Friday, April 20, 2012

420~ first playoff blog of the season

surprise get together tonight. present: rebecca (ordering sushi), vanessa (wings jersey, obviously), eric (four weeks as a non-smoker), kendra (day 5 of the yoga public 30 day challenge). on the way: gene and trace. no response: gsp.

watching detroit / nash. do or die for the wings. the nashville jerseys already hard on the eyes. also three cheers to becca's new mac book, no need to plug it in.

quick comment also about the new deluca's wine store, so stylish, felt like i was in a different city. rebecca is now laughing.

nashville scores, rebecca offers smoothies to everyone and describes her near death experience at zumba toning, dancing for an hour holding two three pound weight.

switch to the flyers game. trace brought a box of wine, 20 air miles. eric and trace introduce themselves to each other, again.

discussion of morning games. oh no - pittsburgh scores, becca is happy. i am not. staal....ooooh. high five to sod farm. discussion of the wellwood brothers, the little gionta and the next subban. no brothers however can top the staals.

ah, the austrailian crawl.

another penguins goal, rebecca started singing. she loves pittsburgh. i still say flyers for sure - kendra.

still 3-2 we are discussing the weber hit/fire on albert. both have caused a slight outrage.

tracey comments that she calls the predators the bumblebees. super cute. gene has arrived, wearing a jet shirt (ladd).

tanner glass an unrestricted free agent and happy birthday chris mason. who will be the new 't' of the gst. tracey likes him cause of his masters degree. i say embrace the guys with masters degrees which brings me to my other thought of the day which is that playoff time is the most romantic time of the year. ryan and i wanted to blog about that last night. the reason is emotions just go up and down from day to day and things are so unpredictable, such as rebecca now reestablishing her love for the penquins even though she had been cheering for the flyers before the last game. "well, SOMEBODY needs to defend Pittsburgh. they've been nailed to the cross this season."

pj stock allegedly has a depends commercial and battle of the blades has been canceled. 'i am never going to buy harpers book on hockey. i am going to take it out of the library and burn it. get as many out of circulation as possible. let's keep reading ron mclean's book and when we do the burn we can throw a bra in for good measure' - hahaha. this quote was a few of us.

none of us think nashville to win, oh, expect rebecca. see emotions! running wild and detroit just scored. and tracey's fave hockey player growing up was stevie, grade three, 'first hockey crush. yzerman" (probably spelt wrong, kendra, i know his face).

the sushi guy is on the lawn!!! haha. much like 'he's in the sink' of last week......exciting times. ooooh it game in a box. looks like a lot. wasabi too. big night for sushi. the place is called hamilton sushi, named after hamilton street (by the airport). delivery guy doesn't know the total of the order. he says 60, we want to pay 90. karma windfall here, he only took 60. major windfall and shoutout to hamilton sushi. canned drinks, they are a surprise.

while you guys are eating sushi i am going to focus on the flyers in the meditation chair, 15 mins left.

well the sushi is great. flyers pp. let's do this guys. trace 'are they trying to do the white noise with the towels or what?' i'm offended.'

the deep fried tofu is so good but this game is stressing me out. becca is standing. detroit still behind by one also. this is a real nervoustime night. but the sushi did win. everyone is full. again: cheers to hamilton sushi. so cheap! and so good (by the airport).

trace: 'is jagr related to jagr' rest of us 'it's the same one' -next: 'is yzerman still playing?'

ok. so penguins won. this is crazy. something spilled. a four 20 sink issue. 'check everything twice.' is the aries motto. there are four of us here, we need to be careful. the only cheer left of the night is for detroit. let's see. 10 mins left.

'the sushi is done' - eric.

we did well. it's also great to have a wine buzz at 9 pm.

quick discussion of the mlcc merging with lotteries. we didn't know.

lidstrom only three games away from most play off games of any player. vanessa wants to beat up shea weber: 'i bet he'd hit me back.'

i will note that rebecca is happy with both outcomes and everyone deserves a chance in the spotlight, 'that is probably a carrrie underwood lyric and i don't even care'. she is happy pittsburgh won, the rest of us are a little down, still smiling though cause we still have lots of wine.

final thoughts:

becca: 'i'm happy with the outcome of the night. i've always loved the underdog.'

eric: "i don't know."

vanessa: "i'm sad. tennessee is for shitty country music, not hockey teams."

trace: "go stevie yzerman and jagr."

gene: "love playoff hockey"

kendra: "i'm sad too but stoked to watch hockey tomorrow with my dad."

about to discuss if lindstrom needs to meet vanessa before he retires....xoxoxo

love you guys!

nervoustime out! (spelling errors are kendras - of course)

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