Friday, September 20, 2013

first nervoustime of the season!

happy september from all of us at nervoustime. currently at the nt headquarters wink parents with trace, kenny g, ness and becca. dinner was pizza from slices, ceaser salad (homemade by mr. w), cheese and crakers, popcorn to come.

watching the bomber game. unbelievable game by hall. apparently he is being covered by new guys 'the misfits' according to mr. wink. inspired us to listen to the jem rivals' the misfits' as well as barbie and the rockers.

hockey pool update also - we got michael frolick!! woah, welcome to him. also shoutout to cody hodgeson the car racer and also cody hodgson the sabre and welcome to our team.

best beard in the cfl? wow. that eskimo 'he should be playing guitar in a blue grass band' 'has the lost at sea scandenaian vibe' - becca.

tracey made a hashbrown casorole today!!!

my mom had a different name for that.

went to a couple jets games already and am pretty excited for the upcoming year, also best of luck to ron hainsey in carolina.

oh ya so brian little signed a card 'to nervoustime' and VANESSA GOT A JOB, she has to start at seven, she will be moving the coffee maker to her room.

another beard.

speaking of beards greg just arrived down with a photo of him in his youth. amazing. flags!

vanessa's paying union dues which i have informed her can be deducted from her total income if she's ever required to pay child support.

greg just informed us of the tempature they use to kill bedbugs which is the same as at yoga,

fran's landline rings she answers the phone 'go bombers go' it may be a telephone survey.

Why don't I know about the cupid shuffle? The TSN sports guys are now dancing and we all think this is great. LaPolice in the background: priceless. Tracy had to close her eyes. 

Nervoustime has successfully posted a youtube video!  the first upload on Kendra's account!  

27-13 for the Bombers heading in to the 4th quarter. is this the real life? 

ok fourth quarter! kenny back on the blogging.

disscussion of the new nhl rule can't take your own helmet off players took each other's off in carolina and buffalo, has hainsey scored yet?

cfl is the fourth quarter, what isn't\?

nhl predictions -

trace; 'we are watching football right now. it is too early for the nhl'

becca:  (ref trainning camp) go jets

greg; 'the nhl season came to soon,,the nhl season. we need another player's strike'

fran; 'the jets are going to be in the playoffs, no doubt'

vanessa\; ''i'm just a girl - no doubt'

kendra - i love that song by gwen stefani 'cool' where she is singing about still being able to be friends with her ex even though she is with someone else -  i am once again though predicting a big year for the hurricaines.

bombers still? crowd believes edmonton is going to score right away. fran, the eternal optimist believes bombers. i would love to see a bombers riders grey cup, might be the last chance.

if they win this game can the bombers still finish in first place?\

a three point distance and can you imagine how everyone at the game is feeling about getting home? i live only a few blocks away.

oh man super intense description of the new porsche dealership being provided by mama wink, very very interesting! 'i was watching it for half an hour......'.......'wasn't invited'......'acrobats'.......'everyone had a clipboard'........'valet parking'

bomber field goal miss and it's still a three point game.


greg - no question they are going to win

fran - no question they are going to lose

two mins.


bombers have the ball.

discussion of the change of name act.

almmmmost one min left. 'at least this an exciting last two minutes' - fran

ya i kinda wish i was at this game. and they did stop him? it tipped off a bomber? the ground? it hit two bombers.

'sucks to be a shitty defence' - ness

what a catch!

tim burke is sad. 'he looks like a hush puppy' - greg

miss, 'he wasted twelve seconds'

second down. another miss. field goal unit and overtime is coming, nervoustime!

game is tied 'for the first time this year'
 woah greg hopes edmonton wins and sooooooo do i!

here is our video, we love you all!!!\ go jets go!!! xoxo kenny, ness, becca, tracey, greg and fran.

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