Monday, November 26, 2012

dreams come true on the east coast.

i've always heard those sayings like, your dreams may not come true how you want but they will always surprise you and be even better. like hey, be patient. like how the world looks out for you. i went to philadelphia this weekend hoping to catch a game between the jets and flyers. i also had loose plans to watch the devils and senators. wanted to see alfredson one last time, who doesn't?

while i could say my dreams started coming true in harlem, back track first of all i was in harlem, which was also a surprise thanks to my friend and fellow jet fan constintine. i was at his place after an epic day of walking and pizza eating when we checked twitter and noticed there was a charity game happening in atlantic city the next day raising funds for hurricaine sandy victims. immediately i tried to buy a ticket on my phone but it didn't work. the next day i ran back to philly by train (after breakfast at the seinfeld restaurant) and found a venue where the ticket seller told me to take the chance and get one there. he said i would save money cause the tickets were 50 on the site and i could get one for 30.

hold up, because i am a big 'plan' person. like it's not necc my thing to take a train to atlantic city without a plan. however, something made me realize it could work. on the train, i met a family of flyers fans and they sold me a 20 dollar ticket. as a jet fan i haven't bought a hockey ticket for under 80 dollars since 94. this was a dream.

the atmosphere was amazing on the shore including many chants, 'fire betman' 'we miss hockey' 'go rangers' 'crosby sucks' = this is all before the game even started. players included lunqvist, broduer, alfredson (!), hartnell (beard of the night) and pk subban. at first it was kind of sloppy and the only person who was holding up was king henrik but then maybe he realized his coach wasn't tortorello it was vinny from jersey shore so he let in a few goals. james neal scored a lot who i have never paid attention to. carcilo was also there. i left early just to get a train back.

the next day (yesterday) i started noticing a neat energy in my hotel and realized it was the carolina panthers. talked to a few of the team and can report they drink a lot of water. half stopped watching the grey cup actually i was so inspired. this morning was the peak of my nfl starcrazy when i was in the elevator and a person got on who i later realized was rookie qb cam newton. he was so nice and i would put him as one of the nicest people i have met in an elevator ever even before i knew who he was.

so the thing is even though there is a lockout there is magic everywhere and you just have to find it, ride the right elevators, take the right trains. maybe it's not nervoustime at all, but a magical time just starting to come alive.

love, kendra (home now)

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