Saturday, January 7, 2012

jets vs sabres. live from the cheer

Present, currently: tracey, kendra, vanessa, becca. live blog thanks to tracey's extra work phone. beer is cheap as borscht @ the cheer before 7pm.

Truth: Vanessa saw a mama and baby bear in wellington park last night. "Did you call the media?" - K.

Discussion about wildlife in urban areas - rabid raccoons, bloody deer and cute rabbits.

It's Winnipeg @ Buffalo. The "Numminen sets the Teppo" sign is still in Rebecca's purse. No Teppo sightings yet on the multiple TV screens surrounding us.

Discussion about boys, friends and rules of relationships.And then Prince: why can't you take a photos during his concerts? is it because he's a jehovah's witness? an artist? controlling?

jeremy and pam arrive. according to ace burpee it's easy to trust people who are into cross-country skiing and snow shoeing. according to v you shouldn't trust anyone who has hair covering an eye "they have something to hide." according to k you should trust people who are into winter (ace and kendra are kindred spirits).

end of 1st period. no score.

trivia time. "i think i know that guy" - rebecca.

stocking up on cheap beer 6:59pm.

"i think you're the only one who brought a sign" - vanessa. "also, i had a huge crush on that guy kendra knows from like 10 yrs ago."

shout out to the stellar buffalo defense (hello, teppo!)

2012: the '77 rule is out. now you can only sleep ith dragons and rabbits. omar's on his way "he'll totally win the 20 gift card during the 2nd intermission trivia."

tyler myers scores. 1:0 buffalo.

"i wonder if claude noel sings opera in the locker room?"

24 7 requests: winnipeg and detroit (v), winnipeg and columbus (k - to raise awareness), winnipeg and buffalo (r, obviously).

"turn down the suck!" pam

jets are 5 on 3. wheeler scores! game tied at 1:1.

"it's always ok to cut up a flag to make a sundress".

reminiscing about tijuana yacht club " i used to go there and visit each bar asking the bartender to make me a shot that was 'pink and on fire'".

jeremy hit a nerve. see his facebook status for details (discussion on cycles). "im just happy we all still get our periods"- pam. cheers to not being pregnant.

"i dont want to go to the bathroom in case something happens" - pam. they have tvs in the bathroom @ earls. "i went there with gsp and when i went to the bathroom i didnt want to leave." - k.

"i love hockey players spelling bees" - r.

3 min left in the 3rd . "i'm calling a shoot out" - pam.

we wonder if bogey threads his eyebrows. "thats his armenian blood."

dating guys who are prettier than you: weird.

johnny oduya scores! oh what a day! oh what a guy! what a smile! "he is so sexy i can barely contain myself. i could hump anyone named johnny right now." - r.

kenny g's big into briere. "he's a snake."

cbc cuts to the montreal-toronto game instead of replaying johnny o's goal ("which i will be doing all night when i get home"- r). goddam yu, cbc. who the fuck cares about the leafs.

regardless this game will go down in history. #iddoyaoduya. proud of ya, johnny. hope to see you around town.

love the nervoustime crew. xo

Monday, January 2, 2012

winter classic

Typical of Jagr, marching to the beat of his own drum.
Winter Classic 2012, Rangers vs. Flyers. "This is how hockey should be played".

In attendance, Rebecca (host), Eric, G Smith-Pelly, Kendra & Vanessa
"mmm mmm" Kendra, "we wrote about how good these cookies are already, right?"
Eric (marshmallow salad King) "we should have the Winter Classic here this year". Agreed!

Rebecca has revealed the 2011 news quiz! Time to put our remembering caps on.
weird diplo's blackberry commercial.
'the class clown isn't very funny if he can't pass the test."

favorite new york rangers:
kendra: michael del zotto
rebecca: marc staal (shoutout to the sunshine sod farm)
graham: the coach, john tortorelo

we can come back to this.

Turns out jagr (who just missed a goal) is rebecca and ness' mom's choice for 'best looking guy in the nhl ever" kendra's is vincent lecalvelier, graham: john tortorello, the coach of the rangers, eric's hasn't formed an opinion yet, rebecca 'teppo numinen of course and then johnny oduya". the winkworth sisters both like kimmo timonen ("mainly because his name reminds me of teppo's" - rebecca)

So the flyers are skating upwind in the first period and still have more shots. weather update from philly, 4 celcius with wind at 35Km / hour, Winnipeg we are at minus 14 with 13km/h. There wind is west. Ours is north.

