Sunday, October 6, 2013

Anaheim @ Winnipeg: Welcome Back Teemu!

Happy Sunday, Nervoustime here. Present: Kendra, Vanessa, and me (Reb). Mr. Wink just arrived with Sorrento's pizza that he kept warm in his own personal pizza delivery warmers. Insists on checking the football scores. VIP Graham Smith-Peloquin is on his way!


"How long do we have to watch football before we can change the channel to hockey?"

"I think we should cheer for the Broncos because we cheer for the Avalanche", Kendra.

Thoughts on Bombers: "Thumbs down, Bombers". What a sorry excuse for a CFL team. What to do?

Things we miss about the old stadium: beer snake, being able to smoke and watch the game at the same time (shout out Robbie Rousseau), the space to roam and move so you didn't hate everyone around you, and being able to go to Olive Garden after the game. "I'm still full from going eating there (14 months ago)", Kendra.

Tim Campbell on Teemu: "A gentle soul, soft-spoken man".

WIVES CARNIVAL MENTION! With all these Jets getting married and engaged over the summer, there better be a Wives Carnival Revival this season.


Has anyone been to Shark Club? I've heard it's sponsored by Bud Light and you want to have a shower when you get home.

Clitty is back in the line-up! "I thought they were going to trade him", Greg.

Thank you CTV - all the headlines was saying this was Teemu's last appearance in Winnipeg. Thank to you Cam (who runs the CTV twitter) who corrected that it's Teemu's last REGULAR SEASON appearance, NOT including the Playoffs.

Awkward faces from Shane Hnidy.

Can we all just pause and appreciate how beautiful Teemu is.

vanessa died her hair green, like the ends, we think it's a protest against the bombers. riders forever!

graham misses smith-pelly. who doesn't? we missed you gsp!!!

gsp talking about smoking sections at the new and old stadiums, agrees. vanessa 'destroying that stadium was the worst idea ever.'

where did you meet bryan little? did we tell you that - we have a little card signed 'to nervoustime' so so nice. we love you bryan!!!

also, shoutout to our new friends bangers and tbirds - we are hoping to hang out with you soon and thank you steve for letting us pick up volkuon for our fantasy team....'always trust a tbird'

five mins in no score.

i am with sidney crosby on loving great big sea.  (kendra) i attribute it back to my years growing up in atlantic canada. also thank you to the rankin family ('we rise again')

nervoustime friend jil who only got into hockey at the end of last season texts 'teemu is hot' - how amazing to only discover this now! thank you teemu for your years of making us all happy.

i had such a great time at the game on friday - the jets are doing so well! discussion of the net off etc. it was still a super fun game. we love the new guys! frolik is in our lineup this week.

jets power play. jets goal! what a power play!!! greg on wheeler 'he never quits. that's one guy i like. he is always moving'

gsp updates us on the local teams (the No Regretskys, best team name ever) and the ducks scored.

greg comments on the decrease in young children signing up to play hockey. it's too expensive.

standing o for teemu, discussion of the finnish documentary, gsp 'are they going to be playing it a the globe'

jill text: 'i'm really enjoying this game i can't believe it'

i hope i'm in good shape at 43.

power play for the ducks.......

greg discovers getzlaff connection. becca 'they aren't twins'

mark stuart for life!!!

becca 'ryan looks more mediterannean. olive undertones'

becca spells out medataranian for me, i can't handle it.

gw comments we haven't seen byfuglien on the ice as much as we did last year, rebecca requests we turn down the sound for commercials.

Taking bets if Greg will be able to stay awake for the 3rd period.

Scheifele is an "old-looking 18" according to Mr Wink. "I tell everybody I'm 68 and they say I look amazing".

Pavs is playing great tonight - his first game playing against Anaheim. How tall is Pavalec? 6'3". Ken Dryden is 6'4" and Kendra has read the book he wrote when he was a lawyer.

LADD SCORES! "I was wondering where the 1st line was". 

Pavalec has been leaving his net a lot more these days. Nervoustime.

Claude Noel had a great press conference today. Laughing, smiling, loving Teemu, talking about how much he wants to win.

The reason there's so many shots on goal against the Jets is because Hainsey is gone.

Shout out to Oduya who got a goal on his birthday!

