets.

New channel means all new commercials.

I love this commercial. Ron MacLean, you will always be my favourite ref. Please consider this an open invitation to be a part of my future documentary about hockey refs:

"Without the rules, there is no game": Hockey/love analogy.

3rd period fanfare!

It's like Vancouver has been playing on the power play this last shift. And hey, now they actually have the power play. Trouba in the box.

Henrik Sedin skates across the ice without his left skate on and wow his leg looks so skinny compared to the one with all the equipment & padding. "It looks like a toothpick" - Trace. "You can't tell what their bodies actually look like with all that stuff on".


"January was a blur, which was good" - Trace. Amen to that.

January was a rollercoaster of a month for temperatures and emotions. "December was the second coldest in 120 years, with nine days below -30 C. January also delivered below normal temperatures, but didn't break any records."

Whoa, almost too many men for the Jets. That's one of our favourite penalties of all time. 

Garrison "unloads a bomb" on Pavelec. Tie game, nervoustime. 3:3. 9 minutes left in the 3rd.

Is Montoya getting enough ice time? Some people are saying no.

But now Ellerby's hurt oh no! (He's ok, though.) and Jets have a power play. It's go time!

Asking if anyone else wants to blog: "I'd probably just bitch about work" - Trace. "I'm too tired" - Ness. You're stuck with me, folks.

3 min left in the 3rd. Everybody needs this win. EVERYBODY.

GOOCH SCORES! STUART IS HURT! So excited and so worried all at once. 4:3 Jets! (Stuart looks fine now, got a high stick to his face).

"His pillow will feel fluffier, his food will taste better. Everything is going better for Devin Setoguchi tonight". Somebody's gonna get a raise. And we've also got a power play, not sure how that happened.

NERVOUSTIME crowd is on their feet. 1 minute left. 

Eddie Lack has shiny teeth and looks like a Disney prince:

JETS WINE! (typo, but it's staying) Setoguchi, way to go tonight!

Love, Nervoustime Reb, Ness and Trace.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Nothing nervous about life on the beach.

Hello from Nicaragua. This is kendra with a short post the  to respond to the comment that I am currently camping for the first time.  I actually camped several times as a child and recently camped at coachella in 2006 and at my brothers two years ago.

Also I am happy to be on the same coast as the jets right now. Today I am going surfing

Miss you all xo

Thursday, January 23, 2014

No way Jose.

How is everyone doing out there? Rebecca reporting for nervoustime duty live from Arlington. It's -15 / -26 with the windchill. Wind is 50km/hr SSW. I just walked through a mini-blizzard to buy coconut milk. Mr Barchette was in a good mood and the coconut milk was only 2.29!

Weather report from Nicaragua: 27 degrees with 61% humidity. Hello to Kendra on the beach camping for her first time ever?

It's Jets @ San Jose. Maurice seems to be having a positive effect on the team - young guns have a chance to shine and everyone is trying to impress! Our boys have a 4-game winning streak under their belt and let's hope this continues (at least until Vanessa and I go to the game next Tuesday night). 

Text from K: "Wondering if the Jets are the new Blackhawks and will they win the Stanley Cup and not lose for the rest of the year and how wonderful would that be?" That would be so wonderful.

I don't know what it is about Shane Hnidy but he makes me uneasy.

I've had a 'reckless abandon' kind of month. I'm a neurotic person if you don't already know me, so being bold is wayy outside my comfort zone. And you know what? It's actually pretty fucking refreshing.

"Play like it's all or nothing."

Anaheim re-cap: All the Jets dads and bros are travelling with the team so here's an obligatory screen shot of the whole fam-damily Tuesday night:
What's up with the lonely Peluso family member who had to sit by himself?
Kane was back in the line-up and his Dad cracked a little smile after his short-handed game-winning goal:

Pavs had 36 blocked shots and Frolik's post-game interview was exceptionally sweet and showed the love and respect between these two great hockey players: 

Back to the game. It's so nice to hear someone sing the national anthems in an appropriate key so more people can sing along. Close up of Chris Thorburn looking hot. Respectful cheers from the Canadians in the crowd for the singer.

The last time these two teams played, Jets won in a shoot out.

Stuart has 88 blocked shots and is the New and Improved Hainsey. MarkStuart4Life.

Jets are off to a good start.

I got to meet David Suzuki just before the Neil Young concert (and by "meet" I really mean I barged in on his conversation and told him I loved him and thanked him for all the work he's done to protect the environment and how I always use his quote "we're in a giant car headed towards a brick wall..." yada yada). It was bold and it felt good. Oh and Neil Young was incredible and you can listen to the whole concert here:

What does it mean to "honour the treaties"?

