Saturday, June 22, 2013

Game 5 - Hockey in the Country

Ok guys.

It's game 5, Boston @ Chicago. We (Tracey, Nesse and me - Reb) are in St Anne visiting the Funk homestead (Reuben, Jen, Lois, Darcy, Smoko). 


We're a little late but the game seems exciting, fast-paced. Just like a 5th game should be.

Jen Funk just made burgers by herself for the first time. Jubilation! We brought buns from Delucas. And chips. There are so many chips.

The burgers are amazing. Mushrooms and carrots and onions. Oh my!

Kaner with the first goal of the game! 1:0 Chicago with 2 minutes left in the game.

The neighbour's dog is taunting Smoko across the street. "He's the new kid on the block".

The name of the Funk property might be "Simplify".

The name of the Funk truck is definitely "Edna". Discussion of women's names and whether they imply how good they can bake.

End of first period.

"I don't like Chara" - Jen. "I just think he's a bit 'slashy'".

"How can you not be slashy with an extra 4 inches of stick". - Darcy.

Second period fashion change. Jen is now wearing overalls.

How old is Don Cherry? 79. Born in 1934.

Tortellini is interviewing his pants off in Vancouver. "It's musical chairs with coaches" - Reuben.

Kane's mullet, once again, raises concerns. Talking about rat tails, skullet, or the Kerry Krishna. Most of the people who have skullets prefer black clothing.

Jen might be rocking a rat tail.

Who has tried honey whiskey before? We are drinking beer and cider. It's about 24 degrees outside and the birds are singing and fuck the weather man and his rainy forecast.

Second period fanfare!!!

Double penalty (Handzus and Horton) and it's 4 on 4 hockey.

Strippers are never free. They always take a little piece of your soul.

Will Kane get the hat trick tonight. hmmmmm. Vanessa emphatically says no. There's been a bit of a battle between the sisters tonight. I'm hopin in ends in either a foot race or some leg wrestling.

Vanessa is disappointed she doesn't have a change of clothing. Maybe she'll wear her pants as a shirt and her shirt as pants. We are now being regaled with stories of her shopping escapades when she was a raver for 2 months in grade 9.

Kane and Sharp seem to be speeded around the ice and Crawford appears to have his groove back.

OH and I don't need a twitter account #JenFunkneedstwitteraintgonnahappen

Speaking of wearing your pants inappropriately there's a little Kriss Kross.

Vanessa would like everyone to play like Marchand. But he's always pushing really hard and then he spins around and notices that the rest of his team are not there. And invariably falls down.

Wondering if one can use invariably whilst blogging about hockey.

Oh dear. We've started humming Inspector Gadget but inserting the name Tuukka Rask in sections.

Can we tell Jagr that he should stop dying his mutton chops. And that Vanessa painted a nail for him.

"Any team can win a Game 7" Vanessa.  "write that down!" Funk66.

If this series goes to seven games it will land on Becca's birthday. "we need a restaurant with TVs" "we better just order in."

Jen informs us of the ginger cure for hangovers and/or stomach flu...remember that one. "miracle root"- Reb.

Trending tonight, Corey Crawford Gloveside...did they just say trending?

Ruben has left us for the indoor screen. "Ruben's great!" everyone agrees. More honourable mentions.

Bruins really need to pick it up!! Everyone else is cheering for the Hawks except me (Vanessa).
So many rebounds but no goals.

GOOAAL!! Chara scores with the hard shot off the mark, Lucic assist, hoya. Here we are in the 3rd period and we've got a game...Crawford's Gloveside #trending?

Talking about the Winnipeg Jets. The fans deserve a better team, no? yes. maybe they just created false expectations at the end there? "that's so Winnipeg"

Rebecca would like Danny Briere to come here. There's great schools and childcare and family lawyers.

Munching on DeLuca's hazelnut wafers. Easily the most critical store in all of Wolseley.

Bergeron is on the way to the hospital for an 'upper body injury'. Bad news for Boston..."just keep calm and Bergeron".

Marchand might be a pest but he's also not afraid to take the beat down. "I love how everyone always beats up Marchand right at the bench when no one's watching" Funk66.

8:35 left in the 3rd.

Rebecca begins to make bird calls and other nervoustime noises...even she knows that the Bruins still have a chance.

Funk66 made sourcream cookies and let me tell you, they are delicious.

Chara and Lucic just about scored that same goal again. Topic of discussion: Chara's neck. 'the shaft'. 'look at that neck!'

The Hawks have special Go-Go Juice energy drink.  yes you do Honey boo boo child.

Empty net Boston. 40 seconds left. Nervoustime!

Empty netter for the Hawks.

"Sorry Vanessa" Darcy chimes from inside the RV.  Rebecca and Jen give their condolences.

5 out of 6 happy hockey fans, not bad.

"Look at the moon!" Happy supermoon everybody.

Love, Nervoustime xo

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