The game is scoreless after the 1st period.

Brunch is served: eggs, bacon, toast, marshmallow salad, cinnamon cookies, cherries and dried apricots, fruit juice (variety), gin, whisky.

Start of the 2nd, still no score. Lundquist's new goalie pads featured. Don't look as aweseom as Mason's new pads. "He seems like a great guy" - GSP. Commercial break, time for a quote from Ron MacLean's new book Cornered:
'Cari said "That's not a woman, Don. That's Elvis Stojko."'

Tanqueray makes us think of Snoop Dogg and Amy Winehouse. The mixed drinks are delicious: cranberry, gin, gingerale, fresh ice (thanks to Eric "your ice was questionable". "Your ice is fine with me" - GSP.)

1st NHL goal for Brayden Schenn! "Another famous bro!" - Kendra. "Faceoff win, thank you very much"- Vanessa. 1:0 Flyers.

And before that goal sets in, Giroux gets it up and in the net! "Nice!" "Incredible" "And he was out for so many games and now he's the scoring leader" "AND he had a concusssion!" 2:0 Flyers.

And before THAT goal sets in, Rupp gives the Rangers some life and salty salute to Jagr. Apparently Elliotte Friedman is the 'salute specialist' on CBC. 2:1 game.

there are strawberries under the cherries. kendra's top three flyers: jagr, briere, giroux. rebecca: hartnell, jagr, timmonen, graham: simmonds, talbot, and hartnell, vanessa: timmenin, simonds and jagr.

quote from cornered: "Don Cherry is the clown prince. Foils like Ron Maclean are a dime a dozen."

It feels like minus three. the wind has died down to 19 kms/hr.

SHOUTOUT IN ADVANCE to any meterology students that may be linked to our blog because of our weather.

Next quote: 'good grief, if that's the size of the bone, imagine the dog!"

Eric lindros has the best hands! 'if that's the size of his hands, imagine....."

Quote: 'ron, there are plenty of sweaters in this world"

The flyers jerseys are bright bright though. the roots, 'pretty depressing that they're called jimmy fallon's house and now...."

so many commercials. 'i always side with love and he argues for respect" - another part from Cornered.

they haven't started the third yet.

if i was a coach (k) i would form my lines based on how good of a chant could come out of their names, 'gsp' etc

'the best period is about to come".....3rd period.

Is Elliotte Friedman retiring? @ElliotteFriedman

Rupp shoots and scores a"bad goal". 2:2 tie game!

Lundqvist shuts the door. Great goalie. Great pads. Great saves. Hartnell's brilliant ginger mane is dulled by the bleeding colours of his jersey. too bad.

Brad Richards scores and the Rangers lead 3:2. lots of Ranger fans in the crowd. this is uncomfortable territory for Philly.

the new york rangers had an eruption. but ron maclean quote: 'remember, if you make them look good, you'll look good" - i think that's misplaced commas. the double comma means you can take it out and it will have the same meaning: 'remember you'll look good'

john tortorella reminds rebecca of tom cruise. leads to question 'are there any nhl players who are scientologists?" jere gillis: "I made it to the NHL but Scientology has made me more successful. It has given me an understanding of life and relationships that cleared up a lot of "advice" that I had before. And life is great!" also daniel boyle. just an observation (k) that maybe some la kings too. the scientology buildings in hollywood are huge!!! it's pretty remarkable.

discussion of phil collins and 'against all odds' imagine graham, former edward carriere model skating on the ec rink with that song playing in the background 'take a look at me now, baby."

graham applauds gb. 'i like gary bettman now"

average ticket price of the scalpers '489 dollars" #blackmarketvalue

mark messier, not a scientologist but an advocate for preventative health care.

penaty shot

another winter classic come and gone, we feel a lot better than other years, still divided on whether we prefer it to be on the 1st or 2nd

happy new year, rangers win, don't forget to watch the junior game tomorrow and jets/montreal on thurs. see you soon, xo love nervoustime