Saturday, October 26, 2013

first nervoustime with karla!

hey from tracey's place. gene just arrived, becca on her way and we are watching jets stars. score, one nothing. interesting is dallas shouts out 'stars' during the american anthem. none of us have actively watched dallas games before and don't know if that was a pre true north thing or not, karla is checking with her friend who is a stars fan.

gene and trace are heading to thailand and cambodia. discussion of packing. gene just got a camera. we are doing terrible at fantasy hockey this week - congrats to the riverton rifles. currently down 25-14. just adding trace and gene to blackberry messanger, just like it's 2009, maybe with that the penguins will win the cup?

karla really thought we were watching a blackhawks game tonight. we have it on game centre and will watch the 3rd.

dallas power play. tracey is making a bread salad and karla hates tyler seguin. turns out he tried to sleep with one of her friends who 'was at a party with the bruins and was hot enough to be there. he said he liked black girls. she said no'

one nothing minnesota and the chicago first period is over. we can all smell the garlic.

breaking - patrick kane hit on one of karla's friends cousins 'there wasn't a racial element so good job patrick kane'

isn't everyone glad karla is here??????? 'i know a lot of americans. i also know people who like baseball. which is terrible but i will let it go' - ps - karla does writing online and has forever.

karla 'i know your wedding was terrible in many ways' i was like, 'what?' she was like 'remeember when that guy from germany made you really uncomfortable?' oh ya, our fake cousin fred. pd - i loved my wedding, karla was just mad i stole her 13th birthday party 'i got so drunk at that wedding, i got really sick'

vanessa is at a social.

it's 1-0 winnipeg. it's also 2-0 minnesota. and our food is ready!

dallas scored. our food is great. discussion of clitsome. thank you so much to deluca's for making such great food. looks as though nervoustime overtime may be coming up.

shout out to the people we met last weekend in st. annes.

discussion of our trip to st. annes, karla 'that is the most manitoba experience i can envision except you didn't fish at any point'

small town bars will drive you home. karla announces brunkheld would pick you up. she then gets into drive through dacuquis. only in texas? tracey wants to go to austrailia and drink in the passanger seat.

still a tie game in texas.

2-1 for the chicago game. rebecca knows four people at this game 'they are my mother's contemporaries. i bet they are wearing jerseys. we should go to dallas. they have great music. how far is austin?' karla reminds us she is in thompson and no one is farther away then her.

rebecca notes kane is playing, gene notes he has the goal, and we discuss his earlier rumour as 'banged up'\\

we miss you thorburn!

we have two edits to the anthem:

all thy sons command to 'all of our command'

'god keep our land' to 'we'll keep our land' - rebecca comment 'it helps build accountability'

rebecca 'i tweeted the prime minister today and he didn't respond'

karla 'everything he has already done is enough'

"We're switching to the Blackhawks game as soon as this is over" - Kendra. 2 min left in the 3rd period. God help us if we're headed into another overtime.

Discussion of team dynamics. Who likes who? We know Pavelec and Frolik are best friends. Maybe Frolik will convince Pavs to date an older woman?

"Frolik Navidad". Kendra thought that was an original idea by her sister, but it turned out to be a pre-existing youtube video. Add that one to the playlist. Along with the Stephen Harper on Stephen Harper interview.

Too many men on the ice. How many times do I have to blog about this?

Shout out to Catie Ellis and Jeff Scott on their wedding day! What a beautiful wedding, mazel tov you guys!

We miss Ron Hainsey right about now. Does the penalty get held over in regular season overtime? After some discussion, we decide no but we are wrong and actually it does. "Well all the more reason not to get a stupid penalty at the end of the third", Tracey.

Shooter predictions: Kane (Kendra), Frolik (Karla), Olli (Rebecca).

"The Dallas Stars green is the same colour as the Riders green", Trace. Little Otto was wearing Riders socks today at the wedding. Hello to Julie and Graeme if you read our blog!

Quick chat about differentiating between 'Graeme' and Graham' in spelling and pronunciation.

It's overtime NERVOUSTIME. It was tough to watch Pavs being interviewed after the last game. He was so disappointed in his team mates (I think he dislikes Clitsome) and you could tell their was some animosity in the locker room. He's also really cute when he's angry.

Kendra and Karla are picking Dallas shooters now. Because we are headed for a SHOOT OUT. SHIT.

Latest trade option: Malkin (us) for Subban and Marchand (The Sheep). We have proposed the trade and nobody's responded. We think his real name is Rob. Please answer our email The Sheep.

Riverton Rifles who are you? Are you the guy I had a crush on in the mid-00's who worked at the Toad?

When I use the hashtag MDMA it really stands for Manitoba Dynasty Something Association. We don't actually do MDMA. Just in case any cops are reading this.

1st Dallas shot: Benn. Fail.
1st Winnipeg: Jokinen!!!!! Good effort but no cigar.
2nd: Chiasson. Nope.
2nd: Ladd GOAL!!!
3rd: Who was that? Who cares? He missed!


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