I haven't seen Erid O'Dell yet?

Thornton is so precise. But Pavs will have none of it. Laces out Winnipeg (#LacesOutWinnipeg).

Jets power play! Obvs tripping on Ellerby. Good call, Ref.

This curry is really good. It's all about the curry paste, people.

'Michael Frolik with a really intelligent play.' Happy 400th NHL game! So many chances and subsequent intelligent plays.

"What a shift for the Scheifele line!" Say that 5 times fast. Scoreless at the end of the 1st period.

My favourite part about our blog is checking out who's reading it. We can track how people find our blog based on what they type into a google search (which blows my neo-luddite mind). The BEST google search redirect came from a recent reader who typed "Jennifer Hanson Red Dress"! Credit to Nick for writing a soliloquy from Ste Anne's describing his love for Ms Hanson and the days of yore. RIP Jets 1.0 and please bring back the Jets Wives Carnivals.

Back to the game, 2nd period.

Ellerby / Hayes scuffle but nothing to write home about. But Ellerby is letting himself be heard tonight.

Whoa this Brent Burns has some spectacular moves and a spectacular beard.

I feel a bit guilty for yelling at Claude Noel during his last game as coach: "Yo, Claude, where's the leadership?" And then I held up a sign that said 'WTF'. I didn't want those to be my parting words or sentiments. I was just emotional. So Claude, if you're reading this, please know you will always have a special place in my heart, and all of Nervoustime's heart. I'll especially miss your candid post-game interviews and dapper vest and sucking-on-a-lemon-drop-expression.

Back to the game. These sloppy crotch laces have to stop. I'm talking to you, Byfuglien. Tuck 'em in.

Players and laces and beards are flying. Oh no and now Olli is headed to the box for hooking. This is an important power play. ("Life is a power play"). Right off the face off and the Sharks score but the goal is waved off! Interference. How can Pavs do anything when Thornton is lying on top of him? No penalty.

And now Brown "tweaks up" Trouba face-first into the glass and it's a Jets power play. Good reffing this game. I'm impressed.

But nobody can score and the clock ticks down. End of the 2nd and still scoreless.

Slater Jim is making sushi on the latest installment of Take a Jet to Work Day. That contest is fixed I tell ya.

These late-night west coast games are really affecting my dreamscapes lately. My most recent one was so vivid, I can still remember every detail. I woke up feeling enlightened(?) So I'm taking it as a sign to go to Barcelona.

I really hope this game ends in regulation time. I want to get back to dreaming.

"You have to get comfortable in the situation." But not too comfortable, Moonchild.

Best twitter profile of the month goes to @PortagePlace

Bearded Burns runs into Pavs and he's hurt and the trainer comes out. Oh no oh no oh no. Montoya is stretching but he's still wearing his cap. Pavs is staying put in his net. And an obvious target for all these aggressive Sharks.

Bryan Little with a penalty but it should have gone to Nieto. I take back what I said about the good reffing. 16 min left in the 3rd. Penalty over and Wheels is allllll over the place! But wait now the Sharks are back in our end and Pavelski scores. 1:0 San Jose. Pavelec is not the same since that hit.

And it ain't getting better: now Kane is called for tripping and Sharks are back on the power play.

"Find the fire in your belly, boys".

Full strength but we're still down a goal. What a chance for Little! And Frolik! Another mention of Frolik's "intelligence". TOO MANY CHANCES.

Now there's only 2 minutes left and Pavs is getting a beating. 32-19 shots in favour of San Jose.

1 min left, empty net. Nervoustime. But it's to no avail this evening. Jets lose. 

"Be bold and brave".

Love, Nervoustime.

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Good afternoon from Arlington! It's a double-header today: Jets vs Boston, and Canada vs Finland Juniors. Nesse and Becca here, Kendra en route.

We're waking up (okay, I'm waking up, Nesse has been awake since 6am), drinking coffee, discussing the confusing nature of text messages. I've decided to pour my energies into blogging so my fingers are busy and I won't text things like "well..." that only add to the confusion.

There is so much misdirected love happening on the ice. Thorburn takes on Chara THE GIANT and wins (Chara conceded and gave Chris a nice little love tap afterward), and then Wright takes down Fraser! It was hilarious watching Chris approach Chara with a little trepidation but once he got his footing, he dominated the scuffle. Is this a hockey/relationship analogy? Maybe so.

There was a brawl this morning between Russia and Sweden. Emotions are flying.

Jen Funk just purchased some treats for Smoko that have goji berries and apparently they reduce anxiety.

SO many chances. Good pace. I love afternoon games!

