Monday, May 27, 2013

game six detroit chicago

rare baldwin apt liveblog, residents include myself kendra and neighbours sally and tyler who you readers may recall we ran into on the street a couple entires ago and that they are both cheering for the blackhawks because sally has then in a pool and tyler chooses based on the city he likes better.

sally and tyler are eating falafel i earlier ate a large sorrentos salad which was amazing but seriously large and i gave the rest to my brother and killa cam.

the blackhawks are also the team sally's dad is going for and we are drinking old wine and it's only okay. tyler 'i'm not sure what it tasted like before but i'll take it'

on the san jose la, tyler is going for la. i am going for san jose.

1-1 end of the first. none of  us know who scored because we just turned it on. tyler is finding out on his phone. marian hossa scored for chicago ....and p. eaves ? none of us know who he is. sally just remembered johnny oduya was a blackhawk and was like 'heyyyyyyyy'

not many detroit players familiar to the group. zetterberg. i've learned the goalie. this series is teaching me more about the redwings that i ever needed to know - i just found out the octupus on sat. maybe someone did it the first game. tyler' it seems grosss' me 'i think vegans should not cheer for the redwings.' tyler 'it's a waste of octupus you can't sell it when you've thrown it on the ice'

i actually went to burger king the other day and the yam fries were awful. tyler 'the movement of yam fries from a side dish to fast food is kind of disapointing'\

do people think yam fries are better\? i don't. tyler 'the moment people start putting kale on their burgers i will know the change has happened'

kyle quincy reminds sally of gsp. even the way he talks. WE MISS YOU GRAHAM SMITH-PELOQUIN.

sally asked if i had heard from gsp lately and i remembered the last penguins game i simply got a text saying 'malkins parents!'

second period underway. tyler also comments another reason to cheer for the blackhaws is the closest proximity to hear. he is still learning to detroit. he also thinks jarome igninla deserves to win a cup. boston, sally simply says 'no'.

woah sally 'pretty much any team that goes against boston i will cheer for'

i don't want boston to win and turn it into an american government thing.

chic power play and i'm already missing the power play of sat night.
tyler notes not seeing teams that play so differently at home and away than chic and detroit. but another detroit penalty, roughriders style, too many men on the ice. that ref is because tyler is also from sask and is a roughriders fan.
lets go blakhawks.

nothing happened.

i spoke with rich pollock from illegal curve today who told me he thinks this game is going into overtime.

although you can't see it - tyler is wearing a great shirt. striped with the greatest colours, grey, yellow, maroon, white. wide stripes as well.

tyler has seen all of the arrested developments 'it took 8.5 hours but it was worth it.' - sally has seen a few, half of it. i've seen none of it, waiting for my family.

spoiler alert\; STEVE HOLT

as we were talking about game of thrones detroit scores, anderson. 'not even an interesting name for a hockey player. as a friend it's a great last name' - shout out to randi and aynsley. now thinking of all the andersons we think are awesome. and andrews' - archie andrews.  the first guy tyler ever knew who's parents had a computer was named anderson 'he had a lot of leggo'

'i'm really not that upset about people with the last name anderson i just didn't like that goal'

detroit fans chanting crawford, not cool. that's a winnipeg thing and save it for miller.

everytime anderson's name is mentioned now we realize he is our least fave wing. sally just got a text with a breakfast club video.

it seems like all detroit since that last goal. another penalty though for the wings. here is where it will turn around.

very interesting movie upcoming 'the purge'

tyler is against crystal lite 'i don't like when a company tries to tell you to be unique by buying thier product and squirting powder into water is super lame'

no penalty actually. 'only the second, they have got to endure right now'

now penalty to chicago.  pretty good luck no goal and second period is over.

It's Sally here.  We are trying a trial run kitty visit with Kendra's cat Fluery.  According to Tyler (spoiler alert) If this goes well our little cat Freya may be looking at a new little bro or sister cat soon.... 2nd period break..  also cig break for kendra.  

Visit not so good.....  Almost broke into a cat fight (literally)

yeah didn't go so well. fluery also i don't think will be getting a new brother or sister soon.

'remember this moment next time we are at the humane society and there are cute kittens'

and blackhawks score!!!! also cute new japanese toronto blue jay.

another chicago goal and they are ahead. bickell is my fave blackhawk. i told that to uncle waldamar on sat.

i dont want this game to go into overtime.

penalty shot. goal! first highfive of the night!!! this is a little more of a low key crowd than arlignton.

discussion about how the game is all in your head. sally taught a yoga class today!

second period looked like detroit was 'going to close it out' = proof that anything can change in a moment. detroit is trying trying datsyuk of course we know.

freya seems to be doing ok.

now it's just the waiting game.

and another detroit penalty.

there is really nothing better than a game seven is there? it's like a clean slate for everyone. i would like to start living more of my life as if it is a game seven. i bet there would be a lot more risk and with that often come benefits even if they happen to be learning experiences.

the classic 'ref you suck' chant and you know this game is over. sally 'when i think of detroit i don't think classy' - she obviously didn't read our last post where we talked about the class of detroit. now another penalty, hossa. 'all the stars off the ice'

hossa is one of my faves!

and the wings score. NERVOUSTIME!!!

tyler 'this is the danger zone'

tyler calls out blackhawks number 7 ' he thought the game was over too. it's ok for me to think the game is over because i'm not playing.'

sally and tyler still discussing the geographical proximilty of detroit and chic to us and tyler comments about the racist mascot of the blackhawk as opposed to the all inclusive wing.

less than a min left litterally typing while watching......howard back in the net.

30 seconds left empty net miss icing twenty seconds left, tyler 'its the worst case scenerio.' - he blames oduya........another icing.

i would keep icing. 16 seconds left.

and it's done. game seven up next!!!!

thanks sally and tyler for having me over

final thoughts sally - i wish our kane was as nice as the one on the blackhawks / tyler 'that was awesome, i like game sevens'

peace out from preston ave!!

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