If Selanne gets a goal will the fans cheer? "Yes". "That's so stupid".

Yorkton's motto is "It's Good Enough". It's decided that Nervousime needs to take a trip to Yorkton.

Teemu being interviewed. Class act, total babe. Wonder where Teppo is right now.

"Someone left their boots in the hallway and that's dangerous", Greg. "I'm a dangerous girl", Nesse. "I think that was me", GSP. Everyone is in trouble.

Camera goes to Claude and Wheeler talking about the previous play, making plans for improvements and getting along so well. That open communication is key to a good relationship. #LoveAndHockey

GSP talking about flies at work, "playing cat and mouse games". It's the last batch of flies for the season, they're always weird and half-dead and disoriented. WINTER IS COMING.

Discussion about our rads in our places and how hot it is inside. No pants party all the time!

Did anyone see the Patrick Roy/ Bruce Boudreau scuffle? "He's always been an asshole", Greg/Dad. "Apparently his kid is the same way. It's like he thinks he's in the minors. Ah well, I guess he's gotta learn on his own time."

Teemu with an almost-goal. Mark Stuart called with tripping. Mark Stuart 4 Life.

Looking forward to this week's New York Rangers and LA Kings game: dueling goalies in our Fantasy League!

so tired. becca just passed me k the computer and we are ya, exhausted. greg posed an earlier twitter poll, 'will i make it to the 3rd period' and i feel like i may not too.....

becca says frolik has been called 'baby jagr' for agess.

greg ' you have to light a fire under joikinen'

becca 'why aren't the staff wearing hairnets in the moxies commercial?'

who has been the oldest? gordie howe. chris chelios?

jagr...baptized in 2001. very interesting

you have to wear a visor!!!!!!

mice update - no recent sightings. thanks to steve for offering his cat. gsp, 'are you getting a cat because of the flies'

ahhhh anaheim goal 'the jets could not escape the period'

end of second, 2-2 greg starts howling 'i am still awake!!!!'

does moxies own stellas?

gsp 'as of this summer?'

we have no idea. please don't quote us on that thing.

blake wheeler looks so much like andrew clark. greg to gsp, 'you look a little like andrew ladd acually'

laughter ensues.

Dad changes the channel to football again, the crowd boos. "I'm going to get my Bomber hat out of the washing machine".

Kendra looks up and everyone is wearing hats all of a sudden. Well not everyone, just Dad and me (Rebecca). Greg gets up to get hats for everyone. Vanessa gets "Bad to the bone". Kendra gets the Leafs, GSP the Habs.

GSP wants us to come see one of his games at the Highlander this year. "Most def", Kendra. Taking a break from the blog to take a photo. Always a photographer, never a bride.

3rd period! 2:2 tie game and it's Nervoustime! Will the Jets remain undefeated? Will Vanessa and Greg be able to stay awake? This and much much more will reveal itself in the coming minutes.

"Next goal: the Ducks", Greg. "GO TO BED!", everyone else.

Anaheim is dominating, though, as much as I don't want to admit it. Some not-so-swift moves by the Jets.

Buff IS BUFF! Looking so good! He's recovering the puck and looks so in control! LOVE YOUR BODY, BUFF. NO MATTER WHAT.

Jim Slater frequents GSP's coffee shop but he can never build up the nerve to say hi, even though he's his favourite Jet. Jim, if you're reading this, consider making the first move, Bro.

Every time we see this Moxie's commercial, it gets darker and more twisted. Let's put an end to the incessant Moxie's commercials on TSN Jets. "They're a sponsor, that's why." Greg thinks something fishier is going on.

"Why would you replace Scheifele with Slater on that line?", GSP.

"Can we pause it so we can all look at how good looking Frolik is?", Kendra. "I think he looks like a weasel", Greg.

Bogosian trips and loses the puck and Perry easily snaps one in the goal. 3:2 Jets and that is all Bogo's fault. "I blame the trainer who didn't sharpen his skates", GSP.

"It's a game of mistakes." - A hockey/love analogy.

Jets fans are now booing. "Where's the love?" 17 seconds left in the game. TO Winnipeg.

Hate to break it to everyone, but we lost. 3:2 Ducks.

Love, Nervoustime.

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