Friday, February 17, 2012

Boston @ Winnipeg Feb 18, 2012

boston bruins @ winnipeg jets

this one's brought to you by the winkworth sisters, kenny-g and trace are representing nervoustime @ cheer bar. gsp, where are you? since gsp fell off the facebook earth we never see him.

amazing energy. vanessa got carded and rebecca didnt so the elder sister is having a bit of a meltdown.

chara isnt as big as we thought he'd look in real life.

we're getting into a little bit of trouble for our signs. no touching the glass and no leaning apparently in the mts arena. "Doesn't that guy Constantine work @ the Mts centre? We should ask him about this no leaning rule next time @ Cheer".

i've got a feeling about wheelz tonight! - r

end of 1st period. no goals.

intermission was jam packed with line-ups.

burmistrov scores!

moments later, kelly scores and we have a tied game!

and with 2 min left, wheels scores a beautiful goal! so beautiful we're gonna tell vic toews all about it.

one of our signs says "no to c30" if anybody cares.

the woman next to me scared the shit out of me. cosmetic surgery gone wild. oy vey.

end of second period. 2:1 jets.

vanessa dropped the last skittile. "still gonna eat it. you can wipe candy clean".

another realization: $10 doubles are the way to go @ the mts centre.

krejci scores and makes it 2:2 tie.

the slovak giant earns a chorus of boos from the crowd.

bryan little scores it up by snapping into the top corner! 3:2 jets!

little again! 4:2 jets! and there's a mutha fuckin wave going through the arena! yessss!!!!!

a puck flew super close, an older mad scientist caught it right behind us but gave it to a little wee bruins fans. what evs. we'll be waiting for you after the game, kid. at least the usher didn't take away the puck. that is the stupidest new rule ever.

we've got 4 on 3 (jets) this is gonna get crazy. fans are goin wild.

that wave lasted for at least 6 rounds.

waiting to start the play til the smooch cam's done.

now the queen is on the jumbo screen pulling the winning 50/50 ticket! she's got 3 british guards with her and this is one of the best things i've seen at a recent jets game. welcome home, queenie!

there are a million penalties going on right now.

jets power play. 5:30 left in the game!

boston pulls tukka from the net. oops, has to go back right away!

it's an empty net for boston and it's gonna be a jets win!

final score 4:2!

what an amazing game for Little and Wheelz! you've always been 2 of our favourites, guys. Oduya and Slater, too. And Stuart. 'Don't forget Thorburn'.

we're off to paint the town red, crash some parties and get rowdy in the streets. and hopefully run into some jets so we can high five them in person.

ps. we haven't had time to draft a new blog about our horrendous Moon Club dining experience @ Rudys in Winnipeg's Hydro building. Unbelievably overpriced food, salt-happy-chef, pretentious 'deconstructed' salads, horrible management, sand-in-the-scallops, measly portion of chicken. The only redeeming factor was our sweet waiter who had to deal with us after our request to speak to the manager or chef was ignored. Thanks for nothin' Rudy's! We'll never be back.

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