Friday, July 5, 2013

alfredson's departure: a fan's reaction

hi, this is kendra only reporting on my emotional reaction to the free agent frenzy. the thing is when i lived in new brunswick as a young teen the ottawa senators were a new team and we got to stay up late for hockey night in canada on saturdays, that was really late cause we were two hours ahead of manitoba. there was some confusion with my dad, as is often the case with fathers, sometimes we cheered for montreal, sometimes the leafs, but always the senators.

break it down, the schulz family motto was to always cheer for the underdog. forward to 2012 my sister and i are both hockey fans, our brother couldn't care less. however, even he has a soft spot for the sens.

and then, daniel alfredson.

i lived in ottawa for nine months from october 2006-july 2007. in that time the team made it to the stanley cup final. the city was alive in a way you only realize if your team is on a legit playoff run (never experienced in winnipeg to date) and i loved it. you became instant friends with everyone and there was a celebration each night. the bars were so hard to get into but it didn't matter cause you could just watch from the street.

and alfredson was the key to it all. the captain and he did well for years.

forward to the current time, i even have him in my hockey pool to this day for loyalty. you would think in hockey loyalty should mean something.

for those of us like myself who believe in hockey more than we believe in marriage this is a sad day. somewhere people need to keep their commitments for the long haul. i currently am turning my mind to ilya kovalchuk as a potential hero. the truth is, there will be bad years in anything you choose in your life. but waiting it out and staying with your original crew will offer the most benefit, in my experience.

the grass always will seem greener if you look at the wrong time. but i would like to end with first a quote from the bhagavad gita 'it's better to do your  own duty badly than to perfectly do another's" and second the wise words of taylor swift 'stay stay stay'.

i think alfredson should have stayed and the whole country should mourn the loss and sudden departure. hopefully ron hainsey reads this blog post and doesn't make the same mistake. personal note, i had an offer to move this past month for work but chose not to take it. winnipeg for ever!

love kendra

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  1. Well said my friend. Before the Jets return Ottawa was my team. Alfie has always been a hero to me. I remember so many games when everyone had given up and there was Alfie. still playing, still trying and frequently still scoring. I certainly am not feeling the same as when Dany Heatley ripped out my heart and stomped on it. But I feel strange about this. I wonder was it his decision or Ottawa's. First Jerome leaves Calgary and now Alfie leaves Ottawa. What is going on?