Monday, April 22, 2013

The biggest little smart car that could: A Jets analogy

It's Winnipeg @ Buffalo. The interim Nervoustime crew is watching at the Funk household (Arlington has a healthy representation). Buffalo is out of the playoffs and according to Mrs Winkworth "they should just let us win."

3 GAMES LEFT. THAT IS ALL. It's do or die time.

Apparently we spent the first 10 minutes in the Buffalo zone. No score.

11:00 min into the 1st and Jen needs a needle to finish her knitting project.

Rebecca here. I'm late to the game from Zumba (Flery was on FIRE today), Jen is knitting, Funk Dad is chilling out, Nesse not doing math for the moment, Darcy is readjusting to daylight now that he's back on day shifts.

We've got a bunch of second liners on the ice tonight: Meech, Miettenen, Wright.

We're missing Bogosian, Olli and Slater Jim. Good call by the refs during the Islanders game to not let Bogo fight after his head injury. They took some slack for it but I think it was a good call.

Let's see your sisu, Mittens. Now's the time to tap into that inner wolf.

Jen just finished listening to Harry Potter audio book as read by Stephen Fry. "I cried in the car".

Kane gets a penalty shot after taking a hard hit into the net and a close chance at a goal. He misses, but it's a good try. "Kane would be so good if it was one-on-one hockey."

Gagnon and Santorelli have not even been mentioned in our blog yet. "That doesn't feel right". We love them both. Tangradi is divisive in the room tonight. He sounds like Goofy which makes him pretttty likable.

"So much post action".

Lots of action down in Enroth's kitchen. "It sounds like you're having a baby, Rebecca".

First period over. Outside during the smoke break we checked out Jen and Darcy's new VW truck that makes Jen's smart car look like a double decker bus.

The dips are out. Hot artichoke dip and hummus with (kinda)-handmade tortilla chips! Reuben has his own plate all ready.

Second period begins.

4 min in. Jets power play! Jen still needs a needle.

Power play over but the Jets have some fire now.

Meech to Gagnon with the first GOAL! And Marina Plotts won a Safeway movie package. 1:0 Winnipeg. Gagnon's first goal in the NHL was against Buffalo.

"Love Meech", Vanessa, "He's a former Red Wing and a Manitoba boy".

Jen Funk needs twitter.

Belated happy birthday to all the Aries out there.

"I'm starting a new trend called 'Laces Out' in honour of Pavs". See? This is why Jen Funk needs twitter. #LacesOutWpg could be a hashtag sensation.

Shout out to Kendra and Tracey who are in Sri Lanka looking for an Asian Ron Hansey-look-a-like. Kendra saw the oldest tree in the world today but didn't take a picture of it. Trace, we hope you took some pictures.

"This is good hockey".

Vanek scores for Buffalo and this game is tied.

Jen now has a needle.

Nothing makes you want to cook like going shopping at Delucas. Is there an award for best grocer? Because they should win it.

"Do you think Hainsey will score a goal before we hand him over to the Bruins?", Ness. "Hand him over?! For the low discount price of 6M a year". "Sure, if we can trade him for Chara".

Jets pour on the pressure. Puck off the post "BRRRRRRRINGGGG!" rings through the arena. "How did we not just score?!" "Maybe Buffalo has some 'Ron Hainseys' in their net", Jen.

El Capitan with a great hit on Ott against the boards. Ladd and Ott in a skirmish, try to sort it out but it was a pretty awkward fight. Jets come out on top with a man advantage for 2 min. 25 seconds left in the 2nd period. "They'll wash the ice when they come out for the 3rd period".

1:1 at the end of the 2nd.

Word just in: Wellwood is out for the night. Took a hit to the ankle during the last period. Kyle's been playing so beautifully the last few games, almost scoring a hat trick a couple games ago.

"So Hunny, I'm thinking of driving the truck and getting rid of the smart car. But I have a question for you: where will I put my bumper stickers?", Jen. "I don't know, that's a very good question", Darcy. #CountryProblems

3rd Period Commences. Jets are on the PP and a good chance there by Wheels.

Jen is flossing. I have made a dentist appointment for May 27. Hello to Dr Kettner (if he reads our blog).

Kane gets taken out by two Sabres and wants a penalty but 'no go' say the refs. "Kane wants a penalty after everything", Ness. Long shift.

One of these days Hainsey is going to score a goal.

"I think the refs have put their whistles away".

Have you guys heard about the new Jets trend where you take out the laces from your jersey? #LacesOut #Pavs4Life #JenFunkNeedsTwitter

12:30 left in the 3rd and it's NERVOUSTIME.

Everyone in the room loves Byfuglien. We have quorum.

Where's the SISU boys?

AND MITTENS scores. That is purely coincidental that Mittens scored after I typed that. It got really loud in the Funk living room for a minute there.

2:1 Jets with 7 minutes left in the 3rd.

Is anyone out there playing that Red River Coop Gas Station contest? Jen Funk needs "WINKLER" to win free gas for a year.

It's a Hainsey-Pavalec pile up in the net. Amazing save by Pavs!!! "He might have put some flair on that one", Jen. That's okay with me. We hope that wink was meant for us.

4 min left and why are we stuck in the Jets zone?

50 seconds left empty net Buffalo.

Reuben "that was off-side". Offside called, Buffalo fans let the boos rip. So close, but off-side. The announcers say onside. Nervoustime sides with Reuben.

16 second left after all that commotion.

YOU GUYS THE JETS WON. Next game counts for everything against Washington tomorrow.

Jen went to school with this guy! Contact us if you want to reunite.

xoxo, Nervoustime 

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