"Can I get screen-in-screen on this TV?"

Vanessa doesn't remember the menu at Tall Grass Prairie even though we've lived in Wolseley our entire lives. "They haven't changed much, except for their attitude". I only like the middle cinnamon buns. But I often end up with the sub-par crusty-edge-buns. Couldn't they add extra topping to the edges? Use a different kind of pan? Offer them at a discount? There has to be a solution to this problem. I can't keep arguing with the baker anymore.

This is going to be a very exciting game. BIG BUFF scores the first goal. 9th goal of the year for the man who should never be ashamed of his body!

Taking a break to pay my bills. Another Hydro credit for the win! I don't think I've paid for Hydro in like 3 months and no complaints here.

While I'm doing that, Paille scores to tie it up. I forgot how great Boston fans are.

There's something going on between Stuart and Spooner. Maybe they dated the same girl. You never know.

We're reminiscing about the wave on New Years eve. What is it about the wave that makes me so emotional? Is it the sense of camaraderie? Is it because I was never exposed to organized religion and it feels like a spiritual connection? Or maybe it's because I'm a cancer (water sign).

1 minute left and WHERE IS THE PUCK? It's super physical. End of 1st period. Mark Stuart only continues to impress. What a reliable player (and probably a reliable guy).

We've flipped to the Juniors. "Let's be honest, Ray. The first period wasn't an oil painting, but it suits the Finns just fine" - announcer on TSN. No score.

Speaking of water signs and art, I just discovered this new artist named Zaria Forman who is incredible. She does these soft pastel drawings of bodies of water and icebergs: The Thompson series is my fave.

Nervoustime ESP exists and apparently we can read each other's minds, because Kendra brought croissants for everyone!

Back to Jets and Boston Krug scores to make it 2:1. Back to Juniors.

Finland scores and ooh there are some good looking guys in the crowd. "Are any of these Finnish players born on July 3rd?" (like Teppo and Teemu and Miettenen/Mittens). What are the Finnish horoscope birth trends? This would be Kendra's thesis topic if the opportunity presented itself. The Finnish team has so many Aries! I think it's my fate to be surrounded by Aries in my life. Embrace the challenge, Moonchild.

And Finland scores again. Both goal scorers took the net off. We switch the channel and thank goodness the announcers told us Canada just scored! It's 2:1 Finland. Wait, Finland scored again and now it's 3:1.

We're talking about cooking. Food is powerful stuff, people.

Flipping to the Jets and WHAT HAPPENED? 3:1 Boston. Frolik couldn't bang it home. Oh but man did he try. You can't underestimate Frolik's effort or his friendship with Pavelec. Last game I was caught on screen getting verclempt when Frolik and Pavelec had a moment together on the ice.

"Even though I was in the last row (of the 300 section) at the last Jets/Boston game, Chara looked huge on the ice" - K. "Zdeno Goertzen has a nice ring to it."

Ok it's time for the final countdown: 3rd period in both games. Canada is on a power play but they're so slow! If these teams were musical/dance styles, Canada would be 2-step and Finland would be metal. Canada needs to pick it up.

There is so much snow everywhere and it's so soft! Like the beach. Everybody is walking on the roads, which I what I imagine will happen during apocalyptic events.

Still three one in each game and we're making more coffee.

Vanessa's phone is falling apart 2014 might be the year she gets a smartphone.

Don Cherry loves Reilly Smith, according to Kendra who has watched all the archived HNIC's lately.

Enstrom gets a penalty. Claude is rubbing his temples. "That's never a good sign", Ness.

We've switched the channel to see if Sutter is also rubbing his temples. Desperate moves by Canada. Finland is negotiating with the refs, they think they deserve a penalty shot. Whoa, and now they say the shooter hurt his hand and has nominated their top player to take the shot! And captain Teuvo Teravainen scores. Kendra is reminded of Patrick Kane qualities in this young gun. 4:1 Finland. She's looking to see which NHL team might pick him up.

Back to Jets. 10 minutes left and the score hasn't budged. 3:1. But now Boston has scored! 4:1 Boston. Don Cherry's BFF Reilly Smith with the goal.

"These games are mirroring each other!" - Ness. Parallel universes, for sure.

"4:1 All Around" - JETSXOXO. Horrible games for our favourite teams today!

Lou Eriksson is out for the year with two torn "CL" muscles. Ouch.

Stuart and McQuaid are at it. "Mark Stuart's hair is longer than mine", Kendra. The ref sweetly wipes Mark Stuart's forehead and brushes his hair back. 

We've decided not to switch back to the Juniors. But the Jet announcers let us know Finland won 5:1. It's going to be a Swedish/Finnish final! Too bad Canada, but I'm kind of excited to see this showdown.

