Thursday, May 23, 2013

wings v hawks, game four.

playoffs hawks wings we lost our post from the first period all i can say is there was a lot in it about teen wolf and the resemblance of patrick kane to teen wolf.

second period, still no score. quesionable non call just occured detroit on the power play, chicago is playing well. we are a room divided, vanessa and greg for the wings, becca and i (kendra) for the blackhawks. we are actually sitting this way as well, by our alies.

bailey, the winkworth family dog, rules and there will be another penalty to chicago. toews is screaming. mr w 'he is supposed to be the captain' ness ' still a young capatain'

i love any commercial that has ashton kutcher in it. rebecca 'gross'

that was not a penalty says any of us. 'save your emotion for he ice not the penalty box' - mr wink

a lot of empty seats in detroit.

GOAL detroit.

another penalty to chicago. they hate jonathan toews

pj stock is going to be upset if JT beats his penalty minutes to goals record

please calm down

seabrook is the best.

greg notes the commentators are pro chicago

the rangers win. what a goal.

greg loves tortorella. becca 'love to hate'

eating ice cream, third period. greg wants us to know he has never opened a pdf. almost time for a chicago goal.

discussion of the redwings motto 'believe' and vladamir konstininov, really a touching story. greg 'the redwings have always been a class organization' / they still have his locker set up for him and it has a rock that says 'believe' - i have a rock like that too!



i really hope chicago scores though! vanessa 'no one needs that' i actually need that. vanessa 'you only think you need it'

woah howard is really good

discussion of the royal albert. 'there is a mole in the restaurant right now. the bikini girl thing is a trick to get bad publicity. no more shows until the cancer is out'

goaltender interferance power play chicago, thank god.

i'm glad i went to the albert before this all happened. vanessa 'it felt good o be there'

'it's like when a little thing becomes everything'

vanessa is cheering. empty net. whatever, vanessa says 'i want a patch that says i believe in russian'

it's back to chicago.

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