Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Second Round!!! Sens v. Pens (whoa rhyme)

hey, it's kendra here back watching with the winkworth sisters. great to be watching hockey!! apparently the question is whether ottawa will continue it's magical mystery tour. second period is about to start, i was late because of dinner made by my bro (thanks graeme!)

i am rooting for ottawa, rebecca 'welll....." vanessa is cheering for ottawa too, 'the pens are too all star, like the harlem globetrotters' rebecca also refered to the pens as a musical tempo in the past, we remember, vanessa now says 'the pens are reggae, the sens are calyppso'

shout out to the guy from the lc who recommended some cheap wine that's a twist off, merlot. it's 2-1 pittsburgh. where is fluery, not doing very well apparently.

standards in the league for bounciest walls? apparently in pittsburgh it is the bounciest wall in the league.

james neal roughing. nothing happened there.

apparently there are new skyscrapers coming on fort street, and they will include a grocery store. there has also been some conterversy with the albert, there is a boycott so it won't be a punk venue, it is depressing and vanessa is angry. some people were fired because of the toasted bun. there is a real discussion coming here between vanessa and rebecca about this, i have no idea about the situation. they have been saying for eight years it will go back but it's 'turned into a little cartoon of itself, dare i say like another local organization riding on the coat tails of what it used to be.'

someone was fired in a facebook status. rebecca read an article in the spectator that suggested it all might be a social media strategy, more people are talking about the albert than ever before. http://www.spectatortribune.com/article/a-call-to-arms-for-the-royal-albert/

our next birthday party is at the windsor (2014).

(i just noticed we started talking about matt tapscott who we ususally do once a playoff).

hahha, referring to a different guy:

me, to rebecca 'i think he likes you!' rebecca ' i think he likes you!' vanessa 'maybe he likes both of you'

rebecca comments that people need to tell her three times if they liked her, this actually happened to me also too. 'we really should not be that way'

another pentalty and rebecca is comparing the guy i like to ron hainsey 'they are both handsome and both have wide set eyes'. someone also made her a mix tape.

amazing goal pittsburgeh. that was a great. i had no idea crosby was even playing. 'he has new teeth'. another good play. karlsson is so cute, vanessas fave part of the ottawa senators.

second period is over. 3-1.

discussion of astronauts and how much they get paid, what taxes you'd have to pay, what if something happens, what is your life insurance policy.  also discussion that astronauts distract from the experimental lakes etc.

quote 'is this the kind of personality that we need to get our young people excited again'

we had an amazing bump in with sally and tyler on the break and they were so cute talking about their picks, tyler 'i usually go for the city i like best. montreal.' and sally leaving revealing she is going for the blackhawks.

vanessa has an nhl sticker on her codebook which is why she thinks she is doing so well on her exams.

has anyone seen malkin's parents these playoffs?

vanessa says the redwings anaheim series was amazing. teemu was amazing and the redwings won three overtimes. and she was wearing her zetterberg jersey for all four games that they one. and detroit is in chic tomorrow. i am cheering for chicago, so is becca. that will be a nervoustime.

apparently the girls' uncle hartley ran into teemu in edmoton and told him we need teppo back in winnipeg!

teemu agreed.

currently eating nibs, so so so good.

vanessa, 'even i was sad for the leafs last night'.

discussion of evander kane's tweets, whether or not he can keep a straight face when he talks, how he was one of the three people becca followed that she doesn't like but has now unfollowed.

still 3-1.

we are all tired.

i can't see ottawa pulling a bruins comeback in this game. oh, so lupul tweeted, the game will haunt me for the rest of my life. i was in toronto actually and it was devestating. however, cheers to my sister in law julie for still wearing the because it's the cup shirt i bought her.

'eat your pasta immediately ' a message from delucas.

why isn't gonchar scoring any goals?

vanessa watched the last episode of game of thrones 'it was so wild. i missed the details in the middle as usual but the endings, it was the coolest thing i've ever seen on a tv show. I LOVE JAMIE LANNISTER.' - vanessa. //

rebecca 'he has redeemed some of the bad things he's done.' oh rebecca is still mad at him for pushing bran out the window.

she is re-reading book three. 'i read three sentances and five of the main characters have died.'

i think the last part of book four is jaime's continuation into my favorite.

discussion of theon greyjoy. james neal back in the penalty box.

discussion of who should be the offical favorite game of thrones character of nervoustime - 'jon snow'

rebecca 'there is lots of sex in the book too' vanessa 'it should, it's 1000 pages.'

who does ottawa else have for a goalie? anderson isn't having a good game.

vanessa 'someone's gotta win the first game. it doesn't matter. nobody goes out in four except the canucks.'

discussion of stats on how game one wins will lead to winning. 'the best thing about hockey is that you can look up the stats'  

rebecca asks the group about the stat she wants -round two the team that wins the first game if the game is on a tuesday and the sky is clear how many times will they sweep the series? - doesn't ron mclean know that kind of stuff?

james neal back in the penalty box.

you know 'a four one lead is the worst lead in hockey'

shout out to jen who rebecca forgot to text (sorry). #jenfunkneedstwitter

discussion of hockey players and where they are vacationing. i didn't run into any of them on my trip.

that california series is going to be late late late. logan couture is such a babe.

discussion of people who's twitters we look at or facebooks we have who are unhealthy really and why we still do it

the little ceaser's pizza price has increased.

best pizza, delucas.

we want to go to vj's this weekend. there is a new restaurant opening on sherbrook. vanessa asked if it will be called 'the moose and maple' or 'the green ardvark'. i am pretty sure the name stars with an F.

sens lose. good job penguins, we wonder if anderson will start next game.

peace out guys!!!

kendra, vanessa and rebecca


  1. Shout out heard!!! Need to watch this series with you guys! Got to say the outstanding defeat of the Leafs made my day much better yesterday. Sorry I may be a bad person. Oh and I'm not getting a Twitter account.

  2. Ha! Awesome post. Last time I saw Matt tapscott was in a fringe play years ago :) - Sally