Saturday, January 7, 2012

jets vs sabres. live from the cheer

Present, currently: tracey, kendra, vanessa, becca. live blog thanks to tracey's extra work phone. beer is cheap as borscht @ the cheer before 7pm.

Truth: Vanessa saw a mama and baby bear in wellington park last night. "Did you call the media?" - K.

Discussion about wildlife in urban areas - rabid raccoons, bloody deer and cute rabbits.

It's Winnipeg @ Buffalo. The "Numminen sets the Teppo" sign is still in Rebecca's purse. No Teppo sightings yet on the multiple TV screens surrounding us.

Discussion about boys, friends and rules of relationships.And then Prince: why can't you take a photos during his concerts? is it because he's a jehovah's witness? an artist? controlling?

jeremy and pam arrive. according to ace burpee it's easy to trust people who are into cross-country skiing and snow shoeing. according to v you shouldn't trust anyone who has hair covering an eye "they have something to hide." according to k you should trust people who are into winter (ace and kendra are kindred spirits).

end of 1st period. no score.

trivia time. "i think i know that guy" - rebecca.

stocking up on cheap beer 6:59pm.

"i think you're the only one who brought a sign" - vanessa. "also, i had a huge crush on that guy kendra knows from like 10 yrs ago."

shout out to the stellar buffalo defense (hello, teppo!)

2012: the '77 rule is out. now you can only sleep ith dragons and rabbits. omar's on his way "he'll totally win the 20 gift card during the 2nd intermission trivia."

tyler myers scores. 1:0 buffalo.

"i wonder if claude noel sings opera in the locker room?"

24 7 requests: winnipeg and detroit (v), winnipeg and columbus (k - to raise awareness), winnipeg and buffalo (r, obviously).

"turn down the suck!" pam

jets are 5 on 3. wheeler scores! game tied at 1:1.

"it's always ok to cut up a flag to make a sundress".

reminiscing about tijuana yacht club " i used to go there and visit each bar asking the bartender to make me a shot that was 'pink and on fire'".

jeremy hit a nerve. see his facebook status for details (discussion on cycles). "im just happy we all still get our periods"- pam. cheers to not being pregnant.

"i dont want to go to the bathroom in case something happens" - pam. they have tvs in the bathroom @ earls. "i went there with gsp and when i went to the bathroom i didnt want to leave." - k.

"i love hockey players spelling bees" - r.

3 min left in the 3rd . "i'm calling a shoot out" - pam.

we wonder if bogey threads his eyebrows. "thats his armenian blood."

dating guys who are prettier than you: weird.

johnny oduya scores! oh what a day! oh what a guy! what a smile! "he is so sexy i can barely contain myself. i could hump anyone named johnny right now." - r.

kenny g's big into briere. "he's a snake."

cbc cuts to the montreal-toronto game instead of replaying johnny o's goal ("which i will be doing all night when i get home"- r). goddam yu, cbc. who the fuck cares about the leafs.

regardless this game will go down in history. #iddoyaoduya. proud of ya, johnny. hope to see you around town.

love the nervoustime crew. xo

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