Friday, May 10, 2013

2013 Playoff Updates: Round 1

Hamilton Sushi is the best. Read our review here:

It's the Winkworth sisters here.

We're celebrating Vanessa's "Most Awesome Electrician" award from the Brotherhood of Electricians (which comes with $500 and a job offer!) by ordering Hamilton sushi and watching multiple hockey games (Anaheim @ Detroit, Toronto @ Boston, New York @ Washington, St Louis @ LA). We're bouncing between them all. Try to keep up.

Happy Birthday, Ryan Getzlaff! Even if you're an asshole, we hope you have a good birthday (and by "we", I mean me). 

We figure we might as well blog some playoff updates to our fans and most especially Kendra and Tracey (9 blog views from Sri Lanka!) We've had a few people looking for Graham Smith-Peloquin and what's up GSP? Miss ya!

Ottawa booted Montreal out of the running last night. Of course, we are all cheering for the Sens. #JenFunkNeedsTwitter

This week was a long one. "Embrace the new moon, Moonchild".

The #1 team in the northwest (Vancouver) was the first to be out of the playoffs. "Wasn't Montreal #1 in the northeast? Now they're out too" - Ness. Too bad, so sad, Canada.

Talking about Ferens now and that puck he took to the forehead, and is he okay? Toronto wins against Boston. Stephen Harper is tweeting from Boston Pizza (asshole).

Mr. Wink is now on speaker phone to say goodnight (it's 8:52pm).
"Reimer's a good Manitoba boy!" - Dad.
"I'm never cheering for Toronto" - Ness.
"I'm going to go to bed now" - Dad.

We're watching Detroit and they just scored on themselves (Smith). "Who is that guy?" 1:1 Anaheim/Detroit. This is do or die for Detroit tonight. Teemu almost scored. Two octopi on the ice. (If you haven't heard the story behind the Detroit octopus, read it here:

"Howard is the smallest goalie".

Why is TSN Brian Engblom sandwiched between two padded blue walls?! He's forced to announce in a cell that's 1 foot wide. It's like the walls are closing in on him! Where is Shane Hnidy to the rescue?

Zetterberg scores! The crowd remains on their feet. 13 minutes left in the 3rd. 2:1 Detroit.

Vanessa wants to ban the divisions and playoffs should be based on the top 8 teams. "It shouldn't matter where you're from. It's not fair."

I'm trying to get Vanessa to change the channel for a minute so we can check the other scores. No luck. Detroit power play.

Brian Engblom is looking even squishier.

"He didn't feel it where he was supposed to be feeling it" - NBC announcer on Hiller's near non-save.

Abdelkater scores and makes it 3:1 and we are most definitely heading back to Anaheim for game 7. Snoop Dogg / Snoop Lion will hopefully be in attendance for another epic interview with Scott Oake.

"This is the best Friday night ever." - Ness. I am torn, of course because of Teemu.

Update - 0:0 St Louis/LA, OT right now between the Rangers and Caps. Tortellini looks especially tanned this evening.

Back to Detroit. Etem just scored and narrows the gap by only 1 goal with 3 minutes left in the 3rd. Nervoustime! And whoa, Bobby Ryan (wasn't that the name of a guy from the Babysitter's Club books?) scores and ties the game. It got real quiet in Detroit and my living room. Zetterberg near goal bounces off the post. Aaaand we are heading to OT.

NHL History: Detroit is playing 4 OT games in a series.

Back to Washington. Sudden death and Ribeiro scores his first playoff goal as a Washington Capital. Final score 2:1 Washington.

Can we talk about the TSN guys and why they are wearing ridiculous outfits tonight? "They aren't funky guys. They shouldn't be wearing those colours." The only classy guy on the panel is Bob McKenzie.

Speaking of suits, who will replace Don Cherry when he can't do HNIC anymore? Seriously, you guys what's going to happen? I'm worried about this.

Zetterberg scores right away! "That's why he's the captain".

Brian Engblom is now out of his padded cell. He looks okay.

Last game to go: St Louis/LA. Does anyone really care about this game?

Here's what we know about the 2nd rounds by press deadline: Chicago vs Anaheim OR Detroit /  San Jose vs St Louis OR LA / Ottawa vs Pittsburgh OR Islanders / Boston OR Toronto vs Capitals OR Rangers.

Predictions: Chicago vs Anaheim / San Jose vs LA / Ottawa vs Pittsburgh / Toronto vs Caps.

See you soon, Snoop. Looking forward to the next round of playoffs with the rest of the nervoustime crew!

xo R & V

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