There is more coffee for everyone. With cinnamon!

Shout out to Graeme Busey for tweeting about the linesman fixing Stuart's hair.

We had to rewind Chara's facial expressions just now. What a mug.

"Too many situations left open".

Creating situations are easy. Seeing them through is another thing. Let's all work on that in 2014.

We're really curious who are readers are, guys. Please comment and let's be friends!

xo Nervoustime

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

winter classssic!!! happy new year!

hi everyone!!! its 2014 and we are so excited to watch the game. leafs wings. great crowd, darcy jen and smoko came in from ste ane, gsp, and the wink family and me, kendra. the mimossas are small you can have as many as you want' haha! awesome.

so far 'does this game count?' has been asked twice.

woah we love the zach brown band! so great. so many people still wearing hats!

smoko has been snacking. she will now refer to this house as 'the snack house'

'looking good mike babcock' = vanessa

we are all cheering for alfredson and the snow......everything is going slower. darcy 'i wish they would do more of these'

joffrey lupul is so hard to think about without being reminded of the lannisters.

greg arrives to tell us about shannahan yesterday 'old players old rules'

i'm on my second mimossa.

\geebus this laptop is \gigantic. Jen now blogging. \they action is definately slowed down with all the snow.

We've spilled the first drink of the day. Don't worry though it was only water. Kendra is giving a shout out to the former Camrose Kodiak Mason Raymond. Her parents are big fans.

Really not a lot of shots yet.Fran is thinking that a lot of kids these days haven't actually played outdoors. I have actually played hockey on a pond. Here's a poll for TSN and Hockey Night in Canada. How many people have actually played hockey outdoors.

It would appear from Rebecca's comments today that she is still pissed off at Russia. Politically that is. Historically that's her homeland so that's why she may be so upset. Fran says they left Russia because they weren't progressive enough.

I really like the brown pads and gloves on the goalies today. Half way through the 1st period and I'd  say Toronto is spending way too much time in Detroit's end.

Drive safe home after this game fans there is a lot of snow coming down.
I am being mocked for rehydrating with water today.  But I promise I will have a coffee after this next glass of water. Quick look at what the weather is in Detroit right now. Only -10 Celsius.

Long conversation about Flouride.

Alfie is in his favourite spot for the first power play. Seems really strange to be watching hockey and the Jets aren't playing. Good thing Mark Stuart's picture is sitting in front of the TV watching with us.

Now we are discussing how we are all going to our friend Kyle's house to use the hot tub soon.

There's a bit too much emotion right now over player love on the TV.

Eric and Kevin have just arrived. and now Kevin is leaving. That was quick he needs a New Year's day nap.

second period. our breakfast was delicious - i've declared triscuit as cracker of the year, already. no score the temp was minus ten last time we checked i still haven't had a coffee and i've had three mimosas and i'm wearing a redwings hat.

Talking about Teppo now, Rebecca here. We were so close to him yesterday during the Jets game. GSP walked by him in the underground last year and still regrets not asking him for a photo. Consensus is last night's Jets game was incredible. Monty is one great goalie. And we got kisses from our neighbours when we arrived. ANd that WAVE!

Nobody is really cheering for the Leafs. Fran has a sweeping statement: "This is a game of Canada vs America. Toronto is Canada. We should ALL be cheering for Toronto." I'm the only one to be convinced, but I'm now cheering for Toronto.

Coors now makes cans of beer for shot-gunning (or "easy pour").

Bernier picking his bum, or warming up his hands. 'I'd think they'd all have battery powered mitts", Kendra. Bernier is wearing a tuque with pompom: the room questions whether the pompom is regulation. Or the whole hat?

Wonder if Scott Oake is still standing alone on the roof of the stadium still?

"This game seems to be going by really slowly", Kendra. "That's because they have to keep stopping to shovel", GSP. Or maybe we are all a little hungover and I bet some of the players are too and it's okay to slow things down a bit sometimes.

Everybody loves Smoko. We're all recounting stories about our neurotic pets.

WELCOME HOME TO DOS (the Prairie Sky cat).

Talking about sleep patterns, sleep-pattern-compatibility.

Alfie (we love you ALfie) scores the 1st goal. "Out in the open, all by himself!"- Jen. No, he didn't score it was actually Lupul and that's so funny because he seems like a jerk.

"Can we all do Hockey Night in Seder Town next Passover?", Jen Funk. The answer is yes. Nervoustime Passover 2014.

