Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday with Gerry

The NT Crew & Gerry, Ste Anne, MB Dec. 14, 2013
Welcome to another Nervoustime roadtrip to Ste Anne  Manitoba.

A big hello from Nick, Lauren, Tracey, Kendra, Rebecca and Jen. We're sorry Vanessa is having way too much fun in the city and Darcy is running errands and the nervoustime dog is nervous at home. Hey Smoko!

Gerry, Ste Anne's best bartender has brought us all drinks, and free toques and hats. What?! Our official bar. And it's happy hour every day from 3-7. We're sitting by the fire place.


We have to talk about Albert.

Kendra's Nervoustime resolutions for others:
-Rebecca needs to watch hockey at least for the olympics
-Jenfunkneeds twitter

It's Dallas @ Winnipeg. Many of us around the table are a bit hungover from last night's festivities which included bourbon and 1am tobogganing. We're drinking standard.

Jen would like to say that she prefers the new Dallas green (jerseys).

Jen just accused me (Reb) of stealing Tracey's hat which couldn't be further from the truth. We traded.

We've all entered to win the local contest for Jets tickets. There's also a contest called Bartender's Delight where you can win all sorts of booze? Why everyone doesn't live in Ste Anne is beyond me.

Seguin just scored - snap.

"Jennifer Hanson... you were here for the Jazz Festival this year, I think.  Why didn't you just stay.  We could have made a modern Global commercial (aka the CKND Goals for Kids commercial from around 1991). Come to think of it, we should have Goals for Kids back too.  The Jets' jerseys miss that big rectangle proudly supporting our less fortunate children.  Any how: RED DRESS, HANSON, GO JETS GO you just scored."

Nick is a bit nostalgic. Things change.
And Halischuk scores!!!!!

We're thinking about JenFest since it's only 6 months away. Wonder if any of the Jets would like to come. Their all invited.

Stupid Dallas scores. Nick's going for a disappointment cigarette. Isn't that the horrors of addiction.

Wow they just dumped Scheifele into the bench.

Check this out. Funny small town shit.

Gerry has the same last name as one of us. Guess who.

Lauren likes Little. Rebecca, "A Little goes a long way"

Discussion on warm winter boots. Sorels or Mukluks? Recommendations please! My toes are constantly freezing this year, and I have invested in wool socks. We're making ourselves at home here - boots off warming by the fireplace.

Let's curl! Ste. Anne bonspiel coming up in January. Forming a nervoustime curling team for sure. Might be a battle over who is lead since we are not that good. Kendra curled in high school and won a trophy so she is obviously the skip.

We encourage you to read this. Just a partial list of reasons to love hockey players:

Hockey/love analogy: never be afraid to show your softer side to your teammate.

2nd period fanfare! Now some of us are drinking caesars. With pickle juice!

Are there any Oilers fans who read our blog? How do you feel about Horkoff playing for Dallas? "Its weird" - J Funk. "It's weird that they traded him to another western team".

Jen and Darcy are maybe contemplating getting a llama for free through kijiji. Must be picked up this weekend.

The bar is filling up for Happy Hour!  "I am enjoying this hockey game so much I wish it was 6 periods long"- J Funk exclamation.

Thorburn is back in the penalty box. Chris Thorburn 4 Life. Apparently he had a "talking to" before the game about getting too many penalties. Like being sent to the principal's office.

penalty coming up to the stars. there was that one open net chance that trace and i both think we could maybe have got. jfunk 'i don't know about your hockey skills but it's so fast'

so the ceaser's are pretty great. ya so the free llama, another reason to visit ste anne. or even stay for the rest of your life. how long do llama's live? conversation turns to the sriracha shortage, jen believes it is because subway is buying all the product.

four on four 'i love this! wide open spaces" - jen. 'it's the only hockey that darcy likes'

the crowd is getting innnnnn to it. shoutout to all our friends at the game. things we have with us, lotion, advil. what a survival crew and we are thinking about nachos. it's just doritos with cheese sauce but the cheese sauce is broken. weird. so far the only downside to the day. another five on three failure from the jets, two down. still a bit of a power play.

oh and hey to vanessa at the winnipeg youth chorus reunion. we did some great aladdin soundtrack singalongs this morning, and when we moved to the little mermaid jon didn't even know the movie!

discussion of the albert.

i'd like to see a john albert goal and would consider going to the albert again if they renamed it the royal john albert.

trade kane!

discussion earlier about how what a dream it would be if patrick kane was ever a jet and then rebecca could proudly wear her bootlegged kane jersey she got from her cousin. "It was free!" - Rebecca. "The antithesis of Evander's flamboyant & rich lifestyle".

You should know that you can get really good Chinese food at the Ste Anne Hotel.

wheeler scores!!! interesting chicken wing plan 'we will have lots of different chicken wings tonight' says jerry however they are unavailable for preview today. trace predicted the goal.

ugh jamie benn. the guy we are playing against in fantasy hockey has him. however, i will say in the spirit of christmas i did send him (who is a stranger to me really) a photo of ryan kessler (who he has on his team) wearing a christmas sweater.

jen funk - do you think i could learn to play the accordian from youtube?

wheeler again...............that seems like a fun play i want to do a shot, tracey 'what would wheeler drink?'

man just remembered eating pho # 1 a couple weeks ago. so so so so good.

trying to decide which coast of costa rica to visit, trace recommends the west. quepos & manual antonio park. i had heard of a town called santa theressa that i wanted to go to. if anyone has been to costa rica and has a fave please let us know!

ugh jamie benn again. 4-3 stars....jen wanted a 6-3 game. 'i meant the other way'

darcy arrived! just in time for spring rolls.

free llama link:

oh no! they pulled pavelec on his free bobble head day. are fans going to toss theirs on the ice?  maybe for wheeler's hat trick.

damn. 6-3. Montoya not having much better luck.

floss sticks vs. mint floss regular?  always get free floss & toothbrushes when we go to the dentist and regular lectures that we should all 'floss more' we are actually flossing now; after the free popcorn and chinese ribs. nervoustime promotes good dental hygiene.

afternoon setback. the truck wasn't working today. unable to get lumber supplies to construct our toboggan run ramp. we have plans. seriously. sketched out on a piece of paper.

kendra killed our wave. it did go twice around the table. trying to keep the game momentum going.

This new movie Grudge Match looks so bad and it will probably be the Winkworth dad's choice to go see on Christmas day as a family. "It's Rocky vs Raging Bull" - Nick.

"Score a goal!" - J Funk yells. 7 minutes left in the 3rd.

I'm (Reb) trying to teach everyone about only typing 1 space after a period, which is met by some resistance from Blackberry users.

Darcy is so skinny the fat analyzer gave him a error reading.

Tracey and Rebecca have a hat-sharing agreement.

The average size of a snow disc is 26". Discussion around tobogganing continues.

Olli Jokinen scores with 1:30 left in the 3rd! 6:4 Dallas. EMPTY NET! Nervoustime.

The real hero of the night is the guy who is quickly repairing the broken fibreglass panel. First star nomination for that guy!

Votes for Dallas original Green: 4
Votes for Dallas new Green: 4

(There's no such thing as a neutral vote. No apathy!)

Jets lose 6:4 final.

Everyone's invited to Jen Funk's for tobogganing! But you'll have to text us for her address.

xo Nervoustime

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