Saturday, May 30, 2009

may 30, 2009 - game 1 of the finals

disclaimer: we're missing kenny g (the heart & soul of nervoustime) & graham (the testosterone of nervoustime).  none of us have ever blogged before.  and we've already started drinking.  however, we will try our hardest to maintain the utmost level of professionalism and accuracy throughout this post.

present: rebecca, nesse (vodka slurpees), sherri (advil cold & sinus, green tea ginger ale)
in transit: izzy (bringing fresh slurpees)

pregame sentiments:

sherri: still wondering how old scott oake is.  screams "PITTSBURGH!!!" intermittently.  tells rebecca that she's overthinking this blog.

nesse: eating nerds.

6:55- neighbourhood  bagpipes make there first appearance of the night.

becca: dusting tv.

7:08- slurpees ordered (that's exactly why cell phones were invented).

7:09- sherri remembers getting hammered last nervoustime.  good times...

7:10- rebecca is worried about potential physical altercations with her sister (going for opposite teams).  

7:11-coldplay?  wtf?!

7:11-first mention of teppo numminen.  also: first time teppo numminen has been spelled correctly on the blog.

7:12- no, really.  coldplay?!

7:15- don cherry prediction: detroit in 6 games.   rebecca strongly disagrees.

7:16- detroit's own karen newman is no donnelly.

7:20- slurpees and izzy arrive!

7:22- game finally starts!

7:30- pittsburgh changes lines...they need to get something going!!

7:31- detroit is going hard to the net.

7:35- half the period is over.  hardly any whistles.  rebecca in the kitchen making the snacks, though the chessies and slurpees are tasty!

7:36- osgood favorite band is the eagles.  sherri loves that cbc gives us these interesting facts but is more interested in scott oake's age.

7:38- snacks serviced.  quesadillas and fixings!!  yum!!

7:41- goldfish has a swim bladder infection and the other one has "the ick".  they will be getting peas for dinner tonight.

7:43- refs aren't making calls, they are "just letting the energy flow".

7:44- detroit scores.  staurt.  "harmless looking play."

7:45- sherri: pittsburgh needs to settle down.

7:48- vanessa: that should've been a penalty right there.  he totally cross-checked him.  
sherri: they should've been called offside.  and the refs are 'letting it flow', remember?  malkin can crosscheck me anyday.

7:52- PITTSBURGH SCORES!  malkin to fedenko with under 2 minutes left in the first period.  high fives around the room and an air high-five to kendra in barcelona.

7:59- coach's corner.  why is don cherry calling tie domi 'tie dawmie'?

8:03- discussion about don cherry's jacket.  nesse: it's making faces at me.  izzy: it's hideous.  he should stick to plaid.  sherri: not his best.  

8:05- discussion about hallowe'en costumes: vanessa and izzy are going as fraggles.  sherri is going as an irish pirate.  vanessa thinks rebecca would make a perfect fraggle.  rebecca doesn't know whether to be offended or flattered.  rebecca contemplates going as don cherry.

8:09- plans are made to attend the world cup of cricket (june at the u of m).

8:13- second period begins.  

8:17- sherri and rebecca agree that it's nice when hockey players flick the puck up to the ref with their sticks.  it's good sportsman-like conduct.  teppo used to do that all the time.

8:18- malkin breakaway!  and osgood makes the save.  

8:20- pittsburgh power play!  detroit called for slashing, dirty mo-fos.

8:22- detroit killing the penalty brilliantly.  shite.

8:23- major intensity at detroit's end.  commentator: 'how the heck did that' stay out of the net?'  sherri: hell yeah!?

8:25- sergei federov is malkin's favourite player.  another cbc factoid.

8:26- yes!  another pittsburgh powerplay.  sherri: this is it, pittsburgh.  now's your chance.  vanessa: come on boys (detroit), you can do it again.  sherri thinks vanessa may be sitting too close.

8:28-  discussion about farm boys.  sherri wonders how the mennonite staal brothers 'party'.

8:38- detroit powerplay.  

8:40- intensity at the penguin's net.  commentator: fleury didn't see anything but the red seat of holmstrom's pants.  

8:42- rebecca: the ref's have lost their whistles during these playoffs.

8:43- commentator: osgood's worried that any rebound might be a juicy one.

8:50- boo.  detroit scores.  cleary.  50 seconds left in the second.

8:51- sherri: i want to kick cleary in his box.  nesse: where's his box?  

9:15- detroit scores.   vanessa cautioned about "loudness".

9:18- planning a "mighty ducks" movie marathon.

9:19- vanessa talks trash.

9:20- pittsburgh taking shots but nothing going in.

9:22- goldfish are fed peas.

9:28- sherri is impatient for a pittsburgh goal.

9:30- izzy falls off stool.  discussion ensues about the crookedness of that stool.

9:31- rebecca changes shirt.

9:31- detroit calls a time out.

9:32- rebecca comments on how sherri spelt (editor's note: 'spelled')  her name wrong and how she hates spelling mistakes.

9:36- rebecca comments on how tim hortons doesn't have soy milk.  also, why is it so hard to find vegan sour cream in this city?  

9:37- vanessa wants to know how old scott oake is.  rebecca: thanks for jumping on our bandwagon.  we've been talking about that for, like, a month.

9:38- holy crap.  fleury was miles away from the net.  sherri recalls her days back at goalie school and how they teach you to stay in the net.  goalie 101.

9:40- 2:30 left in the third.  this is it.  time to shine, penguins.

9:41- pittsburgh pulls fleury.  

9:43- detroit almost scores on an empty net, like, 27 times (editor's note: we are drunk).

9:46- 15 seconds left.  cue journey.  

9:47- game over.  final score: 3-1 detroit.

final thoughts:

izzy: my final thoughts are strawberries and chocolate!

vanessa: shot-pass-zetterberg!

rebecca:(while licking the chocolate off her fingers) we'll get them next, we'll get them tommorow, it's not a sweep....(she rambled on for a few minutes and i'm not that quick of a typer) shout out to teppo, my love.

sherri: i hope mario went down to the locker and gave them a pep talk and they get it together for tomorrow's game!!

big shout out to kenny g in spain!!  you were sorely missed tonight!!  but you're having fun watching neil young in barcelona.  

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  1. oh girls!!! i love you so much!!! what a great blog. i am so happy the spelling has improved. i was high fiving back even though it was via fist in the air, rocking in the free world. i love ´malkin can cross check me any day´and that the tv is staying clean!! miss you. i am into the mighty ducks marathon FOR SURE and also have to tell you my soccer story. Football Club Barcelona won the big championship the night i arrived, wish I brought my laptop. MESSI┬¬!!! (so easy to spell). I watched it at a bar with a great spread of food but never as good as yours. The one difference was cannons went off, we have to try and get that going on Arlington. Okay, maybe for cricket?
    See you soon!!!!! xoxoxxoKendra

    ps I havent heard anyone talk about Scott Oake yet or how old he is YET, I would have thought this would be a big Barcelona gossip topic and I´m sure I just haven´t hit the right places....