Happy New Year from De Blogging Mama,

Here is a joke for you. . . . .
Knock! Knock!
Who's there?
Yitzchak who?
Yitz Chak ee night in Canada!
[above with a Yiddish accent]

What New Year resolutions have you made for 2014^

Thank you to Gregory Charles for cooking an extraordinarily delicious brunch of pancakes and sausages for the Classic Hockey celebration.

I am cheering for Toronto because it is CANADA.

Gift exchange is turning out to be fun.Hockey cards, hockey stick candy canes, Jets stationery kits.

Paper rolls of activities, all related to hockey! Five feet of activities and colouring.Try a word search. Get lost in a maze.
 A speedo is a budgie smuggler in the land of Oz.,to quote Darcy.

Becca is wearing her furry hat to keep her ears and head warm. Kendra is wearing Vanessa\s Detroit baseball cap.

Beca has found an error in the work search.Byfuglian is spelled wrong. How could this happen\/ Becca thought that it ws a mistake, but lo and behold, it was not.

Snow in their eyes, and the wind in their hair.

Has anyone resolved to quit smoking this year? Graeham has. Yay! Vanessa is going to, as well.

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy New Year !

Lots of love. . . . . . . . . . . ..

Unveiling the new hockey song. One thousand songs were entered. Wow! The title is "A Game Going On". Mazel Tov to the winner. Can/t wait to hear it.

Good luck to everyone who is quitting smoking. Contact us at Nervous Time for support and encouragement.

that above was all ms wink first ever nervoustime mom blog. becca had the idea to watch more classic movies for 2014.

rebecca asks graham how he is doing just as the third period is about to start. graham back to school trying to get into law school. eric applied to law school but decided to go to flight school he is now a pilot.

we haven't done the year end quiz yet........

mostly gsp is rooting for blake wheeler to make the olympic team.

so the gold medal game is feb 23 at 7 am. greg wonders if jimmy howard is a republican.

gsp has a hockey game tonight at 10 pm at the highlander if anyone wants to see another game today, their team record is 9-8-1.graham also scored his first goal of the season last week!

wondering if montoya does yoga.

toronto scores and fran starts singing o canada. 'toronto is canada's team' - they just showed kris king!!!

kris king threw a puck at gsps bro during a skills competition.

kris king has a lollipop

vanessa wants the same jacket as babcock has.

rebecca was doing a link and i was reading tweets and so we got in trouble from fran for being on our phones.....less phones for 2014?

so 2-1 toronto. so we all got hockey cards and stickers they are so cute. they are jumping around in the crowd now.

eric 'the first wedding social of the season' and we have now two spills for 2014. so ya eric's bro is having a wedding social jan 25 at bronx in ek - let us know if you are interested in tickets.

this game is so slow darcy again wishes they did it more.

oh ya we left our signs at the game last night 'i hope the teppo sign has a good home'. darcy wants the third period direction shift to occur in every game and graham reads out all outdoor games upcoming outdoor games, one is pens's march 1.

greg thinks some havent played outside before.

This is the best game for the fans. Everybody there is singing Journey.

Best new cam angle of 2014: hockey foot cam.

Fran says "Detroi-yit", just like Ron McLean.

Toronto player yawning in the penalty box. The Abdelkater ties it up! Detroit fans high five. "That's a Graham Smith-Peloquin goal right there".

All of the sudden the TV goes black and there's some weird sounds coming from the kitchen and this HOUSE MIGHT BE HAUNTED! Fran goes to investigate and says it's just the coffee maker.

It's a double-edged sword when it comes to watching CBC hockey: we are happy to not watch the Moxies commercial; but we miss the Tim Hortons commercial. Ok, only some of us miss that Tim Hortons commercial, and it is turning into quite the controversy now.

What's happening over at the other side of the room? The Winkworth parents should really consider getting a dog. Greg/Dad is totally in love with Smoko.

We're starting the Year In Review Quiz! Go team Nervoustime (we're all on the same team). Rebecca has pen and pad ready. 'Tradition!" Rebecca.  "You're too young to have tradition" Greg.

Greg knows all the answers to the year in review and is giving hints. No hints allowed! 

Winter Classic OT.  2 minutes left.  Shootout. Alfie on the backhand but the puck skipped away! JVR, he didn't shoot it either. Datsyuk. GOAL! Lupul. Goal. T.Tatar. lost it. Bozak. Goal.

"but Canada wins!" - Becca  "nobody wins when Toronto wins!" - Ness

Ok, back to the year in review.  "How mature do you think Scott Oake is" - gsp

Announcement of the USA olympic team.  Eric thought the kids sporting the jerseys were the players."They look a little young, eh"  Wheels made the team!  everybody cheers

have a wonderful year everyone xoxo nervoustime