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entry draft 2013

good afternoon!!! we are eight minutes away from the first pic and luckily this didn't start at nine like we thought it did. present are kendra, rebecca and vanessa. jill is in osborne village, gsp is writing an essay.

rebecca says brian pulock is her fave, wonderful story about this guy. his brother died and he has persevered and developed a special relationship with his coach, who also had a brother who died on the same day. full story apparently appeared in today's free press. his shot has been compared to al mcinnis.

breaking down astrological signs of the top four picks,

seth jones, october 3rd, libra 'you may soon receive an offer that will involve a big investment on your part libra. this could be an investment of your money, but it could also be an investment of your time, your love, your tolerance and so on. but have you investigated it fully? have you weighed the pros and the cons? is there more to gain than to lose? you need to consider all the possibilities both good and bad. there could be some hidden challenges so be sure you know what you are getting into before you make a commitment."

nathan mackinnon, september 1, virgo. 'even when you want something quite passionately you can be very passive about aquiing it. it isn't that you don't have goals you are actually very goal oriented. you are ambitious too. but sometimes virgo when you face oppisition it makes you feel like running the other way. you do not like confrontation. you would rather set another goal than to face what you feel will surely be awkward or difficult. but there is something you want now that is worth fighting for. stand up to the opposition and take what is yours.'

jonathan drouin, march 28, aries (SAME BIRTHDAY AS KEITH TKACHUK AND MY DAD, THEO SCHULZ) 'grow old along with me! the best is yet to be...' that line is part of a poem written by the english poet robert browning during the victorian age. it is very hopeful. but in reality we don't know what the future will hold. that's why the balance of this poem asks the reader to 'trust god'. but whatever your beliefs, having faith that everything will be good or even better than it has been is never a bad idea. as you look forward to change in your life aries heed these words.

aleksander barkov, september 2, virgo also (see above)

i wonder if barkov and mackinnon will celebrate their birthdays together one day.

colorado first pick......joe sakic is still a babe. what are they chanting. nathan mckinnon number one!!!! they haven't made the playoffs in three years. they were chanting 'crosbys better' and vanessa loves the avs. i don't think the three of us have ever watched an avs game. 'i always think of the avs and st james punks and propagandhi. they've also legalized marijuana, there are lots of reasons to love colorado.' he is only 17! sakic refers to him as 'a difference maker'

florida with number two - missed the playoffs for 11 times. shouldn't have a team. they took barkov! woah. first european. 'this pic will be questioned for a few years. seth jones doesn't look happy but why not - he doesn't have to play for the florida panthers. interesting that the virgo's go first.

so this really makes things interesting.

tampa bay. steve y, another huge babe. took jonathan drouin, that was their plan. 'a human highlight wheel'. in halifax he played with number 27. how do they know he wants number 13?

aw poor seth jones. stuck in nashville? i wonder if they have a jersey ready for him and what happens to the barkov predators jersey, is someone wearing that in a foriegn country with the bruins stanley cup hat. seth jones to nashville it is. he looks very unhappy. he wanted to go to florida. he is very cute. the number 13 is for the draft we figured out, their number is still unknown. chip on your shoulder to the other teams? 'oh for sure!'. so seth vs the avalanche, panthers and lightning.

here come the hurricaines with the fifth pick. too bad there are no staal bros in the draft. they picked  elias lindholm, he is so so so cute. what great hair. 'his dad look like bruce willis!!'

flames pick monahan, seems like a good fit, nice kid. oilers pick nurse - first defence in ages. he is good looking too. his dad richard nurse was a cfl player! aw he is so happy to be an oiler. the oilers are obvs the team to watch in the future. looking forward to it. sign of teppo nummenin 'he is probably by a lake somewhere' 'getting ready to celebrate his birthday....happy pre bday to teppo and teemu. rasmus, what a fantastic name, reminds me of my cat erasmus. best name so far for sure. his bday is october 27th. not july 3rd. tsn mentions teppo as his potential 'good mentor', rebecca claps her hands. 'that was worth watching this draft, i don't have to watch it anymore'.

a trade happened between players we've never heard about.

the devils are the up next........wait what, new jersey gets schnider. big move. vanessa 'vancouver doesn't know what the fuck they are doing' -the buyout $ wasn't there for luongo. i don't want to see max domi on the canucks....let's see. pick coming up. Selected Bo Horvat, 'a can't miss pick' we think he kind of has a bit of a canucks vibe already in his step.

very interesting. dallas is up. mike modano, i actually hate the stars org. they selected an intriguing russian valeri. vanessa 'i wish someone would just squash gary bettman' 'the different green ties look so gross' 

flyers sam morin. / greg just returned 'good for cory, he's come a long way' - on the trade.

next pick, seattle. 'if phoenix takes tie domi's son i am going to lose it.' 'he's just like his dad' 's when he finished hockey he will promote telephone providers?' - greg.....

ok here is the PC pick coming up......they got max domi oh well. he is a diabetic.

jets pick next. josh morrisey who was ranked 28th? he is a defensman. interestingly his birthday is also march 28th, same day as keith tkachuk, my dad and drouin. we wonder if they are loading up on defenceman so they are getting rid of byfuglien?

gsp text 'i hope josh morrisey's mom is moving here. i didn't notice a dad in the picture.'

next columbus.

ok we've missed a couple as we were outside but buffalo just picked another defenceman.

senators up next. seth jones has also tweeted that he is happy. so did darnell. senators pic lazar but another trade is coming up lazar hockey 'it's fun'

san jose got mirco mueller it must have been who they really wanted. mirco is also a great name.

kerby rychel looks kinda like gsp. his father was also in the nhl.

now wings pick. they took anthony mantha. the only 50 goal scorer in the draft! and his sister or gilfriend he is with is wearing red and while. becca 'i wonder if she knew ahead of time'

leafs up. frederick gauthier, rebecca 'he looks awkward'. well maybe he is angry going to the leafs because he is from quebec.

calgary picks a #27.....

washington andre borokovsky, interesting. 'when ever the caps are in doubt they take sweedes''

canucks pick a guy named hunter. becca thinks they need an overall like goodbye sedins. 'there powers only work when they are together.' 'they don't play well with others' 'daniel played amazing when henrick was out.' 'i used to love the sedins'

we did a big tangent trying to research how the canucks got the second and third pick in that year and can't figure it out. montreal picked mike mcaon. 61 picks to go for montreal. most penalty minutes in the draft. 'oh ya you know' he says on bringing an edge to montreal very interesting. also he is an american.

vanessa 'this reminds me of the hunger games.'

no goalies yet.

on the ducks 'that logo looks like it would be better used for an airline'

luongo is still in shock he doesn't want to do any interviews apparently. we still all thought he would get along really well with tortorella.

dano is wearing leather pants and is from bratislava!

apparently free agent frenzy is on friday. still a chance for ron hainsey. rebecca and i like the mckinnon juice best, vanessa likes the jones juice. calgary picked klimchuk.

two more picks in the first round.  stars select jason jickenson, no photo.

ya we all hope chicago chooses a goalie. they hose ryan hartman 'looks a little bit like justin trudeau, and he walks properly' - greg.

first round over, have a wonderful day everyone. welcome to winnipeg morrisey. 

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