Saturday, May 10, 2014

Montreal @ Boston on a Saturday night: "As it should be"

Pregame shot of Lucic practicing his 'angry faces'.

"Does this face make me look mean? Tell me the truth."
Rene is singing the anthem."My favourite", Vanessa.

Scrappy right from the puck drop. This series is sitting at 2-2.

Something about the most famous burrito in the history of burritos (Fraser reference?)

Brad Marchand flings a stray Canadien's helmet down the ice. Which is a classic Marchand move. "Montreal wishes they could fling Marchand's helmet down the ice...but with Marchand's head in it" - announcer. WHAT. THE. FUCK? What kind of thing is that to say?!

Vanessa declares that whoever wins this game will win the series. 

Carl Soderberg gets Boston on the score board. 1:0.

Shout out to Kendra in Serbia (from where we've coincidentally had 2 blog views this week)!

Rask has been run over. Net's off, fans booing, whistles blowing, MAYHEM. Powerplay Montreal.

Just got back from Ste Anne's where we helped J Funk plant 4 kinds of beets, 2 kinds of peas and some parsnips. Vegetables are like snowflakes. I am apparently not too shabby at hoeing. I have a sunburn. #GingerProblems

"Too hot to handle" puck-handling/love analogy.

Boston arena is playing The Darkness "I Believe in a thing called love" which just makes me love Boston even more. 2 min left in the 1st.

Montreal players are sharing their sticks now. Y'know I've really come to appreciate the camaraderie between the Canadien players. These guys really like each other and you can tell on and off the ice.

But there is very little love between these two teams tonight. Plekanec wants to fight Miller. That results in a penalty. End of the 1st.

It's a circus outside on Arlington this evening. Everyone is outside soaking up the sunshine. You'd think we'd all been cooped up for 8 months waiting for spring to arrive...oh wait. That's exactly what has happened. EVERYBODY IS SO HAPPY because of this weather. Snare Drum Steve is welllll into his 12th beverage of the night, Adrian is washing his bike, Jay is having a man-huddle with his buddies in the outdoor living room, people are BBQing all over the place, guy with guitars, reggae music is being played in 50% of the vehicles driving by. Anyway, it just goes to show that Winnipeg is at its best when we can wear shorts.

Start of a new period and the start of a new season.

Reilly Smith with the 2nd goal of the night! 2:0 Boston.

There are more penalties being handed out this game than the first 4 games of the series combined.

Plakenec just can't keep his hands to himself and he's back in the box. Puts his feet up, he's getting comfortable. And IGINLA scores! 3:0 Boston.

Announcers talking about how the Smith mom would text both Reilly (Boston) and Braden (Detroit) good luck messages before their games. Just like our mom doesn't pick sides when Vanessa and I are rooting for different teams.

The Little Ball of Hate gets a penalty (questionable). And the game has shifted. Montreal is back. Plakenec scores. 3:1 Boston.

End of the 2nd and I'm leaving the premises to buy a paper. One of my favourite parts of the week is when I ritualistically complete the weekend crosswords (starting with the easy, moving onto New York Times, finishing with soduko, ALWAYS in pen).

Back to the game, it's even more beautiful outside, my sunburn is intensifying as the temperature cools, Price looks ready for business.

Chara and his long stick. Swinging that sucker around.

GOAL! "It's that Fraser kid again!" 4:1 Boston. The crowd is going wild "We want the cup". Well doesn't everybody, really?

2 minutes left and Subban scores, ricochet off the post and hey, you never know right? (I know). 4:2 Boston. Montreal pulls Price with 1:30 left to go. Thornton squirts his water bottle from the bench at PK as he skates by, that's some nasty high-school-level shit, Thornton! "All the antics of the game".

It's sealed. Boston leads 3-2 in the series.

Love, Nervoustime

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  1. Hi it's Kendra - hopefully you will blog game seven! !! Go Habs!!! Love you.