Saturday, June 2, 2012

stanley cup final, game two.

hi from arlington. present, rebecca, kendra, vanessa. woah, cpr line. carter penner richards. that was a great retrospective of dustin penner. did any lines have names before gst? answer: yes, there are tons! even on the devils, esp - elias sykora, parise.

devils power play. we discussed earlier what our line would / could be called and had the idea that if i met a guy with a last name 'f' we could be called wwf - kendra. also got an invite to barbq anytime at neighbour steve's place, who was playing bohemien rhapsody. he also told us his bbq cleaning secret which is to turn it up full strength for five mins at the end 'it kills all bacteria' he said.

our sushi isn't here yet. 'don't paint your nails before sushi' - vanessa. salvador is from brandon, don't forget it. so it's 2-1 manitobans. maybe we said this last time?

doughty goal, in becca's draft. 'sutter does look  like sam the eagle' - ness. (From the while men watch) ours are zetterberg/jared leto, lecaviller looks like steven malkmus from pavement, lindquist looks like......"not a celebrity, a sleezy exboyfriend.'

another devils pp. the devils are playing well, the only issue appears to be the drew doughty's skate speed (30 km/hr). Brodeur made us a bit nervous for a second there.

A little devils roster review revealed the following: six aries devils. the aries horoscope from the globe and mail today says 'if you want something enough, you will find a way to get it this weekend. Looking back though you may decide it wasn’t such a big deal after all. Still, life’s all about learning from experience.' also noted that hedberg turns 40 next year at playoffs, may 3. so we can expect the same celebration the commentators did this year for marty.

interestingly there are no aries members on the la kings. rebecca 'they're probably more level headed.'

continued discussion of famous nhl hockey lines. confirmation that "the GST line" is listed on wikipedia. our next favourite: "the Hull and Oates line" for Bobby Hull and Adam Oates. Only afterward did we realize that Adam Oates is the assistant coach for the devils. Obviously Adam is now our favourite NHL coach (with the exception of Teppo Numminen: the most handsome man from Finland).

the sushi is so good, hamilton sushi. we got two surprise gifts of crazy rolls. so great, so crazy.  still 1-0 la. the devils already have as many shots as they did last game.

the kia optima commercial, according to vanessa 'sounds like a jerk. like the car is made for a jerk.' oooh that's a highstick, mitchell.

We're drinking wine and beer out on the stoop during intermission. Steve reminds us that he will bbq anything for us anytime. and it's ok with Margery, just so we know. they had salmon tonight.

reference to dwight king as the 'king of kings'. i, kendra, always thought that was jesus.

hmmm. we need a devils goal obviously. rock of ages, sounds like it will be a terrible movie. sad that the wes anderson movie isn't coming to winnipeg this week. 'i will take david hasselhoff over tom cruise any day"

parise is such a babe. we also found out that dustin penner was divorced in february 2012. discussion of the tim thomas year off. vanessa is very disappointed and thinks it is out of character. glen healey's perspective is bang-on. you're looking a little crazy, timmy tom!

there was a nj goal but we were outside. vanessa announces if she was wealthy she would make a nervoustime wine box - a 7 litre. 'for the serious hockey blogger.' ryan carter got the goal.he isn't an aries, he's a leo, born august 3. his horoscope from the globe today: "You may have a load of tasks to get through, but you just can’t seem to get organized. Maybe you should take the hint and forget about work. Everyone needs a rest once in a while, even a livewire Leo." well he obviously didn't read this horoscope, thank goodness.

did someone say it will go to ot everytime? and what happened to water beds.

quick is a good saver, seven mins left. eating watermelon. quick is an aquarius, globe and mail says: "The planets warn you need to slow down between now and the start of next week. Why? Because if you keep up your current pace much longer you will be too tired later to take advantage of some great opportunities. Take a break!" maybe that means new jersey will win the next couple games?

'Everything matters.'

that was a great jersey shift by kovalchuk etc. so if parise is playing with him and zajac it isn't esp tonight. i wonder if oates got upset if hull was matched with someone else. hall and oates the band probably did.

penalty new jersey. just as we were discussing the ridiculousness of calling a penalty this late in the game, here comes a call against the kings. ok now it is elias and parise so esp must be around somewhat. i kind of vote nj as hardest last names to spell for a long time.

final minute of regular will be a 1 min pp for the goes........nice play kowalchuck.

oooooh. overtime! our picks ponikarovsky - all of us, rebecca now says doughty.

haha cute brodeur comment from cbc 'it's not his first rodeo'

doughty: "like a Picasso".

jeff carter's 1st overtime career goal! "aw, that's always great when they get their first winning OT goal." it's a kings series so far. "i haven't lost hope"- kendra.

wondering what bruce springsteen song they're playing in newark right now. "it must be fitting".

"if i picture billy joel in my mind, he's wearing a devils jersey" - rebecca.

"i think the devils made a good decision to sleep at home tonight" - k.

we've decided we'll all wear our martin brodeur bracelets and our pj stock shirts on monday.

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