Friday, December 27, 2013

Jets/Wild: 'Everyone's in a giving mood'

It's hockey night on Arlington with Kendra, Ness and Reb. We're watching the pre-game and waiting for Spicy Noodle soup.

Newsflash: Our MDMA Fantasy Hockey League just scored its first point of the week. Thanks Sekera, it was looking pretty bleak at 14:0. Watch out Bangerz, we're coming up from behind.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOT BALL! (Do you read our blog?) #DotBallNeedsToReadOurBlog We celebrated at Union Sound Hall last night, it was a Daft Punk tribute and we had a really good time even though it cost $20 to get in. Some of us are more tired than others, but that hasn't stopped us from continuing the celebration. The box of wine is out.

Kendra would like to suggest Josh Harding for the Olympic team. I'm (Reb) still boycotting the Olympics due to political reasons, but I second this motion.

It's been a weird day. It's a balmy -2 outside and the wind is 14km/hr.

We may be second last in the Western Conference, but the Jets have the highest games played so far this season. Way to go for just showing up, boys!

I truly thought that "OMW" stood for "Oh, my word!" Because I am really a 76-year old woman. Also, I will never use LOL, ever.

Bogo has the flu.

Discussion around who has to take off their hats during the national anthem. Do women have to take off their hats too? When I last went to the legion on mcdermot, the bartender told me I could leave my hat on and that the rule only applied to men.

Stacy Nattrass was in Winnipeg Youth Chorus. Vanessa has told a few people who know Stacy to pass along the message to try singing in a lower key so more fans can sing along. The people's key of G, Stacy!

Frolik is looking up in the stands from the bench. Is he looking for Vanessa and I? Wondering why we're not there? Frolik Navidad! We'll see you soon on New Years eve. "So good looking".

I wonder if there's a false expectation that all the Minnesota players are "really wild" and "love winter"- Kendra. "How wild are the Wild? That is the question".

"I didn't know they reveal the game plan", Kendra. "Isn't the game plan just to shoot and score?", Ness.

GAME ON. Aaaand 2 minutes in and Danny Heatley scores 1:0 Wild. Aquarius: "The best way to proceed is with faith and intuition."

Wright gets 2 min for boarding and this sucks for the Jets. Not a great impression so far.

Frolik and Kane come up the ice. Shorthanded goal! What?! Frolik totally 'loosened the lid' for Evander. It's 1:1 and that feels better. Vanessa is upset that Frolik didn't get more accolades from the announcer. But that's why I love Frolik: he's understated and doesn't mind sharing (also a hockey/relationship analogy).

A little scrambly now but Thorburn fights for the puck and Olli scores! 2:1 Jets.

Fontaine just scored though. Claude's face says it all. It says: "I can't even". 2:2.

Where is our soup?

Koivu just scored (bad for Jets, good for Fantasy Hockey). Pavelec just had a meltdown and destroyed his stick. Nobody was helping him out on his team. "What's his sign? Must be fire". Nope, he's actually an Aquarius. Please come back, Pavs. Don't leave angry!

Montoya now in net and the SOUP ARRIVES!

wheeler scored and we are eating and there has seriously been enough action in this period for a whole game! becca comments on olli's hair "look how long it is".

byfuglien scores and there have now ya been seven goals in this period! 4-3 jets.

Prediction: double digit scores for both teams this game.

Would anyone out there be willing to rent us a bus and drive us around so we can all watch the Winter Classic together in Ste Annes? Yesterday we went looking for people to make out with on New Years. Maybe we should have been looking for a chauffeur instead. 

30 seconds into the 2nd period and nobody has scored yet!

Jokinen gets a penalty, it's a questionable one, of course. "It's time for another short-handed goal", K.

I put on liquid eyeliner last night and it only took me 10 minutes. That's like a 33% time saving from the last time I put it on. We're considering naming 2014 the year of the liquid eyeliner.

Koivu scores again. It's, once again, a tie game.

fantasy hockey update, 14-4. pav back on the bench which is a good sign. ya as for the liquid eyeliner, i kendra have never worn it. i seem to do a lot of crying, no real reason but i have problems with eye makeup for that reason. (Editor's note: they make waterproof liquid eyeliner).

i think this whole 'rivalry' jets wild is not a real rivalry, they all love each other. jen funk said too in minnesota all the fans were so nice.

fortune cookies, rebecca: 'be prepared for the truth.' kendra 'be tactful what goes around comes around' ness is still painting her nails.

happy birthday patrick sharp!!! amazing story about how he scored at 12:27.

we are going to have a winter classic 24/7 marathon on monday night! also ya still thinking of what to do for the wc, for those wondering the flights from winnipeg to detroit are about 800 right now but they are long flights, like multiple stops and the driving distance from detroit to ann arbor is about 45 mins.

four mins left in the second, still 4-4 tied.

pale pink may have been nail colour of the year.

someone tweeted about olli's hair - so great.

we aren't sure about tangradi, becca comments 'good thing his girlfriend is such a lucrative shoe designer'

'this is the only week of the year where minnesota's jersey's are in season. they look like christmas sweaters' - becca

vanessa fortune 'you have an active mind and a keen imagination.

third period coming up. oh ya and it's snowing!!

where is mark stuart? also stoner isn't playing. 'stoners everywhere didn't even notice his absence'

oh ya we started a new christmas tradition 'selfies to strangers' where we sent a pic of becca and i wearing holiday goggles to a person who had texted her simply 'haans'.

Anyway, fifteen minutes left. Thorburn is playing like a rock tonight.

Sometimes we look back on our previous blog posts and re-live history. Apparently I've always loved Timmonen and used to floss more frequently.

I'm declaring another 100-Day Flossing Challenge 2014. Starts Jan. 1.

Text from Jen Funk: "What's up with Buff's crotch laces tonight?" Between Buff's sloppy crotch laces, Olli's bloody eye, and Pavelec's temper tantrum the Jets are having a rough go at it tonight. 

Wheels pokes in a goal, no whistle! 5:4 Jets. Too tired to get up and high five this goal. 9 minutes left in the 3rd. Frolik with a penalty for merely gliding gently into Backstrom (goaltender interference). "Cutest guy in the penalty box".

We can hear Jen Funk screaming Go Jets Go in the arena. Nino Niederreiter is the funnest name to say. Try it: "Nee-no-Nee-der-ry-der". It's like a Seussian character.

1:50 left in regulation and it looks like Minnesota might pull Backstrom.

EMPTY NET GOAL! "Did Montoya score?" Apparently Montoya has a 4-0 record this season against the Wild. So why didn't they play him right off the hop?

The Jets have won this game. Good to get back on track. Kendra loves the Tim Horton's commercial and we all want to find a guy like that one day.

Love, Nervoustime xo

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  1. It was an amazing game and definitely a 2 beer a period kinda night. Nervoustime!!! In an end to the blog Rebecca met me after the bus ride to Wolesley and we shared some great girl time and hockey remembrances. I see many more nervoustime roadtrips in 2014.