Saturday, December 22, 2012

world juniors, early mornng

good morning! it's 1-0 sweeden. karla 'it was bound to happen'. apparently all of the sweeden players have the same name, or maybe that's there sponsor? is kyocero a sweedish company? it's gotta be a company. we found out kyocero produces cameras mobile phones etc. so the team names are on the lower part of their jersey 'is the sponsor more important than the player?"

filip forsberg is a leo and has no relation to peter forsberg. discussion of american horror story, vanessa loved it. general consensus is that glee is worth avoiding.

first period is over. scones are out, thank you.

second period, second pot of coffee. power play canada. very little is going on. victor rask, is not related to tukka rask but he is a babe. mr. winkworth just brought out goodie bags for us to take home. this party is really great. i commented that the jenner on canada team is not related to brody jenner unfortunately, to which rebecca added 'fortunately. the time in ufa is currently 9;02 and douge hamilton just got a penalty, we've concluded the problems for canada are their penaltes and their goalie.

it's also going to start getting lighter outside and we are all still alive. woah, major game changer. ms winkworth has a kyocera phone but there is a legit team sweeden injury. we are also going to have mimosas. apparently there is an average 96,000 bubbles in the average bottles of champagne. we've been researching how champagne gets their bubbles and it's now four on four. here comes a canadian four on three. 'it looks like if you blow on someone they get a penlty.' rebecca also wants more fighting.

canada goal! jonathan drouin is an aries! today's horoscope: the planet of good fortune is on his side. he is also reminded to tell people he loves them, hopefully he does.

discussion of the stereotype of the tea drinker, are they more relaxed than coffee drinkers. also reminded why this is such a soft tournament is they are protecting the players for the nhl. boone jenner is a gemini and his hscope says very little that's applicable to his hit.

"fish flies are my least favourite thing in the world" - karla

"i used to eat fish flies for a nickel a piece' - mr. winkworth

discussion of landlines and whey they can be neccesary\; power's out, cell is dead. other things you could spend our money on instead of a landline\; snuggies, a generator to use in case the power does go out. .people that call you on your landline: your parents.

i think this game will go into overtime. we think it's five minutes. shoot out? the us beat sweeden in overtime?

rebecca found a good website: where you can find basic rules for overtime in various leagues. in the group stage teams play 5 mins of four on four then three on three shootout then playoff it's a ten min overtime three man shootout then gold medal game it's 20 mins. boone jenner is out of the game.

discussion of nfl rules: very complicated to all of us, each team gets it at least once in overtime unless it's a touchdown.

the discussion comes back to the film rebecca wants to make about refs.

what if there was a whole team that was one family obviously now we are talking about our love for the staal family.

dougie hamilton is giving 27 a bad name, back in the penalty box.

overtime: we are inpressed with jordan bennington's playing now. discussion of christmas films, the hobbit, les miz, life of pi. the movie never leads up to the book except the first shining, according to mr. winkworth.

shootout\; discussion of leonardo dicaprio, our favorite film of his romeo and juliet (karla: 'i still own the soundtrack')

mrs winkworth calling 'silver linings playbook' 'game play'

what happens when you turn 20 during the tournament? they have a cut off date according to vanessa.

11 we didn't know who you were but we like you  huberdeau.

goal sweeden.

nuge does it too.

druoin the secret star. weak,,,,,,,

canada still wins. congrats!!

have a great day everyone.  happy holidays. we will do our best to live blog some four am games for you.