Wednesday, March 21, 2012

kendra's goodbye post

hey guys, leaving for germany tonight for the rest of the regular season. it has been a great year and i wanted to share my top 10 moments of the hockey season:

10) divorce club nights at the cheer - very fun times began with one or two but grew to a wonderful group: the simpson brothers, graeme, matt, jer etc. so much fun getting weird and playing trivia

9) fairmont hotel with becca. best poutine and super fun waiting for teppo numinen

8) emails on the train from san jose to sf. i left my first nhl game of the year early cause i left out the wrong exit. to the person who told me it was ok and that san jose sucks anyways, that was really nice.

7) meeting johnny oduya at greenroom: this was my only hug from an nhl player but hopefully not the last. all the best in chicago, j!

6) seeing the "i'd do ya oduya sign on tv" held by a middle aged man. this was one of my favorite moments of the year. so good. this picture still makes me smile every time i see it. copyright, rebecca.

5) attending the flyers game with my nephew and having him decide not to chant "pronger" because there are good things about every person. having him, last weekend, asking me how chris pronger is doing and how he hoped okay.

4) st louis blues game march 8th where they played anaheim and i saw teemu. the blues are great and i hope they go far. they are hard working and coached like a football team.

3) welcome back teppo campaign: this was a lot of fun and really brought some positivity to the city, in my view.

2) being at my grandparents the night my opa came home from his first jet game and having him say it was too loud and that his favorite part of the night was touring the hydro building. so sweet!

(the #1 is not included because i am hoping it will be JETS MAKE THE PLAYOFFS AND GO ALL THE WAY!)

miss you all already, thanks for the great year.

love, kendra

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