Tuesday, October 1, 2013

welcome back hockey!

Vanessa and I are at home watching leafs habs. danny briere's first game as a canadien! guy we have in the pool is carl gunerson. our opponent has lars eller, kessel jvr and cody franson.

congrats to lars eller for the first penalty of the season.

vanessa loves jvr, 'mostly how the announcers say his name when they are excited'

and there it was, he scores! first goal of the season.

lars eller scored and our fantasy team is now down 2-0.

vanessas boss hates evander kane and has habs shoelaces, he is originally from montreal.

they are advertising the drake show at the arena. i have never listened to drake and actually just heard frank ocean this week.

baba just phoned during coaches corner, she is watching the game!

second period now it's 2-1 montreal, 5-0 for us in our hockey pool, excellent dinner made by vanessa.

ref injury. wish rebecca was here. where did parros come from 'i feel like i've seen him in a 24/7 documentary' parros' musache has it's own wikipedia section and apparently he has a you can play video - nervousime approved.

vanessa says she doesn't like the guy we are playing against because 'he clearly likes the maple leafs. who does that? a lot of awesome people hate the maple leafs'

2-2 now, still 5-0 in our league.

chicago up one nothing., go hawks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we don't like tyler bozak but i think kadri is such a babe. he's off to the penalty box.

shorthanded goal bozak! woah.


2-1 chicago. ovechkin also scored.

vanessa thinks hockey games should always be over by ten.

i was about to worry about my day tomorrow but i realized it will start with a manicure at quarter to nine.

aw man the parros fall. fran says 'give the guy some privacy'.

vanessa doesn't believe the no penalty rule is a rule and he is not wearing a visor.

mason raymond goal! we have him on our team but he is benched this week.

fran reminds us of the importance of watching the jet game 'we want to see how they look, who is playing with who'

seabrook scores for chicago and they take the lead.

we just discovered that all three of us are going on the 11th to the dallas game!!! woooooooaaaaaah. friday night!

greg arrives home commenting on the wind. becca and ness will be celebrating new years with teppo numinen, greg 'holy shit! toronto is winning!'

ha eller scored (fantasy league competitor has him) rebecca 'fuck i thought he had all leafs' - rebecca is against him. fantasy hockey update, 6-0

one minute left. briere looks great greg said 'why can't we get daniel briere' and toronto wins. vanessa 'they are such violent teams' greg 'you should have seen hockey 30 years ago'

jets game coming up ! we want to watch a hockey game in a hot tub. jets first game here since 96.

touching anthem. true north cheer, nice. becca 'it feels good to sing the anthem sitting down' what are the rules about hats on.

special dinner tomorrow.

oilers goal from the fourth line. from waivers to a goal.

ha becca and ness' first intro to our player, petry, in the penalty box and tie game chic wash.

mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  tie game for the jets. so far a perfect power play and here comes the second.  fran looking to join a fantasy league.

andrew ladd apparently a very chill guy.

washington scores. grabovski - we had him last year on the team, three points tonight!

discussion of jay leno. thieves, and cars. argument ensues.

greg 'all i wanted is for you to have some general knowledge of the car world'

mice announcement. there is a mouse. it's apparently really cute. fran says 'we had no mice the year we didn't have the compost.'

chicago ties it up. saad is available in our league.

vanesssa wants a cat.

greg is going to bed and the rest of us are too......

good night love nervousime, go jets go 1-1

LATENIGHT UPDATE (this is Rebecca, the one who doesn't need to wake up at 6am tomorrow morning): Just got home and turned the game on really loud so I could hear it from the shower.

Coach's corner update: Don loves Mark Scheifele but he mispronounces it "Shiffelly". Verdict's out whether Ron will correct him or not. Nope, not today.

It's 4:2 Oilers. BUT FROLIK JUST SCORED and things are turning around late in the 2nd period. That's big news for our fantasy hockey draft. Trouba with an assist. Lots of good things happening from our new guys.

Thorburn and Gazdik just got into a little scuffle that reminded me of Goon (as in, I bet they're going to have some drinks together after the game). As much as I loved that movie and appreciate the entertainment value of aggressive man-hugging, I've been really sensitive to all the fighting going on tonight. Is anyone else with me? I think it was the Parros incident that did me in. I know, he just tripped. Jesus I hope he's ok. "His moustache has it's own Facebook page", Vanessa mentioned earlier. End of 2nd period.

What is going on with Elliott Friedman's hair tonight?

There's a contest on right now to write 'Canada's Next Great Hockey Song'. And Sidney Crosby likes Great Big Sea AND techno?! I can't forgive both of those choices. Maybe one.

Mark Messier is a class act. Being interviewed by Scott Oake, comparisons to Taylor Hall yada yada...Mark clearly does yoga judging by his posture. I've had one foot on the Oiler train the past few years. This might be the year for their breakthrough.

3rd period and we've got another delay of game penalty to deal with. Pavs is scrambling tonight. Why didn't Claude play him during the pre-season games?

I'm reminded of Ziggy's words of wisdom to "not get hooked on one guy. Things change quickly around here". Applicable to hockey and relationships. I'll take all the advice I can get.

Is there a 'Fantasy Relationship League'?

Trouba scores! Practically from the blue line. Tie game!

I'm going to try and eat a balanced lunch tomorrow. And drink 3 glasses of water.

Stuart gets called for slashing and the timing ain't great. 7 min left in the 3rd. Nervoustime!

Jets defense is fantastic. Big Buff is fuckin' fast tonight. Looking trim and quick and loose. Close calls and flying pucks everywhere. Penalty over.

FROLIK SCORES, Tangradi assist! Hockey can be so poetic. Nearly brought a tear to my eye.

5:4 Jets. 4 min left in the 3rd. Just hold on to this, guys! It's 11:46 and I should be going to bed.

Jets have too many men on the ice. Fuuuuuck. "You've got to communicate with each other" - Kelly Hrudey. There's another hockey/relationship truth nugget.

Can we do this? Pavs makes such a huge save against Arcobello (such a great name, eh?)

25 seconds left. Faceoff in our zone. Timeout. Dubnyk's been pulled. 6 on 5.

Jets win! Good night, xo Rebecca

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