Thursday, August 30, 2012

twenty-seven thoughts from summer.

this is kendra and rebecca reporting on our season preview. twenty-seven thoughts from the summer, in honour of our teppo numminen.

1) the stantley cup - oh, yeah apologies for the lack of posts leading up to who won the stanley cup final. it was the la kings, i (kendra) lost a bet on that series and have yet to deliver. i have to clean the dishes at my next family gathering. i don't even think any of us watched the game. anyways, over the summer our thoughts have been:

2) staals - amazing move by jordan and super sweet that he wanted to be reunited with his bro. as one of nervoustime's key characteristics to cultivate is compassion we have to take a moment to think of marc (and even that other guy) but this is a good family move. as jet fans however makes things more difficult. rebecca wants everyone to know she knows you know she loves brothers on the same team and she loves the staals 'just one step to seeing all four staals playing on the same team one day and snoop dogg of course as the owner of that team'

3) zach bogosian's wrist injury - rebecca indicates that he will be missed on the ice. i wonder if he's spent to much time on instagram and why didn't he have the surgery earlier. maybe he knows something we don't know, i.e. lockout.

4) ron hainsey's comments on the contract negotiations - as people know ron hainsey is my favorite jet. i was thrilled he was a fan of the negotiation atmosphere as i am also a lawyer. further evidence that ron hainsey should continue to be my favorite jet in the coming year. rebecca read an article where hainsey maintained his weight. it's not worth it to him to take more than one week of vacation. in that regard ron hainsey and i are nothing alike.

6) ponikarovsky joins the jets- this is a dream for me as immediately following the glass trade i wanted ponikarovsky to continue the taxation line theme and go to pst. i also have the same birthday as him. rebecca is stoked for 'pony boy. if they are picking up ponikarovsky, maybe they're dropping kane"

7) evander kane. - 'he was pondering a 6 year-30 million dollar deal at the end of july' . he also has the same birthday as my newly born nephew otto-angelo (high five, o-boy!). do we really need him? rebecca says 'i'm kinda biased cause i don't like him. half the year he played great and half the year he played underwhelmingly. i'm sure he doesn't want a long term. he probably wants a one year, 30 million contract'.

8) patrick kane - you are great. that's all.

9) byfuglien's case - first off i'm pretty sure i spelt that name right ? he got two days of community service. rebecca says 'do it and suck it up'

10) the demise of osborne village - papa georges goes. movie village gone. shoppers. rebecca is worried of the further demise of what used to be one of her favorite spots in winnipeg. i agree. 'the legion should move into the papa george's place' thank god for the legion!

11) bombers - rebecca says yeah. what about joey elliot. there could still be a second half push. according to the stats they have a thirty percent chance of being better. beyond coaches and players the managment team needs to change, they need some women on that management team and they need people who understand football and the fans - they are out of touch.

12) where did this butchko come from anyways?

13) minnesota wild - i think zach parise is a babe.

14) the new 94.3 radio - new within a year but we've never talked about it. we heard go your own way today - always great. i believe in the radio sending you messages, do you?

15) edmonton oilers - the kid eberle got a big deal. becca loves him. she wants everyone to know she has been on the oilers bandwagon for a long time and she thinks the team will gel eventually. these kids are going to grow up together.

16) tim thomas - we LOVED tt here at nervoustime. we are done timmy tom. ' i can't like him anymore' - rebecca

17) malkin threatens to go to the khl - rebecca - 'malkin?'

18) penguins - rebecca 'we should talk about them and how they are going to be fucking awesome this year and i can start wearing my crosby shirt with pride again.'

19) st. louis blues - i love st. louis and want to go there again next year. hope this years playoffs are better. the blues might be boring to watch sometimes but they have a blimp at their games.

20) reverse phone searches and how they don't really work - rebecca 'have you actually paid for those things?' me ' they used to work when people had land lines only'

21) pussy riot - nervoustime alsolutely supports pussy riot and when we take over while the men watch from cbc we would love to have you as guests.

22) the wolseley farmer's market. i never made it, did you? rebecca did. she said it was lovely.

23) will there be a lockout - we both think yes. for a while not all year? rebecca only hopes for half the season. i pick all exhibition and two weeks regular season.

24) watch something else - i decided to cheer for a texas team 'the allen americans' during the lockout if it happens. this can get exciting. rebecca's cheering for slovan bratislava. of course i love those guys too.

25) breaking bad - becca says it is 'so creepy and twisted'. i am only on season three but i love jesse.

26) subway - never go there. we went last week after the bomber game. going to subway is never a good idea. a commercial is on for it now. don't let that influence you.

27) teppo - we still think you're the greatest if anyone wants to give us their tickets for a buffalo game next year we will take them. the welcome back teppo campaign remains strong.

xo kendra and rebecca

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